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Bowen Technique Social Media Marketing: 15 Platforms To Build Your Business

Bowen Technique Social Media Marketing: 15 Platforms To Build Your Business


In this thorough and exhaustive guide to Bowen Technique Social Media Marketing, I’m going to take you by the hand, and show you step-by-step through 15 unique social media platforms to build your Bowen Therapy Practice in 2021. 


Let’s be real for a moment: a lot of ‘gurus’ out there try to convince you on how ‘easy’ digital marketing is to build your alternative holistic therapy practice – but for anyone who’s tried before, you probably already know that it’s not really so easy (or fun). 


I’m here to cut the BS, and tell it to you like it is. 


I’m here to provide you with a no-nonsense, no fluff guide to the best and most comprehensive information I can provide to help you succeed and build your Bowen practice. 


My goal here is to be different from the rest. 


I’m going to lay out a simple, easy to follow road map, that takes you by the hand, and guides you step by step on exactly how to grow your Bowen Practice using Social Media Marketing. 


Yes it will take some hard work and elbow grease on your part, I won’t lie to you about that – but you will finally have the necessary tools you need to be successful in building your holistic therapy clinic. 


In this comprehensive guide, I’m going to lay out in simple steps, 15 of the most powerful social media platforms to launch your Bowen Therapy Practice, to grow your business, and let go of all the stress and headaches.


And, I’ve fully updated it for 2021!   


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In This Post We’re Going To Cover How To:


  1. First – What Even Is Bowen Technique Social Media Marketing?
  2. Why Use Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Bowen Practice?
  3. Insane Social Media Stats You Need To Know
  4. Setting Expectations Around Social Media Marketing
  5. The Best Marketing Advice That No One Will Tell You
    1. Just Write
  6. The 7 Sins Most Bowen Clinics Do Wrong With Their Social Media:
    1. Too Many Platforms All At Once
    2. Not Posting Enough
    3. Not Responding To Comments Immediately
    4. Not Using Enough Video
    5. Having A Slow Website
    6. Not Leveraging Remarketing
    7. Not Collecting User Emails
  7. Expressing Your Unique Bowen Voice
  8. Your Bowen Therapy Social Media Marketing Strategy
  9. Facebook
  10. Instagram
  11. WhatsApp
  12. Google SEO
  13. YouTube
  14. LinkedIn
  15. Twitter
  16. Pinterest
  17. Snapchat
  18. TikTok
  19. Tumblr
  20. Reddit
  21. Medium
  22. Etsy
  23. Quora
  24. BONUS: Building Your Customer Email List
  25. BONUS: Social Media Marketing Tools
    1. Free
    2. Paid
  26. BONUS Advanced Techniques: Remarketing
  27. BONUS Advanced Techniques: Multichannel Marketing
  28. BONUS: Advanced Techniques: Getting Users To Convert
  29. Bowen Technique Social Media Marketing Guide: Conclusion


Alright – let’s get into it!


  • First – What Even Is Bowen Technique Social Media Marketing?


Great question – let’s start with the basics here. 


Bowen Technique Social Media Marketing is about using every social media platform available to you to grow your practice. 


Future Clients are all over the web. They’re scrolling their Instagram feeds, they’re posting on Reddit, they chatting with their friends on WhatsApp and they’re professionally networking on LinkedIn (and that list barely scratches the surface…). 


The point is, your Future Clients are everywhere, and you have the power of social media right from your smartphone to run successful social media marketing campaigns. 


Bowen Technique Social Media Marketing is about giving you the power back, and putting you in the drivers seat, allowing you to create and control the conversation around your Bowen Therapy Practice. 


Developing a strong social media marketing strategy is an essential component to growing your practice long term. 


Many Bowen Practitioners are resistant to using social media, and that is an understandable concern that we will be addressing further in this article. 


But with that said, let’s get into it. 


  • Why Use Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Bowen Practice?


Now an even better question to be asking is WHY should you be using Social Media Marketing to grow your Bowen Practice?


With so many marketing platforms out there, and ad networks, and ‘gurus’ all telling you the best things to be doing, it can difficult to separate fact from fiction. 


So I’ll keep this real simple: the power of social media marketing lies in its cost and its audience.


The cost is free, and the audience size is Billions (that’s Billion with a capital B).


At no other point in human history has it been possible to potentially reach billions of people, completely for free. I mean, think about that for a second. 


Now, I do appreciate that many Bowen Practitioners did not get into Bowen because they were particularly thrilled about marketing, sales and the internet in general. 


I get that, and I appreciate it. 


But I’m guessing that you have a mission in your life, and that mission involves helping humans to heal faster and healthier using the Bowen Technique – right?


Well in order to accomplish your mission, you need those humans walking into your clinic. 


But what happens when they’re not walking into your clinic? You’re not able to help them. 


Meaning that in order for you to make the world a better place, you need those clients actually walking into your clinic. 


And if you’re bootstrapping and growing your practice on a shoestring, then likely you won’t have the funds yet to invest heavily in paid digital advertising. 


Meaning, that your best method to reach Future Clients for free, is to connect with them through Social Media. 


One last point here before I start beating a dead horse – it may not feel like it on the outside, but we are now living through a golden era in terms of opportunities through social media. 


It has never before in all of human history, been possible to connect with billions of people, at the click of a button, completely for free – and by the same token – we don’t know what tomorrow may bring. 


It is possible that social media platforms either get shut down, or they become extremely expensive, or governments start regulating them, and they’re no longer as effective for growing businesses.


Nobody knows what the future holds, but the opportunity that is available to your right now through your smartphone is massive – the question is – are you ready and willing to tap into it? 


  • Insane Social Media Stats You Need To Know


Before we start getting into all the ‘how to’ stuff, I first want to drill this point home, just to make sure it sticks. Here are a few Social Media stats in 2021 that should make you rethink your view of social media:


According to Statista, Facebook has over 2.7 BILLION active monthly users, YouTube nearly 2.3 Billion, WhatsApp 2 Billion, Instagram 1.2 Billion, TikTok 700 Million, and Snapchat 500 Million. 


That’s the number of active users each month – so these are current stats. arthur-tutt-statista-social-media-use-2021

Source: Statista


Social Media isn’t just for young people any more, according to Pew Research, 73% of adults aged 50-64 and 45% of adults aged 65+ are regularly using social media. 


