Big Data Social Media: The Vision

Big Data Social Media: The Vision

Hello Big Data Social Media. Today is February 20, 2020, which is almost some faux palindrome.

Bad jokes aside, here we are in 2020, standing on the precipice of a big new decade. A lot has happened in the past decade, and at the rate things are accelerating, we’re due for some real big stuff coming this next decade.

And quite frankly, I’m excited. I feel most of my life up to this point, I’ve been a passive user of technology. It was convenient. I never actively used it to my advantage, never paid attention to upcoming technologies and just generally didn’t care.

Learning Digital Marketing

That’s all changed. One year ago now, almost to the day, I started this journey into digital marketing. One year ago I’d never heard of a pixel, never opened analytics, and thought a lead magnet was something you put on your fridge.


Willing To Begin Again

Am I a noob? Sure, maybe.

Am I dedicated AF to learn everything I possible can? You better believe it.

In less than one year I went from knowing nothing to sponging up every piece of information I could, to building up a marketing agency, which peaked out at 10 clients.

Oh and by all accounts, my clients love working with me, so looks like I’m doing something right.

So what am I trying to say?

I accept I know nothing. I’m a beginner in this game. But I’m hungry and I’ll learn whatever I need to learn to get ahead.

Visions For 2020

Which brings me to 2020. I don’t have a crystal ball, and have no idea what’s coming. But here’s what I do know: technology change is coming.

It’s coming fast and violently, and 2020 will see more disruption than perhaps we’ve seen in the last century. The tech world is just starting to take hold. And I’m here excitedly moving into the new decade.

The Perfect Tools, The Perfect Platforms

The tools I’m using now: Google AnalyticsGoogle Tag ManagerGoogle Search ConsoleGoogle Data Studio, and the platforms: FacebookGoogleYouTubeLinkedIn, will be changing, and changing quickly.

It’s not hard to believe that even 5 years from now, someone will look back on this list and laugh. Perhaps vomit. It’s almost like looking back on MySpace now…seems like such a joke.

But alas, these are the tools I have. Will they be around forever? Certainly not, but I’m excited for what comes next. I used to resist and fear change, now I look forward to it excitedly.

Google Eliminates Cookies

For example, Google has announced the elimination of cookies in the next 2 years. Will this make Tag Manager and Analytics obsolete? Possibly. Or possibly will just lead to the next evolution, and as long as I’m paying attention, I can get up and ride that next wave.

So where is this rant going?

In celebration of a new decade and a new era of tech, I’m starting this website, this blog (will blog be an embarrassing word in 5 years? It’s already starting to feel a little early 2000’s…).

It’s both a tool for me to keep track of what I’m up to, as well as share the insights I’m getting as I’m learning.

The written word is also dying out, so will be moving to video, audio, podcast…whatever I need to stay relevant.

Big Data Social Media Mission Objective

But here’s the mission objective here:

To be an authority on methods of aggregating big data from multiple ad platforms.

Big Data? Big Mess.

What does that mean?

Let’s say you’re a business owner and you’re spending ad money on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Google SearchGoogle Display, on Youtube (on TikTok?), or maybe you’re not spending money yet but you want to on any or all of the above.

It’s a mess, how do you keep track of it all? How do you know what’s working? How do you optimize? Or, how do you know you’re winning?

Or better yet, how do you successfully launch a campaign storm, where you smash all platforms at once, and you get in front of you clients or prospects in a meaningful way, every where they look.

Big Data Optimization

And as I’m writing this, an Ad just came up from SEMrush, talking about managing UX and SEO to optimize site speed vs time on page. This is kinda what I’m talking about. What are all the ways you can read or combine data sources to make meaningful decisions?


Big Data Roles

There’s so many different roles: Digital MarketerData ScientistAd BuyerLead GenData AnalystSearch Engine OptimizerWeb Developer.

And so many questions: whats the best social media platform? Where is the cheapest place to advertise? Is organic dead? How do you manage such a massive volume of data? How do you pick a perfect target audience?

Is artificial intelligence going to take over? Does a website need a million users to be successful? Will websites even still be around in 5 years? Is there a better way to make business decisions?

Big Data Social Media To Help Business Owners

Here’s my intention with this site: to help business owners to better understand first of all, what platforms exist and the basics of how to use them, and then to go more in depth and understand how to bring all the data together and make better decisions.

Is Data The Answer?

Data doesn’t answer everything. It’s like money, money can’t buy happiness, and you can’t eat money when if you end up stranded on a deserted island with no food in sight.

Similarly, data isn’t the answer to everything, for example, you still need personality and you still need heart. But data can help answer questions about what works and what doesn’t work.

The Ultimate Big Data Social Media Platform

Ultimately I want to create a platform where business owners can track the money they spend, the revenue they generate and to understand why things are or are not working.

Or, to hire a data nerd like me to implement it for them. But they’ll have the framework to actually understand what is going on, instead of just guessing or blindly trusting what people tell them.

Ultimately I believe more transparency will only help everyone out.

That’s where Big Data Social Media comes in, this is the place where massive data sources and confusing social media platforms will be pulled apart, dissected and better understood.

Big Data Social Media Multi-Platform Takeover Example

I’ll give you an example, I recently had a client who I helped to setup and run an ad campaign on both YouTube and LinkedIn.

Very quickly they got feedback from one of their leads that they first saw their ad on YouTube, then when they came over to LinkedIn, they saw their ad again.

The prospect was so impressed, they understood that my client knew what they were doing, and signed up for a demo trial of their software.

This is the power of storming multiple platforms at once. But remember, the world is a big place, you don’t need to advertise to the entire world, pick a specific geography, a specific demographic, a group with specific interests. Whatever it is, segment, get smaller, then swarm: violently corner your market.

Conversion Tracking Example

I’ll give you another example: one my clients, he first approached me because he was spending money advertising on Google, but he had quite literally no of knowing if it was working.

Besides, he knew he was getting sales, but where they coming from Google? Or facebookInstagram? Or TripAdvisor? Or if it was Google, was it from CPC, from organic or from Google Maps?

Therefore the good news was that he was making money, but he had zero data to tell him what was actually working, which meant he had no way to figure out what to do more of or what to do less of.

If the Google ads were working, he had no idea how much they were working or, how much more he should spend on them.

Step 1: Collect Data. Step 2: ??? Then Step 3: Profit. 

What did I do? The first thing I did was setup analytics so he could actually track conversions and associate it back to the source / medium, so he knew WHERE the purchase actually originated from.

There were some issues with iFrame I don’t want to get into here…but let it suffice it to say that I now hate iFrames with a passion. If you have an iFrame, I’m not working with you. Period.

With that said,

Here’s to a massive new decade, and a massive new Big Data Social Media.

Love and Power


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