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Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads: 17 Tips To Grow Your Practice – (PART 3)

Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads: 17 Tips To Grow Your Practice – (PART 3)


In this extremely detailed and comprehensive guide to Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads, I’m going to take you by the hand, and guide you step-by-step through 17 ways to grow your Bowen Therapy Practice with Facebook Advertising in 2021. 


Let’s be real for a second: a lot of ‘gurus’ out there try to convince you on how ‘easy’ digital marketing is to grow your business – but for anyone who has tried before, you probably already know that it isn’t that easy.


I’m not here to mislead you, I’m here to provide you with the best and most comprehensive I can to help you succeed. 


My goal is to be different from the rest. 


I’m going to lay out a simple, easy to understand road map, that takes you by the hand, and guides you on exactly how to grow your Bowen Practice using Facebook Ads. 


Yes it will take work, I won’t lie to you about that – but you will finally have the necessary tools you need to be successful. 


In this comprehensive guide, I’m going to lay out in simple steps, 17 of the most important digital marketing strategies to launch your Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads, to grow your practice and be more successful. 


And, I’ve fully updated it for 2021!   


And for the complete Bowen Therapy Facebook Ad guide – jump to any section here!

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In This Post We’re Going To Cover How To:


  1. Building Your Email List
  2. Your Bowen Therapy Ad Copy Cheat Sheet
  3. Requesting User Reviews
  4. Using Testimonials
  5. Advanced Techniques: Lookalike Audiences
  6. BONUS Advanced Techniques: Cross-Platform Remarketing Strategy
  7. BONUS Advanced Techniques: Facebook Ad Rotation Strategy
  8. Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads: Conclusion


Alright – let’s get into it!

  • Building Your Email List


Now I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: you need to build your email list. Period. End of story. 


Why is this so important? 


Think about it – platforms like Facebook and Google and YouTube are great platforms for building your business, however at any point they could either get shut down or you could get banned. 


I know it seems like a scary idea, but it’s something that you need to be aware of. As someone who as worked in the marketing industry for years, it is shocking to me how many accounts and ad accounts just get spontaneously banned. 


Even when you think you’re doing everything right and amazingly, sometimes it just comes out of nowhere. 


And then the reality sinks in: you don’t own your audience on platforms like Facebook and Instagram and YouTube – the platforms own the audience. 


So how do you protect yourself? 


Simple: build your email list. 


The beauty of having an email list is that it is something that no one can take away from you – you own it 100%. 


So how do you build an email list? 


One way is through your Facebook Lead Ads. But running Lead Ads, you’ll be collecting users names and emails, and that is a great way to start building your list. 


Additionally – you can setup a mailchimp plugin on your WordPress site, personal I recommend  the Mailchmip for WordPress plugin


This allows you to create a sign up directly on your site, that allows users to sign up for your newsletter and get added automatically to your customer database. 


I recommend building your customer email list as big as possible. 


Imagine for a second that you have a 1% response rates from your emails (that number is low, but I’m using it for demonstration purposes) – if you have an email list of 100,000 customers, that would still be 1000 responses and purchases from each email you send. 


Not bad right? 

  • Your Bowen Therapy Ad Copy Cheat Sheet


Look I get it – writing your first ads can feel awkward and intimidating. What to write? What to say? Will anyone judge me?


Relax, I’ve got you. As a little bonus to you, I’ve created an ad copy cheat sheet.


These are some prime examples of ads that you can literally copy word for word when you run your own ad campaigns to market your bowen therapy practice. Enjoy 🙂


Ad Copy Example #1:


Bowen is one of the best ways to de-stress, relax and get centered. Right now we’re offering a first session for free for new clients. 


Our mission is to help you to become the best version of yourself possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Headline: Bowen therapy: 1st session free!


Ad Copy Example #2:


Bowen is designed to help you to rediscover your own inner power and confidence. Through health and wellness, we want you to be the best you can.  


For a short time, we’re offering a 1st class for free for new students. 


Our mission is to help you to become the best version of yourself possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Headline: Bowen To Rediscover Your Confidence!


Ad Copy Example #3:


Did you know that Bowen is a quickly growing alternative health therapy in North America? 


Bowen helps to build confidence and strength through health and wellbeing. 


For a short time, we’re offering a 1st class for free to new clients.


Our mission is to help you to become the best version of yourself possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Headline: Bowen Therapy: Join The Movement!

  • Requesting User Reviews


I can’t stress enough how important getting reviews on your Facebook Page is. 


However, before I go any further, I do need to make this clear: Facebook Reviews are not essential to getting started. Meaning, I recommend that you get started immediately with your Facebook Lead Ads campaign, and don’t stress about whether you have Facebook Reviews or now. 


However, once you’re established and you have a roster of clients and they’re happy with your services and they want to start talking about you, then yes, start collecting reviews. 


Now, why are reviews so important?


