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17 Steps To Flawless Yoga Facebook Ads In 2021 (Part 2)

17 Steps To Flawless Yoga Facebook Ads In 2021 (Without Wasting Money!) – PART 2


Welcome back to PART 2 of this series (here’s Part 1 if you missed it). 

And see here for the full overview of how to advertise your yoga classes.

This comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step, and show you everything you need to know to run winning Facebook Ads to promote your Yoga Studio. 


In this guide we’ll cover:


  1. Budgets
  2. Photos & Video
  3. The Offer
  4. Ad Copy Cheat Sheet
  5. Requesting Reviews
  6. Testimonials
  7. Remarketing
  8. Email List
  9. Lookalike Audiences
  10. Bonus: Advanced FB Ad Rotation Strategy


And without further ado – let’s get into it 🙂 


  • Budgets


Now, budgets are a touchy subject. For anyone who’s run ads before and been burned, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little gun-shy. 


We recommend starting slow – say $5/day – then ramping up to $20 or even $50/day once you’ve established winning ads. 


$5/day is a perfect amount to start testing – it allows you get some momentum and get some experience under your belt, before investing serious dollars. 


When running a lead gen campaign, we typically see numbers in the range of $3-5/lead, so running a $20/day budget, should land you between 4 and 7 leads each day. 


Considering how each new student could be worth in the range of $100-$150/mo – this is potentially $400-$1000 in recurring monthly revenue, from $20 spent. Not bad right? 


  • Photos & Video


One thing about Facebook Ads is they’re extremely visual. 


Photos and or videos are a must when running your ad campaigns. 


However, if you’re not a professional photographer or video person, don’t fret. 


You’re creative doesn’t need to be flawless – it just needs to be. 


Any smartphone will take high enough quality photos and video – just whip it out and start snapping. 


If you’re just starting out, ask a friend or student to grab some photos of you. If you’re bootstrapping and doing on your own grab a tripod or improvise to take photos of yourself.


Most phones will have a 10 second timer you can set, or can shout voice commands to take a photo too.


The point is, don’t overthink it, just make sure you have lots of photos and videos you can use as your ad content. 


Oh, and if you’re taking photos of your students, make sure you’ve got a signed release form to let you use it for advertising. Better safe than sorry!


  • The Offer


To get students into your gym, you need a great offer. 


Put yourself in their shoes for a second. They’re scrolling their Facebook feed, distracted by all sorts of cat videos and offers to join other gyms and studios.


So how do you make your studio will stand out from the noise?


Give them an offer they can’t refuse.


If you offer a 30-Day Free Trial – who in their right mind could say no to that? 


Now before think that such an offer is ridiculous – let’s just cool our heads and hearts and think about it for a moment. 


Often, the hardest part of getting your business off the ground is getting people in the door in the first place. 


Once they’re in your studio, then they have a chance to fall in love with you, fall in love with your classes, and perhaps most importantly – start making friends with other students in the class. 


After a month, they will likely have built up strong social connections, and it would take a lot of inertia to leave. 


Once they love you – it will be hard to go anywhere else. 


  • Ad Copy Cheat Sheet


We know that getting started with ads can feel daunting and intimidating – so we’ve prepared a little cheat sheet here to get you started. 


Here are 3 examples of ad copy you can use (go head – copy it word for word if you want!), to get you started and help build you some momentum. 


Ad Copy Example #1:


Yoga is a great way to de-stress, get fit and calm your mind. Right now we’re offering an exciting 30-Day Free Trial to the first 20 students who apply. 


Our goal is to help you to become the greatest version of yourself possible. We can’t wait to see you!


Headline: New Yoga Classes: 30-Day Free Trial!


Ad Copy Example #2:


Yoga allows students to rediscover their own inner strength and confidence. Through consciousness, meditation and strong determination, students are able to achieve levels of success they never thought possible. 


Right now, we’re offering a 30-Day Free Trial to the first 20 students who apply. 


Our goal in life is to help you become the strongest version of yourself. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Headline: Yoga To Uncover Your Confidence!


Ad Copy Example #3:


Fun Fact: Did you know that Yoga is one of the leading forms of physical and mental fitness in North America? 


Yoga is designed to build confidence, and physical and mental strength through community, meditation and consciousness. 


Right now we’re offering a 30-Day Free Trial to the first 20 students who apply. 


Our mission is to help you to see all that is possible within you. We can’t wait to see you!


Headline: Yoga: You’re Stronger Than You Realise


  • Requesting Reviews


Few yogis realise this, but similar to Google Reviews, Facebook also has a reviews section. 


On your business page, you’re able to request reviews from satisfied students. 


This is an important exercise and investment of time, as it helps your page to rank better. 


But more importantly than that, if you’re showing your ad to a cold audience, they’re going to want to check out your Facebook Business Page, and find out more about you. 