This is exciting news for Bowen Practitioners, as it tends to be older people who are experience more pain and discomfort in their bodies – meaning that social media is the perfect channel to connect directly with your ideal Future Client. 


Love it or hate it, DataReportal found that users spend an average of 2.5 hours each day using social media sites or messaging platforms. 


This means that not only are there a massive number of users globally who user social media platforms, but that users spend massive amounts of time on the platforms – meaning there is massive amounts of attention there (can I say massive any more times…).


The point is there is a lot of attention on social media platforms, and they have completely replaced older channels like TV, Radio, Magazines and Billboards. 


Lastly, according to the Global Web Index, 54% of Social Browsers are using social media to actively research products and their next purchases. 


So what does this all mean?


I know I’ve dumped a lot of big stats on you, but essentially what this all boils down to is the following points:


  1. The whole world is on social media
  2. Older generations are embracing social media
  3. People spend significant amounts of time browsing social media
  4. And people use social media to research their upcoming purchases


All of this combined should be setting off alarm bells (the good kind) in your head that your business needs to be on Social Media, because if you’re not, then your competitors are swooping in and grabbing those Future Clients away from you. 


  • Setting Expectations Around Social Media Marketing


Now that I’ve (hopefully) gotten you all excited about the potential of Social Media Marketing to grow your Bowen Therapy Practice, I do need to pump the breaks here a little bit to highlight some important points and set some expectations. 


I’m all for getting excited about a thing, diving right in and then figuring it out as I go. 


However, what I often see is that practitioners get all excited about Social Media, go at it really hard, but then about 1-2 months later start burning out.


They put in a lot of hard work, but it hasn’t necessarily resulted in them getting a lot of new business. 


In other words: high work, little return. 


Sounds like a pretty bad equation to me, and understandable why business owners burn out. 


So what’s the solution?


Setting some clear expectations and a road map. 


Firstly, remember that life is a marathon, not a sprint. The purpose here isn’t to burn ourselves out. 


Appreciate that similar to SEO, it will likely take 6-12 months (or longer) to really get established with your social media campaigns. 


Anticipate and prepare for the long haul. 


On that note, I know that some ‘gurus’ out there recommend posting 30 times per day – but that is an insane amoutn of production that most of us mere mortals could never live up to. 


Therefore i recommend you pace your self – aim for say 3-5 pieces of content per week. 


Now a silver lining here: in this article I’m going to be recommending 15 different social media platforms, however understand that once you have one post, that same post can be posted simultaneously through 15 different platforms all at once.  


This system is designed to work for you, not stress you out. 


Accept that this will be a journey, anticipate a solid 6-12 months of work, keep going, and you will break through on the other side. 


Now let’s start growing your Bowen Therapy Business!


  • The Best Marketing Advice That No One Will Tell You


There are so many ‘gurus’ out there who claim to have the secret sauce, but all they offer you are solutions that are overly complicated and problematic.


Why? They’re designed to confuse you and make you feel insecure, so that you’re more likely to buy their products. Yikes – seems like a nasty little trick. 


So I wanted to do something different here: I want to give you the no BS straight advice that you need to hear. 


And the best marketing advice that no one will tell you is this:


Just. Write. Just. Publish. 


There is so much garbage out there on how to get your social media to be exactly perfect, but none of that really matters. 


The only thing that actually matters at the end of the is whether or not you hit that publish button. 


The more you publish, the better the results you’ll see. It is as simple as that. 


Stop over complicating this whole process, just make for yourself a simple goal that each day you’ll put together a piece of content, and then you’ll hit the publish button – and here’s the most important part – whether it is perfect or not


The publish button is your road to success, I recommend you become good friends. 


  • The 7 Sins Most Bowen Clinics Do Wrong With Their Social Media:


Last point here before we really get into the nuts and bolts of creating good social media content, is reviewing all the sins that I regularly see Bowen Practitioners doing wrong with their social media marketing. 


There is a good chance that you’re already committing a few of these sins, and that’s fine, this article isn’t meant to shame you, but rather to shed some light on some mistakes you may be making that you may not even be aware that you’re making. 


  • Too Many Platforms All At Once


Now I hope this point will actually be some relief for most of you. 


But one of the biggest sins that I see business owners making when they get into social media marketing is they dive right in and they start using ALL THE PLATFORMS, all at once. 


Like a kid in a candy store. 


Except, this story doesn’t have a happy ending: the Bowen Practitioner eventually burns out, and now they’re not posting on ANY social media platforms. 




What’s the solution?


My recommendation is start by picking just ONE platform to get started with. This could be the platform that you’re already using and most comfortable with, or it could be the platform you find from reading through this list that you feel is most applicable to growing your business. 


If you asked me to just pick one platform right now to get started on, I would recommend LinkedIn. 


I know that LinkedIn is generally seen as a ‘professional’ network – however professionals still get back pain and need solutions. 


In fact, you could even build up a thriving business serving exclusively executives in your local area. 


There are people with bag loads of money, who will pay big bucks to have their pain taken away. And chances are they’re already tried all the traditional Western techniques, which have failed to deliver. 


This is your opportunity to stand out. In a sea of sameness, you can easily stand out as unique.


For the record my #2 recommendation would be Instagram, and my #3 recommendation would be TikTok (keeping in mind it is currently June 2021, and things in this space change quickly). 


  • Not Posting Enough


The next sin that I see is not posting enough. 


Now I would argue that once you’ve narrowed down you selection to your single primary social media platform, the next step is to just go at it hard. 


This means posting a significant amount of content. 


What is significant? 


This will vary based on your lifestyle and how much time you have available to commit to this, but my general recommendation would be to say at a minimum 3-5 pieces of content per week. 


Now that is the minimum, I would generally recommend closer to 15-20 pieces per week, which is approximately 2-3 per day. 


Now I know right now that seems like an impossibly large number, but we’ll work together to develop a content strategy that works for you to actually generate all the content you need.


  • Not Responding To Comments Immediately


I get that managing social media can feel overwhelming, and the last thing that you want to do is follow up and respond to all the comments on your post. 


But I want to share an example with you. 


There’s a digital marketing entrepreneur I follow on YouTube named Miles Beckler, he’s got great content on growing and scaling your business online. He’s very authentic and I recommend you check him out. 


But here’s one of the reasons I like him: when ever I leave a comment on one of his YouTube videos, he always responds back with a ‘thank you!’ or ‘appreciate that!’ or ‘you got this!’ within about 24 hours. 


