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19 Ways To Advertise Your Yoga Classes In 2021 (Without Wasting Money!)

19 Ways To Advertise Your Yoga Classes In 2021 (Without Wasting Money!)


In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to take you through 19 ways to advertise your yoga classes in 2021.


Let’s face it, everyone tries to sell you on how ‘easy’ digital marketing is to grow your business, but the reality is often much more disappointing. 


We all know the feeling of investing a lot of money or time into a marketing campaign, that just falls flat on its face.


We feel discouraged, and let down. 


Our goal in this short, yet comprehensive guide, is to lay out in simple terms, 19 of the most important digital marketing strategies, that you can start using today to advertise your classes, without wasting money. 


And, fully updated for 2021!   


In this post we’re going to cover how to:


  1. Articulate Your Unique Voice
  2. Define Your Offer
  3. Find Your Audience (That Already Loves You)
  4. Optimize Your Website
  5. Maximize Your SEO
  6. Make Social Media Work For You
  7. Host Special Events
  8. Leveraging Micro-Influencers
  9. Build Your Network
  10. Run Paid Ads: Facebook
  11. Run Paid Ads: Google
  12. RunPaid Ads: YouTube
  13. Run Paid Ads: LinkedIn
  14. Run Paid Ads: Pinterest
  15. Build Your Email List
  16. Request Reviews
  17. Build Word Of Mouth Referrals
  18. Make It Easy To Pay
  19. Develop Repeat Business
  20. Bonus 1: Our Ad Copy Cheat Sheet
  21. Bonus 2: Free Resources

  • Articulate Your Unique Voice


Every person and every Yoga Studio is unique. Why would you want to sound like everyone else?


Most Yoga Studios will hire the cheapest person they can off sites like Fiverr to run their online advertising and social media. 


And while they may be cost effective, their work will sound like it was written by a machine (possibly because it was). 


Take the time to ask yourself the tough questions – Who are you? What do you stand for? Who are you trying to help? What’s it like to be a member in your community? What is something unique you offer that is not available at any other studio?


Only once you’ve answered these difficult questions, will you be able to articulate your unique voice, and advertise your yoga classes in a way that truly resonates with your loyal audience.   


  • Define Your Offer


This builds off our first point, but we recommend you develop a well-articulated offer. 


Let’s face it, most of us didn’t get into Yoga because we loved marketing and sales, in fact, pretty much the opposite. 


However developing a clear and enticing offer, doesn’t need to be overly complicated. 


We recommend doing something like a 30-Day Free Trial. 


Now, many Yogi’s feel uncomfortable at that thought, but hear us out:


Often, the most difficult step is to get new students walking into your studio. 


But once they’re there, they’ll quickly start making friends and connections, and once 30 days are up, they’ll be excited to continue on with you. 


  • Find Your Audience (That Already Loves You)


Here’s the beautiful thing about Yoga: most people out there are already familiar with it, and either love it, or have been eager to try it. 


There are huge communities already of Yoga lovers – which means the hard work has already been done for you.


Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, are all filled with vibrant communities and groups. Finding ways to tap into these communities in your local area, or starting your own, will be essential to advertising your yoga classes and growing your business. 


You don’t need to convince anyone as to why Yoga is a good idea – you simply just need to show them your unique voice and personality, and give them an irresistible offer (which we outlined above).

  • arthur-tutt-yoga-marketing-advertise-yoga-classesOptimize Your Website

This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: your website should be clean, simple and pretty. 


Don’t overdo it, and don’t over clutter your site. As Yoga teaches, err on the side of minimalism. 


Remove any unnecessary widgets or plugins or blocks of text. 


Use simple images (or video) that highlight your studio.


Have simple descriptions of your studio’s ethos, and most importantly, make it easy for students to sign up. 


We recommend using calendly, to allow students to book their first classes with you, right from your homepage. 


Also: don’t forget testing your page speed. As we move more towards a mobile-first online experience, having a quickly loading page on mobile is essential. 


  • Maximize Your SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is a whole big topic, and we’re going to link to another of our posts that dives in more detail into the step-by-step process of SEO.


But for now, let’s just keep it simple. SEO is about including important keywords in your website. 


What is a keyword? Here are some examples:


  • Yoga
  • Yoga Classes
  • Yoga Classes for Women
  • Yoga Classes for Seniors
  • Yoga Studios in [Your Town]
  • Yoga Studios in [Your Neighbourhood]


This is just a small sample to get you started. But each of these keywords should be sprinkled throughout your site, your URLs, your titles and your meta descriptions. 


For extra credit, you could even write a blog post for each keyword specifically. 


Now a tool that we love that you likely haven’t heard of before is the Google Search Console. It is a free tool by Google that allows you to track the growth of your site’s organic traffic. 


