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7 Reasons Why You Need To Quit Your Job

7 Reasons Why You Need To Quit Your Job


Yes, we all need jobs and we all need to make money. 


We all have bills to pay and we all need to put food on the table. 


Unfortunately, working our jobs can be extremely damaging to our sense of freedom, independence and self-esteem. 


Most jobs, crush us down so much, that we lose any enjoyment of actually being alive. 


This guide is meant to serve as a wake up call – to show you how much your current job is actually hurting you.


We all feel like we ‘need’ our jobs – but do we really? Or is it time to rise up and resist?


In this guide I lay out 7 clear reasons why you need to quit your soul destroying corporate job, and go out into the world as a free man and business owner. 


  • Quit Your Job Reason #1: It Is Soul Destroying


You probably don’t need me to tell you this – but most jobs are completely soul destroying. 


Yes, there are a few decent ones out there – but even still, at best you can be ‘okay’ with it – you’ll still never be free if you have a job. 


Why are corporate jobs so soul destroying? 


Because you’re always being told what to do. 


Your manager or your boss, have you by the balls. You have to do as they tell you, or else they’ll fire you and take away your livelihood – that sounds like a great relationship and a great power dynamic!


  • Quit Your Job Reason #2: Your Manager Does Not Like You


Further to the last point – your manager does not like you, and honestly does not care much about you. 


They don’t care about your success, they don’t care about your achievements, they don’t care about your advancement, and they certainly are not interested in paying you more. 


You’re the only one that truly cares about you – remember that. 


Your manager does not like you. 


As far as your manager is concerned, you’re just some kind of autonomous robot, whos only function is to please and serve them. That’s it. 


Beyond that you’re completely useless. 


If your manager says ‘jump’, you better say ‘how high’. 


  • Quit Your Job Reason #3: You Will Forever Be Told What To Do


And here’s the most painful part – if you have a corporate job throughout your entire life – then you will always be subject to being told what to do. 


That’s just a reality. 


As long as your manager as your balls in their purse, you will forever wag your tail whenever it pleases them. 


Want to take a new course to advance your skills? Need to get your managers permission.


Want a raise at the end of the year? Better make your manager happy. 


Want to take time off to spend more with your family? Better kiss some serious a** for that one. 


And that is the point – as long as you work a corporate job – you will never be free – and you will always be told what to do and how to live your life. 


  • Quit Your Job Reason #4: You Won’t Have Freedom On How You Spend Your Day


This was one of the biggest reasons why I quit my job: to have complete freedom over how I spend my day. 


I choose what time I wake up, I choose what I work on for the day, I choose what projects interest me that day, I choose when I take breaks, I choose when I take lunch, and I choose how many hours I work. 


On thing that forever frustrated me about working at a job – was that I was being paid to work a certain number of hours each week – but if I was feeling inspired, and wanted to work extra – not only would I not get overtime, but I wouldn’t be paid at all. 


It felt like a total rip off. 


I’m a highly motivated guy, and I love working crazy hours (it’s just part of who I am), but I don’t enjoy being some little b*tch who works unpaid overtime for someone else’s business, while I see none of the rewards or the upside. 


By being my own boss – I can happily work all of the overtime that I want – and I know that each hour of overtime is directly contributing to growing my business. 


Even if that is work that I’m not being paid for right in that moment, I know that it is an investment into the future of my business – business is a long-haul journey – and you better be ready to put in your time. 


  • Quit Your Job Reason #5: You Will Be Forced To Accept Things You Don’t Agree With


Yep – corporations are always trying to shove things down your throat that you won’t agree with. 


Whether it is politics, or salaries, or sensitivity trainings – there will be all sorts of things you’ll need to accept as part of being a dutiful employee. 




Because the alternative is to be fired. 


And if you get fired, you might get a bad reference.


And if you get a bad reference, you won’t be able to get a job again. 


And if you can’t get a job again, your life is basically over!


Nicely done genius. 


Corporations will make you sip the kool-aid – drink up!


  • Quit Your Job Reason #6: HR Sensitivity And Anti-Racism Training Is Getting Worse


This one makes me cringe. 


Look before I start getting hate mail let me make something abundantly clear: I am not a racist and I am open to all people. I am open to working with anyone – of any gender, race, ethnicity or other groups. 


My only criteria is: you’re good at what you do, and we’re great at working together. 


Cool – if you’re a hard worker and our energies vibe and we trust each other and we can work together – great!


I don’t really care who you are – as long as we work well together. 


If we don’t work well together, it is because of your personality, not your skin colour. 


Now with that said – corporations have gone on a massive push recently to do more sensitivity and anti-racism training. As of this writing it is currently May 2021 – and the world has gone insane in the last year and a half. 


I have zero interest in a corporation forcing me to undergo sensitivity brainwashing bullshit – NO THANK YOU.


Go f*ck with someone else’s brain. I value mine too much. 


  • Quit Your Job Reason #7: You Can Get Fired At Any Time Anyway


Yeah – this is a reality that most employees bury their heads in the sand and ignore like ostriches. 


Most employees that having a job is the ‘safe option’. 


I guarantee you it is not nearly as safe as you think it is. 


Getting fired can happen at anypoint – and even worse – even if you are a good employee, the economy could tank and your employer lays you off. 


We all like to think that our corporate jobs are so secure – but the truth is that you can be terminated at any time. 


And when you get terminated? What is your backup plan? 


Do you have another way of making money? 


Are you covered? 


Do you know how to run a business? Likely not, and you’re going to be begging for your next job. 


Nice planning there, Mr. Safe. 


  • BONUS Reason To Quit: Regulations Are Always Getting Tighter


Shoot me now. I’m a small government, low regulation kind of guy. 


But all the time businesses are being subjected to new regulations. 


Governments and politicians love to take and regulate businesses – they feel some level of entitlement to tell business owners exactly how they should run their businesses. 


As an employee – this means that working at a business is likely getting harder and harder, as the owner is being stretched more and more. 


This means your boss likely doesn’t have any extra money in the bank to give you that raise at the end of the year – because he already spent it paying some unreasonable tax just to hire you. 


Nicely done government. 

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