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67+ Shocking Pinterest Ad Stats Your Agency Needs To Know [2021]

67+ Shocking Pinterest Ads Stats Your Agency Needs To Know In 2021


This guide breaks down some of the most important Pinterest stats that marketers need to know before getting started on the platform and executing a successful Pinterest marketing strategy for their business. 


Pinterest is one of those hidden gems of the internet. It tends to fly under the radar and is constantly overshadowed by sites like Facebook, Google and YouTube. 


This results in a low saturation of marketers – and plenty of opportunity for the more entrepreneurial minded out there. 


However, Pinterest is a major player online, and attracts a highly motivated and ambitious group of users. 


For anyone just starting out, this video by the Surfside PPC details exactly how you can get started with your very first Pinterest Ad Campaigns:



Good statistics on Pinterest campaign performance is essential for marketers to understand when strategizing their campaigns. 


Our goal here is to arm you with the knowledge you need to not only run successful campaigns, but also communicate with your clients and stakeholders on the importance of launching a Pinterest campaign, as part of your overall marketing strategy. 


Let’s jump into it.


What We’ll Cover:


Basic Pinterest stats

Pinterest user stats

Pinterest usage statistics

Pinterest marketing stats


Basic Pinterest Stats:


Let’s look at how Pinterest stacks up against other social media sites.


  • Pinterest Is Currently Ranking As 14th Largest Social Media Site In The World


Now, 14th may not sound very exciting at first glance – however the beauty is in the untapped opportunity here. 


All marketers talk about Facebook and Instagram and TikTok – but Pinterest manages to fly under the radar. 


Pinterest is a goldmine of opportunity. 


Despite being ‘only’ 14th, Pinterest can still brag having 442 Million active users each month, as laid out in this chart below:


Source: Hootsuite


  • Monthly Active Users Grew By 37% In 2020


Based on Pinterest’s official financial statements, the platform has now grown to 459 active monthly users, as of February 2021


This represents a shocking 37% increase, or 100 Million additional active users above 2019 levels (pre pandemic era). 


  • International Monthly Active Users Further Grew by 46% In 2020


Drilling down further into the numbers from Pinterest’s Q4 2020 report, it was found that 46% of Pinterest’s growth was fuelled by international demand and growth. 


This suggests that Pinterest is growing as an international phenomenon, and has the potential to continue to grow even further. 


International markets like India represent massive opportunity for growth in the coming years, so keep your eyes peeled on Pinterest’s growth. 


Also – this is still an opportunity to get in early, before things get saturated.pinterest-statistics-monthly-active-users

Source: Pinterest








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