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67+ Shocking Facebook Ads Stats Your Agency Needs To Know [2021]

67+ Shocking Facebook Ads Stats Your Agency Needs To Know In 2021


Facebook is the OG of social media networks. And while it technically wasn’t the first to exist, it was the first to explode to global levels. 


In fact, there are currently 2.8 Billion (with a B) monthly active users. Considering how the whole world is only 7.6 Billion people – Facebook accounts for over one third of the entire earth’s population (and still growing at a rapid rate). 


And for those who are wondering how much Facebook Ads cost – this video by Lyfe Marketing breaks down in great detail exactly what you can expect in terms of cost (you may be pleasantly surprised!).


So if you’re wondering whether your customer is on Facebook – the answer is a resounding yes. 


Any well designed Marketing Strategy must include an element for advertising on Facebook. 


The intention of this article is to arm you with the stats and facts to prove that Facebook will be a cost-effective way to grow your business.


Facebook Demographics Stats


Demographics information tells you exactly who you’re dealing with  – ages, genders, locations. 


It’s important to know exactly who is on Facebook and where in the world they are, so you know exactly how to reach your perfect customer. 


1. People Aged 25–34 Are The Single Biggest Demographic

facebook-stats-demographicsSource: Statista



Global Facebook users are distributed with 19.3% being male aged between 25-34 years old and 13.1% being female in the same age bracket. 


While Facebook covers the full age ranges from 13-65+, an enormous 72.8% are aged between 18–44 years old. Meaning that if you sell to customers 18-44, then Facebook is the platform for you. 


2. India Has The Singled Highest Number Of Facebook Users In The Entire World

Source: Statista


India hands down has the highest number of Facebook users in the entire world with 310 Million. 


Coming in 2nd place is the US with 190 Million, and Indonesia coming in 3rd with 140 Million. 


Facebook has a total global presence, which is excellent if you sell internationally and are not bound by country borders or time zones. 


If you’re a business looking at international expansion, your international customer is on Facebook. 


3. Facebook Is The Primary Platform For 32% of 12–34 Year-Olds


Surveying US social media users aged between 12-34 found that 32% of them used Facebook as their primary social media platform that they used most frequently. 


This is a significant decline from just 5 years earlier which saw 58% of the same age range. 


By contrast, Instagram (also owned by Facebook, and on the same ad serving network), grew from 15% to 28%, and Snapchat grew from 9% to 18% over the same period. Suggesting these platforms attract younger users. 


Also to be on the watch for, is the sudden growth of TikTok. But that is a discussion for another day. 

facebook-stats-social-media-platformsSource: Edison Research



4. 86% Of High-Income Earners ($100k+) Use Facebook


Now for those wondering whether Facebook users have money to buy your products or now, this statistic may shock you. 


Now of course, Facebook is filled with users in all income bracket, but as an advertiser it is important to know that 86% of High-Income Earners – those with $100k+ per year incomes are on Facebook. 


This means that you can sell high-end products and services and customers will be receptive to your offerings and buy your products. 

Facebook Usage Statistics


Beyond demographics, it’s important to understand how users actually use the platform. Questions like how they access the platform, where they access from, how frequently they use the platform and what they use it for. 


By better understanding the platform and it’s users, you’re better able to tailor your ads and messaging, to speak directly to your core audience. 



5. 2.79 Billion People Use The Platform Each Month


Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the entire world, boasting over 2.79 Billion active users each month


Within the US specifically, there are currently 229 Million monthly active users, which is expected to grow to 238 Million by 2025 – representing 69.1% of the US population. 


Growth in the US has slowed down as it has already reached a high level of saturation. 


Major growth is occurring in India and South East Asia. 



6. Facebook Is Predominantly A Mobile-First Experience


As someone who primarily uses a laptop – this stat surprised me. 98.3% of all Facebook users have accessed the platform in some form through a mobile device, and nearly 80% exclusively use the mobile version. 


Let that sink in for a second – of the 2.79 Billion monthly users, 80% only access Facebook through mobile. 


This is critical for advertisers, as it means that all of your advertising and messaging needs to be specifically designed for mobile. 


Sizing, cropping, text length, captions – all need to be done with the mobile experience in mind. 


If you’re not designing specifically for mobile – you’re potentially wasting up to 80% of your ad budget. Ouch. 



7. 73% Facebook Users In The US Log In Daily


Yes – this is a busy platform where users are actively engaged. Most users are there daily to catch up on the latest gossip and events in their lives. 


The subtext here, is that your marketing and ads need to stay fresh. 


Users are logging in constantly, with 73% logging in each day, and refreshing their newsfeeds, and if you just keep showing them the same ads over and over again, they’ll develop banner blindness and will instantly lose interest in your brand. 


This is a big no-no. Keep your content fresh – keep your users happy 🙂


8. 53% Of US Citizens Rely On Facebook For Their News


This may or may not surprise you, but 53% of Americans stated that they “often” or “sometimes” get their news from social media platforms, with Facebook topping the list. 


This is important to know as it means that users are frequently logging into their account to get the latest news and events in their lives. 


This means that Facebook is integral part of people’s days and how they interact with the world. 


Your product or service should fit into that narrative. Instead of pushing your products on people and saying “hey buy this”, make your advertising more of a conversation – and exploration of what could be possible. 


Get input from your customers – have them participate and be part of the conversation. 










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