Now I get it, he likely has a personal assistant in the Philippines whos responding to all those comments (he must get thousands daily), but nevertheless, that little personal touch of receiving a direct reply to my comments, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy in side. 


Couple that with the fact, that most other business owners and YouTubers won’t actually take the time to respond back and comment, it just makes it stand out so much more. 


Now, in the beginning when you’re running this whole ship by yourself, yes it will take your time and elbow grease to respond back to all those comments. 


But once you’re more established, sure go ahead and hire an assistant in Vietnam or Indonesia, who is able to help you stay on top of all your comments. 


I know it will feel difficult outsourcing your baby, but this is an emotional hurdle that we’ll all need to overcome, if we truly want to be successful in our businesses.  


  • Not Using Enough Video


I get, we’re all a little camera shy. 


But if you’re not regularly getting on camera, you’re missing out on some big opportunities. 


A study by Wyzowl found that 89% of marketers found that video gave them a positive ROI on their campaign, and more than that, users watch an average of over 2 hours of video per day, and that YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than all cable channels combined


Wyzowl further found that 66% of users prefer watching a video about a product than reading about it, and Hubspot found that 54% of users want to see more video this year. 


If I’m not driving the point home enough, it’s this: video is hot. 


Now I’m not saying that you need to dive in an ONLY do video, but that it is an important part of your marketing tools. I mean if you’re reading these words right now, that alone is proof that written blogs still work. 


Producing video is actually quite simple. People just make it complicated. 


If you have a smartphone that was produced in the last 5 years – you’re already more than good enough. 


Find some nice lighting, and record a short (30 sec – 2 min) video explaining a little a bit about who you are and the kinds of people that you help, and what specifically got you into bowen. 


Let me be clear: do not stress about this being picture perfect. In fact, the more raw you are the better. If you trip up your words a little bit – good. 


Why? Because real people love doing business with real people. 


Most people are subconsciously wary of anything that is too perfect – we imagine it must be a scam, or theres a robot behind it or something. 


So don’t be afraid of being real – your true audience will reward your bravery and audacity for even putting yourself out there in the first place. 


  • Having A Slow Website


Having a slow website really is one of the ultimate sins a business owner can make. 


Why? Because people hate wating. Sorry, that’s just the reality. 


Something to keep in mind is that since 2017 mobile phones have actually overtaken desktop as the primary method of accessing the web. 


Why does this matter for you? Because mobile phones are inherently slow. 


Even with the best and fastest mobile connecitons, websites on mobile phones will always load slower than on desktop. 


This means that your page load speed is now more important than it has ever been ever before. 


To check your sites page speed, check out Page Speed Insights – a free page speed tester provided by Google. And considering how Google is the one ranking your website, you probably want to make sure your site is real fast in their eyes. 


For more details, this video by ahrefs takes you through some simple and basic things you can do to ramp up the speed of your site:



Additionally, this video by Tony Teaches Tech, he takes you through step by step exactly how to get a perfect score on Page Speed Insights for your Bowen Therapy Business:



Now why does a slow page speed make me cringe so much? 


Because it is so easy to fix. Which is both a gift and a curse. 


The gift is that it is so easy to fix. The curse is that it is so easy to fix that you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t do it months or years earlier. 


And why should you care about page speed anyway?


The big reason we already talked about was user experience – if you have a slow site, people won’t want to stick around very long.


But another reason you may not realise, is that Google uses page speed as a ranking factor. 


Meaning that fast pages will have a chance to rank higher. 


Again, you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t boost your page speed sooner, just thinking about all that free organic traffic that you could have had to your site that you missed out on. 


But there’s no Delorean, we can’t go back in time, all we can do is make the best possible decisions from this day forward. 


  • Not Leveraging Remarketing


The next mistake I seen Bowen Practitioners do wrong with their social media marketing, is not leveraging the power of remarketing. 


WordStream ran a study and found that website conversions double after the user sees ‘6 brand impressions’. 


Now let’s skip the marketing speak for a second, basically what this means is that after a user sees your message 6 or more times, they will more than twice as likely to actually whip out their wallets and make a purchase. 


This is huge news for you as a marketer (by the way, if you’re running your own marketing campaigns, you’re officially a marketer – congratulations!). 


Now I’ll include a video below to dive deeper into these topics – but essentially remarketing is when you get your message back in front of your audience several times. 


This is accomplished through the use of remarketing tags and pixels tha you install on your site through platforms like Google Tag Manager. 


This video by the Surfside PPC gives you a nice little explainer on what exactly remarketing and retargeting ad campaigns are:



  • Not Collecting User Emails


This is one of those things that on the surface of it, doesn’t really seem that bad, but when you dig in to it, you realise what a wasted opportunity it’s been not having it. 


But, let’s take a second and breathe. This isn’t mean as a criticism, but as an opportunity to learn and get better. 


So why is it so essential to collect user emails?


For the simple reason that this is (besides your website) effectively the only asset that you truly own. 


You don’t own your Facebook users, you don’t own your Instagram users, you don’t own your Snapchat users, and you don’t own your TikTok users. 


Not even close. How do I know that? Because if Facebook shut down tomorrow or if TikTok kicked you off the platform – you would have no access to your users. 


You don’t own those users, the platforms do. 


So what do you own? You own your email list. 


Nobody can take away your email list. 


In fact, this is the only tool that you own directly, that you can communicate directly with your users, any time you want, and nobody can shut you down. 


This is why have a customer email list for your Bowen Therapy Business is essential to your long term success. 


Further down in this article we’ll get into the specifics of how to set up your very own email list and how to build it big. 


  • Expressing Your Unique Bowen Voice


Alright, I think that’s enough preamble let’s get into all the juice stuff of what you SHOULD be doing. 


The first thing you should be doing is expressing your unique Bowen Voice.


What do I mean by that? 


Well think about it, you probably go into Bowen for very specific reasons. 


You probably have very strong views about health and the medical system, and the holistic approach to the human body. 


You have your own unique values and beliefs and your own vision for the world and how to make it a better place. 


You are not some big faceless corporation – you are an individual who believes that we all need a little more health and happiness, and a little less aches and pains. 


See what I mean?


This is your opportunity to express your unique thoughts and views with the world. To be exactly who you are, without faking or pretending. 


Why is being real so important?


Because people love real. 


In fact, when people are watching videos and ads online – people can smell when someone is fake and full of BS – you can just tell – and you get this feeling that you don’t like them. 


