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Bowen Technique YouTube Ads: 17 Ways To Launch Your Practice

Bowen Technique YouTube Ads: 17 Ways To Launch Your Practice In 2021!


I get it – YouTube can feel extremely intimidating. With so many options and buttons and things to do – how are you ever supposed to know the right things to actually do to grow your business? 


For any Bowen Therapist who’s been looking to grow their practice through YouTube Advertising, this will be your ultimate and extremely comprehensive guide to running your own successful YouTube ads, and launching your business. . 


I have painstakingly gone through and compiled every essential detail and nuance here, to create an exhaustive guide to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step exactly how to run your own Bowen Therapy YouTube Ads.


We will cover over 17 unique aspects of running YouTube ads, making you the expert at running your own marketing campaigns. I want you to be the master of your domain, and fully in control with the tools and techniques needed to grow your business! 


Let’s be honest for a moment: there are many ‘gurus’ out there who try to sell you on how ‘easy’ digital marketing is to build your holistic therapy practice – but for anyone who’s given it a crack before before, you’ve probably already had some painful moments, and discovered it’s not nearly as easy as they claim it to be.  


My goal here is to do something different. 


My goal is to cut out all the BS, and tell it to you straight – being as real and authentic as I can. 


I’m going to lay out a simple, easy to follow road map, that takes you by the hand, and guides you step by step on exactly how to grow your Bowen Practice using YouTube Ads. 


Yes it will take some hard work and elbow grease on your part, I won’t lie to you about that – but you will finally have the necessary tools you need to be successful in building your holistic therapy clinic. 


And, it is fully updated for 2021!   


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In This Post We’re Going To Cover How To:


  1. What Are Bowen Technique YouTube Ads?
  2. Why Use YouTube Ads To Grow Your Bowen Practice?
  3. Insane YouTube Stats You Need To Know
  4. Setting Expectations Around YouTube Ads
  5. The Best Marketing Advice That No One Will Tell You
    1. Just Write
  6. The 7 Sins Most Bowen Practitioners Do Wrong With Their YouTube Ads:
    1. Worrying Too Much About Production Values
    2. Not Making Enough Video Variations
    3. Accidentally Advertising To India
    4. Sending Users To Your Homepage
    5. Having A Slow Website
    6. Not Spending Enough
    7. Not Collecting User Emails
  7. Learning To Express Your Unique Bowen Voice
  8. How To Connect With Your Audience (That Already Love You!!)
  9. Your Bowen Therapy YouTube Marketing Strategy
  10. Setting Up Your YouTube Ads Account
  11. Setting Up Your Remarketing Pixel
  12. Setting Up Your First Campaign
  13. YouTube Ad Campaign Targeting
    1. Demographics
    2. Audiences
    3. Placements
    4. Location
    5. Devices
    6. Topics
  14. Setting Budgets
  15. Producing Video
  16. Your Bowen Technique YouTube Ad Copy Cheat Sheet
  17. Using Testimonials
  18. BONUS: Building Your Customer Email List
  19. BONUS Advanced Techniques: Remarketing
  20. BONUS Advanced Techniques: Multichannel Marketing
  21. BONUS: Advanced Techniques: Getting Users To Convert
  22. Bowen Technique YouTube Ads Guide: Conclusion


Alright – let’s get into it!


  • What Are Bowen Technique YouTube Ads?


Before we get into the meat of this article, let’s first start by covering what YouTube Ads even are: 


YouTube Ads are those ads that play at the start (and sometimes middle) of videos on YouTube. Anyone can become an advertiser. If you have a smartphone, an internet connection and a credit card, you’re set. 


YouTube ads allow you to reach your audience right at that moment they’re searching for you – if they’re looking for videos on Bowen, you can be right there to tell them about your special services. 


Bowen YouTube ads allow you to grow your business in a simple, userfriendly, and reliable way, without needing a lot of tech or money. Anyone can get started with this and grow their business!


This video by Sameera at the YouTube Creators Studio, outlines the basic principles of YouTube Ads that you need to understand to get started:



Lastly this video by the Surfside PPC, explains all of the different YouTube advertising formats in great detail:



  • Why Use YouTube Ads To Grow Your Bowen Practice?


Now this is a great question – why even use YouTube Ads go grow your Bowen Clinic? With so many marketing platforms and channels out there, and not to mention free word of mouth referrals, why even advertise at all?


Great question – what makes YouTube ads unique from other advertising networks, is the sheer amount of precision you have in who sees your marketing messages. 


What do I mean by that? Imagine for a second you found the perfect Bowen Therapy YouTube Video – like this video by the Integrated Bowen Therapy network (which has over 175 thousand views!) – you could run your marketing campaign exclusively to users who watch that video AND live in a 5-10km radius from your office. 


See how precise this is? And this is still just the tip of iceberg, we can get even more specific and targeted. 


But here is the main takeaway for you: the reason to use YouTube ads is their extreme cost effectiveness in reaching your precise idea clients, right at that moment that they’re searching for your services. 


Compare that to running a billboard or magazine ad – how many of those users are actively searching for your services in that moment? I’d wager a bet it was pretty close to zero. 


Another reason to use YouTube ads is the power of video itself. It a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand photos. 


You can do and show things in an ad that you could never do with a static photo. 


Also, while I’m on the subject, I need to get your of head the notion of YouTube ads = commercials. 


We all have this idea in our head of the sleazy TV commercials that are just trying to get us to buy a thing. 


Imagine instead, you ran a video that was you giving a live demonstration of your sessions, and then perhaps even had a short interview at the end to ask the person about their experience. 


By allowing your Future Clients to observe you doing your magic, it allows them to imagine themselves being treated by you, and once they see your calm and relaxed personality, it will be a no brainer to sign up and have a session with you. 


Starting to see why YouTube ads are so powerful and so essential for growing your Bowen Therapy Practice?   


One last point here – an added side benefit of running YouTube ads is getting more comfortable on camera. We’re all in some ways camera shy (I sure am!!), but getting comfortable behind the camera is a skill like anything else. 


And like any skill, it can be learned and with practice you can get better at it. Why is this important? Because public speaking is an incredibly powerful life skill, and by developing the confidence of speaking behind the camera, you will be better equipped to take on the world. 


Your clients will feel your quiet confidence, and it will help them relax and feel at ease while they’re around you 🙂


  • Insane YouTube Stats You Need To Know


Without over-hyping it too much, here are 5 insane stats about YouTube you need to know:


  1. Over 2 Billion Active Monthly Users On YouTube
  2. YouTube Is The 2nd Most Visited Site In The World
  3. YouTube Is The 2nd Largest Search Engine In The World
  4. Nearly 16% Of All YouTube’s Web Traffic Is Based Out Of The US
  5. 50% Of All Marketers Use YouTube


Starting to get the picture? 


