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7 Ways To Stop Being A Boy And Start Being Respected

7 Ways To Stop Being A Boy And Start Being Respected


Let’s just be brutally honest – women don’t date boys, they date men. 


Why don’t women date boys? 


Because boys need to be looked after by their mother. 


Women aren’t interested in becoming your surrogate mother and looking after you and taking care of you


The last thing she wants to deal with is an overgrown infant who needs his mommy to feed him dinner. 


Now what she does want is for you to be her daddy. But that means you need to be a man. 


You need to grow up, you need to get your sh*t handled, and you need to have a clue about who the f*ck you actually are. 


Sorry to break it to you – but this article is probably going to be a rude awakening – but trust me you need it, and you’ll thank me later. 


Here are 7 effective ways to stop being a boy, and started being respected as a masculine man: 


  • Stop Being A Boy #1: Stop Playing Video Games


This one should be a no-brainer but it shocks me how many boys play video games. 


Like if you asked me “okay – if there was only ONE thing I needed to do to become a man, what would it be?”


My answer straight up would be: stop playing video games. 


If you only took one action on your road to becoming a man, 100% I would recommend it be dropping video games like it’s hot. 


It’s funny – when I was growing up in the 90’s, video games were still kind of this fringe thing that only the nerdy kids did. You had to be pretty geeky and actually know how to install games (not to mention going to the store to actually buy them). 


However, since about 2010 – video games have fully crossed over into the mainstream. 


Now it is perfectly normal for pretty much anyone and everyone to be hooked on video games – it’s no longer an affliction just for the nerds, but has infected all of society. 


Side note: I practice what I preach here. I grew up on games like StarCraft, WarCraft, Civilization, and Grand Theft Auto (Vice City) – I was hooked. I basically spent every waking minute I could between the ages of about 10 to 25 playing video games. It pains me now how much time I wasted. If I had a time machine…


So why are video games so bad? 


Number 1: the sheer amount of your time they eat up. Even if you just play ‘a couple hours’ in the evening to ‘unwind’ – you are wasting huge portions of your day to something that is effectively a complete waste of time. 


Number 2: Girls do not respect boys who play video games. Despite video games going mainstream – it’s just a fact that women will not respect a boy playing games. Why? Because he’s not out there in the real world solving real problems, and bringing home the bacon. He’s too lost in his WoW fantasy land being an elf and gathering potions. 


Number 3: I’ll just say it – you’ll never successfully launch a business if video games are a significant part of your life. Starting a business takes an unbelievable amount of energy, time and dedication – and every moment of every day should either be spent building your business, or resting your mind so you can get back to building your business. It’s time to stop playing Legend of Zelda and start building the Legend of You.


  • Stop Being A Boy #2: Stop Watching Excessive Amounts Of P*rn


Now I used the word ‘excessive’ here for a reason. 


I’m not a ‘no fapper’ – I believe that any extreme version of anything is bad. 


Look, ideally you’ve got several women in your life, so p*rn isn’t an issue at all anyway – however maybe you’re caught in a little dry spell, or maybe you’re building your business and you have absolutely no time left for women – look I get it. 


As with everything, a little p*rn is fine in moderation – do what you gotta do. 


However the problem is when it becomes obsessive. 


If you’re spending hours each day watching p*rn – that’s a problem. 


If you’re starting to watch weirder and weirder – and fetishier and fetishier p*rn – that’s a problem. 


Be responsible okay? 


Look – women have super powers – they can tell if you watch too much p*rn – they can see it on your face. 


She won’t be able to respect you if she knows you’re watching p*rn all day. 


Keep it simple, keep it short – do your thing, but don’t let it take of your life. 


Take breaks. In fact that is a great way to break the cycle – give it a week, two weeks – break the cycle of p*rn, so you’re at least starting to regulate it in your life. 


Just remember: women can tell. 


  • Stop Being A Boy #3: Build Big Muscles


Men have biceps. Boys have chicken arms. 


Now Iook, this doesn’t mean you need to be Arnold Schwarzenneger or something crazy like that. I’m not suggesting you need to be a professional body builder to be a man. 


Nothing close to that at all. 


What it means though is that have got to learn to love exercise. 


You’ve got to learn to love going to the gym.


Start lifting heavy weights (safely of course). 


Fully body workouts are great – but if you focus on nothing else, make sure you’re hitting your biceps, your shoulders and your chest. 


These are the 3 areas that women are biologically programmed to check out in a man. 


That bulge in your arms, gets her so excited. 


In fact, lifting weights is one of those hacks that is so effective for attracting women, that I wish someone had told me about when I was back in highschool. 


Unfortunately today’s society has become overwhelmed with the ‘body positivity’ movement and how everyone deserves love no matter what they look like. 


Sure, I believe that everyone deserves love – but you also can’t just wipe out a few million years of evolution and biology just because it doesn’t fit with your politically correct views today. 


Women get wet around men with big arms. 


That’s all you need to know. 


If you’ve got a problem with that, take it up with biology. 


  • Stop Being A Boy #4: Develop A Life Mission


Boys are aimless, men are focused. 


Women can tell when a boy has no real direction in life. They can smell it on him. It oozes out of his every pore, and every word that he says. 


It’s subconscious. 


Women can tell when a boy is not sure what he’s doing in his life – if he’s unsure yet what his goal or direction is, or what he wants to accomplish. 


