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67+ Shocking Snapchat Ads Stats Your Agency Needs To Know [2021]

67+ Shocking Snapchat Ads Stats Your Agency Needs To Know In 2021


This may surprise you, but Snapchat is still alive and kicking. In this article we’re going to detail all of the most important Snapchat stats that you and your agency need to know. 


Snapchat can be an essential tool in any marketer’s arsenal, however it requires strategic planning and a clear understanding of whether it aligns with business objectives or not. 


Our goal here is to outline all of the most important Snapchat stats so you can make informed decisions about how it fits into your marketing strategy, and to give you the tools necessary to persuade your clients as to its effectiveness. 


Integrating Snapchat as part of your strategic marketing plan requires thoughtful consideration. 


To assist you on your journey, we’ve collected the best Snapchat statistics that you need to be aware of. 


If you don’t know much about Snapchat, or unsure how the social media platform might fit into your business, then having a clear understanding of these Snapchat stats will help. 


These stats will help you to understand not only who is using the platform, but also how they’re using it and why they’re using it. 


This will help to make smarter and more strategic marketing decisions. 


In a nutshell – if you’re selling to a younger demographic – Snapchat will be the platform for you. 


What We’ll Cover:


General Snapchat stats

Snapchat user stats

Snapchat usage stats

Business Snapchat stats

Snapchat ads stats


General Snapchat statistics


1. 238 million users actively use Snapchat daily


Many people thought that Instagram would be the end of Snapchat – however that couldn’t be further from the truth. 


Snapchat still has a strong hold on younger demographics (Under 25 years old), who feel that platforms like Facebook and Instagram are ‘where their parents hang out’. 


As of June 2020, an average of 238 million people were actively using Snapchat daily


This represents an increase of 35 Million, of 17% increase, year over year from 2019. 


And usage is up too, with users actively sending over 4 Billion snaps each day. 


Many people thought Instagram would end Snapchat, or similarly how Instagram Reels would end TikTok, however these platforms have been tenacious. 


There is obviously a deeper sense of loyalty towards these platforms than Facebook believed, making them harder to compete with than initially thought. 


As an outsider, it might be easier to think of this like Snapchat is the cool platform, whereas Facebook has become increasingly uncool amongst younger audiences who have started shunning it. 







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