YouTube is huge. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say the entire world is on YouTube. One quarter of the world’s population actively uses YouTube each month, and it is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. 


Why is that significant? Because people go YouTube specifically to search for and solve their problems. 


Understand that most users go to Facebook to passively consume, while by contrast users go to YouTube to actively search and find solutions. 


Which means, if they’re having back pain, or some general aches and pains, and they’re looking for non-pharmaceutical, alternative holistic therapies to solve their problems – now you’re the one they find. Now you’re the one they come to see, simply because you were right there at the moment they were searching. 


YouTube is huge – and t’s time to take your slice of the pie. 


  • Setting Expectations Around YouTube Ads


Now one of my biggest gripes with so-called ‘gurus’ out there, is they make everything sound incredibly easy and painless, but fail to set any proper expectations. 


They make everything seem like this dream fairytale, and everything will just be sunshine and rainbows, but they conveniently leave out the facts about how long it takes, how much effort it takes, and how much money it takes. 


Leading you blind down an endless rabbit hole of ‘upsells’ and ‘cross-sells’, trying to get you to buy more and more as you feel hopeless and lost. 


So let’s flip the script, and give you some honesty and realism up front. 


Yes this will take time, it will take effort, and it will take some financial investment. 


How much time? 


Truthfully, you could record a quick 30 second video with your smartphone right now, upload it and getting client inquiries within 24 hours. HOWEVER, anticipate that this will really take between 3 and 6 months to fully dial it in. 


It will take time to perfect your videos, to get comfortable on camera, and finesse your messaging, to the point where it resonates directly with your audience. 


As well it will take time to refine your audience, to find your top matches. 


And lastly, it will take time to optimize your website or landing page, to maximize the user experience and incentivize users to start booking appointments with you. 


There is nothing from stopping you from starting today (starting right now even), but mentally prepare yourself that this will take 3-6 months before you’ve fully optimized your marketing message. 


And how much effort will it take? 


That is entirely up to you, but I do strongly recommend you put in the effort to start getting comfortable behind the camera. 


Look, I was also terrified of getting behind the camera – but how did I do it? I recorded some test videos and allowed myself to be absolute garbage. I put zero pressure on myself to do anything well. 


By taking the pressure off it allowed me to relax, and after a few takes (okay, maybe more like 30 takes….), I finally had something that I felt halfway decent about. 


Give yourself the space to be terrible, as you work on perfecting your craft. 


And lastly – how much does it cost?


So here’s the good news, there is no minimum budget with YouTube. Seriously, you can spend as little as a penny a day on the platform. YouTube is not like a billboard and you have to pay $100k per month, whether anybody cares about it or not. 


Now, spending a penny per day won’t get you very far very fast, so what is a more realistic spend? 


Remember what I said earlier about this taking 3-6 months? Well mentally prepare yourself to spend between $3k and $4.5k over 6 months. 


My personal recommendation based on experience and the campaigns that I’ve seen, is that spending $20/day is essentially a base point, and I wouldn’t recommend spending much less than that (however, with that said, if cash was tight, you could get away with $10/day, but your learnings and your results will be slower). 


Why $20/day in ad spend?


Because $20/day is the perfect amount to run 3-5 different ads, and to start seeing the results of your experiments. Remember, this will take time to learn what works best, and you will need to run many, many experiments of different ads and combinations. 


By spending $20/day, it gives you enough budget to actually test ads, see how users are responding to them, make adjustments and move forward with better ads. 


Also most importantly, $20/day is an amount that most people are able to squeeze and make happen. In other words: it is achievable for Bowen Practitioners to do. 


YouTube Ads Expectations:


So there it is, anticipate 3-6 months to perfect your ads, keep practicing behind the camera, and mentally prepare yourself to invest $20/day in your marketing campaign. 


  • The Best Marketing Advice That No One Will Tell You


There’s a lot of people out there who love to give you all sorts of overly complicated advice. I like to keep it simple. The most important marketing advice that no one out there will tell you is simple:


Just. Publish. 


The more videos you record, the better you do. The more videos you upload the better you’ll do. The more videos you publish, the better you do. 


More is better. 


But more importantly, stop over complicating this. It is really quite simple: Just. Publish. 


Your videos can be simple, your videos can be short, your videos can feel ‘like garbage’. Doesn’t matter: Just. Publish. 


The more you publish the better you do, and the more you publish, the more comfortable you’ll get with publishing, and the more you’ll want to do it!


  • The 7 Sins Most Bowen Practitioners Do Wrong With Their YouTube Ads:


Alright last section here before we jump into the juicy stuff – I wanted to lay out the 7 sins that I see most often with small business owners and Bowen Practitioners that I see them doing wrong in running their YouTube Ads. 


This is not intended to name and shame, but rather to allow you to learn from the lessons of others, so you can avoid some landmines on your way to success. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so let’s talk about the things to avoid doing:


  • Worrying Too Much About Production Values


Let’s just have a moment of raw honesty for a second: most people are painfully insecure. 


And when people here that they need to get on camera, they start thinking about all the things they could do to either avoid it, or try to gloss over their insecurity. 


And one manifestation of that insecurity is insisting on insanely high production values. And by that I mean feeling the need to have the highest end cameras, best audio microphones, fancy editing, graphics, hair, makeup, wardrobe – the whole thing – essentially having a studio level production values to film their 30 second video about how Bowen can be helpful for people with crippling back pain. 


But the reality is that is all that ‘production value’ is just a way to hide your insecurity. 


But I would like to liberate you – you don’t need all that fancy stuff – you’re more than enough, just you are. 


In fact, and I promise you this, the world will actually love you better, the more real and authentic you are. You’d be surprised how much respect people have for people that are just able to be real, and not hide behind any masks. 


  • Not Making Enough Video Variations


The next mistake that I see Bowen Practitioners make is just simply not recording enough video variaitons. Remember what I said earlier about just publishing? Yeah, this is exactly what I was talking about. 


Just whip out that smartphone, and start recording. 


At a minimum I would recommend have 3-5 different video variaitons. But Ideally having 10-15 different video variations. 


Now don’t let that number intimidate you. You could whip out 15 video variations in an afternoon easily. If they would 30 seconds long, that might only take you an hour or two. 


I’d recommend switching up your location if possible (or even just change the angle in your room), and then just talking about slightly different points. 


For example, one video could be on back pain, another could be on stiff joints, another could be specifically focused on the elderly – the point is that in each short video, you can hit on a slightly different angle that may be the trigger that resonating with that specific person. 


The point is: don’t think that you can build a business off of one video. Instead keep finding new creative ways to produce more (simple) videos. 


  • Accidentally Advertising To India


This is a technical detail that comes up more frequently than you may realise: accidentally advertising to India. 