The realer you are with yourself and the world, the more people will like you and want to sign up with you. Bring out your authentic realness, and scream it to the world. 


  • Your Bowen Therapy Social Media Marketing Strategy


Before we start getting into the specifics of how each and every platform works, I wanted to take a moment to lay out a general strategy here for you to follow. 


Yes I appreciate that Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming and confusing, but I want to lay down a few specific guidelines here for you to follow, which should help to keep things clear:


  1. Pick one platform to start with. Pick any one you like best, but my top 3 recommendations are:
    1. LinkedIn
    2. Instagram
    3. TikTook
  2. Post at a minimum 3-5 times per week, 15-20 is preferred
  3. If writing blog posts, aim for 1500 words per post
  4. Start recording video, even just for practice, but upload at least 1 video per week
  5. Respond to all comments as soon as you can
  6. Vow to stick with this for 6 months minimum, 12 months preferred
  7. Your primary goal is just to hit the ‘publish’ button every single day. Nothing else matters. 


These 7 guidelines form the basis of our strategy to focus and be persistent. Pick your platform, commit to stick with it for 6 months+, and just keep hitting that publish button, ever single day. 


For all the fluff and snake oil that people try to sell with Social Media Marketing, it really just comes down to being consistent and hitting that publish button. Let’s not over-complicate things unnecessarily.


Now let’s get into the platform specifics:


  • Facebook


Love it or hate it, Facebook is the king when it comes to social media. This is the platform that really started it all. 


Founded back in 2004, Facebook was originally designed as a ‘college only’ club – where you needed a university email address to get in. 


That didn’t last long before it was opened up to the literal entire world, and the phenomenon and behemoth that we know today as Facebook was born. 


Facebook boasts over 2.7 Billion active monthly users – making the biggest social media platform in the entire world. Calling Facebook a behemoth is even an understatement – this site has literally taken over the entire world. 


Whether you love that or hate that, Facebook is definitely here to stay, and your Future Clients are absolutely hanging out on Facebook. Why do I know that? Because literally everyone is on Facebook. 


The benefits of using Facebook as a social media platform are obviously massive, just based on the size of the platform. 


However, one downside about Facebook as a platform for business, is that Facebook has severely limited the amount of organic reach that Facebook Business Pages can get whenever they post content. 


In my view, this is a huge negative for using Facebook as your primary social media platform UNLESS you’re willing to pay for advertising. I have a whole article here on using Facebook advertising to grow your Bowen Therapy Business, however as this current post is all about FREE social media exposure, I won’t be re-hashing that here. 


So can you use Facebook to grow your Bowen Therapy Business?


My view is that Facebook is a great complimentary platform – it will compliment your other social media outreach efforts quite nicely – largely because users will check out your Facebook profile to confirm that you’re real. 


However I likely wouldn’t use Facebook as your primary social media platform, unless you’re willing to invest the money in paid advertising. 


One key point about Facebook is that since it has been around for so long now, it has more and more filled up with an older generation, the typical ages skewing from 35-65


This is great news for you if you run a Bowen Therapy Clinic, and most of your clientele are more elderly – dealing with the increasing aches and pains of life. In terms of reaching your ideal demographic – Facebook is perfect for you. It just may be difficult to reach them for free. 


But don’t despair, this video by Social Media Examiner documents how exactly to increase your Facebook Organic Reach:



  • Instagram


Instagram could either be a great place to start, or a terrible one. 


By some reports, the organic reach on Instagram peaked around 2019, meaning that it will be harder to grow your following organically. 


This video by Gary Vee from late 2019 pointing out the decline in Instagram Organic Reach:



However, with that said, is it completely over? Can you still use Instagram to grow your Bowen Therapy Practice?


Instagram is still a massive platform, boasting about 1.2 Billion active monthly users. This is still a huge platform that gives you access (for free) to nearly one sixth of the entire global population – right at your finger tips. 


Also, Instagram tends to skew a little younger than Facebook, with typical users being aged 25-45. 


This video by High Season Co lays out exactly how to get more and better Instagram Organic Reach through your content and posts:



  • WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a different beast. 


While WhatsApp technically falls under a ‘social media’ platform, it is really more of a messaging platform. 


There is no newsfeed here, you’re just directly messaging your contacts, or taking part in group discussions. 


But with that said, WhatsApp is still a massive platform, with over 2 Billion monthly active users. 


There is an emerging trend of using WhatsApp for marketing. 


Now what makes WhatsApp different, is that you can’t just post content and hope that it shows up in someones newsfeed, but rather you can use it as a channel to directly communicate with your clients and Future Clients. 


Now keep in mind, that having direct access to someones phone number and being able to message them directly, is an extremely personal thing. 


You must use these powers for good and not abuse them. 


But here’s the huge upside: people will actually see your messages. 


See, one of the frustrations with platforms like Facebook or Instagram, is that you put content out there into the ether, and you hope that someone is going to see it, but you don’t really know what is going to happen. 


In fact, most of the time, basically no one sees it. 


So the power of WhatsApp for growing your Bowen Therapy Clinic, is your ability to communicate directly with your clients. 


This video by Stuart Gauld details exactly how you can start using WhatsApp Marketing to grow your business:



Additionally, this video by Robby Frank explains exactly how he was able to set up an entire business just using WhatsApp Marketing:



Something to keep in mind is that WhatsApp won’t be the platform to grow a new Bowen audience for you, but it will be the platform to nurture your existing clients and Future Clients. 


  • Google SEO


Now I’ve posted an entire article on using SEO to grow your Bowen Therapy Practice, so I won’t re-hash all of that here – but the question is – is SEO still effective in 2021 to attract clients to your Bowen Practice? 


And the answer is a resounding yes, but with a caveat. 


Firstly, SEO isn’t exactly a social media platform, this is all about getting users to your website based on their searches in Google. 


However I’ve included it here for completeness. And besides, who doesn’t love free methods to get more traffic to their site? 


SEO is obviously a huge topic, but similar to your strategy of posting regularly on Social Media, you need to take the same approach to publishing consistently to your blog. 


This video by IncomeSchool gives a fantastic breakdown of the basics of SEO – in 9 minutes they cover 80% of the essentials that you need to know to get started with SEO and grow your Bowen Therapy SEO:




For a more in-depth look, this video by IncomeSchool gives a 1 hour overview of all the essentials tha you need to know for your SEO:



Now as always I need to give the bad with the good – and while SEO is a fantastic way to grow your Bowen Practice by getting more and more free traffic to your site – there is an obvious (but temporary!) downfall: it just takes time. 


