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67+ Shocking YouTube Ads Stats Your Agency Needs To Know [2021]

67+ Shocking YouTube Ads Stats Your Agency Needs To Know In 2021


We’ve all heard that video is becoming increasingly important as a digital marketing medium. 


Few people have the time to read long and complicated articles – they want a nice video to summarize the information. 


If you’re looking to ramp up video as part of your marketing strategy in 2021, you’re likely researching the best channels to use. 


Now one concern we hear frequently, is how much YouTube Advertising actually costs and whether it is too expensive or not? 


This is a great question and this video by Jason Wardrop breaks down exactly how much advertising on YouTube really costs:



If you’re curious to understand whether YouTube is the ideal platform for you, we have listed out 67+ must-know statistics, to help you understand whether YouTube is for you or not. 


The intent of this guide is to arm you with the knowledge to impress your boss and impress your clients. 


If anyone has any lingering doubts whether YouTube is effective or not, this guide will give you the knowledge and the expertise to handle all objections and get your campaign blasting off. 


Let’s jump into it. 


  • Over 2 Billion Active Monthly Users On YouTube


Let’s be real here for a second – with a global population of about 7.4 Million – this means that over a quarters of the world’s population actively uses YouTube each month. 


Not only is this a staggering number, but it also means that no matter who your ideal customer is – they are on YouTube, and YouTube provides highly detailed targeting options to find them. 


  • YouTube Is The 2nd Most Visited Site In The World


Alexa has ranked the world’s 500 most popular and visited pages. Not too surprisingly, YouTube ranked #2 in the world, 2nd only to Google, which conveniently also owns YouTube. 


This means that YouTube has become the ‘go-to’ destination for users all across the world for how-to videos, news, updates, entertainment and movies. 


  • YouTube Is The 2nd Largest Search Engine In The World


Now this point builds off the last one, but one thing that makes YouTube entirely different from a site like Facebook, is that YouTube is a search engine. 


Users go to YouTube to find things. In fact, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, 2nd again to (you guessed it) – Google. 


Which means that if you’re working to rank videos organically – you absolutely need to understand YouTube SEO. 


Users are actively searching for content, and your job is to make it easy for them to find it. 


  • Nearly 16% Of All YouTube’s Web Traffic Is Based Out Of The US

Not too surprisingly, the US accounts for the highest percentage of overall YouTube web traffic – accounting for nearly 16%. India was #2 with 10% and Japan #3 with 5%. 


Why is this important? 


It means that YouTube is a highly international platform, in fact a global phenomenon. 


If your goal is to grow your business internationally – then you absolutely can find your audience on YouTube.


And because it is such a major global community, you are better able to find highly targeted niches within your industry.  


  • 50% Of All Marketers Use YouTube

Social Media Examiner put out a 2021 industry report, outlining which platforms are used most by marketers. 


They found that 50% of marketers used YouTube for publishing video, which was a decline from 2020 numbers of 55%. 


This does indicate a rise in other power houses like LinkedIn and Instagram, however YouTube is still the king here – with more marketers preferring YouTube for video than any other platform. 


Growing or maintaining your presence on YouTube will be essential for your business to stay competitive through the coming decade.








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