Now, no disrespect to India. I love India and Indian people, however, if you run a local Bowen Clinic in Edmonton, it is not very likely that someone from India will be hopping on a plane and walking into your clinic, now is it? 


And this comes up more often than you may realise. There have been numerous accounts that I personally have reviewed and audited, only to discover that they were advertising to India or Pakistan or Bangladesh. 


When I informed the business owner, they were completely shocked and surprised that they’d been advertising to India – they had absolutely no idea that they’d been doing it!


My advice here: keep a close eye on your targeting, and ensure that you’re specifically targeting the local area around your Bowen Clinic. 


  • Sending Users To Your Homepage


I could go on an extremely long rant here, but I’ll attempt to keep this concise. The problem with sending users to your homepage, is that: it doesn’t work.


See, when you send someone to your homepage, they’ll likely get lost and confused. They’re not really sure what exactly they’re supposed to do. 


Are they supposed to read your blog, or buy from your store or learn more about you or make a booking with you? 


There are too many options and too many directions they could go in. So what actually ends up happening? They just leave. Yep, they just leave. 


Nobody has the time to figure out your site or the interest to learn more about you (sorry, not trying to be a buzzkill here). 


So what’s the answer? Creating dedicated landing pages. 


Let’s say that your goal is to get more new patient bookings. You would send users to a dedicated landing page that tells them more about the specific service that you’re offering, but ultimately the only option they have is to make a booking with you. 


There’s a great book called ‘Don’t make me think’ by Steve Krug, which details exactly why it is important to design your pages for absolute simplicity and ease of use. 


  • Having A Slow Website




Ahem. Excuse me there. But it’s true, one of the biggest fatal flaws that new business owners (and old business owners to be fair), make when setting up a new website, is having a slow site. 


Why are slow sites so bad? 


Here’s a newsflash – since 2017 mobile phone usage has overtaken desktop computer usage, meaning that we are now living in a mobile-first world, where mobile phones make up over half of internet users. 


And why is that so important? 


Because as fast as mobile technology has come, phones still just load slower than desktops. That’s just a reality. And so, if your website is at all slow on mobile, users will just straight up bounce. 


They will not stick around for your site to load. They won’t. 


Now, here’s the good news: site speed is incredibly easy to improve. Here’s a quick video by ahrefs with 3 easy tips on improving your sites speed (hint, delete your excess plugins!):



And here’s the even better news: not only does site speed improve your users experience on your site, but it also boosts your SEO rankings. 


That’s right, Google looks at page speed as one of its ranking factors, so having a site that loads ultra quickly, will help you to rank higher, and get even more free organic traffic from Google. 


  • Not Spending Enough Money


Look I get it, ad costs and budgets are a pretty touchy subject. Most business owners aren’t exactly flush with cash and the idea of spending thousands and thousands of dollars does not feel particularly exciting. 


However, many business owners also don’t realise the danger of not spending enough money: their marketing never takes off. 


It takes spending a decent daily budget ($10-$20 per day), to not only run your ads, but allow you to run enough ads and variations and experiments, to truly dial in and optimize your ads. 


Let me give you a perfect example, I have one client who is perfectly content paying $100/lead (note: this is in a different industry where clients are worth tens of thousands of dollars to them). Now if we had started a campaign with only a $5/day budget, and we ran that campaign for 2 weeks, we would have only spent $70 and likely not received a lead yet. 


This would have been disheartening, and we likely would have scrapped the campaign before we uncovered the gold. But because the client was happy to spend $50/day, we were able to discover within just a couple days that the ads were working excellently for them.


And this is my point: if you’re not willing to spend enough money upfront (again I’m talking $10-$20/day, not thousands), then you’ll likely get too discouraged by your lack of results and you’ll just scrap the whole project. 


Once you have a campaign up and running and has proven to be successful, then and only then do I recommend starting to raise your budgets. 


This video by the Surfside PPC breaks down the costs of advertising on YouTube and how exactly YouTube ad costs are calculated:



  • Not Collecting Bowen Patient Emails


You may not realise it, but this is potentially the biggest sin that Bowen Practitioners commit when it comes to their marketing campaigns: not collecting user emails.


Why are collecting Bowen Patient Emails so important? 


Firstly, it is a great tool for you to build and nurture and maintain relationships with your patients and Future Patients. The email inbox is an extremely private and intimate place, so the fact that you’ve been invited (and yes, you must be invited) so be present there, is hugely significant. 


Treat that relationship with respect, because if you don’t, you will be kicked out. 


Secondly, this is an asset that you own 100%. Nobody can take away your email database. It is yours. Sadly, that is not the case with platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. 


As wonderful as those platforms are, and yes I do highly recommend using them all, but as great as they are, they can snap their fingers and kick you off. 


Just like that. 


You don’t own your traffic and your community on those platforms, the platforms own them, and you have to play by their rules. You may even believe that you are playing by the rules, and yet, they still may kick you off! Or maybe you wake up tomorrow and they don’t even exist anymore.


Either way, having your direct customer emails allows you maintain your connection in the long term, and you can rest easy at night knowing that nobody can take it away from you. 


Last point here to really drive this home – let’s say your business has gone into a bit of a slump, and business is slow. You know that you need to pick things up but unsure how. But in your back pocket you have an email list of 1000 patients or Future Patients, so you send out an email with a quick update and an offer for 50% off their next session, even if you only get a 1% reply, you’d still have 10 patients walking into your door that week, simply because you wrote a quick email. 


See how powerful email can be for growing your Bowen Clinic?


  • Learning To Express Your Unique Bowen Voice


YES! Let’s jump into the good stuff here. Now we’re going to start exploring all the things that you should be doing to run successful YouTube Ads to grow your Bowen Practice, but let’s start specifically with expressing your Unique Bowen Voice.


What is your Unique Bowen Voice?


Let’s just reflect and be present for a moment, Bowen is not a very common field of practice. In fact, it is pretty far off the mainstream (at least for now), which means the fact that you are already practicing Bowen is a sign to me that you hold unique values. 


You have a different way of looking at the world than most. 


So let me ask you a few questions:


  • Why did you get into Bowen?
  • What drew you to the practice?
  • What do you want to achieve through Bowen?
  • How do you want to help the world?
  • What are the problems with modern Western medicine?
  • Why do you feel like a holistic approach to the human body and health is the only way to truly treat a patient?
  • What are the things you most wish would change about the world or the medical establishment?
  • What are your values?
  • What do you believe in?
  • How do you want to make the world a better place?
  • Why should more people explore Bowen?


I have a hunch that your answers will be telling. I’d bet some pretty serious money that you have strong views about the world, and that you believe we can do a much better job of truly healing people.


Why is it so important to express your Unique Bowen Voice?


Because like it or not, people want you. Remember, you are an individual, you’re not some big faceless corporation. You have a personality, you have beliefs, you have values. 