They can smell that indecisiveness. 


And they hate it. 


Women want a man with a plan. 


They want a man who has at least some idea what he is doing with his life – a man that knows who he is, what he wants, what he’s good at, and where he’s going. 


Bonus points if he’s also accepted his weakness and vulnerabilities. 


A real man has a mission. 


What is a mission? 


It is a guiding vision in his life. 


It is bigger than a goal or a hobby. 


It is the underlying direction of his life. It is the psychological oxygen that he breathes. 


It is the reason that he gets up in the morning. And it’s the reason that he fights the dragons. 


Life is full of pain and obstacles – having a mission gives you the strength and resilience to bulldoze through it. 


  • Stop Being A Boy #5: Pay Off Your Debts


Boys have debt, Men have handled their finances. 


Things have changed since my parents grew up in the 60’s. 


It used to be possible and pretty normal to graduate university without any student debt. 


A basic summer job would give you enough money to cover your expenses for the entire year. 


Wow, what a concept. 


Today student debt is rampant. 


Most students graduate with between $30k-$100k in debt – even more if they went to grad school, business school, medical school or law school. 


Add on top of that the insane bubble in the housing market – it is completely normal today for boys to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt (or even millions). 


No thank you. 


Debt = Slavery. 


If you’re in debt, you are a slave. You are a slave to your creditors, as you then have to structure your life in such a way to always pay your debts. 


Even if it is just that minimum payment – you better hit that minimum every month or else…they’re going to come and take your stuff – or worse – take away your livelihood. 


Boys have debt, Men have handled their finances. 


A real man becomes free when he is out of debt – suddenly he is free to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. 


He can take time off, he can travel, he can save for his retirement and his future – suddenly he has complete control over his money and his finances. 


If you have debts, pay your debts as quickly as humanly possible. 


If you have multiple debts, start paying off your smallest debt first – this will be the quickest and easiest to pay off and you’ll get a great sense of satisfaction when it is done. 


Then move on to the next one and the next one. Keep chipping away at it. 


On top of that – cut all your expenses as far as you possibly can. 


I know you’re going to b*tch and complain at these words, but hear me out:


Stop eating out, stop ordering UberEats, stop partying, stop drinking, stop paying for all those monthly subscriptions, quit paying for Spotify, quit paying for Netflix, and start eating as simply and as basically as you can. 


I’ve survived just fine for 2 years now eating nothing but lentils and rice – like I said – I practice what I preach. 


If you’re not willing to make the sacrifices in the short term – you’ll be a slave to your credit cards for you whole life – take back the control. 


  • Stop Being A Boy #6: Move Out Of Your Parents Basement


Women do not get turned on by boys that live in their parents’ basement. There is nothing sexy about it – at all. 


Now that you’ve gotten your finances together and paid off all your debts, your next mission is save up enough money to move out of your parents basement. 


If your finances aren’t great today – that’s fine – come up with a plan and a schedule and move out of there within the next 6 to 12 months. 


Yes it will be painful, but yes you can do it. 


Moving out of your parents basement is one of the most freeing and liberating things you can do. 


Now – nobody can tell you what to do – what time to go to bed at night, what time to wake up – who you can spend your time with, or nag you about what you do for work all day. 


You need to move out of your parents basement – do it as quickly as you possibly can. 


  • Stop Being A Boy #7: Become Your Own Boss


Building off the last points – now that you’ve paid your debts, got your finances together and moved out of your parents basement – it is time to become your own boss. 


Boys are employees, Men are their own bosses. 


When you’re an employee, you are told exactly what to do. 


You are told what to do, how to do it, when it needs to be done by – and even if you do it well, you’ll likely still get scolded and berated for not doing it properly. 


Employees are b*tches. And you’ll never fully be a man if you’re still taking orders from someone else. 


A Man is his own boss. 


He’s developed the autonomy and control over his own body, mind and finances – that he’s able to run his own business. 


This means that he’s gotten comfortable making sales – that he is good at bringing revenue in and bringing home the bacon. 


Real men grow a pair and run their own show. 


Yes – it can be hard, and yes it can be challenging – but with the internet, the trainings and courses available and all of the opportunity in the world right now – it has never been easier or more possible to start your own small business. 


Remember – you don’t need to become a millionaire – But if you’re earning $60k per year – you’ll more than be able to cover your expenses, live in your own place and be a free man. 


People think entrepreneurship = make millions of dollars. 


And it can – but if that’s not you, that’s cool too – you just need to earn enough to be free. 


Seriously – go online to sites like Udemy or Coursera, you can learn pretty much any skill you want for not a lot of money. 


There are also free alternatives like YouTube where pretty much everything is out there for free. 


But I will say from experience, that often what you’re paying for with paid courses is for the information to be more succinctly organized together – there is a more logical flow – and it is easier to understand one step to the next. 


I do recommend signing up for a few inexpensive courses that interest you, and just start learning. 


Eventually something will click and you’ll see how you can turn your skills into a business. 


Keep reading, keep learning and never stop. 


While it is possible to get too stuck in your head with knowledge – when you’re just starting out I’d recommend going to the library and filling your head with as much knowledge and business books as you possibly can. Learn, learn, learn. 


Boys stay stuck as employees and are b*tches their whole lives. 


Real men quit their jobs and start their own businesses. 


So which one is it gonna be?

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