If they look at your page, and they don’t see many reviews, or even worse, don’t see any reviews, they’re not going to take you seriously as a business. 


They’ll either think you’re a scam, or just starting out. Neither one is a great look. 


Getting more reviews is not a complicated process. 


If you already have students in your class, you could ask them personally whether they’d be willing to leave you a review, or, better yet, send the request as part of your email newsletter. 


This way, your students will be comfortably at home, and will have the time to leave a review. 


Very important to remember: be sure to include a direct link to your reviews page – this will make the whole process frictionless. 


If they have to mess around trying to find your page – good luck – they won’t do it. 


  • Testimonials


Similar to reviews is leveraging the power of testimonials. 


This could either come direct from your reviews, or from emails or fan-mail you’ve received. 


We recommend using your testimonials on your website and in your ads to highlight how much your students love your classes. 


People respect authentic and real reviews from other people. 


If your site and ads are filled with raving reviews from all your happiest students, the energy will be contagious. 


New students will be excited to join as they’ll know that you’re the real deal. 


Don’t be afraid to use your testimonials as much as possible. 


Obviously your testimonials need to be authentic, so don’t think about faking them. People can tell right away if a testimonial is fake – they can smell it a mile away. 


But luckily, we know that you also believe in being real 🙂 


  • Remarketing


Now we start getting into the advanced (read: fun) tactics. 


In order to do remarketing, you will need to have setup your Facebook Pixel and started populating website visitor audiences as we outlined above. 


Once your audience is populated (requires 1000 users), you can start using them to run ads. 


Why use remarketing ads?


Think about it, anyone who’s seen one of your previous ads and visited your website, is obviously very interested in what you have to offer – this is, as we say in marketing speak – a hot prospect. 


We recommend running a remarketing conversion ad to your website visitors. 


This narrows Facebook’s focus to bring you only those people most like to make a purchase or sign up from you. Yep, remarketing done right is a gold mine.


  • Email List


Another goldmine is often overlooked is building an email list.


We love email lists because it is a customer list that you own, and no platform can take that away from you. 


You can build an email list by using Facebook Lead Ads, by putting a signup direct on your website, or simply asking students in your classes. 


To further incentivise action, you could offer say 20% for a month, for anyone who joins your newsletter. People love incentives. 


  • Lookalike Audiences


Another very advanced approach to Yoga Facebook Ads are developing what are called ‘lookalike audiences’. 


We’ll explain this with an example: let’s say you’ve had 1000 people visit your site and buy yoga pants from your eCommerce store. 


All of these 1000 people have traits in common (for example: they love yoga and yoga pants). 


A Facebook Lookalike audience, uses the intense machine learning algorithm Facebook has, to find all of the other people who look the most similar to those happy customers who have already bought from you. 


See why it’s so powerful? You can now go after a ‘cold audience’ with the confidence of knowing that they are highly likely to convert and actually buy or sign up with you. 


  • Bonus: Advanced FB Ad Rotation Strategy


This is a little bonus strategy we’re throwing on here for anyone who’s feeling confident in their Facebook Ad skillz (and by now, you should be feeling like a veritable ninja!). 


See, the Facebook algorithm does some funny things, and once you’ve used it enough times, you’ll start to notice some patterns. 


One of the patterns we’ve uncovered, is what we call the ‘flash in the pan syndrome’. 


You’ll start a new Facebook Ad Campaign – and for the first day or two it is red hot – you’re generating leads left, right and centre – everyone wants your products, and everyone wants to buy from you. 


By day 3 things start slowing down, and by day 7, that ‘energy and excitement’ has all but vanished. 


It is well documented that Facebook Ads are designed to peter out after about a week. Think about it from Facebook’s point of view: they want happy and engaged users on their platform. If they keep seeing the same ad over and over again, they’re going to start getting bored. 


Facebook actually rewards you for keeping your ads fresh (although they are more than happy take your money even if you don’t). 


What we recommending is creating two segments of your audience and then running one for half the week, and the other for the first half of the week. 


So for example, if you’re targeting users 20-60, you could target users 20-40 from Monday 7am to Thursday 7pm, and then switch (to a 2nd campaign) that targets users 40-60 from 7pm Thursday to 7am Monday. 


Yes it’s a bit of extra work – but the long term results are worth it. 


There is no point in running the same campaign for longer than a week, if suddenly you’re not receiving any fresh leads or sales. 


By pausing a campaign for a few days and then restarting it – it reboots the Facebook Algorithm, and suddenly leads start raining from the sky again. 


Yoga Facebook Ads Conclusion:


That is all for today – we do hope you’ve found this guide useful and helpful. If anything was unclear or if you have any questions – please comment down below and we’ll get back to you with an answer!


All the best and enjoy the journey 🙂



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