And this is the most important part here: people are attracted to you specifically because you are unique, because you are a real person, because you are authentic. The more authentic you are, the more the people feel that they can genuinely relate to you. 


The more real you are, the more people can learn to like and trust you. And that is the advantage you have over the big corporations: you can be realer than them. 


You have the freedom to present yourself exactly as you are, and not need to modify your message to appease regulators or advertisers. 


Your freedom is your advantage. Never be afraid to express your Unique Bowen Voice. 


  • How To Connect With Your Community (That Already Love You!!)


Let’s face it, advertising can feel very daunting at the outset. You’re going out there into the nebulous ‘internet’, you’re sharing your message, and you kindof have no real idea who is actually seeing and appreciating your message. 


And in fact, you probably imagine a lot of cold, unhappy, miserable people are seeing your message, and possibly thinking cold and terrible things about you. It’s not very inspiring. 


In fact, it can feel downright depressing, and make you want to just give up and crawl into a hole right?


Well I’ve got some good news for you sunshine, one of the beautiful things about the internet is that it is filled with literally everyone, including your community. 


See there are huge communities online of alternative thinkers, people who believe in alternative and holistic therapies, people who believe that the body needs to be seen as a whole, and not just the sum of its parts. 


In fact, there are huge communities online of people who are waiting for, and excited to hear your message. In fact, your message of hope and alternative modalities of healing, is exactly what they’re looking for, 


So what does this mean?


It means there are communities of people out there who already love you and believe in what you believe in, and they will so be so excited when you pop up in their newsfeed. 


Remember: they are tired of all the boring and generic and soulless advertisers out there, who just push their uselessness products. But you’ll immediately stand out to them as someone who actually believes in something real. 


Your unique voice and your unique perspective, will allow you to speak directly to their hearts and minds. 


Your community that loves you is already out there, you just need to find them, and I’ll help to show you how. 


  • Your Bowen Therapy YouTube Marketing Strategy


Now before we get into the nuts and bolts of setting up a campaign and throwing the spaghetti at the wall to see whether it sticks or not, let’s start by laying out an actual Bowen Marketing Strategy here.


I’ll keep this as simple as I can:


  1. Articulate your Unique Bowen Voice
  2. Produce at least 3-5 video variations
  3. Find your audience that already loves you
  4. Run your marketing message to them
  5. Spend $10-$20/day
  6. Send users to a dedicated landing page where the only option is to book an appointment with you
  7. Run for at least 30 days to review the initial results. 


The strategy is simple: run a video campaign to articulate your unique message, and have users sign up directly for an appointment with you. 


Marketing campaigns have the tendency to become overly and unnecessarily complicated, so let’s just keep it real simple and focus on the real results for you. 


  • Setting Up Your YouTube Ads Account


The good news is that setting up your YouTube Ads Account is free and a relatively painless process. 


YouTube Ads are run through the Google Ad platform, which you can sign up for here


This video by Darrell Wilson takes you through step by step exactly how to get your YouTube Ads account up and running:



Once you’ve got your account up and running, then let’s get into setting up your Remarketing Pixel:


  • Setting Up Your Remarketing Pixel


So here’s the cool thing about YouTube Ads: because YouTube already has user profiles (people sign in to use YouTube), there is no remarketing pixel required to remarket to users on YouTube. 


However, one caveat is that if you are sending users to your website, then you’ll absolutely want to have Google Analytics installed so you can remarket to users who land on your website. In fact, these could make up two unique angles to run your remarketing campaigns. Firstly, let’s go over how to set up your YouTube Remarketing Audiences:


This video by the Surfside PPC shows you step by step how to turn your YouTube views into YouTube remarketing audiences:



Personally I recommend setting up an audience for all video views in the last 540 days – this will be a big audience that will take a long time to populate (540 days is one and a half years – wow!). 


However, if you also feel that you only want to remarket to users from say the most recent 30 or 60 days, you can similarly set up 30 Day and 60 Day audiences. 


But I do recommend having the 540 day audience as a ‘catch all’ to collect all the possible users that you can. 


This video by MeasureSchool shows you exactly how to get set up with your Google Ads Remarketing Pixel:



Additionally, this videy by MeasureSchool shows you how to set up your remarketing audiences:



Lastly, for even more insights, this video by the Surfside PPC takes you through exactly how to set up and run your remarketing campaigns:



I recommend getting all your audiences set up as soon as possible so they can start populating in the background. Remember that it takes 30 to 60 days for audiences to fully populate, so you’ll want to get started now so they’re ready when you need them. 


  • Setting Up Your First Campaign


Allllllrighty – now that we’ve got all the basic building block established, it is time to jump and get your very first YouTube Ad Campaign up and running!


Don’t let this process intimidate you, it is relatively straightforward and painless process to get it done right. 


This video by the Surfside PPC takes you through step by step exactly how to get your very first YouTube ad campaign up and running:



  • YouTube Ad Campaign Targeting


Now let’s start getting into the nitty gritty of setting up your YouTube Ad Campaign: Targeting. 


One of the feature that makes YouTube Ads so unique and powerful, is the level of precision and detail you can use in your target. I’m not joking, this is laser precise (and it still only costs a few pennies per view). 


We’re going to cover the following aspects of YouTube targeting:


  • Demographics
  • Audiences
  • Placements
  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Devices
  • Topics


And the last thing to keep in mind: each of these targeting options layer on top of each other, meaning, the more you add the more refined and specific your targeting will be. It is like layers of an onion – we can go really deep with these targeting options. 


Let’s jump into it:


  • Demographics


Demographics are the user characteristics – meaning: age, gender, parental status and income. 




Age allows you to target users by their specific age brackets. For example, if your ideal audience was aged 35-65 (those more likely to suffer from back pain, or general aches and pains) – you could focus your ads just to show to them – and exclude all those 18 year kids who would never sign up and be interested in your services.




Gender allows you to pick the specific genders of the users you want to market to. For example, if your business is open to all genders, then you can leave this blank and advertise to everyone. However, if you specifically ran a clinic for 35-65 year old women, you could focus your marketing just on them. 


Parental Status:


Google ads also give you the options to market to users based on their Parental Status. It is true that Google collects all sorts of data points on it’s users, and it is able to correctly identify whether someone is a parent or not. Therefore, if your Bowen Therapies would be more appealing to stressed out parents, then absolutely you could aim your marketing just at them. 


Household Income:


This is pretty cool. Similar to Parental Status, Google is able to correctly identify the range of someone’s Household Income. Meaning, it won’t tell you that ‘Sally earns $127k per year’, but it does give you income brackets. So you could focus your advertising just to those in the top say 30% of Household Income. 


