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7 Reasons Nice Guys Finish Last

7 Reasons Nice Guys Finish Last


Despite what every RomCom tells us, women generally hate and despise nice men. 


I mean sure, they love when nice guys are helpful and take them shopping and buy them lots of stuff, and help them move apartments and pick them up from the airport. 


All of that is great – but it doesn’t turn her on. 


If you’re a nice guy, I’ve unfortunately got some pretty bad news for you: she’s not sexually attracted to you. 


Which means that she has no problem accepting all your free stuff, and your shoulder to cry on, but her legs aren’t opening for you buddy. 


She’ll save that for that a**hole that gives her the tingles. 


Here are 7 reasons that nice guys finish last – pay attention – these just might save your life: 


  • Nice Guy Finish Last #: Too Indecisive


The classic nice guy syndrome – he’s incapable of making any kind of meaningful decision. 


He needs the approval of other people – especially women. 


He needs a committee decision, he needs everyone to be on board and to have consensus. 


Otherwise – he might offend someone, or someone might get uncomfortable. 


With so many decisions out there in the world to make, the nice guy struggles. 


He humms and hawws and he thinks about it, and he asks other people opinions – but he struggles to make any kind of significant decision. 


Women love masculine men that are decisive. Women love men that can make decisions and get things done. 


Decisiveness is a masculine trait – and she’s looking for your leadership and guidance in picking what to do. 


Whether that is picking a spot for dinner, where to grab coffee, what movie to watch, or even just where to go for a walk – she wants you to be able to make decisions. 


Now, that doesn’t mean being a dictator – you can be open to her ideas and suggestions – but the key point here is that you don’t need them. 


  • Nice Guy Finish Last #: Physically Small


Yep, nice guys are typically physically small. 


They’re afraid of hitting the gym, they don’t take protein powder, and they’re not interested in lifting weights. 


As a result, most nice guys are pretty small and look physically emasculated even standing beside most women. 


Here’s an unfortunate news flash: Women love masculine and big men. 


Picture a bear. If a bear could be a man – she’d be into that – or maybe a silverback gorilla. 


But picture that big masculine energy – she wants you to be able to fill up an entire room with your energy and your masculinity. 


She wants a man with size that takes up space. 


She wants a man that other men fear, and that other women look at with eyes of adoration. 


Now I get it, not all men were blessed to be 6 foot 4 and 250 pounds – I certainly wasn’t. 


However there are steps you can take – hit the gym, lift heavy weights, get some biceps, eat protein powder – put on some weight – put on some mass – and get out there and f*cking rock it. 


  • Nice Guy Finish Last #: Afraid To Offend Others


Yep, nice guys hate to offend and make other people feel uncomfortable. It might possibly the worst thing they could ever imagine. 


Nice guys love when everyone is happy and content – when everyone is just getting along. 


Nice guys love consensus, when everyone agrees – and nice guys hate to rock the boat. 


Yeah sorry, but if you want to make an omelette, you gotta crack a few eggs. 


Women want a masculine alpha male that isn’t afraid to crack a few eggs and offend a few people. 


The reality is that if you want to take up space in the world, you have to accept that some people will be offended. 


Some people won’t like you, and some people will just straight up hate you – and that’s cool!


You’re a guy who is fully secure in himself – you don’t need other people to like you. 


Masculine men are not afraid of confrontation and offending others – it is through confrontation that you actually achieve resolution. 


  • Nice Guy Finish Last #: Afraid To Take Risks


Nice men are just straight up afraid to take risks – which is unfortunate because being a risk taker is what actually turns women on. 


When you ask her on a date – you’re taking a risk.


When you go in to kiss her – you’re taking a risk.


When you start sliding off her pants to have sex with her – you’re taking a risk. 


Everything in dating and relationships is a risk – but she’s looking for a masculine leader who enjoys taking those risks and isn’t afraid of what might happen. 


She wants a man that isn’t afraid of things going wrong. 


She wants a masculine man who can handle her. 


  • Nice Guy Finish Last #: Too Scattered


Yes, Nice Guys are scattered. 


A proper masculine alpha male is very grounded in himself and his power. 


He’s calm. He’s got this deep energy like a well-rooted tree – he knows that he can withstand any storm. 


Alpha men are deeply secure in themselves and their abilities – and as a result have this calming energy around them. 


Masculine men are focused – they know exactly what they need to get done, and they get it done. 


Masculine men don’t make excuses – they do the work. 


It doesn’t matter how painful or slow the work is – he always gets it done. 


Masculine men are not afraid of being along – because they know that isolation is required for extended periods of deep work and getting things done. 


Being alone is just part of being a man. 


But nice guys cannot handle being alone. 


Nice guys are scattered – they’re all over the place. 


They want to accomplish everything – yet in their frenzy to get stuff done – they go nowhere. 


They’re frantic, they’re in a panic, they’re nervous, they have shallow breathing. 


Women hate being around that kind of nervous energy – it makes them extremely uncomfortable – she wants to surround herself with that deep, focused, masculine energy. 


  • Nice Guy Finish Last #: Too Emotional


Nice guys are far too emotional. 


She wants a strong masculine man, not a little cry baby. 


Seriously, she wants to feel like a little girl around you, she never (EVER) wants to feel like she has to be your mother. 


If even for a second she starts to feel like she has to mother you, game over, pack away your junk, because you aren’t going to be needing it any time soon. 


If you’re emotional, and you need her so you can have a cry and express yourself – she might be ‘okay’ with it from an empowered woman point of view, but it won’t turn her on – no matter what politically correct programming she’s had put in her brain. 


  • Nice Guy Finish Last #: Afraid To Pull The Trigger


And then we get to the crux of it: Nice guys are just terrified of pulling the trigger. 


Pulling the trigger means taking action. 


This could mean making a decision, it could mean pulling her in for a kiss, or it could mean sliding your hand into her pants. 


Yes, women are sexual, and yes, women want masculine men to get sexual with them (thank biology), but she doesn’t want to be with a little man-boy who is too afraid to make a move. 


If you’re questioning, if you’re hesitating, then her sexual energy is drying up fast. 


If she sees you hesitate, she’ll know you’re not sure of yourself – and if you’re not sure of yourself – then she isn’t sure whether she should  be with you or not. 


I know it seems harsh – but women want a masculine man who is not afraid of pulling the trigger. She needs to know that you have what it takes to make it happen. 


Pulling the trigger is an art and a skill. 


It doesn’t mean you should be Rambo and get all trigger happy, but it does mean you need to be calibrated. 


You need to be able to read her signals. 


When she wants it, she will make it abundantly clear, as long as you’re able to get out of your own head and actually be able to see her. 


Step up your mediation practice – focus your attention – see her, pay attention to her. 


Her body will reveal everything to you – all the signals are there, you just need to be open and receptive enough to see them (and bold enough). 


Women express themselves through their bodies – the look in her eyes, the flick of her hair, the openness of her body language – does she want you around her? Or does she want you to go away?


Your job is to become an expert at reading the signs of her body. 


You’re not becoming a wild animal – you’re becoming acutely attuned to the signals of her body. 


So – are you man enough to take it?

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