It’s essential to remember that we now live in an internet-first world, and before users make purchases or sign up for new services, they’re going to be investigating the person or business that they’re purchasing from. 


This means they’re going to be diving into your online social media presence to understand who you are, whether you’re really who you say you other, and whether other humans are recommending you. 


In the marketing world we refer to this as ‘social proof’. 


People want to know whether or not you have the approval of other humans before they’re willing to whip out their credit cards and come make purchases from you. 


Business owners underestimate how attached to their wallets people are, and how difficult it can be to get them to part with their money. 


One way to short-circuit this resistance is by demonstrating how much ‘social proof’ your Bowen Therapy Clinic has, by having a massive roster of people who are ranting and raving about how amazing you are (or providing honest feedback where appropriate). 


People absolutely will investigate you to see whether they can find any dirt on you or not, or whether your track record looks clean. 


And one of the places they’re going to be investigating is your social media profiles and specifically your Facebook Business Page. 


Remember, as you’ll be running a Facebook Ad Campaign, users will have a direct link right to your business page and will easily be able to check out your reviews. 


This video by Paul Wilson shows you exactly how to get your Facebook Reviews link setup on your Facebook Page to allow you to start collecting Facebook Reviews for your Bowen Therapy Clinic:



Now that you’ve got your Business Page and your Reviews Link setup, the question then is – how do you actually get reviews? 


The answer is simple: ask for them. 


Remember that email list that we built for you a few steps earlier? 


As you send out your weekly or monthly email newsletters, have a line at the bottom of each newsletter requesting a review. 


Most importantly: include a URL link directly to your reviews page so that users don’t have to futz around and try to find your page. 


The easier you make it for your users, the more your users will help you out. 


Looking for another way to get reviews? 


This method is more advanced but definitely helps with workflow and means you don’t have to keep remembering yourself. If you’re using a calendar booking software like Timely, you can setup automated emails to request reviews after you finish a session. 


Let’s say for example that you typically have 4 sessions for each patient, you could setup your booking software with an automated email follow up system, that sends an email requesting reviews 3 days after you have your final session. 


The beauty here is that you don’t need to remember to send the email, that it is all automated and happens behind the scenes. 


Nicely done.  

  • Using Testimonials


Building off the previous section of getting reviews from your Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads, the next step is to start turning those reviews into testimonials. 


This means getting your clients permission to use your reviews as testimonials in your advertising. 


And why is it important to have testimonials? 


The same reason as we wanted reviews: Social Proof


People will be much more likely to sign up and buy from you, when they know that others have happily used your Bowen Therapy services before and have felt their lives dramatically improve. 


So what do you do with testimonials? 


Use them in all your marketing. 


For example, include testimonials in your Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads, use them on your website, use them in your emails, and use them in any brochures and marketing materials that you have. 


For good testimonials, it is best to not only include the review (copied verbatim), but also to include the person’s name, and if applicable their age and occupation. On top of that, if they’ve left you a star rating, include the star ratings!


Don’t be shy about this kind of stuff. 


Good testimonials will be your gateway to making it much easier to bring on new future clients. 

  • Advanced Techniques: Setting Up Remarketing Campaigns


Now we start getting into the fun stuff. This is much more advanced and should only be attempted once you’ve successfully set up your initial Facebook Lead Ads are generating significant leads and sales. 


However once you’re feeling more confident, and you feel like it is time to take the training wheels off your bike, then Facebook Remarketing opens up a huge array of tools for successfully running your Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads. 


Firstly – what even are remarketing ads? 


You know when you visit a website like HomeAndGardens, and then everywhere around the web you start seeing ads for HomeAndGardens? Yeah those are remarketing ads, but more importantly, those are examples of BAD remarketing ads. 


A study by WordStream found that users were twice as likely to make a purchase after 6 ‘brand impressions’. This means that users had to see the ads from the brand at least 6 times before they were feeling ready to make a purchase. 


This is why remarketing ads, when they’re done properly, are extremely powerful for building your business. 


The harsh reality is that most people will not be interested in making a purchase from you, just because they saw your ad once. 


So what is a Bowen Practitioner to do? 


I recommend setting up a simple video view remarketing campaign. 


It is not nearly as complicated as it sounds. 


All that is required is to have two short videos (that you can film on your smartphone). 


The first video is simply an introduction to yourself and your Bowen Practice – again talking about what is unique to you – and what makes your practice special. 


The second video is a more direct sales video – saying something to the effect of: “if you’re feeling discomfort from x, y, z conditions, then book a call with me and I’ll run you through everything you need to know”. 


Now here’s the beauty of remarketing: The people who watched 50% or more of your first video, are the people who are most interested. They have metaphorically raised their hand high and indicated that they are at least interested to hear more about what you have to say. 


And because your first video was fully informational, you haven’t bothered any body, you’ve simply provided useful information. 


Now we run a remarketing campaign to ONLY those users who’ve watched 50% or more of your video. 