Why is it so important to narrow your advertising by Household Income levels? Again, this is a personal choice, so modify as you see necessary for your business, but here’s the truth: the people most likely to have the disposable income to actually hire you and enjoy your services, will be those in higher income brackets. 


  1. Audiences


I’m just going to say it: audiences are super cool and super powerful. 


Remember what I said about Google collecting information on all its users? Well, Google is constantly classifying and reclassifying which audiences that users fall into. 


What is an audience? 


For example: Foodies is an audience for people who love food, Travel Buffs is an audience for users who love Travel, Fly Fishing Enthusiasts is an audience for Fly Fishing Enthusiasts – getting the point here? 


Google has a pretty good idea what someone is into, and can bucket them accordingly, meaning that your marketing efforts can be that much more refined on those users who specifically love you. 


Remember what I said earlier about tapping into your community? This is partly what I was talking about (the other part was Placements which are coming up next). 


In fact, there are 4 different ways to slice and dice audience selection:


  • Affinity Audiences
  • In-Market Audiences
  • Observation Audiences
  • Targeted Audiences


Affinity Audiences:


Affinity audiences are people that generally like a thing. So in my example above I gave Foodies, Travel Buffs and Fly Fishing Enthusiasts – these are users that are generally into that activity. In other words, they have an affinity for it. 


If you sold something related to fly fishing, there is a good chance that users in the Fly Fishing Enthusiasts bucket would be into what you’re selling. 


However ther is a catch, just because they are generally into that topic, doesn’t mean they are looking to buy anything right in that moment (that is where In-Market Audiences come in, and we’ll review them next). 


So as a Bowen Practitioner, what would be the best Affinity Audiences for you to start targeting? Here are my recommendations (but keep in mind, there is no audience directly for “Bowen Enthusiasts”, so we need to be a little more creative and open minded about our targeting, finding things that users who would be interested in Bowen, would also be interested in):


  • Green Living Enthusiasts
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Health & Fitness Buffs


In-Market Audiences:


In-Market Audiences allow you to get even more specific and targeted, by only targeting those individuals who are ready to purchase from you, right in that moment. 


Let’s take the audience ‘In-Market For Air Travel’ – this is someone that Google has identified as currently planning their next holiday – meaning they’ve likely visited sites like Expeida, they been booking Hostels, they’re looking at Airbnb, they’re booking flights and Google knows: this person is looking to buy travel stuff. 


And if you were a travel agent, this would be the perfect person to be advertising to. However, as I mentioned before, unfortunately, Google does not have an audience for ‘In-Market For Bowen Therapy’, so we need to be a little more selective with our targeting. 


Also, Google is very sensitive around anything medical related, so there are not audiences for things like ‘In-Market for Open Heart Surgery’. See what I mean? So here are a few examples to get started with:


  • Hybrid & Alternative Vehicles
  • Baby & Childrens Products (for baby Bowen!)


Now as you can see, unfortunately there are no In-Market audiences that are directly related to Bowen Therapy, however, there may be other audiences that are indirectly related to Bowen, that you wouldn’t know about until you experiment. And this brings us to our next section: Observation Audiences. 


Observation Audiences:


Observation Audiences are an extremely helpful addition to the Google Ad platform, as they let you experiment with different audiences to find the ones that best suit your business. 


To be more specific, “Observational Audiences” allow you to ‘observe’ the impact of an audience, without explicitly forcing Google to only target that audience. 


I know that all sounds confusing, so let me explain it this way with an example:


Imagine that you added 100 different audiences, using the ‘Observation Audiences’ Google will show your ads to all the audiences, without focusing on any one in particular, allowing you to collect valuable information in terms of which audience perform the best and generate the most conversions for you. 


Starting to make sense? It allows you to observe without influencing. 


This way you could run your campaign for a month or two, collect valuable information, and then further refine your targeting. In this process, you may find there are some audiences which for no logical reason, seem to be excellent converters for you (say, I dunno, Rom Com movie lovers). 


Now once you have found your top performing audiences, then we could further refine with Target Audiences:


Targeted Audiences:


Targeted Audiences means that you have narrowed down your target selection, to only those specific audiences that you want to target. 


So let’s say that after running your Observational Audiences for a three months or so, you find 5 audiences in particular which are just extremely high with their conversions. Good, these are obviously audiences that you want to focus more on. 


Now you would change your audience settings from “Observation” to “Targeted” and you would only keep your top 5 (or however man you choose) best performing audiences. 


These audience features give you an extreme amount of control to get hyper precise with who exactly you’re targeting. 


And that ultimately is the power of Google and YouTube Ads, the laser precision that they allow you to reach your audience. But there are more layers we can keep adding to our layered targeting:


  1. Placements


Placements are a YouTube Ad specialty – you won’t find this on any other ad network. Placements allow you to choose the specific video or channel that you want to show your ads on. 


Placements allow you to get laser precise, let’s get into the specifics:


Video Placements 


Yes, YouTube allows you to choose the specific video that you want to show your ad on. 


Here are some examples of highly viewed Bowen videos that you could feature your ads on:



All of these videos have extremely high view counts meaning they get a lot of views, making them perfect for you to advertise on. 


In addition, the topics of the videos are directly related to users trying to find answers to their pain using Bowen, meaning that the user base is exactly your perfect demographic. 


These would be excellent videos to run your ads on, as they are so highly targeted for your audience. 


Channel Placements


Now, while it is highly advantageous to advertise on a specific video, as you know exactly what that video is about, one potential downside is that the video may not get enough views. Even if the video has millions of views in the view count, those views may have all happened 5 years ago, and nobody is watching it today. 


One solution to this, is to target your ads to an entire channel. That way, as they post new content that is getting significant amounts of views, you are able to have your ad show there, while still being highly relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach. 


Here are 5 highly targeted channels you could target:



  1. Keywords


One more important layer in the onion is Keywords. 


These are the specific terms that users are searching for in YouTube. So for example, you could have your ads show only when users search for terms like:


  • Bowen
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Back Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Aches and Pains
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Etc


This way, you are showing your ads specifically to the people who are searching for you, or who don’t know you yet, but are searching for the types of problems that you offer solutions to. 


And you are right there, right at that moment when they come searching. Keywords are powerful.


  • Location


To tie this all together, we need to add a layer here for Geographic Location Targeting. 


For example, if your business is in Barcelona, it doesn’t help you much if someone in Johannesburg is watching your video, right? 


Based on our video and channel placements above, there are obviously users all over the world who could be watching those videos, but assuming that you’re relying on patients to actually walk into your doors, then you’re likely much more interested in connecting with users in your local geographic area. 


This is why I generally recommend adding a 5-10km radius around your clinic location. You may need to adjust for your specific situation. For example, if you’re more rural, that might need to be a 100km radius to get enough people – use your judgement on how far someone would be willing to drive to come see you. 