  • Make Social Media Work For You


Social media will be the bread and butter of marketing your Yoga Studio. 


This is going to be where you’ll post all your photos, share your videos, interact with you community and build up your groups. 


Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, will form the foundations of your social media presence – and even sites like LinkedIn could be used to reach more professionally minded students. 


These are powerful tools you can use (for free!) to build up your community and your loyal fans. 


We recommend posting regularly – aim for 3x per week at a minimum. We know this can feel like a lot, so once you’ve built up a serious collection of content, you could start to outsource to lighten the load. 



  • Host Special Events


Running a Yoga Studio is more than just teaching yoga classes – you’re building a community. 


And what better way to grow and nurture your community, than by hosting special and unique events?


Workshops, seminars, weekend retreats, potlucks – any excuse to bring your community together. 


Invite local celebrities or well-known names in your local community. Give them a platform to teach, to inspire, to motivate – and to share their own journey to health and wellness through the healing power of Yoga. 


Invite Micro-Influencers (more on that below) to come document the session. Invite attendees to share their photos and experiences on social media, and even develop your own unique hashtag. 


  • Leveraging Micro-Influencers


First of all – what even is a ‘micro-influencer’? Think of it like a local influencer that you might actually be able to contact. A local blogger, vlogger or journalist that represents your local community. 


Big names can be hard to reach but a micro-influencer will be excited for the opportunity. 


Invite them to attend your classes, events or workshops for free, with the request that they write up a piece about it and share it to their network. 


Micro-influencers can be a great way to build some big local buzz, without having to shell out big bucks. 


And once they’ve proven that they’re good at what they do and can deliver, this relationship could blossom into a long-term partnership. 


  • Build Your Network


We know that networking is a dirty word in some circles, but hear us out. 


You might offer the best yoga classes in town, but if people don’t know about you, they won’t be showing up in your yoga studio. 


Now, this might surprise you, but LinkedIn is a fantastic way to build your Yoga network. 


Most people think of LinkedIn as a place to post your resume and apply for jobs – but it is also a great way to connect with people. 


And more than that – these people are professionals, so almost by definition they will have the money to pay for your classes and buy your swag. 


We recommend using the Sales Navigator to connect with people in your local city – and then hit them with all that social media content we developed above. 


  • Run Paid Ads: Facebook


First, a word of warning: we are now about to enter the big leagues. 


Up until this point we’ve focused entirely on free methods to grow your business. And while free methods are the best for getting started, paid methods offer longer term sustainability. 


Facebook paid ads run 24/7, which means that unlike free social media, you don’t have to keep posting up new content several times per day (which can be exhausting), but instead you can have the same ad run for weeks or even months. 


To setup your own Facebook Ad account go to the Facebook Business Page.


Now, Facebook Ads is a big topic and we dive deeper into it here.


But for now, we recommend you pick 5-10 of your best photos and 2-3 videos (if you have them), write a simple offer to say you’re offering a 30-Day Free Trial to the first 20 people who apply, and then target your local community (5-10km radius), specifically focusing on Yoga Lovers. 


Facebook being Facebook, already has a great understanding of who already loves Yoga, so you can save a lot of money by focusing your advertising on the right people. 


  • Run Paid Ads: Google


Next on the list we have Google Ads. Now we do recommend starting with Facebook Ads to advertise your yoga classes as it is a more beginner friendly platform (and costs less), however Google Ads are a powerful way to grow your business to the next level. 


Google Ads are unique because you can show people an ad, right at that moment when they’re searching. 


For example, if someone was searching for ‘Yoga classes London’, or ‘Yoga studios in LA’, you have an opportunity to get your studio in front of them – right at that exact moment when they were searching for it.


How powerful is that?


Simply visit the Google Ads page to get setup, choose your target keywords (can use the same terms we explored above in our SEO section), choose your geographic location (we recommend 5-10km radius around your studio, depending on the size of your city) – and you’re all set!


  • RunPaid Ads: YouTube


YouTube Ads are very similar to Google Ads except for 2 important differences: 1) they leverage the power of video, and more importantly, 2) they are way cheaper than Google Ads. 


Now before you get started with YouTube Ads, you will need to have a few videos uploaded to your YouTube Channel. Don’t overthink this – they can be simple 30 second videos recorded right on your smartphone. 


No need to get fancy here. 


Then select the search terms you want to target (ie ‘yoga classes’), or, select the videos you want to target. 


If there is a yoga video already on YouTube that you know your ideal student would be watching – you can set your ads to run on that video only. 


YouTube Ads are very powerful and very cheap – you need to check them out. 


  • Run Paid Ads: LinkedIn


Now we must give a warning first: LinkedIn is not for the faint of heart. This is a platform that can be notoriously expensive, so we don’t recommend starting here. 


