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7 Signs She Wants You To Grow A Pair And Kiss Her

7 Signs She Wants You To Grow A Pair And Kiss Her


Despite what our media and culture tell us – women are not these shy innocent angels. 


Women extremely sexual – but she isn’t allowed to show it. 


She has to hide her sexuality because she’s worried that society or you will judge her. 


This is a shame, because there’s so much she’s hiding inside. 


The truth is that women want men to kiss them. 


I know it seems crazy to say something like that, but it’s true. 


But as men, we become too afraid – what if she says no? What if she rejects us? What if we embarrass ourselves? What if we do it wrong? How do we know if she wants it or not?


All these thoughts start swirling through our head – and they make us hesitate – they make us second guess ourselves. 


And as soon as we hesitate – we’re finished. 


I’ve outlined here for you 7 signs that a woman wants you to grow a pair and kiss her. 


Yes, she does want you to kiss her, but she wants you to be a man who has the balls to kiss her. 


Let’s get into it:


  • Kiss Signal #1 : She Makes Extended Eye Contact


First of all, I’m just going to say that all these signals can be quite subtle (women are subtle), and so it helps to develop a heightened sense of awareness. 


Meditation is a great practice and exercise to further develop your awareness. 


But to the first point here – she makes extended eye contact. 


Eye contact is one of those funny things – too little eye contact takes to signal fear or disinterest, but too much eye contact can be confrontational and aggressive. 


There is however a good medium – where she’s willing to make eye contact with you for slightly longer than usual. 


How long exactly? 


There are no exact measurements – you need to use your judgement – but 1-2 seconds is what you’re looking for. 


If she holds your eye contact for a solid 2 seconds and is staring deep into your eyes, that is a strong indicator right there that she is interested and she wants you to kiss her. 


Give her a smile, and see how she responds. 


If she smiles back – that’s a great sign that you’re in. 


  • Kiss Signal #2 : She Flips Her Hair


When girls get turned on and aroused – they start playing with and flipping their hair. 


It is a subconscious cue that she picked up as a small child. 


When she feels giddy and childlike, she’ll start flipping her hair. 


When you’re with a girl on a date, and she’s playing with her hair, and making strong eye contact with you, and giving you little smiles – that is a strong indicator that she’s into you. 


She wants you. She wants to be close to you. 


Pay close attention throughout the date. Likely in the beginning she’ll be feeling a little bit nervous, and will play with her hair out of nervousness.


But as the date progresses and she’s enjoying herself more, she’ll start playing with her hair out of giddiness and attraction for you (another type of nervousness, but the good kind). 


Pay attention to the signals – and if you’re getting green lights, go in when the moment is right. 


  • Kiss Signal #3 : She Touches Your Arm


Women are extremely sensitive to touch, and any physical contact between the two of you is a massive signal of interest (also known as an IOI or indicator of interest). 


As a man, I recommend you touching her (appropriately) as soon as you can. 


Something as subtle as putting your hand on her lower back as you’re guiding her through a door. 


Make your touches appropriate and fitting for the context. 


Don’t just reach out and touch her randomly – but if you’re walking beside her and you want to direct her attention in a certain direction – put your arm across her back hold on to her shoulder, and angle her body in the direction you’re pointing – it is subtle and fitting for the situation. 


But if she’s the one who’s reaching out, and touching your arm, or touching your shoulders, or touching your back – that is a huge indicator that she’s enjoying her time with you, and is just waiting to be kissed. 


  • Kiss Signal #4 : She Laughs A Lot


Women laugh when they’re comfortable and having fun. 


If she was having a bad time, she would not be laughing. 


Humans laugh as a way of expressing comfort and trust – it is a signal of vulnerability and of having fun with another person. 


Imagine trying to laugh while you were around someone you absolutely hated – it wouldn’t happen right? 


You’d feel too cringe inside. 


But if a girl is with you on a date, and she is smiling and laughing – that my friend is a great signal that she is looking to be kissed. 


Perhaps not right in that moment – but when the moment is right, perhaps as you’re walking and there’s a slight lull in the conversation, pull her in


  • Kiss Signal #5 : She Isn’t Afraid To Spend Time Around You


Unfortunately most women feel some level of discomfort being around men. 


Men are generally bigger and stronger than women, and have the potential to harm them. 


When women are dating a new man, they’ll likely want to stay closer to public areas – in well lit areas – just in case anything bad happens. 


However, if you’re with a girl and she’s happy to spend time along with you, in private areas, walking down quiet and dark streets – this is a girl who is comfortable with you, and excited to be around you. 


If she’s cool being alone with you, dammit man, she wants you to kiss her. 


  • Kiss Signal #6 : She Lets You Eat Her Food


This is one of those subtle things that most guys miss. 


Food is an extremely personal thing. 


Most people do not like sharing food with strangers – it’s weird and it’s awkward. 


Food is precious, and most people protect it dearly. 


However, when you’re with her on a date, try forking a piece of food off her plate. 


Make a little announcement first and say “hmm that piece of pasta looks real good – I’m gonna steal a piece” and see how she reacts. 


If she laughs and smiles – you’re all clear – go for it. 


If she lets you eat food right off her plate – that is a clear sign that she is into you and she trusts you – when the time is right, she is waiting for that kiss. 


  • Kiss Signal #7 : She’s In No Rush To Leave


It is usually pretty easy to tell when a girl is not into you. 


She will usually make excuses about how she needs to go, or how she needs to get up early in the morning, or that her friends are calling her or suddenly her cat is having an emergency. 


Seriously, girls will make up any excuse they can to get away form a guy that they’re not into. 


But if you’re with her on a date, and it has been going on for a few hours, and you’re both walking slowly through the streets, and she’s clearly in no rush to leave – that is a clear sign that she’s into you. 


Don’t it ignore it – pull her in when that moment is right – and show her that you like her back. 


Stop being afraid of women rejecting you. 


Yes, it does happen, and if it does, it’s not the end of the world – there are plenty of other women out there who are just dying to meet you. 


But when you fear rejection, you are more likely to be rejected.


So pay attention to her signals – see what she’s up to, and go in when the moment is right. 


If you’ve read all her signals properly, she’ll be so glad you had the balls to man up and kiss her. 


Just ask her how many boys she’s been out with before that were too afraid…

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