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Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads: 17 Tips To Grow Your Practice – (PART 2)

Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads: 17 Tips To Grow Your Practice – (PART 2)


In this extremely detailed and comprehensive guide to Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads, I’m going to take you by the hand, and guide you step-by-step through 17 ways to grow your Bowen Therapy Practice with Facebook Advertising in 2021. 


Let’s be real for a second: a lot of ‘gurus’ out there try to convince you on how ‘easy’ digital marketing is to grow your business – but for anyone who has tried before, you probably already know that it isn’t that easy.


I’m not here to mislead you, I’m here to provide you with the best and most comprehensive I can to help you succeed. 


My goal is to be different from the rest. 


I’m going to lay out a simple, easy to understand road map, that takes you by the hand, and guides you on exactly how to grow your Bowen Practice using Facebook Ads. 


Yes it will take work, I won’t lie to you about that – but you will finally have the necessary tools you need to be successful. 


In this comprehensive guide, I’m going to lay out in simple steps, 17 of the most important digital marketing strategies to launch your Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads, to grow your practice and be more successful. 


And, I’ve fully updated it for 2021!   


And for the complete Bowen Therapy Facebook Ad guide – jump to any section here!

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In This Post We’re Going To Cover How To:


  1. Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel
  2. Campaign Types
    1. Facebook Lead Ads
    2. Conversion Campaigns
    3. Traffic Campaigns
  3. Bowen Therapy Facebook Ad Campaign Targeting
  4. Budgets
  5. Using Photos & Video
  6. The Irresistible Bowen Therapy Facebook Ad Offer


Alright – let’s get into it!


  • Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel


Another technical and advanced detail to get setup. 


The Facebook Pixel is an essential part of your advertising strategy, but before we go any further – what even is the Facebook Pixel, and why does it matter for Bowen Practitioners? 


Great question – the Facebook Pixel is essentially a tiny piece of code that goes on your website, that helps Facebook to better understand your users and how they’re interacting with your site. 


In essence, Facebook needs to understand how users take actions on your site so Facebook can further improve and optimize it’s campaigns. 


Let me keep it simple and say this: if you have an e-commerce site, the better that Facebook understands what exactly a ‘purchase’ is – the better Facebook can optimize your campaign for purchases. 


I know this is complicated and techie – let’s just suffice it to say that I highly recommend you get the Facebook Pixel installed on your site. 


This video by Jason Wardrop takes you through step by step, exactly how to get your Facebook Pixel setup and firing on your ClickFunnels site:



And this video by Jacob LE documents exactly how to setup your Facebook Pixel on your WordPress site:



And lastly – this video by Foundr details the recent iOS 14 updates, and how they may or may not impact your Facebook Ads. Whether the impact will be huge or overhyped is still to be determined, but it’s best that you know the facts, and that you’re able to evolve your advertising with the changing trends as necessary:



  • Campaign Types


Alright – now we start getting into the meat of getting your Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads setup and running. 


Now that you’ve got your account and your pixel setup, let’s get into setting up our first campaign. 


Now one of the first decisions you’ll have to make when setting up a new campaign is the campaign type. 


In a nutshell, Facebook optimizes each campaign differently based on the campaign objective. 


Now there are too many campaign types to cover comprehensively in this guide, however, we will go through what I believe to be the 3 most important ones:


  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Facebook Conversion Campaigns, and
  • Facebook Traffic Campaigns


This video by Jordan Platten details exactly how to get your first Facebook Ad Campaigns setup and running:



  • Facebook Lead Ads


For any beginners out there, I recommend getting started with the Facebook Lead Ads. 




Because the beauty of the Facebook Lead Ads is that they don’t require you having a landing page or website. 


If you’re just starting out your business, it is likely that you haven’t yet put all the finishing touches on things like your website, so it can be helpful if you can get started on your advertising, without needing to have a website fully built and in place. 


The Facebook Lead Ads, allows you as the Bowen Practitioner, to collect leads (names, emails and phone numbers) of people who are interested in potentially becoming a client. 