However, keep in mind that this is a network of professionals, and there are two key reasons why you should be advertising to them: 1) being professionals they are stressed and are looking for a chance to relax, and 2) being professionals, they’ll have the money to pay you. 


We recommend saving LinkedIn Ads until you’ve already got your other platforms up and running and you’re already feeling like an expert – then you can dive in, and they operate very similar to Facebook Ads. 


  • Run Paid Ads: Pinterest


Now Pinterest Ads are fun. Pinterest is a place that users go to look at pretty things, and photos of yogis and yoga poses are right at home here. 


Users can pin their favourite posts, and create boards of the kind of life they want to create. 


By advertising your studio through Pinterest, you allow users to add you as part of their vision board and to share with friends. 


Check out the Pinterest Ad page to get started. 


  • Build Your Email List


Building an email list is probably one of those things you’ve heard a hundred times before, but if you’re anything like the Yogis we know, you probably haven’t done it yet (no shame – we’re all guilty of it!). 


Building an email list is really easy and it doesn’t need to feel like such a big deal. 


We recommend setting up an account with Mailchimp to get started for free.


Add a signup form on your website to make it super easy to sign up, or even request emails right from Facebook. There’s no reason why you can’t use all of your channels here to grow your list.  


  • Request Reviews


Now that you’ve built your email list and you have classes filled with happy students, it’s time to start requesting reviews. 


We all work so hard to run the best possible classes we can, yet for some reason we all become shy when asking for reviews. That is fine and perfectly natural. 


But it’s important to realise that most of your students would happily leave you a 5-star review – they just want a little nudge first. 


We recommend using your email list to start sending out automated review requests (ie automated to go out as soon as students finish their 30-Day Free Trial), or additionally, you can add a request for reviews in the footer of every newsletter you send out.


If you make it easy, people will do it!


  • Build Word Of Mouth Referrals


Word of mouth referrals are the gold standard when it comes to ways to advertise your yoga classes. 


Word of mouth referrals are actually way easier than we make them out to be. 


You could offer a specialized reward program for example, offering a free 30-minute 1-on-1 personalize yoga session for anyone who refers you another student, as well as offering that new student a 30-Day Free Trial to properly check out your studio. 


It’s win-win-win. 


  • Make It Easy To Pay


This is one of those things that almost no one talks about online, but is surprisingly important: making it easy to pay. 


The last thing you want is a student who is excited to join your class, but then trips up because they aren’t able to complete their payment. 


For online payments we recommend using Stripe, PayPal, accepting all major credit cards, as well as, for those more adventurous, to accept crypto currencies. 


By being flexible and accepting all major payment platforms, you make it easy for your students, and anything that makes it easy for your students makes it easy to run your business. 


  • Develop Repeat Business


Developing repeat business ties back all of the elements of building your email list, getting reviews and building your word of mouth referral network. 


Once you have all of these elements combined and humming along – your rates of repeat business will skyrocket. 


Remember, getting people in the door is just the first step. 


The goal is to have students fall so hard in love with you and your studio, that not only would they never go anywhere else, but they’d invite all their friends to come join your studio as well. 


Now you’ve got a real business. 



  • Bonus 1: Advertise Your Yoga Classes With Our Ad Copy Cheat Sheet


We know that getting started with writing ads can feel daunting, so as a little bonus to you, we created an ad copy cheat sheet.


These are examples of ads that you are free to copy word for word when you run your own campaigns to advertise your yoga classes. Enjoy 🙂


Ad Copy Example #1:


Yoga is one of the best ways to de-stress, get fit and get centered. Right now we’re offering a 30-Day Free Trial to the first 20 students who apply. 


Our mission is to help you to become the best version of yourself possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Headline: Yoga Classes: 30-Day Free Trial!


Ad Copy Example #2:


Yoga is designed to help students to rediscover their own inner power and confidence. Through breathwork, meditation and shear determination, students can achieve levels of success they never thought possible. 


For a short time, we’re offering a 30-Day Free Trial to the first 20 students who apply. 


Our mission is to help you to become the best version of yourself possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Headline: Yoga To Rediscover Your Confidence!


Ad Copy Example #3:


Did you know that Yoga is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise in North America? 


Yoga helps to build confidence and strength through community, meditation and breathwork. 


For a short time, we’re offering a 30-Day Free Trial to the first 20 students who apply. 


Our mission is to help you to become the best version of yourself possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Headline: Yoga: Join The Movement!


  • Bonus 2: Free Resources To Advertise Your Yoga Classes


To go deeper, here are several resources you can use to further enhance your campaign to advertise your yoga classes:


How To Setup Facebook Ads:



How To Setup Google Ads:



How To Setup Pinterest Ads:



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