One more caveat – if you offer services that allow you to work nationally, or even if you sell eCommerce products and sell internationally, then you also will need to adjust your location targeting accordingly, but I’d recommend setting those up as separate campaigns, so you keep your marketing for local clients, strictly focused at local clients. 


  • Devices


This one is more subtle but still worth a mention. With Google Ads you can target your ads based on devices. 


Now you may be wondering why it is important to target by device, but it is important to remember that the user experience of your website on a desktop computer will be shockingly different from a mobile device. 


And remember what I said about mobile devices taking over? Yeah they are. 


So I’d recommend by starting your marketing campaign advertising to all devices, but after a few months, once you’ve collected some analytics and conversion data, it will be important to review the numbers. 


You may find that mobile devices either don’t convert or convert extremely poorly (read: expensively). 


As a result, one easy fix would be to just turn off bidding on mobile devices, or possibly adding a negative bid adjustment (say, decrease by 30%) – this allows you to keep advertising to mobile devices, but you won’t pay nearly as much for each click. 


  • Topics


Okay I know this has been a long section, but last point here on targeting options: Topics. 


Topics are the most broad and open ended targeting options. I generally recommend that topics should only be used by big businesses with big budgets, as topics are the most ‘diluted’. 


For example, if you target the topic of ‘health’ your ad will show up on any video out there that YouTube has deemed as being ‘health’ related. What exactly that means is a bit of a mystery. 


But it could mean that your ad would show up on a video related to dental health, which may have absolutely nothing to do with you and your business. 


I would generally recommend staying away from Topics, unless you’re just having trouble getting your ads viewed enough times. 


One potential downside of the earlier mentioned Video Placement Targeting, is that it may potentially have low view counts, meaning that your video doesn’t actually get viewed nearly as much as you think it does. 


  • Setting Budgets


I talked earlier about setting budgets, but I wanted to dive a little deeper. 


It is important first and foremost to set a budget that you feel comfortable with. This needs to be something that you know you’ll be okay with spending the money on, even if it doesn’t immediately result in a return for you. 


For example, I would recommend setting a minimum spend of $10/day for at least 30 days. 


This is $300. Now I would still argue that this is too little to truly test your campaign, but $300 is a minimum investment required to understand whether your ads are working for you or not. 


But before you proceed, you need to be mentally okay with losing that $300 and not seeing any return (obviously our goal is to get you as much return as possible). 


Why is this important? Look, if this is your last $300 in the world, and you need it to eat, then please do not use it to run some advertising. 


I’m not trying to say that advertising is some kind of luxury, but it is a mental game. You need to be mentally ready to lose the money. Why? Because otherwise you will just be stressing. You will spend your whole time stressing about whether your money is being well spent or not, and you’lll change your mind and you’ll flip flop. 


Like I said, marketing is a mental game. 


You need to be mentall strong to pull it off. And if you’re not there yet, that’s cool, but I’d recommend you put this aside until you are. 


Last point here: now while I feel that $300 is a decent minimum to get started, my recommendation would be to put aside closer to $600 or even $900 in ad spend for the first month (For the record: if you hired a marketing firm, they would likely charge you at least $1500 just in management, and then you ad spend would likely be another $1500 on top of that – so for context what I’m recommending here for you is dirt cheap compared to the alternative). 


By spending closer to $30/day you’ll have more data to better understand what is actually working for you and what isn’t. You’ll understand better which ads are performing, and which are not. You’ll see which audiences are delivering you leads, and which are not. You’ll understand which video placement you’re running are the most profitable for you, and which are just a waste of time. 


All of these things add up. The data is essential to further optimizing and refining your campaign. Nobody gets it exactly perfect the first time. But by having the data available, you’ll be able to make better and smarter decisions in the evolution of your Bowen Therapy YouTube Marketing Campaigns. 


Now that we have targeting aside, let’s get into the details of actually making your videos. 


  • Producing Video


Yes, one of the things that make YouTube Ads unique is that they are strictly video. YouTube ads only run video ads, unlike, Facebook or Instagram which also have photo options. 


With that said however, one workaround of course would be to compile photos into a slideshow deck, and run it as a screen recording. You’d still have to do a voiceover, but it would be one way to get around doing an actual video. 


However, what this means (for better or for worse) is that you’re going to have to get comfortable being on film. 


Now look, I know that being on film is awkward, I’m pretty shy myself. However I’ve learned that presenting on camera is a skill just like any other skill that can be learned and improved on. 


Yes it will feel weird and awkward at first, but want to know a secret to get over it? 


Just record a quick video for yourself. 


Nobody has to see it, nobody has to know about it – it’s your secret little video. 


This helps to take the pressure off. Who cares if you come across as weird and awkward – nobody is going to see it anyway!


Then record another version and another version and another version. Just keep playing around with it. Give your self a few hours or even a full weekend if you can spare it to experimenting and recording new video. 


For me personally, I find my first 3-5 takes usually come out super awkwardly. And when I rewatch the footage, I see that I’m mumbling, I’m quieter than I think, I’m using more umms and awws than I’d like to, and just generally my delivery isn’t nearly as captivating as I think it is in my head. 


Then I do it again, and the do it again. In this process I develop a positive feedback loop, and start doing it better and better and better, and what was once weird and awkward, is not polish and refined. 


The other thing that I want to stress here, because most Bowen Practitioners overthink this, is that you don’t need to have outstanding production values. In fact in my opinion, the more basic, the better. 


If you have a smartphone, you have all the tech you need. Ideally find some gentle natural light if you can. But beyond that don’t stress. 


Don’t worry about having the fanciest cameras, or best microphones, or editing squad or graphics, sounds effects or voiceovers. Yes all of that stuff is cool, but no you don’t need any of it. It is all overkill. 


Keep it simple. 


Remember what I said about expressing your Unique Bowen Voice? This is what I meant. Your true, authentic, raw self. This is what the world is excited to see. 


I think you can agree with me, the problem with most ‘high production value commercials’ is they dont’ feel real. They feel so plastic and contrived, that you don’t feel like you can actually connect with the brand or the message. They just feel so….fake. 


And what is going to make you stand out, and what is going to make you absolutely unique, is your ability to be your rawest and most authentic version of yourself. 


  • Your Bowen Technique YouTube Ad Copy Cheat Sheet


Let’s be honest, writing ad copy for the first time is very frustrating and often demoralizing. It’s one of those place where you wonder where to even begin!


So as a little gift to you, I’ve prepared this YouTube Ad Copy Cheat Sheet just for you – you can copy/paste these directly and use them for yourself!


One more piece of good news: the YouTube platform is extremely light on ad copy. Meaning, platforms like Facebook can require you to write paragraphs and paragraphs, to sell your services, but YouTube, as it is primarily video based, forces you to get by with extremely few characters. 