These are people that have seen your ad, and raised their hands high in the sky that they are genuinely interested to learn more. 


These are people who are interested in hearing from you. They want you to pick up the phone and call them (they wouldn’t have give you their details if they weren’t). 


Now having said that, some people are phone shy and that’s fine. 


A strategy I’ve found to be extremely successful with clients is to send a preliminary email to ‘warm’ them up. 


In essence the workflow looks something like this: run Facebook Ads, receive lead info, send them a quick email to say hi and that you’ll be calling them shortly, then follow up at the designate time with a phone call. 


This sequence helps to warm up your leads by ensuring that they are prepared ahead of time for your call. 


This video by Ben Heath shows you step by step exactly how to get setup and started with your very first Facebook Lead Ads:



  • Conversion Campaigns


Once you’ve gotten a little established and comfortable using the Facebook platform, I highly recommend setting up and running Facebook Conversion Campaigns. 




Because these are your campaigns that will drive your sales. 


But first of all – what even is a conversion and a conversion campaign?


In general terms, a conversion occurs any time the user takes a desired action on your website. 


Typically this would be a sale if you were running an eCommerce store, but it can be so much more than that. In fact, you can set anything you want to be a conversion, and I’ve linked a video below on how to get them setup. 


Some examples of useful conversions to track are:


  • Newsletter signups
  • Appointment bookings
  • eCommerce sales
  • Tracking time on page and/or scroll depth
  • Visiting specific pages on your site that are important for you


But what is the purpose of tracking conversions?


The purpose of tracking conversions quite simply is to help Facebook to understand your campaign, and more importantly how to optimize. 


If you just told Facebook that you wanted ‘conversions’ but did specify how it could track the specific conversion events occurring, it would have no idea what it was doing and what it was optimizing for. 


Facebook would be flying blind. 


By specifying conversions we are actively showing Facebook ‘Hey Facebook – focus on THESE’. 


And once Facebook knows what is important for you, it is quite good at delivering you consistent results. 


But here’s the punchline: if your goal is to drive more sales or more bookings, the Facebook Conversion Campaign will be your best tool at making that happen. 


This video by Ben Heath, takes you through step by step exactly how to get your very own Facebook Conversion Campaign up and running:



And this videy by The Social Media Examiner, is a comprehensive guide on exactly how to set up Facebook Conversion Events on your website:



  • Traffic Campaigns


Last on the list we have the Facebook Traffic Campaign. Now keep in mind, there are still about 10 other Facebook Campaign Types, but we’ve really focused on the top 3 most important ones here to help keep things simple and focused for you. 


So first of all, what even is a traffic campaign, and why would you use it?


Great question – the Facebook Traffic Campaign is designed specifically to get users on your website. That’s it. It is all about volume and quantity, and not necessarily about quality. 


This can be great if you have a new blog post and you want to get a whole bunch of people on your site and viewing your content. 


Traffic campaigns can also be very helpful when you are building your remarketing audiences, but remarketing is a more advanced topic that we’ll cover below. 


However the primary reason that you would use a traffic campaign would be to promote your content like blogs and videos. The more people who see your content, the more likely that they are to share and promote it. 


This helps you to build your authority by attracting backlinks to your site, and helping Google to know that your site is more authoritative. 


This video by DSchaebe breaks down exactly how to setup your first Facebook Traffic Campaigns:



If you’re feeling a little confused by all the different campaign types and objectives, this video by Peng Joon breaks down exactly why and when you would use each of the different campaign types:



  • Bowen Therapy Facebook Ad Campaign Targeting


Now that you’ve decided on your optimal Facebook Campaign type to promote your Bowen Practice, the question is, who do you target it to?


One of the beautiful parts of Facebook is the insane level of detailed targeting that it offers. 


For example, you could target men aged 35-60 who love sports and have started to develop joint and back pain, and need a bowen session to relieve their pain. 


Or you could target married women aged 30-55 with kids under 10 years old, who love yoga and cooking but are so stressed with raising a family that they could use several bowen sessions to relieve their stress and get them back to normal. 