In order to turn a successful SEO campaign into traffic on your site, and start generating significant income from it – you need to put in your time in the trenches. 


I know people want ‘easy solutions’ but I’m afraid here that if you want the success, you’re the one who’s going to need to do it. Good luck 🙂


  • YouTube


YouTube is another behemoth. In fact it is the 2nd largest behemoth with over 2.3 Billion active monthly users. 


Now, firstly I need to point out something important here – that while both Facebook and YouTube are ‘social media’ platforms, how users use them are completely different. 


On Facebook users are generally going there to catch up with their friends, and see what pops up in their newsfeed. It tends to be more of a passive experience.


Whereas on YouTube users are going there to search for specific things (YouTube is afterall the 2nd largest search engine after Google) – this means users are more actively engaged on YouTube, but there’s less interactions directly with friends. 


Why does this matter? 


Because it means that for your videos to be found on YouTube, they must actively answer a question that your users have. 


For example, if a lot of people are searching for “alternative methods to solving back pain” you could create a video titled “alternative methods for solving back pain” – and your video would be perfectly aligned with that search. 


See what I mean?


You need to ensure that every video you produce, is designed to answer specific questions that your users have, so that when they go searching for it – you’re the answer that pops up. 


Have a think about that when you start producing your video content. 


This video by Brian Dean documents exactly how to start getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel:



And for amore in-depth perspective, this video by ahrefs shows you exactly how to start getting more traffic to your YouTube videos:



Lastly, this video by Cathrin Manning shows you step by step exactly how you can start using your traffic from Pinterest to boos your YouTube view counts:



One last point I’ll make here. 


I know a lot of Bowen Practitioners feel uncomfortable getting on camera. 


And this is perfectly fine – we all feel shy getting on camera!


But the reality is that video is going to be an increasingly popular medium over the next 5-10 years – and getting comfortable on camera, will become essential to growing your Bowen Busines.


But don’t stress about it – you don’t need to be some picture perfect rock-star. 


In fact, if you’re a little bit raw and rough around the edges, people will love that. 


People will love your realness, and it will help them to connect with you more deeply. 


You don’t need any fancy equipment either. The camera on your smartphone will be more than good enough. 


My recommendation?


Get your camera out, hit that record button, and just give it a shot. 


If your first take is a flop – who cares!


Try again, and again – but mostly just try having fun with it – nobody will be seeing your videos right now anyway. 


What you’ll find after a few takes is that you may actually start to enjoy it a little bit. 


I know for me personally this was a bit of a hump to get over, getting comfortable on camera – but once I made it – it was like riding a bike when the training wheels come off – it shockingly actually started to become fun. 


If you’re feeling a bit nervous on camera, don’t sweat it. Just give it a go, and before long you’ll be recording like a champ. Don’t worry about what others will say, it will just unnecessarily hold you back. 


  • LinkedIn


LinkedIn is again something quite different from the rest. And while LinkedIn did not make the list of the Top 20 most used Social Media Platforms, suggesting that it has less than 300 Million active monthly users each month, it more than makes up for that by being a highly TARGETED platform. 


What do I mean by highly targeted? 


LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. 


This is where people go to rub shoulders with the tops of their industries. 


But despite it being a highly professional network, it is still a social media platform afterall. 


So if LinkedIn is for professionals, why should care about it for growing your Bowen Therapy Practice? 


Let’s think about this strategically for a second. 


What do professionals have? They have money. 


What do professionals need? They need their aches and pains to go away so they can better focus on their jobs. 


Think about it – while Facebook can boast a higher number of users than LinkedIn, that number doesn’t matter much to you if most of those people can’t actually afford your services, right? 


By focusing your efforts on professionals, your specifically focusing on those individuals who actually have the disposable income to pay you for your services, allowing you to successfully grow your Bowen Technique Clinic. 


Now, one of the beautiful things about LinkedIn, is that because it is a professional network, most users are actually too scared to post any content. 


But you’re fearless, so that shouldn’t be a problem for you right? 


But so why is that an opportunity? Because if most people are too scared, it means there is a huge void of content on LinkedIn – meaning – that right now (at least as of June 2021), your ability to reach massive numbers of professionals on the LinkedIn platform has never been greater. 


In fact, the legendary Gary Vee has spoken about how the Organic Reach on LinkedIn in 2021, is similar to how Facebook was in 2012 – and many marketers feel they missed their opportunity on that one – don’t let this opportunity slip out from your fingers either. 


Now the good news, is that new platforms are popping up all the time – so there will always be a ‘next time’. But while this is here – I recommend you take full advantage. 


Yes, on LinkedIn you do need to present yourself a little more professionally – but not nearly as much as people would have you believe. 


Like we talked about when finding your unique voice – make sure that no matter which platform you’re on – you’re always expressing that true self within you. 


To get some different perspectives on the subject, here is Gary Vee explaining how to build your Brand on Linkedin:



This video by Natash Vilaseca shows you exactly how to setup your Linked Marketing Strategy in 2021:



And lastly this video by Ryan Stuart outlines the insane opportunity that is waiting for you on LinkedIn:



  • Twitter


Now Twitter did make the list of the top 20 Social Media Platforms, but just barely. 


With 350 Million actively monthly users, Twitter till manages to pull in a sizeable chunk of the total world’s population, and is currently in the process of expanding more into the developing world. 


Twitter is unique in that it is largely for news and little snippets of information. 


Unlike Facebook or Blogging, Twitter is not the place for lengthy posts. In fact they have a strict 140 character limit – really restricting what you’re actually able to say. 


As a result, Twitter is all about the little shares and regular updates. This isn’t a place for major updates – this is a place for tiny check ins. 


With twitter you’ll want to be posting more frequently, ideally 3-5 times per day. 


I know that seems like a lot, but remember, this is meant to be a long term strategy grows your following over the long term. 


I’d also recommend making heavy use of relevant hashtags like #bowen, #bowentherapy, or #bowentherapy[your city].


Many users follow hashtags, and so by simply using the hashtags, you’ll automatically be showing up in people’s feeds, who otherwise may never see you. 


