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7 Differences Between Good Marketers And Bad Marketers

7 Differences Between Good Marketers And Bad Marketers


Most business owners do not like or trust marketers. Why?


Because they’ve been burned before. 


In this guide I’m going to take you through the 7 differences between good marketers and bad marketers. 


I’ll help you to identify the bad marketers, so you can stay away, and protect your most precious asset: your money. 


My goal here is to arm you as a business owner, with the tools that you need to find the good marketers out there, so you can invest your money properly, and actually grow your business. 


It’s a jungle out there, but let’s get into it. 


Oh, and for more resources, here are my Top 3 Recommended Books on marketing:


  1. Seth Godin: This Is Marketing
  2. Dan Kennedy: The Ultimate Marketing Plan
  3. Gary Vee: Jab Jab Jab Right Hook


  • Marketing Success #1: Bad Marketers Are Hype Masters, Good Marketers Are Calm


We all know them. We’ve all seen them before: The hype-y marketers that are all about shouting in your face and those fake good vibes. 


Why do we hate it? We can smell the bullsh*it. 


Bad marketers are masters of the hype, they are great at being all loud and shouty – but they fail to deliver any real value. 


They’re all noise, with no substance. 


Good marketers are all substance, with no noise. 


That’s not to say that good marketers are silent – but they don’t need to get all up in your face to shout at you and convince you of anything. 


If you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube – you’ve definitely seen the cringe fest that is those hype-y marketers. 


  • Marketing Success #2: Bad Marketers Tell Lies, Good Marketers Tell Truths


Bad marketers just straight up tell lies. A bad marketer needs to convince you that the work he’s doing is good and beneficial, and so whatever stats and figures he needs to fabricate to convince of this, he’s not afraid to pull out of his arsenal. 


Bad marketers are all about the image – and they’ll say whatever they need to say to maintain that image, no matter how fake and destructive it is. 


Good marketers tell the truth. 


They’re transparent, they’re open, and they let you know exactly what is going on – even when (especially when) that is not good news. 


Think about it – as a business owner, would you rather someone shower you with lies and tell you how amazing something is when it is literally falling apart like a house of cards – or would you rather someone give you the straight dope and tell it to you like it is?


By being honest, they’re then able to have a real conversation about how they can make things better. 


Honesty will lead to real resolutions, lies will lead to burying your head in the sand. 


  • Marketing Success #3: Bad Marketers Do Positive Reporting, Good Marketers Tell It Like It Is


One of the things I hate most about bad marketers is their insistence on doing ‘positive reporting’. 


For those that don’t know, this is an industry term that refers to reporting to a client on all the positive and amazing things you’ve done for them, even when the truth is that the campaign is performing terribly and the client is losing shedloads of money. 


An example of positive reporting would be reporting to the client that you got them ‘1 million brand impressions’ and how that is ‘37% above the industry average for a comparable campaign!’. 


Sounds great right? Except, what does it really mean – who actually cares about getting ‘1 Million brand impressions’ – when the campaign has spent $10k in ad spend, but hasn’t resulted in a single sale yet. 


Businesses can’t feed their families on brand impressions – it is sales at the end of the day the drive business growth. 


Bad marketers focus on the vanity metrics, to distract you from the metrics that actually matter most to you: sales and profitability. 


  • Marketing Success #4: Bad Marketers Make Things Overly Complicated, Good Marketers Keep Things Real Simple


This one builds on our last point about positive reporting. 


Bad marketers have a way of making things overly complicated. When reporting, they’ll include way too many numbers and calculations and stats and graphs and figures and projections and benchmarks and and and


They throw it all in there including the kitchen sink. 


Why? Because if they put in enough numbers and data, there’s a chance that they’ll actually look smart, and the client will think that they know what they’re talking about. 


Except, most clients see right through the smoke and mirrors. 


Most clients just want the simple numbers: how much did we spend, how much have we sold, are we profitable, and are we moving in the right direction.


