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7 Lies About Women Nobody Tells You. Read This Before You Get Serious.

7 Lies About Women Nobody Tells You


Now before anyone starts making any accusations, I need to make something perfectly clear: 


I love women. 


I don’t know how else to say it. 


Women are basically the entire reason I get out of bed every day. Women are the reason that I’m always striving to grow, to be my best, and most importantly, to be successful. 


Women are the oxygen of my life, and I could not live without them. 


However, as men we also need to understand the dangers of women, and how the can derail our lives. 


Nobody would think twice if a mother taught her daughter how to protect herself from physically abusive men, and similarly I see it as essential for fathers to teach their sons about emotionally abusive women. 


Just because women look sweet and innocent from the outside, doesn’t mean they don’t have the power to completely destroy your life. 


Divorce, taking half, alimony, child support, custody battles, as well as coming between you and friends and you and your business partners. 


Women have the power to wreck havoc on your lives, yet our fathers never warned us about the dangers. 


Here are 7 lies about women that nobody told you. Read these before you ever get serious with a woman:


  • Lie #1: Women want you to be happy


Let’s start with a bombshell: women don’t want you to be happy. 


Your happiness is a threat to her power. 


See, if you’re happy, you just might be attractive to other women, and if other women find you attractive, then there’s a chance you might leave her – and she can’t have that. 


Women want serious relationships, because serious relationships lead to marriage and babies – and that is her ultimate end goal. 


And once she has her marriage and babies, she’ll likely leave you anyway (more on that below). 


Have you ever been with a girl – and found that she nagged you at every opportunity she could? 


  • “Do the dishes”
  • “Take out the trash”
  • “Stop playing video games”
  • “Who are you texting?”
  • “Can’t you make more money?”
  • “Why don’t you ever take me out to nice places?”
  • “You should stand up for yourself more”


Women want to damage your self-esteem. 


Because the lower your self-esteem is – the more likely you’ll be to stay with her. 


  • Lie #2: Women won’t try to control your life


Everyone likes to pretend women are just these innocent little angels. 


We assume they just want what’s best for us, and that together we can build a team that can conquer the world. 


However, it is women’s biological imperative to control your life. 


They need to. 


Because one the scariest things to her of you being a man, is your ability to leave. 


It is your manly sense of freedom that is most confronting to her. 


She has a biological need to have you stick around, so you can get her pregnant and then help her support the babies as they grow up. 


She needs to control your life. 


Want to go hang out with friends? Nope, not allowed.

Want to go have some drinks? Nope, not allowed.

Want to talk to other girls? Nope, not allowed.

Want to have quiet time to yourself to plan your life? Nope, not allowed.

Want to quit your job and start a business? Nope, not allowed (more on that below). 


“How can you be SO selfish?” she’ll say. I mean, how dare you ever try to take some time your yourself – who do you think you are anyway? 


Sweet little angels? Yeah, I don’t think so. 


  • Lie #3: You can start a business while serious with a girlfriend


If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you either have, or have seriously considered quitting your job so you can start your own business. Freedom runs deep in my veins, and I suspect it’s in yours too.


But a word of warning: don’t for a second think you can start a business or a side hustle while you’ve got a serious girlfriend or wife. 


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes the truth hurts and it’s a painful pill to swallow – but knowing the truth can set you free. 


Now while it is technically possible to start a business while in a serious relationship with a girl, I absolutely do no recommend it. 




Because she’ll get jealous of all that time you’re spending on your business and not on her. 


Also because financially you’ve likely lost your stability for a couple years, and that lack of stability will hurt her and hurt her trust for you. 


But let’s start with the first point and her jealousy of the time you spend building your business. 


Let’s just be honest for a moment: building a business from the ground up is a lonely journey. 


In fact, it is the embodiment of the warrior’s journey – getting up day after day – working yourself to the bone – making a gamble – taking a chance – earning zero dollars – yet you keep doing it because it is something that you believe in. 


Don’t fool yourself – starting a new business is a grind – and if you have a serious girlfriend she’ll feel like you’re abandoning her to work on your project – and she’ll nag you until you give up. 


Oh, but there’s one more twist: then she’ll lose respect further for you because you gave up on your mission. 


Heads I win, Tails you lose 🙂 


  • Lie #4: It is a good idea to marry a woman


Just, if you think that marrying a woman is a good idea in 2021 – please get your head checked. 


Like I said before, I love women, and I want women in my life – but I have zero interest in having women control my life. 


And as soon as you marry a woman – that is exactly what you’re doing – you’re handing over the keys to your castle. 


She now has the power to control and manipulate you. 


She knows that she’s got you wrapped around her little finger and that you have to do everything she says. 


Why? Because if you don’t, she’ll divorce your a**.


And if she divorces you, she’s getting half of all your money and stuff, as well as your kids. 


So you better be a good little boy and do exactly as she says. 


  • Lie #5: A married woman respects you


I once had a very serious and long term girlfriend, and I was under the false illusion that because we were serious and together for so long, that she just inherently respected me. 


That there was just this inherent level of respect between us, and that no matter what, no matter what happened to me, no matter how many times I tripped or messed up in life, she would always be there, by my side, encouraging me, and most importantly: respecting me. 


Yikes, was I in for a shock. 


Now I do have to take some personal responsibility here: I was a pretty terrible boyfriend, and I had no concept of what it actually meant to a man. 


In fairness to her – there was no compelling reason to respect me anyway. And I’m grateful, because through us splitting up, it gave me the opportunity to thoroughly examine myself, and see my many many flaws. 


And in that process, I’ve become more a many worthy of respect. 


However, and this is important: if you’re with a girl, and she’s your first girlfriend, and you’re thinking of getting serious with her – be warned that she may not respect you nearly as much as you think she does. 


Everything may start wonderfully during your honeymoon phase – however in time, she will reveal her true colours, and you’ll find out how much she really respected you after all. 


  • Lie #6: Women love being married


This is one of those ones that on the surface seems pretty confusing. 


I mean, afterall it is women who are clamouring to get married all the time, so surely they love being married…right? 




Yes women are often the initiators of marriage (through her subtle nagging of course), but it is also women who are predominantly the initiators of divorce as well. 


The American Sociological Association found that women initiate divorce 68% of time, and for college-educated women, that number shoots up higher to a staggering 90% rate


Women love getting married, women hate being married. 


Remember that next time your sweetums is hinting at how great marriage would be. 


  • Lie #7: Women want what you want


I mean without beating around the bush to much, men want pretty much one thing: sex. 


And there’s nothing wrong with that. That is biology, if you don’t like it, take it up with nature. 


Men love sex and it’s the reason we’re all here. You’re welcome. 


However man assume that women want what they want. 


But that couldn’t be further from the truth. 


Women similarly have their biological needs and imperatives – these aren’t good ro bad, they just are. 


Women are designed to nest, to start families, to raise children. 


Which means once she’s used you for sex and gotten your seed – now all she wants is for you to take care of her. 


Not in a sexual way of course, but in a making dinner kind of way. Or a taking care of the kids kind of way. Or helping to wash the dishes kind of way. 


Once the sexual spark is gone with her – now you’ve become her man robot to take care of all her needs. 


And you better take care of them, or else, there’ll be hell to pay and you’ll be thrown out in the dog house. 


If you think that getting with a women that she’ll want sex with your forever and ever, forget it, she won’t. 


Her attraction for you will quickly wane – and that is probably why she’s so likely to initiate divorce with you. 


Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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