This video by the Stream Coach shows you exactly how you can start growing you following on Twitter in 2021:



This video by Syd Lance talks about how Twitter is one of the easiest platforms to grow a new following:



And lastly this video by Gary Vee talks about how there’s only one Social Media strategy – and that what works on one platform, will work on all platforms:



  • Pinterest


Pinterest may look small from the outside with only 400 Million active monthly users (only..) but Pinterest offers you unique targeting that you won’t find on any other platform. 


Firstly, Pinterest is largely dominated by women, and are aged 35-55, meaning you’ve got an older demographic (good news!). 


But what makes Pinterest so unique, is that it is centered around sharing cute pictures of home decore, renovation ideas, design ideas, cats, dogs, and a whole bunch to do with health and nutrition. 


Essentially – what makes Pinterest unique is that users go there to design their dream life. 


Pinterest is effectively a vision board for how people wish they were living. 


Now considering how you work to help your clients to overcome their pain and to live healthier and happier lives, Pinterest is a perfect place for you. 


In fact, if you Google many terms that include variations of the word ‘bowen’ you’ll find that several of the top listings come from Pinterest – check it out yourself!


Now why does this matter? 


Well, we designed our SEO strategy to help you rank your website organically on Google right? Well what if you also used your Pinterest account to get a 2nd ranking on Google?


Imagine for a second being able to claim those top two positions on Google – imagine how much that would help you to grow your Bowen Therapy Business. 




This is the reason why you need to be on Pinterest, and sharing photos and ideas that deeply resonate with your users. 


To get started, you can start by re-pinning other people’s pins, and eventually start producing your own original content. Pretty cool right? Happy Pinning!


This video by Anastaisa Blogger shows exactly how you can build your social media presence using Pinterest:



In this video, Shruti Pengtay explores how she grew her Pinterest following to over 3 Million monthly views:



This video by Ross Minchev gives some Ninja Tips on how you can grow your Pinterest following:



Lastly, this video by Alex Tooby shows you 7 strategies for growing your business using Pinterest in 2020:



  • Snapchat


I won’t lie, many people (including myself), thought Snapchat was going to die a slow death after Instagram took their idea and started running stories (Instagram later took TikTok’s idea and made reels – we see who’s copying who here). 


The thought was that Instagram was such a behemoth compared to Snapchat, that having the stories function on IG would effectively suck the life out of Snapchat. 


However, it wasn’t to be, and here in 2021 Snapchat is still alive and kicking. 


So what is Snapchat’s secret to success?


Well, to put it bluntly, Facebook and Instagram are where are the old fogies go to hang out, and by comparison, Snapchat is the cool highschool party. 


In essence, Snapchat wins because it skews to a younger demographic, who see their parents and grand parents using Facebook and think ‘ew – I don’t want to hang out with my MOM!’. 


And that is Snapchat’s staying power. Facebook may have volume, but Snapchat has coolness credits. 


At least for now – it is possible that TikTok may start intruding on Snapchats hold on the coolest social media platform – but only time will tell. 


But if you haven’t been able to tell already, Snapchat definitely skews younger, with most users being 18-30. 


This may not be the ideal place to promote your Bowen Practice – however – with that said, if you could find a way to connect with young people who are experience aches and pains and who have become disillusioned with Western Medicine, you may be able to find your niche here. 


In this video, Gary Vee definitely lays out that in 2021 Snapchat is not dead, but rather is still alive and kicking:



This video by HubSpot documents exactly how to start using your Snapchat for Business



This video by Andrew Zang shows you the full beginners guide to being profitable on Snapchat, and even how to setup the Snapchat pixel:



Lastly, this video by FozTech shows you step by step how to get more views on your Snaps:



  • TikTok


TikTok is the new kid on the block. In fact, I’d never even heard of TikTok until 2019. 


However, it has seen an explosive level of growth in the last few years, with now getting over 700 Million actively monthly users, making it suddenly one of the largest Social Media Platforms out there. 


In my view, TikTok and Snapchat are very similar to each other – they both skew to younger demographics, primarily 18-30. 


However what makes TikTok unique was that it started as a lipsyncing app. 


Meaning that users could sing and dance to their favourite songs and share short 15 second clips. 


On thing I love about TikTok is the built-in video editing software is phenomenal, allowing you to make quick edits on your video while on the fly. 


This feature alone can’t be overstated. 


But having said that – is TikTok only for those who dance and lipsync?


The answer is a resounding no. 


You need to use the platform as it works best for you – and if you feel weird and awkward dancing – don’t do it. 


In fact, if everyone is dancing their faces off, again, you’ll immediately stand out as being different by doing your own thing. 


So what do you do? Like we said, share your unique voice!


What what makes you truly unique. 


You could use the platform to do short monolgues if that is effective for you, and don’t worry about all the music and video editing capabilities. 


No matter what platform you’re on, just remember to be you. 


I love this video by Gary Vee about why TikTok matters for everyone, even if you feel it ‘isnt’ for you’:



Here’s another video by Gary Vee where he breaks down how to make TikToks for those that don’t dance:



This video by Swang Swang documents how to grow your TikTok following fast:



This video by Joseph Todd shows you exactly how to grow your TikTok following to 100k:



Lastly, this video by Jade breaks down exactly how the TikTok algorithm works to get your videos in front of massive new audiences:



  • Tumblr


I remember being in University around 2010 and Tumblr beginning to be a pretty big freaking deal. 


However, nowadays, there isn’t much remaining from this corpse of a Social Media Platform.


So if Tumblr doesn’t matter any more – why am I including here?


Honestly, I’m talking about Tumblr for completeness. While I definitely do not recommend using Tumblr as one of your starting Social Media Platforms, if you’ve gone through every other platform out there, and you’re wondering how you can squeeze any more juice out of your Social Media Empire, the Tumblr is the answer for you. 


This video is a bit rough around the edges, but Penguin talks about the death of Tumblr and how it ruined itself:



Similarly, this video by the GamerFromMarz talks about the slow death of Tumblr:



However this video by TechCat shows how you can build backlinks using Tumblr:



Lastly – for some good news, this video by Alyssa Stong, shows exactly how to build your Tumblr following:



  • Reddit


Reddit is really more of a forum than a Social Media Platform, however it still counts and made the list with over 430 Million active monthly users – making it still one of the biggest platforms out there. 


Reddit is a platform where users go to ask their questions, could either be their personal problems, or just answers to random questions. 


A Reddit favourite is the AMA (ask me anything), this is where users can go on and ask the host absolutely anything they want. 


It gives a very personal experience, where users can feel like they’re right there with you. 