How many characters? 25 to be exact. 


For reference, that sentence above was 35 characters – so that’s how few words you get. 


More specific you get a headline that is 15 characters, and a CTA (call to action) button that is 10 characters. So here are some examples you can use:


Bowen Therapy YouTube Ad Example #1:


Headline 1: 1 Free Session

CTA 1: Learn More

Bowen Therapy YouTube Ad Example #2:


Headline 2: Bowen Therapy

CTA 2: Book Now

Bowen Therapy YouTube Ad Example #3:


Headline 3: Holistic Health

CTA 3: Learn More


See what I mean? YouTube is very light when it comes to ad copy – the whole emphasis is on the video. With that said however, you will need to invest time on your landing page, to ensure that your landing page has good and persuasive copy to get users to sign up and book sessions with you.


Ps  – remember that your only goal with your landing page should be for users to book sessions with you. That is it. Everything else that is irrelevant needs to be eliminated immediately. 


Keep you landing page as simple as possible, and focused on your one core message: booking appointments. 


  • Using Testimonials


Now that you’ve got your videos produced, your budgets set, your targeting dialed in, your ad copy and your landing page copy optimized, your campaign is off to the races. Once it is running, it is best to leave it for a month or so while you collect data to allow you to optimize. 


But in the meantime, now that you’ve got your business up and running and you’ve got regular clients, and to be clunt, your clients love you (because you’re the best after all, remember?), then your next step is to start collecting reviews and using testimonials. 


This video by Wes McDowell goes over this step by step process for collecting more Google Reviews for your business:



Once you have reviews, your next step is to start turning those reviews into testimonials. 


A testimonial is essentially a short (or could be long) blurb that a happy client writes you, that you can use as part of your marketing on your website, ads and email campaigns. 


To be clear, you will need their permission to use these testimonials (or alternatively, you just use the initials of their name so they can’t be directly identified). 


Why are testimonials so powerful? A little marketing term called ‘Social Proof’. 


Social Proof is effectively a way of showing to the world that other people like and respect you. That other people have been brave enough to try your services, and that you delivered on the goods. 


By establishing some good testimonials, it helps new Future Clients to have the confidence to hire you. Testimonials are a short circuit to the trust building phase of a new relationship. 


Once you have 3-5 good testimonials that you feel proud of, I recommend taking those testimonials and using as part of your marketing, include them as part of your video, include in your ad copy (okay, not YouTube ad copy, but if you’re running Facebook Ads or similar), include in your news letters, and possibly most importantly to include as part of your landing page. 


The ideal would be to have users land on your landing page and to see all the happy smiles and testimonials of your past clients, to feel the confidence to sign up with you. 


One last point – what elements should a good testimonial include? Here’s a short list:


  • The users name (or initials if you don’t have permission)
  • Photo
  • Age
  • Occupation/Job Title
  • City/Country
  • Star Rating out of Five


Now, not all of the above elements are essential, but I recommend including as many as you can, to give your testimonials the most authentic feel. The more details you include, the more they will feel like real, living and breathing people. 


And remember, real people love real people. 


Take your time, getting good testimonials can take some time. But if you’re at the point where you’ve got a thriving business and you’re regularly getting new clients, it shouldn’t take you more than a few months to build a collection of 3-5 (or more) testimonials that you can use. 


  • BONUS: Building Your Customer Email List


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you need to build your email list. 


Why is email list building so important? Because it is an asset that you own 100%, and that nobody can directly take away from you. 


Marketing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are amazing platforms for building your social media followings and running paid advertising, however, you don’t own the traffic on these platforms. 


How do I know that? 


Imagine you woke up tomorrow and Facebook or YouTube booted you off their platforms – would you still have a business? Or would you be scrambling trying to figure out your next moves? 




These are all amazing marketing platforms that are absolutely essential for growing your business in 2021, however don’t be fooled into thinking that they will be around forever, or more accurately, that you will be on the platform forever. 


I know it is shocking to think this, but platforms (Facebook is the worst offender in my experience), are notorious for kicking you off their platforms for the slightest little things. 


You may think that you’ve been following there terms of service perfectly, but one day you wake up and are shocked to see your ad account has suddenly been disabled. 


How do I know? I’m speaking from painfully earned experience. 


So how do you protect yourself? You build your email list.


The beautiful thing about having an email list is that you can email your list, literally whenever you want for whatever reason you want. 


Imagine this for a second: you’re having an unusually slow month. You need a few more Bowen Patients so you can pay your rent at the end of the month. 


Let’s say you’ve got an email list with 1000 names on it. You email your list, sharing some news and updates in the bowen world, and you end with an offer for 50% off for the first 10 people that reach out to you. 


You maybe only get a 1% response rate on your email, but now you’ve got 10 new patients walking into your door this week, simply because you sent out an email. 


And that right there is what I want to highlight as the power of having an email list: having the ability to almost print money on demand. 


When you have a large enough email list, there will always be a percentage the respond. Even if it is a small percentage, when your email list is large enough, there will be more than enough food for everyone to eat. 


So my advice to you: start building and maintaining your email list (pssst – start today!). 


Oh an my personal recommendation for a free email manager is to use Mailchimp. It lets you build an audience of up to 2000 completely for free.  


This video by Vanessa Lau, highlights the importance of building your email list:



Also, for more information, this video by Ryan Snaadt highlights how to start building your email list today for free:



Lastly, this video by Santrel Media is a complete step by step walkthrough of how to set up and manage your Mailchimp account:



  • BONUS Advanced Techniques: Remarketing


A word of warning: remarketing is definitely an advanced marketing technique, and should only be attempted once you’ve mastered your initial marketing campaign. 


Once you’ve successfully built your initial Bowen Marketing YouTube Ad Campaign, and you’re getting new patients for your client, and you’re feeling good with the amount of money you’re spending then cool – by all means go ahead and start remarketing.


Remarketing is an extremely powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, but it can be complicated to set up and initially requires significant investment, so it is not for the faint of heart. But I know that you’re ready for a challenge, so let’s jump into it.


Firstly, what even is remarketing? 


Remarketing is simply the process of getting back in front of your ideal clients. Let’s say someone has seen your ad, or visited your website once, remarketing is your ability to get back in front of them, multiple times. 


Why would remarketing be so important? 


Think about it, have you ever made  a purchase after seeing an ad 1 time? 


Of course not. If you did that, you would literally be broke. 


The same is true for your ads. Users will not (with rare exceptions) purchase from you until they are highly familiar with your content and for lack of a better term, love you. 


Your Future Clients need to love you before they’ll be willing to invest the big bucks to hire your services and walk into your clinic. 


And one thing I want to stress here, and cut away from all the marketing BS and buzzwords, at the end of the day, business is simply about relationships. And relationships and trust, they just take time, that is part of life. 


