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7 Ways To Be More Masculine And Attractive To Women

7 Ways To Be More Masculine And Attractive To Women


It’s no secret that women are attracted to masculine men. 


If you’re a nice guy, you’ve probably gotten frustrated when you see that girl that you’re super attracted to, go out with that total a**hole. 


“What’s her problem!?” you think, “that guy is a total jerk! He’ll never treat you the way I’ll treat you!”.


And as the nice guy that you are, you’ll sulk, and you’ll cry, you’ll become passive aggressive and you’ll start to blame the world for all your problems. 


Except – I know you’re better than that. 


Remember – there are two ways to get through this life: you can either b*tch and complain and play the victim, or you can take responsibility for your sh*t and take ownership of your life. 


Both are options – but the 2nd one let’s me sleep easier at night – and if you’re keen to live a good life, then I’m sure that is you too. 


This list is not for pu**sies, this list is for the hardcore men who want to live the best possible life they can:


  • Masculine Trait #1 : Lift Heavy Weights


Muscles don’t make you a man, but they sure f*cking help. 


Now before you start whining about not wanting to be one of those ‘gym guys’ – let me make something clear: just having muscles, will not make you a man. 


There are plenty of guys who go to the gym with the sole intention of putting on muscle because they believe that that will make them a man – it won’t – she’ll see right through your thin charade. 


However – muscles do help. 


Women are attracted to masculine men with shoulders and biceps. Love it or hate it, that’s just biology. 


The simplest thing you can do if you’re just not attracting the level of girls you want in your life, is to start lifting heavy weights. 


Start with biceps, shoulders and chest. 


Hit the gym. 


Or if you don’t have a gym, pick up a few free weights – 5-15kg should be plenty to get started with. 


Or if you don’t have any equipment, then just get down on the ground and start doing some pushups. 


As the saying goes – 100 pushups a day keeps the doctor away. Or something like that. 


  • Masculine Trait #2 : Join Martial Arts


Women want a fighter. 


She needs to know that you have the masculine strength to stay be her side, especially when things get heated. 


She needs to know in her core that you could and would protect her. 


Remember – men are dangerous – and she wants man in her life that can protect her. 


This means you must be dangerous yourself – but also under control. You’ve mastered your inner beast, without killing it. A feat that most men never accomplish. 


Martial arts like Karate, BJJ, Muay Thai – can all be great ways of letting that beast out of you, while also mastering personal discipline and self-control. 


  • Masculine Trait #3 : Do Standup Comedy


This could be open mic standup comedy, or public speaking or toastmasters and speaking at conferences – I’ll leave the specifics up to you, but the point is you need to get out and do public speaking. 


Public speaking is one of those things that most people fear. 


In fact, most people are absolutely terrified of ever doing public speaking. 


Why is that a great thing? Because you’ll immediately stand out as different. 


By being able to proudly proclaim that you love public speaking, and can list off all the various conferences, events and places where you’ve given speeches (bonus points if it was recorded and now lives on YouTube). 


It is your msculine fearlessness that attracts her. 


In a world where most men are afraid to get up and give a speech – you’re different – you’re not afraid to grab the bull by the horns and give it. 


  • Masculine Trait #4 : Go On Adventures


If you grew up in a small town (or even a big one), and you’re still living in the town you grew up – that’s not a good sign. 


A boy who is afraid of the world stays close to mommy. 


A man who is fearless, gets as far away from mommy as possible. 


The world is big and filled with things to see and people to meet. 


Cultures to experience and foods to explore. 


A woman will never respect a boy who still lives in the town he grew up in.


She needs to know that you’ve gone out into the world, you’ve seen things, you’ve done things, you’ve experienced things – and you’re all the stronger and more masculine for it. 


That is the rugged masculine energy that she craves from you. 


But if you’re too busy playing Call of Duty on your Xbox, then she will be dry as a desert my friend. 


  • Masculine Trait #5 : Learn Massage


To switch things up a bit – being masculine doesn’t always mean being hard and rugged. 


Having a softer side can help to show her that you understand women, and that you aren’t a threat to her. 


Side note: too much raw masculinity is actually dangerous for women – you might end up getting violent and hurting her – but rugged masculinity mixed with a touch of gentler femininity is the recipe she needs to feel secure in your masculinity, but also feel safe that you have empathy for her and her wellbeing. 


So learn massage. 


When you massage a woman properly, not only does it give her the chance to full relax. 


But it allows her to feel your energy. 


Are you attentive? Are you nervous? Are you shy? Do you go for it? Do you tease? Do you switching up rhythms, tempos and speeds? Always keeping her guessing what will come next?


She can read a lot about who you are through the touch of your hands and also the presence of your body. Do you breathe deep? Do you take shallow breaths? Are you comfortable in your skin? Or are you darting around nervously? Are you comfortable touching a womans body? 


Remember, so much of communication is non-verbal – and your hands need to tell her the story she wants to hear. 


  • Masculine Trait #6 : Meditate


One more on the feminine side: meditate.


One of the core reasons to meditate is to get a clearer picture of exactly who you are and what you believe in in life (more on that in the next point).


But meditation also helps you to calm yourself, calm your mind, become more focused, become sharper, and become more in tune with other people. 


Meditation can help you to see subtle reactions on her face. 


If you say something and she doesn’t like it – meditation helps to give you the awareness necessary to see what is going on, to course correct and help her feel comfortable again. 


Most men just bulldoze – they say and do things, and then have no ability to read what is actually on her mind, and the just keep going. 


Mediation gives you the awareness to truly what is going on behind the scenes in her mind, and let’s her know that you’re there and present with her. 


  • Masculine Trait #7 : Have A Clear Mission And Purpose To Your Life


This one is essential, and most men neglect it: have a clear mission and purpose in your life.


What are you doing with your life? Why do you get out of bed? 


Do you feel lazy? Do you feel distracted? Do you feel like a leaf blowing in the wind – constantly being pulled in different directions, and falling victim to the whims of others?


People follow their centre of gravity. 


If your centre of gravity is strong, and you’re clear on what exactly you’re doing in your life – others will be attracted to your sense of clarity and calmness. 


If your centre of gravity is weak, you will be attracted to others who have more clarity on what they’re doing in their lives. 


Take some time – take a weekend, or a full week if you can spare it – allow yourself time to meditate, time to think – and develop a clear plan of what you want to do with your life. 


Accept that this plan does not need to be complete, and that there is flexibility for it to change in the future. 


The purpose here is just to get started. The purpose is to get something down on paper so you know what your next steps are. 


As a good friend of mine says “go as far as you can see, and once you get there, you can see further”.


So how far can you see?

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