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67+ Shocking Twitter Ads Stats Your Agency Needs To Know [2021]

67+ Shocking Twitter Ads Stats Your Agency Needs To Know In 2021


Twitter has become quite the infamous platform. It is seen primarily as a news site, or also known as micro-blogging – however it does have a strong (and growing) community as well as flourishing ad network. 


Our goal here is to provide you with the most current and up to date Twitter stats, to allow you to plan your Twitter marketing strategy that works best for your business and/or your clients. 


Before any effective marketing strategy can be implemented, it is important to fully understand the platform, who’s using it, and more importantly, why they’re using it. 


In this guide we’ll break down the most critical Twitter stats that marketers and agency owners need to understand in terms of why and how people are using Twitter in 2021. 


Our objective here is to arm you with the knowledge and facts to effectively communicate and persuade your clients as to why Twitter should be an essential component of their marketing arsenal. 

What We’ll Cover:


Essential Twitter stats

Twitter user stats

Twitter usage stats

Business Twitter stats

Twitter ad stats

Twitter publishing stats


Essential Twitter StatsBlog_TwitterStats-hootsuite

Source: Hootsuite


  • Twitter Has 353 Million Active Monthly Users


Twitter has seen an increase of 27 Million users since Q3 of 2020, representing an 8% increase.


Twitter reports having 187 Million ‘monetizable daily active users’ (mDAUs). These are the number of users Twitter reports as being able to serve ads to, and represents a 29% year over year increase since 2019.  

Twitter-statistics-monetizationSource: Twitter


  • Twitter Is Expected To Grow 2.4% In 2021


We all know that 2020 has been a strange year all around. 


eMarketer had originally published an expectation that Twitter would grow 2.8% in 2020, however with the pandemic, they updated their predictions to 8.4% growth. 


In 2021 growth slowed down to more reasonable levels with 2.4% growth rates, and a forecast of 2.0% growth for 2022. 

Twitter-statistics-growthSource: eMarketer


  • 90% Of Americans Are At Least Familiar With Twitter (Even If Not Actively Using)


According to Edison Research, 90% of Americans are at least familiar with Twitter, which, while sounding high, actually represents a drop of 2 percentage points from 92% in 2019. 


By contrast, 95% of Americans are familiar with Facebook, and 91% are familiar with Instagram. Showing they all have roughly equal brand awareness penetration. 


Despite Twitter not being the most actively used platform, it is one that is highly talked about and with huge amounts of brand awareness.   








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