So the question then is how do you start the process of building trust, instead of just becoming a distant memory? Enter remarketing. 


Remarketing simply allows you to get back in front of your Future Clients multiple times, until they are ready to buy from you. 


The other thing to remember is there is a myriad of reasons why someone doesn’t buy from you right in that moment: they could be low on cash, they may not get a payday for another week to 10 days, their kids might be screaming, they might have a migraine, they might have just remembered they’re in-laws are coming to stay for the weekend – there are so many things going on in people’s lives, it is impossible to know exactly why someone doesn’t buy from you. 


But, if someone does like you, but you just happened to catch them at a bad moment, then remarketing is your tool to get back in front of them right at that moment when they are ready to purchase from you. 


Last point: WordStream did study and found that users were 2x more likely to convert once they’d seen an ad 6 times. 


Let me say that again: SIX TIMES. 


It takes at least 6 viewings of your ads before users will really and truly feel comfortable buying from you. 


And that is where the power of remarketing comes in, allowing you to get back in front of them multiple times. 


Otherwise, to quote Elton John, your ad will just be a candle in the wind. 


This video by the Surfside PPC takes you through exactly how to set up your YouTube remarketing campaigns:



Now before I leave this point, I do want to add a few more specifics on the actual technical details of running your remarketing campaign. 


My primary recommendation would be to build a remarketing audience for users that have watched your YouTube Videos before. Something to keep in mind is that the videos that you run as ads, count as YouTube Video Views. 


So every time you run an ad, you are building out your video view remarketing audience. This is important as you’ll neeed a minimum of 1000 users in your remarketing audiences. 


You can also build a remarketing audience for website visitors, however what you’ll quickly find is that your Video View audience grows way faster than your Website Visitor audience, and it will take longer before you can advertise to them. 


So use your Video View Remarketing Audience to start with. 


Then, create (ideally) 3-5 new ads. These ads should go even deeper than the first ads (remember, they’ve already seen your content now and they like you).


Don’t over think it, do keep your ads simple. But if at all possible, make the 2nd round of ads feel more friendly almost like a ‘hey friend, welcome back’ kind of vibe. 


By this point, you really want people having a clear sense of who you are and what you believe in, and why it is worth their while to come and sign up with you. 


Start running those as remarketing ads. I’d recommend putting an additional $10/day towards your remarketing campaigns, to ensure you’re getting enough activity. 


Set it up, send people to your landing page, and your Future Patients should start reaching out to you. 


  • BONUS Super Advanced Techniques: Multichannel Marketing


Double warning: multichannel marketing is a super advanced technique, and should only be attempted once you are extremely comfortable with your existing campaign set up and are very profitably and comfortably bringing new clients into your business. 


So what is Multichannel Marketing? 


Well up to this point, we’ve focused exclusively on how to build your Bowen Therapy YouTube marketing campaign empire. But the truth is that your Future Clients are not just on YouTube, but they’re on Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn and Snapchat and TikTok and Twitter and Pinterest and Etsy and WhatsApp and on and on and on andon. 


In essence: your clients are everywhere. 


And not only are they everywhere, but you come across as more powerful and persuasive and authoritative when you start showing up everywhere. 


Think about it, it is one thing to see someone show up in your Facebook newsfeed. But if you see them on Instagram and see them there, and then you log into LinkedIn and see them there, and then you’re reading the BBC and you see them there – you start thinking – wow! This person is everywhere. 


And that is the point of Multichannel Marketing, you want to build up what is called ‘Omnipresence’ to start showing up wherever they are. This is a powerful way to start building trust and authority. 


Yes this does take time and it does take a lot of thought. 


The first step is to set up those remarketing pixels (remember how you did that for Google Analytics?). 


Then you’ll need to start setting up your remarketing audiences across all your platforms so they can start populating. 


I recommend the following platforms (but keep in mind this list will always be changing):


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google Display
  • Google Search
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy


That should be more than enough to get you started. These videos will fill you in on more of the specific details:


This video by Ignite Visibility shows you the overall set up and strategy for your Multichannel Marketing Campaign:



Also, this video by SAS Software explains exactly why Multichannel marketing is so important for growing your business:



Lastly, this video by Talkative outlines the important differences you need to understand between Multichannel Marketing and Omnichannel Marketing.



  • BONUS: Advanced Techniques: Getting Users To Convert


Ah yes – one of the banes of all marketers: actually getting users to convert. 


It can feel very frustrating when you’ve spent all that effort trying to get people to your website, and then when they’re there, they basically just leave without doint anything. Womp womp. 


So what is the solution? Conversion Rate Optimizaiton. 


That is just a fancy marketing way of saying that you need to enhance your web page to be better at converting. 


In simple terms, here are a few key things to look for:


  • Page speed: make it fast
  • Page layout: make it simple
  • CTA: make it clear and singular


The last point is probably the most important. The problem with most web pages is that they’re too confusing. There are too many CTAs (call to actions) that are messing people up and throwing them off the scent. 


Without sounding condescending, it is best to think that most users online are easy confused. Anything that makes their experience difficult or confuses them, and they will simply leave. 


That is just the reality online. 


So what’s the solution? To make your online experience as simple as possible. That’s it. Clear away all of the unnecessary junk that is getting in the way, slowing people down and confusing them. The more simple you make it, the more likely they are to actually complete the action you want them to take!


This video by Gary Vee highlights exactly how to start improving your conversion rate in this very simple and short video:



Lastly, this video by Peep Laja of Conversion XL, shows you step by step exactly how to start boosting the conversion rates on your landing page:



  • Bowen Technique YouTube Ads Guide: Conclusion


And we made it! First of all a big congratulations to you for making it all the way to the end. This has turned into another behemoth of a post. At 12,000 words long, it is not for the faint of heart!


My inteniton as always was to provide the most complete and comprehensive guide that I could to setting up your Bowen Technique YouTube Ads.


My goal was to have you up and running, so you can start attracting new clients to your practice. 


Now, as much as I want this to be fully comprehensive, there will of course always be elements that I won’t be able to cover. 


If anything was unclear, or just did not provide enough information, please leave a comment down below or reach out to me directly. 


I’m always interested in finding new ways to make this material more accessible and easier to understand. 


Lastly, this information is complete and up to date as of June 2021, however with it being the internet and all, it will probably be out of date before I even hit the publish button. My goal is to regularly update this post, ensuring that I’ve got updates at least once per year, to ensure that it is always fresh. 


If you see anything that is out of date, or you’ve come across a better tutorial video, please let me know so I can keep this guide fresh and up to date. 


Remember, stay patient, stay calm, and keep at it – this is a marathon, not a sprint.


And with all that said – thank you very much for sticking through to the end – and I look forward to seeing you in the next one!!


To your journey and your success,



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