2021 Corona Marketing Lessons Learned

Corona Marketing: Lessons From 1 Year, 130+ Episodes and 1.2k Subs

Corona Marketing: The End Of An Era   This week will be wrapping up the underground, underdog, underachiving highest rated marketing show in the Danforth Village…Corona Marketing. Officially hitting our #137th and final episode this week, I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on what a crazy wild year it’s been. From 7 […]

2021 Business Book Summaries Do The Work

Business Book Summaries (Or, What This Blog Is About)

Laying The Foundation: What This Blog Is About   This blog is about business books. This blog is about reviewing the best business books on the market to give you the best and most concise information available. With so many books out there, who has time to read them all? (That’s right, only insane people […]

child genius Hard Work Motivation

How To Be Successful When You’re Not A Child Genius Or Particularly Talented

Why People Can’t Relate To Most Celebrity Entrepreneurs   How many times have you heard a celebrity entrepreneur say something like “I started hustling at 7, built my first business by 9, built 3 more businesses by 11, and by 17 I flipped them all for a cool 8-Figures. Easy – anyone can do it!”, […]

2021 Masculine And Feminine Polarity Wounded Masculine Energy

Wounded Masculine Energy: Healing The Father Wound

“Oh, I’ve been workin’ for you, doin’ all I can, but workin’ all the time didn’t make me a man” – William Bell, I Forgot To Be Your Lover   What is wounded masculine energy?   Note: see here for my latest article on how impotent men can heal their wounded masculine energy, that goes […]


3 Lies About Engineering No One Tells You

The secrets to finding motivation when you feel lazy: can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Tired Of Feeling Unmotivated? Do This Instead. (   1) Women Will Want To Date You 2) The Kids From Highschool Will Be Envious Of Your Success. 3) You’ll Be Respected

Alpha Engineer Do The Work Hierarchy Of Alpha

The Hierarchy Of Alpha: How Alpha Engineers Rise To The Top

“I’m taking this rap sh*t serious. Till my demise, Jay’s sh*t is like cake mix, watch me rise” – Jay-Z The Hierarchy Of Alpha What is The Hierarchy of Alpha? We’re all familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (or if you’re not familiarize yourself right now), which explains the basic path of human growth. We […]

2021 Martial Arts Marketing SEO Social Media

Martial Arts Marketing Solutions: How To Start From ZERO

Martial Arts Marketing Solutions: How To Start From ZERO  Reality Check from The BJJ Marketing Lab: we all start from zero. Heck, this blog is a perfect example of our martial arts marketing solutions in action: we started from zero, so what’s your excuse? It’s like walking into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the first time as […]