One idea would be to do an AMA titled something like “I’m a Bowen Practitioner, working exclusively with elderly people who suffer from chronic back pain – ask me anything!”


Another thing about Reddit are the sub-reddits – these are essentially channels or mini-feeds where users can hone in on more specific topics. 


For example there are sub-reddits for health, wellness, nutrition, marketing, tech etc – find you niche here and start connecting with your users. 


The ideal way to use Reddit would be to sign up for an account, find your relevant sub-Reddits, then start going in and answering users questions. 


Don’t be focused right now on pitching your services specifically, but rather focus on just helping people. 


If users are in pain and complaining, offer them some practical tips and advice that can help them feel better and heal faster – this is about helping and nurturing your community. 


This video by Neil Patel breaks down what you can do to make the most of Reddit:



This video by Ross Simmonds shows you exactly how to integrate Reddit into your marketing strategy in 2020:



This video by Paid Media Pros shows you how to get started with your paid ad campaigns on Reddit:



  • Medium


For those that don’t know, Medium is essentially a blogging platform, where you can get paid to blog – pretty cool right?


But if you can blog on your own website, and you can blog on Medium – which one should you choose?


I’ll start by giving my personal answer, then give a slightly more nuanced answer:


Given the choice, I would much rather publish content on my own website, as I own that content and that website 100% (similar to how I recommend owning your email list – see the trend here?).


The problem with Medium is you are effectively renting out your content, and then earning some revenue or commisiosns in exchange.


So from a pure ownership perspective, I stick to writing blogs for my own websites only. 


(oh and for those of you wondering – if you post your content both to Medium and your own website, you’ll be penalized for duplicate content – yikes, no thank you). 


However, my personal feelings aside, the answer is more complicated than that. 


As we discussed with SEO for your website – it can take 6-12 months (or more) to start seeing that organic traffic on your site, meaning that SEO can feel like a painfully slow process. 


By contrast, Medium is an already established website with high domain authority, meaning that when you post articles on Medium, they have a much higher likelihood of not only ranking, but of ranking quickly. 


This is huge, if you’re looking to make some quick money for your blogs. 


And therein lies the difference to me – if you want some quick cash, use Medium, if you’re willing to stick it out so you make more money and ultimately retain full ownership of your work, use your own blog. 


Simple as that. 


And in fairness to Medium I do have a personal friend who has told me about his positive experience with Medium. He had only posted a couple blogs, yet he was shocked about how much each article had earned him in revenue, and more importantly that even months or years later after he’d written them, he was still receiving checks from Medium. 


Something to consider.


As with everything, there is no cut and dry answer – but do what works for you. But you know my answer and where I stand on this matter 🙂 


This video by Zulie Rane deep dives into whether or not you should start a blog on Medium in 2020:



This video by Till Daling talks about exactly how to make money using Medium:



Lastly, this video by SaaS Marketing Vlog documents exactly how to get 200k views on your Medium blogs:



  • Etsy


Etsy is an online community specifically for selling handmade goods. This is a site where people from around the world can share their art and make some money. 


Etsy is all about supporting local communities and local artists. In a world where people selling handmade goods are usually drowned out by large big box store advertisers, Etsy gives them a platform to reach the world


Now if you’re worried that Bowen doesn’t have any physical objects for sale, not to worry, check out this quick search result for Bowen Technique.


Etsy is a place to get creative and express yourself. 


This is a community filled with like-minded people who believe in small, local, handmade solutions. 


This video by Torin Hofmann details his tips and tricks on how he made over $50k in sales on Etsy in 2019:



This video by Deborah Engelmajer takes you through exactly how to set up your Etsy titles and tags to optimize your SEO:



This video by AffiliateMarketingMC shows you exactly how to find easy to rank for keywords with Etsy SEO:



Lastly this video by GrownHandmade shows you 3 simple hacks to skyrocket your sales on Etsy:


  • Quora


Quora is a platform for getting questions answered. 


It is a place where users go to ask the most burning questions they have, and the users and community from around the world, respond to provid the best answers they can. 


Quora just made it to the bottom of the list, bringing in an average of 300 Million active monthly users, still making it a global beast in terms of the reach and ability that it provides. 


One big perk of Quora is the that the site overall has a high domain authority, meaning that questions on Quora will often get surfaced on Google Organic results – meaning you have a chance of ranking highly organically, simply by either asking or answering the right Quora questions. 


Now, this is a community to be helpful. 


If someone out there is asking about troubles with their aches and pains, or back pain, this is your opportunity to provide some useful and helpful advice. 


My recommendation is to prioritize being helpful, rather than trying to pitch your services. 


However with that said, you can include in your bio a link back to your website, or even to specific blog posts. 


So if you already have a blog post that specific addresses the users question, you can link back to your blog. 


This is an excellent way to not only get traffic directly from Quora, but also from heightened Google Organic traffic. 


This Q&A video with Neil Patel reveals the secret hacks he uses to get traffic from Quora:



This video by Shimmy Morris details exactly how to go viral on Quora:



Lastly this video by Mike Vestil shows you exactly how even beginners can start making money using Quora:


  • BONUS: Building Your Customer Email List


I’ve harped on this before and I’ll harp on it again:


No matter what your Bowen Therapy Marketing Strategy is, you need to be building a customer email list. 


Even if (especially if), you’re building your entire business using free social media platforms, you need to be building your email list.




Because the email list is the only asset that you own 100%. 


You don’t own your users on Facebook and you don’t own your users on TikTok.


How do I know that? Because what would happen if Facebook kicked you off the platform tomorrow? Exactly. 


But when you have a customer email list – you own those emails. Nobody can take those emails away from you, ever. They’re yours. 


So when all else fails, emails are your tools to keep in contact with your clients. 


In general email is used for long term nurturing and client relationships. 


Don’t expect any quick bucks out of your email list, but imagine for a second you have an email list of 10,000 people. 


If you sent out an email and just 1% of people responded (100 people), and they purchased $300 of either Bowen Services, or if you had products in your eCommerce store, you would have just made $30,000 – just from sending out one email. 


Starting to see how this is pretty powerful?


By having an email list – those users have granted you a very intimate privilege: direct access to their inbox. Don’t abuse those privileges with spammy or useless emails. 


Be helpful, be funny, be creative, and let your users know that you’re there to help them on their journey. 