That is pretty much it – you could probably summarise a report in about 5 lines with the exact info that clients actually care about. 


  • Marketing Success #5: Bad Marketers Are Fake, Good Marketers Are Real


Straight up – bad marketers are fake. They put on fake smiles, and fake ‘good vibes only’, and fake attitudes and pretend fake friendships. 


They need to take on this fake persona so that you think they really care about you. But once again, clients can smell the bullsh*it. 


Good marketers don’t need to pretend, and don’t need to be fake. 


Good marketers are real and authentic. Why does that matter? Because at the end of the day, business is all about relationships – and business owners can’t connect on a personal level with someone who is being fake. 


Real relationships are built on trust and authenticity – and that means being your real self – whether it is pretty or not. Let the chips fall where they may. 


  • Marketing Success #6: Bad Marketers Want You To Invest More Before You’ve Seen Results, Good Marketers Deliver Success Before Ever Asking For More Money


This was one of those things I hated most about working at an agency. 


There would often be times when we worked on a client project, and we’d been working at it for a couple months, and yet still, we werent’ really seeing the results we wanted. 


Sales weren’t happening, or if they were, they were way less than the project was costing. In essence: the client was actively losing money. 


Bad marketers then try to sell the client again, saying things like “well we were just getting started, we need another $5k investment to really get serious about this”. 


It makes me cringe to no end, asking for more money, when you haven’t delivered on your original promise. 


Why? Because now if I’m the client, I feel like I’m being pulled down this endless rabbit hole. I thought I was just getting into this project for $3k, but now there are all these ‘speed bumps’ and ‘problems’, and now I’m $30k invested, and I still haven’t seen a dime yet in return for my efforts. 


Those are the kinds of thoughts that keep me up at night. 


Let’s keep marketing simple: if a client invests $3k, they should easily see a clear return on their $3k, ideally seeing $5k-$7k in sales, to account for their margins and still be profitable. 


Or, even if the campaign isn’t ‘wildly profitable’ to at least see enough success where you can reasonably demonstrate that with more investment, you could enhance it further. 


But bad marketers will try to get clients to throw good money after bad – they’ll try to get clients to invest more and more – seeing clients more like an ATM, than as a business owner that needs help growing their business. 


  • Marketing Success #7: Bad Marketers Are A Waste Of Money, Good Marketers Are An Investment


Many business owners look at marketing like it is an expense. And when your marketing is bad, it’s true, it is an expense. 


And this is the problem with bad marketers: they are straight up just a waste of money. 


As a business owner, it is so sad and painful, when you keep investing money in an ad campaign, that ultimately goes nowhere. 


You spent a bunch of money, but you haven’t ended up actually accomplishing anything. 


A good marketer on the other hand, is straight up an investment for your business. 


Good marketing will bring in new clients, new business and expand your frontiers. 


Good marketing will help you to make sales – the lifeblood of your business. 


But more than that, good marketing will in time become more efficient and cost your business less and less to achieve the same results. 




Because it is much easier to sell to existing customers, than it is to sell to new ones. 


And the more you invest in your marketing machine, the more customers you have, and the more customers you have, the easier it is to keep selling them new solutions to their ever evolving problems and challenges. 


If you’re a business owner and you view marketing as an expense, it is likely because you’ve been burned before. And that’s okay, even the best of us have been burned by bad marketing. 


But if you’re truly interested in seeing your business grow, you will need to have a shift and start to understand how marketing is actually an investment in your business. 


Investments appreciate in value, not depreciate.


And as you grow your investment, your business will grow. 


But it all comes down to finding a good marketer, who not only has mastered their craft, but is also able to tell you the truth straight to your face. 


And in this way, you can build trust, and through trust you can grow a relationship. 


Good marketing, and good business is all about relationships. 


And that is what good marketers understand: they must deliver and excellent service that actively grows their clients’ businesses, because if not, clients have an endless choice of other marketers they can go with. 


Any marketer that wants to stand out – must deliver.

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