See how powerful this is? 


Facebook offers a lot of detailed control, for you to narrow in on exactly your target audience. 


Some specifics I’d recommend:


  • Geography: 
    • 5-10km radius. If you’re working with local clients that walk into your clinic, I recommend staying local (dependant on the density of your city)
    • Exception: if you sell online products through your eCommerce store, you could further expand your targeting to include national or even international clientele
  • Age: typically 35-65 is when most adults start acknowledging that they have pain AND have the financial resources to start doing something about it
  • Gender: both women & men, unless you specialize in one or the other. 
  • Interests:
    • Sports
    • Yoga
    • Alternative Medicine
    • Health & Wellness
    • Nutrition
    • Healthy Eating
    • Weight Loss
    • Active Lifestyle
  • Demographics:
    • Married
    • Have Children
  • Language: English (unless you speak other languages)
  • Detailed Targeting Expansion: I recommend keeping this off for now. 


The more detailed you can get with your targeting, the better and smarter that Facebook will be at being able to find your ideal clients. 


And the smarter that Facebook gets, the cheaper your ad costs get. Win-Win. 


This video by Social Media Examiner takes you through an in-depth tutorial on precisely how to setup your Facebook Campaign Targeting, and how to do it the right way, the first time



  • Budgets


Budgets are often a touchy subject, and rightfully so. People get very protective of their money, and they don’t want to waste it and just flush it down the toilet, and I completely agree and empathize. 


What I want to do here is set a framework, and essentially set a benchmark, of what you can expect in terms of budget, where you can start, and where you can expect to grow to. 


Firstly, we just need to accept a reality here: advertising on Facebook is going to cost money. And it’s important to come into this with the proper mental headspace and expectations. 


Now obviously that money needs to work for you and it needs to generate new clients for your Bowen Practice, because the intention here is to invest money, not waste money. 


But with that said, $10/day for 30 days is the minimum to begin here. If you’re not at the point yet where you’re comfortable to invest that level of money ($300), that’s fine, no judgement, but I’d recommend that Facebook Ads are not the place you should be focusing on right now, and instead to focus more on building your free traffic through Google SEO and free Social Media.


However once you’ve got a little surplus cash and you’re ready to dabble, Facebook Ads are a great way to add a bit of rocket fuel to your marketing campaigns and business growth. 


So at a minimum I do recommend spending $10/day. 


This is enough to get started and to test a few ads. 


However, once you’ve gotten more comfortable, a more realistic budget would be $20/day. 


Something to keep in mind is that Facebook is a massive machine learning algorithm machine – and money is the fuel that it needs to run. 


The problem I’ve seen with low budgets (say, less than $10/day) is that Facebook just doesn’t have the ability to churn through enough data and users to deliver the best results. 


Therefore, I typically find that results improve and become more profitable with a minimum of $20/day investment. 


Now once you’re investing $20/day – what could you expect to see in terms of results on that?


Another great question – now I do have to add the caveat that every campaign and every project is different and that the Facebook ecosystem is constantly evolving and changing, however you could typically expect to see about 4 to 6 high quality leads per day with a $20 investment, with each lead costing about $3-5. 


This gives you 4-6 people each day for you to follow up with to have a quick phone call chat and to book their session. They’ve already raised their hands to express that they’re interested, now it is your job simply to follow up and to confirm the appointment. 


It’s as simple as that, and in no time you’ll be filling your calendar with appointments and bookings. 


Well done!


Now a last thought on budgets: while $20/day is an excellent starter budget and will be more than enough to get you some momentum and get some heat going – a question I often get is: “okay, but how much should I be investing to really grow my business?”. 


Once you’ve tested and proven that Facebook Ads work for your business and help you to grow substantially – then I’d recommend investing up to $50/day. 


Now I know that number seems pretty scary at first. But let’s take a moment just to breathe. 


$50/day is obviously entering the big leagues and is pretty serious money. But this is the level of investment required for anyone who is serious about growing their businesses. 