If you’re feeling new to Mailchimp, this video by Santrel Media takes you through a complete tutorial of exactly how to use Mailchimp to build your email list:



This video by Ryan Snaadt outlines how to build your email list for free using Mailchimp:



Lastly, this video by Kate Emiley shares with you automations you can use to enhance your Mialchimp experience, and to welcome new users:


  • BONUS: Social Media Marketing Tools


Social Media Marketing can feel extremely overwhelming – with so many different platforms to post on and keep up with – how are you ever supposed to manage them all?


Answer: Using Social Media Marketing Tools.


But with so many websites and tools out there – how are you possibly to know which are best?


I’ve laid out here several of my favourite sites, that I’ve either used myself or heard are highly recommended – and broken them down between free and paid options:

  • Free

      1. UberSuggest: more of an SEO tool, but very helpful for getting keyword ideas. 
      2. Hootsuite: a tool for managing all of your social media profiles from one easy dashboard
      3. SocialOomph: SocialOomph is designed to give you flexibility around scheduling your social media posts.
      4. Later: Later is designed more as an Instagram management tool
      5. Buffer: Buffer allows you to schedule out your posts, giving you some ‘buffer’ room. 
      6. Loom: Loom is a great video recording tool that I’ve used extensively myself. It allows you to record your screen as well as your camera, allowing you to share what you’re looking at on your screen. Great for giving tutorials. Then gives you a URL link to share your video with ease. 
      7. Canva: Canva is your beginner friendly graphic design tool. Great for getting up and started with photos and YouTube thumbnails
  • Paid

    1. Loomly: Loomly (not to be confused with loom) is an all in one brand success platform.
    2. ManyChat: ManyChat is a chatbot app that you can use for running Facebook campaigns. Very useful when you want your users to answer basic questions (like, where are you experiencing pain?).
    3. SproutSocial: SproutSocial is a tool owned by Neil Patel that gives you full control over your social experience.
    4. Zapier: Zapier is an automation tool. I’ll just say it: I love this tool. A great way to connect all your tools together so they run seamlessly in the background. 


This video by Aurelius Tjin shows you the top 17 Social Media Marketing Tools to use to grow your Bowen Therapy Business:



Additionally this video by Sara Nguyen shares with you some of her favourite social media tools and apps to use:


  • BONUS Advanced Techniques: Remarketing


I’m just going to say it: I love remarketing. 




Because anyone who sees your ad one time, or visits your website one time, pretty much 99% of the time – won’t do anything. 


They won’t buy from you, they won’t sign up with you, they won’t read your content – they won’t do anything, they’ll just bounce. And that’s just the nature of the internet. 


So what’s the solution? Remarketing.


The whole purpose of remarketing is simply to get users back to your site over and over again. 


It may take 2, 5, or even 15 visits to your site – because it finally clicks – “YES! This is the information that I need right now!”.


I mean let’s just think about it for a second. Human relationships and trust take time to build. 


It would actually be pretty unnatural if someone just instantly fell in love with you from one ad right? 


Exactly, that’s why we use remarketing to get back in front of your users and Future Clients several times, to help to naturally build that relationship. 


This video by Social Media Examiner shows you how to get started with your Facebook Remarketing Ads:



This video by IgniteVisibility shows you advanced strategies for using remarketing to grow your business:



Lastly this video by the Surfside PPC shows you step by step exactly how to get started with setting up Google Remarketing Ads:


  • BONUS Advanced Techniques: Multichannel Marketing


Now this is getting super advanced, but don’t worry, I know you can handle it 🙂


The basic strategy here is to get back in front of your users, no matter which platform they’re on. 


Now a word of warning – this is a paid advertising strategy, so you will need to invest some dollars to make it happen. 


But the basic premise is that each of the social media channels you use, has it’s own ‘tags’ or ‘pixels’ these allow you to anonymously track users across the various channels that they use, as they visit your website. 


By having these tags installed on your site, you’re able to then ‘remarket’ to them, across all of the social media channels that they use. 


So for example if someone watches your YouTube videos, you can remarket to them on Facebook. 


If someone watches your Instagram stories, you can remarket to them on Pinterest. 


See how this works? You can be everywhere that your customers are. 


This video by IgniteVisibility shows you the full Multichannel Marketing Strategy:



Additionally this video by YourCustomersShoes details the differences betwee Multichannel and Omnichannel Marketing:


  • BONUS: Advanced Techniques: Getting Users To Convert


So now that you’ve put alllllllll that hard work into getting your Bowen Therapy Social Media Marketing Strategy up and running and firing on all cylinders – you’ve now got ample amounts of users and traffic coming to your website but….why aren’t thy buying anything?


They’re not booking sessions, they’re not buying from your eCommerce store, they’re not signing up to your newsletter – why?


Well, to put it bluntly – your website likely isn’t set up properly to convert. 


The good news, is there may just be a few simple fixes that you need to make to enhance, what is called ‘conversion rate optimization’ – to ensure that your site is fully optimized to convert. 


Simple steps like making your page speed faster, and removing unnecessary clutter can go a long way to improve your conversion rates. 


For further enhancements, I’ve shared several video resources below:


This video by Peep Laja from Conversion XL details how to improve conversion rates on your site:



This video by Marketing 360 details how to get more conversions from your site:



Lastly, this video by Gary Vee, details how you can start improving your website conversion rates:


  • Bowen Technique Social Media Marketing Guide: Conclusion


Wow – we made it!


This has turned into another beast of a post. As you can tell there is A LOT to do to fully build out your Bowen Therapy Social Media Marketing Strategy. 


But the good news, is that you definitely do not need to do all of this, all at once. 


Take your time, life is a marathon, not a sprint. 


Pick one of these strategies just to get started with, and to get some momentum going. 


Then once you’re up and running and feeling comfortable, then starting adding one more, one at a time, until your business is either booming, or you’ve covered them all. 


My goal here was to be as complete and comprehensive as possible. 


This article is fully up to date as of this writing in June 2021, however, understanding that the internet moves extremely fast, and there’s a chance this information already became obsolete before I could hit the publish button. 


Things happen. So I’m going to strive to keep this article as up to date as possible, with giving it at least a yearly review to ensure that all techniques and videos are kept fresh with the latest strategies. 


With that said, if there was anything further that either wasn’t clear, or you’d like explained further, please leave your comments below or reach out to me directly. Also if there are any other topics that you’d like me to cover – let me know.


I will do my best to answer all your questions!


More guides and comprehensive posts coming soon!!


To your success and your journey,


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