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7 Reasons Girls Lie To You. Know This Before You Get Serious

7 Reasons Girls Lie To You. 


We’d all love to believe that girls are all wonderful sweet angels. 


And sometimes they can be. But if you’re not careful they can destroy your life before you even realise it


Girls have a special talent for saying one thing to your face, and thinking another thing behind your back. 


Can you ever really trust her? 


Here are 7 reasons that girls lie to you – so you can watch out for the signals, and keep yourself protected: 


  • Girls Lie #1: To Test You


The #1 reason that girls lie is to test you. They want to know what kind of man you are. 


Are you strong? Determined? Disciplined? 


Are you solid? Grounded? Unshakable?


Or are you weak, bending at the slightest breeze? 


She wants to know if she can trust you – so she needs to test you. 


She lies to test whether you’re paying attention or not. Are you listening to her? To you accept her bullsh*t? 


Or do you push back? And call her out on it. She needs to know you’re not afraid to stand and fight. 


  • Girls Lie #2: They Don’t Respect You


But let’s face it, if she’s tested you and proven that you’re weak – now she’s lost her respect for you. 


Now she’s going to lie to you, not to test you, but because she knows she can walk all over you, and you’ll just accept it. 


You won’t put up a fight, and you won’t push back. 


She knows that she’s got you wrapped around her finger. 


And that my friend, is not a good position to be in. 


  • Girls Lie #3: To Get Attention


Let’s face it – girls today are attention wh*res. 


Whether it is Instagram, Snapchat or Tinder – she wants that sweet sweet attention and social validation. 


She’s not afraid to lie about her age (yeah sure, 29 forevah sweety), or her weight, or even how she looks with filters, angles and lighting. 


Whatever it takes to get the job done. 


But don’t be surprised when she shows up to her date, and looks nothing like her photos. 


  • Girls Lie #4: They’re Cheating


Yeah – the truth hurts. 


But look, if she’s already lost respect for you, your manhood and your masculinity – then there’s a good chance that she’s also cheating on you. 


Girls are way better than men at covering their tracks. 


Men are terrible at cheating – they always get caught. Girls are much more secretive – she could be cheating for years, and he’d never have any idea. 


Poor guy. 


    • Girls Lie #5: They Want Your Money

    Many girls see men as walking ATMs. 

    They want your cash, they want your money. 


    Because she wants to buy nice things. 

    She needs to look pretty after all, remember? 

    Most girls learned that if they lied they could get what they wanted from daddy – well good news buddy – you’re her new daddy. 

    She’s going to whisper whatever sweet nothing she needs to into your ear, and you’ll open your wallet like you’ll wish she opened her legs. 

    But just a heads up: she won’t. 

    She lost respect and sexual attraction for you a long time ago – so now she’s just milking you for everything she can.


  • Girls Lie #6: They Want To Get Pregnant


Biology always wins – or as they said in Jurassic Park: nature always finds a way.  


Yes, girls are designed to get pregnant, and they’re very good at it – in fact, they’ve been doing it for millions of years. 


One thing men need to be aware of is that girls will often go out of their way to get pregnant. 


They may fear losing you, or they may just be really horny – but there’s a good chance if you’ve been seeing her for a while that she is itching to get pregnant. 


Watch yourself around her if she’s ovulating. Always wear protection. Condoms are a must. Don’t mess around with this stuff. 


The worst mistake a man can make in his life is to get a girl pregnant unintentionally. 


Sorry to break it to you buddy, but if you do, your life is officially over. 


  • Girls Lie #7: Because They Can


Yep, once she knows that you’re dumb enough to fall for her tricks, she’ll lie just because she can. 


If she knows that you’ll never call her out on it, and that you’ll always believe her, she will run circles around you and fill your head with lies. 


It’s fun for her – feeling that sense of power for her. 


She’s like a cat who’s caught a mouse, she doesn’t want to eat you (yet), she’s just enjoying playing with you, torturing you, and making you squirm. 


But remember – this isn’t her fault – this is entirely your fault for not being a man. 


You let this happen to you, and you deserve everything you get. 


I believe you should defend yourself, but if you’re not even willing to stand up for yourself, then I have no sympathy for you when she walks all over you. 


Grow a f*cking pair. 


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