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7 Ways For Men To Look Sharp And Attract Women

7 Ways For Men To Look Sharp And Attract Women


Let’s face it: men suck at dressing themselves. 


But worse than that, men have no idea how to get attention from women. We feel lost and aimless


Women don’t have this problem. Women learn from a very young age exactly how to get attention from men. 


They learn how to do their hair, to put on makeup, to wear clothes that are flattering – women have zero problem getting men’s attention. 


This is why we’re all there in class or in the park, drooling over women because they’re so attractive, yet we’re completely lost and confused as to why women aren’t into us. 


The truth is, that as men, nobody taught us how to dress or groom ourselves, or how to wear clothes that actually accentuate our masculinity. 


Most of our lives the masculinity has been beaten out of us – so we tend to enjoy wearing clothes that show our complete lack of interest in outward masculine appearances. 


Bringing out that masculinity, might appear violent to some people, and the last thing we ever want as good little boys is to make anyone feel uncomfortable. 


  • Look Sharp Tip #1: Style Your Hair


Go to a barbershop, get a proper haircut. 


I’m not here to tell you exactly what style is best for you – but take some time and find a style that suits your personalty, your style and your face.


Ask your barber for their recommendations, or find some photos online that suit you. 


But here’s the point: Get a haircut, and stay well groomed. I would recommend monthly haircuts if you can afford it. 


Once you’ve got a good cut, pick up some hair wax or clay, to give your hair some shape and some volume.


Now, if you’re balding, that’s cool – no stress, but I recommend growing a pair and just shaving your head (I did – remember I practice what I preach). 


Nobody likes a combover. And more specifically, women are not attracted to men with combovers. 


Don’t stress if you don’t have the best hair – shave it off, and be proud about it. 


There’s nothing to be proud of of trying to hold on to a few wispy scraps. 


  • Look Sharp Tip #2: Wear Clean Shoes


This might surprise you but women pay very close attention to a man’s shoes. 


In fact, women are obsessed with shoes (if you couldn’t tell by their shoe collections). 


Why do women obsess over shoes? Because women love details. 


Now arguably, shoes are the least visible thing that someone will notice as part of someones outfit – they’re all the way down there on somebody’s stinking feet. 


But that is exactly the point – women love shoes specifically because they’re out of the way. 




Because women love details. 


If a man has put that much attention and focus into his shoes, then it means that he’s paying attention and he cares. 


Any man whos walking around with 5-year old beat up sneakers – is telling the world that he just doesn’t care. 


Women want a man that cares. 


So, just throw on a clean pair of shoes. Have a bit of style, and a bit of pride in yourself man. 


  • Look Sharp Tip #3: Stop Wearing Baggy Clothes Or Cargo Shorts


Here is a fashion no-no that you must expunge from your wardrobe as quickly as humanly possible: stop wearing baggy clothes and cargo shorts. 


There’s a classic dad look: New Balance sneakers, cargo shorts and a golf shirt. 




Seriously – where is the delete and backspace button? I need to remove it from my memory bank. 


This is a terrible look for guys (for boys really). 


Any overly loose fitting clothes or cargo shorts need to go ASAP. 


I’m serious, burn them. 


You’ll thank me later. 


Remember: women want to date something that looks like it could resemble a male archetype of something that is attractive. 


Do women fantasize of meeting the loser in cargo shorts? 


No. So stop wearing them. 


  • Look Sharp Tip #4: Dress Appropriate For Your Age


One big mistake that a lot of older guys make is trying to dress like they’re young. Don’t do it. You’re not fooling anyone. 


I’m not exactly sure why men have this fear of aging. Seriously, what exactly are you afraid of?


Men mature with age. Men get much better and more attractive as they age – and I personally am very excited to become an older gentleman. 


One benefit of getting older is your ability to dress more formally. 


You now have the money to buy nice shoes, nice pants, nice shirts and nice blazers. 


You can afford to buy proper outfits now. 


Dress your age, women are attracted to older men that have their shit together. 


So get your shit together. 


  • Look Sharp Tip #5: Get Shirts That Actually Fit


On that note: start buying shirts that actually fit you. 


If you’ve got the money, get a tailor to actually fit shirts to you. 


They’ll fit you much better, and be better at showing off your chiseled figure (which of course who have now after lifting all those weights). 


Women can tell if you’re wearing a fitted shirt. 


Because they actually fit your body properly and bring out your proper shape. 


Get those shoulders and chest out, and hide away all that extra material around your belly. 


  • Look Sharp Tip #6: Get Nice Sunglasses


Yes – get some shades. 


Obviously this applies most to summer time – but make sure you’ve got some shades that accent and compliment your face. 


Sunglasses have a way of giving your face more symmetry and adding a splash of mystery, instantly making you more attractive. 


One bonus tip: Women won’t often make eye contact with a man walking down the street, because it is too intimidating. 


However, if you walk down the street wearing sunglasses, keep your head looking straight ahead – but you can move your eyes to look at women walking towards you. 


Why is this important? You’d be surprised how many women actually check you out when you walk down the street. 


As men, we tend to feel isolated and that nobody ever sees us. We think that women don’t look at us or notice us, and that can leave us feeling a bit sad or lonely. 


However, you’d very surprised how many women will actually steal glances and check you out, when they think you’re not looking at them. 


If a girl seriously check you out, and is giving you some real eyes, then you just might be able to go up to her and say hello. 


You never know, you just might be the guy she was looking to talk to – especially if you’ve been dressing nice. 


  • Look Sharp Tip #7: Wear A Blazer


Last point here and this is one of my favourites is to start wearing blazers. 


You have no idea how much this one simple thing can completely change how women look at you. 


Women have been programmed to look up to and respect men in blazers. 


It’s a sign of financial ability and resourcefulness – men in blazers tend to have their lives together and be financially well off. 


Women love men in blazers. 


Let me say it again:


Women. Love. Men. In. Blazers.


Especially older well dressed men in blazers. 


Throw a nice pocket square on there and she’ll be getting weak in the knees. 


Seriously, I can’t over emphasize the importance of wearing a nice blazer. 


Now for the guys who are a little cash strapped and budgets are tight – that’s cool – there are plenty of options still available to you. 


My first preference would be to shop somewhere like H&M or Zara – they tend to have have nice and well fitted blazers for not ridiculous amounts of money – honestly for $100 to $150 – you can find something that is going to fit you nice, and will attract some attention. 


Even if money is tight, I still say it is worth the investment. 


If budgets are still too tight – your next best option would be to go a place like Value Village or GoodWill – and get a nice 2nd hand blazer. 


Be aware that it probably won’t fit you as nicely – however I personally have had the great luck of finding an excellent blazer at an op shop down in Australia of all places. 


You never know what you’ll find – so go check ‘em out. 


But most importantly, get yourself suited and booted. 


Just remember: women love well dressed men. And it is one of those simple things that can make an insane difference in terms of your success with women, and how much attention you get from them. 


It’s all fair in love and war – and you can’t take any chances when it comes to dating. 


Go get ‘em tiger.



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