To be clear: I do not recommend starting at $50/day – however this is a value to strive towards, as this is the point of serious growth for your business. 


Depending on the size of your operation, you may then need to expand and hire new admin staff to follow up with all the leads, or hire new practitioners to see all the new patients. 


But regardless, a $50/day investment will be rocket fuel for your business and showing you the power of Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads. 


  • Using Photos & Video


Now here’s the good news about Facebook Ads: they’re really easy to get started with. 


All you need is a photo and some ad copy (the words and description of your ads), and you’re good to go. 


Now for anyone who is just getting started and doesn’t yet have all their ‘creative assets’, not to worry. 


The easiest way to get started is to use sites like Pexels and Unsplash to grab some free and full use stock photos. 


After using them for years, stock photos still work just fine for generating leads and growing your business. 


However, with that said, the ultimate goal is to eventually use original and branded photos, and even to start creating your own video.


But remember, we’re doing this one step at a time. 


The advantage of using original photos is that both Facebook and your clients prefer original photos – photos that you’ve created, that ideally include you and your face. 


As an aside – people are exceptionally good at identifying anything fake online. People love real, and people love authentic. 


Remember that – no matter how cold and faceless you think the internet has become, people at the end of the day still love realness and authenticity. 


Now you do not need to overthink photo and video creation. The smartphone that you have is already more than enough. 


If possible, find some good lighting. Use natural lighting where you can bring out your best glow.


This video by Kellan Reck shows exactly how to setup your home studio with simple natural light, to get the best lighting for your photos and videos:



When creating your own original photos, don’t over think it. Grab your smartphone, find some good lighting, smile and snap away. 


Many Bowen Practitioners really overthink this step. They think that it needs to be way more complicated than it does. Remember the motto: keep it simple. 


Similar when creating your own videos, don’t overthink them. 


Use your smartphone, get some good lighting and start recording. Talk a little about who you are, and how you help people. 


Remember that whole exercise we did about bringing out your unique, personal, and creative voice? 


Yeah, do that. And then do a lot more of it. 


Remember, users online are craving to see your authentic self. 


They get bombarded with all sorts of ads and commercials all day with fake people trying to sell them fake stuff – but you’re different – you’re the one brave enough to be authentic and real – and that is something they can instantly connect with. 




Because it is SO different from what everyone else is doing online 🙂


This video by Social Media Examiner explains that people hate ‘commercials’ but if you structure your videos to appeal to users interests, you can get them to sell like crazy, without annoying your users:



  • The Irresistible Bowen Therapy Facebook Ad Offer


Now I get it, you didn’t get into Bowen Therapy to become a salesperson or a professional marketer – you got into Bowen because you wanted to help people to banish pain and to feel better about themselves. 


Essentially – you got into Bowen to help people and to make the world a better place. 


So you can forgiven by not being overly thrilled about the idea of making an ‘irresistible offer’ that ‘drives conversions and sales’. 


I get it – this will feel like unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory. 


But here’s the punchline: until you get clients walking in your front door, you don’t have a business, you have a dream. 


And that is where the irresistible offer comes in. 


The significance of the irresistible offer is quite simply just to get your future clients to take action today. The purpose is to get users to stop scrolling mindlessly through their newsfeed, to take notice of your ad, and most importantly, to actually take action


So what kind of irresistible offer can you offer? Here are some simple ideas to get started with:


  • First session is free
  • For chronic cases, offer a VIP members offer for recurring monthly visits
  • Offer a guarantee – that their issue will be solved within 6 sessions or their money back
  • Friends and family discount for those who refer their friends and family to come see you


Take some time to think about which offers work best for your personality type and your business specifically. 


But each of these offers is powerful enough to get users to stop scrolling, take notice and be incentivized to come sign up with you. 


This video by Marie Forleo details exactly how to set your business apart by making it sound completely unique and different from the competition (even if it’s not):



And for the complete Bowen Therapy Facebook Ad guide – jump to any section here!

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