And as a result, your remarketing video campaign, which is designed to convert, will convert at a significantly hire rate than if you advertising to a cold audience. 




Because now you’re only advertising to those people who have already indicated that they’re interested in you and what you have to say. 


See the beauty in this? You’re only spending ad dollars on the people who’ve indicated that they like you, and you’re avoiding wasting ad dollars on the people who aren’t interested in you (yet). 


This video by Ben Heath reveals the 7 best practices of running Facebook Remarketing Ads:



This video by Wes McDowell shows you an additional 5 best practices for setting up and managing your Facebook Remarketing Ads:



And this video by Ben Heath goes further in details and shows you exactly how remarketing best practices have just changed in 2021 with the release of iOS 14 and Facebook Remarketing:



Facebook Remarketing Campaigns are all about being more efficient with your ad dollars, and making sure that your marketing budgets stretch as far as possible. 


By honing in on just those that already like you, you’re able to more effectively spend your ad budget. 


It also means that the people seeing your ads, ALREADY LIKE YOU, and in fact are excited to hear from you more. 


There are so many people out there suffering from debilitating pain and discomfort, who also despise the western medical establishment, and would be excited to hear from you. 


Remember, you offer fresh and alternative views from the mainstream narrative. Your audience is waiting for you. 

  • Advanced Techniques: Lookalike Audiences


Another advanced technique to take your marketing even further is the use of ‘lookalike audiences’. 


As we’ve talked about before, Facebook is essentially a massive Machine Learning Algorithm, and it is constantly reviewing and analyzing user behavior. 


One advanced remarketing technique is to use lookalike audiences. 


Imagine for a second that you’ve had 100 purchasers on your eCommerce store. There will be certain characteristics that tie all these users together – it could be their love of Alternative Medicine, or Yoga, or love of certain books or even certain types of foods – maybe they’re all parents of young children or married or single. 


Facebook will churn through all its data to understand what exactly links them all together. 


And then, Facebook gives you the power through Lookalike audiences, to find all the users on Facebook who are most similar to those users who’ve already made a purchase from you. Meaning, they are significantly more likely to make a purchase from you after the first or second ad they see from you. 


This video by Ben Heath documents exactly how to get set up and running with your Facebook Lookalike Audiences:


  • BONUS Advanced Techniques: Cross-Platform Remarketing Strategy

Now, this is a super advanced technique, but I highly recommend it as you’re building out your comprehensive marketing strategy. 


As I’m sure you can see by now, marketing is not just as simple as ‘running a facebook ad’ – there are many layers and levels of complexity to getting everything setup properly. 


So what is Cross-Platform Remarketing? (Also known as Cross-Channel Remarketing, also known as Multi-Channel Marketing, also known as Omni-Channel Marketing).


A Cross-Platform Remarketing Strategy, is all about getting your messages and your ads to show up on all platforms where your users spend time. 


Effectively, Cross-Platform Remarketing means that if a user finds you through Google, that then you can remarket to them across: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or even something like TikTok. 


In essence: you’re everywhere. 


To get started, you’ll need to install the pixels and tags for each platform on your website, so that users get tagged across all platforms when they land on your site. 


This video by IgniteVisibility takes you through exactly how Cross-Platform Remarketing works and why you should consider it as part of your marketing strategy:



Further, this video by IgniteVisibility details exactly the perfect Cross-Platform Remarketing Strategy for 2020:


  • BONUS Advanced Techniques: Facebook Ad Rotation Strategy


This is one of those ‘simple advanced’ techniques – that is really quite straightforward to implement, but is quite powerful in making your Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads more effective. 


Essentially, Facebook is made by design to show its users only the freshest and most relevant information. 


Facebook doesn’t want to waste its users time by showing them old and outdated posts, material and ads. 


Remember back to the days of cable TV – when you would see the same ad again and again, potentially for years on end? 


Yeah, that strategy does not work anymore on a platform like Facebook. 


Facebook wants fresh content. 


So any ad that is over 7 days old, likely won’t be working very well anymore. 


However, there is a workaround: to setup a Facebook Ad rotation schedule. 


What you’ll find when you start running Facebook Ads, is that the first 3 days typically receive exceptional performance. However, after about 3 days, the results start tanking (yet Facebook is happy to keep taking your money of course!). 


What’s the solution? To start and stop your ads. 


I’ve found through extensive experience, that when an ad stops performing, that if it is paused for 3 days, and then resumed again for another 3 days, that typically the performance improves dramatically. 


I recommend setting up a schedule or a rotation, to turn off your ads as soon as they stop performing, letting them ‘breathe’ for a few days, then turning them back on again. 


Try it yourself – and see if it improves your results! 

  • Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads: Conclusion


And here we are – congratulations – we made it!


I know this has been quite the extensive and exhaustive guide to running your Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads, but there as been a lot to cover. 


While I do find Facebook to generally be a very beginner friendly platform to get started with to start seeing results and growth for your business, there is still a lot of depth and complexity to cover. 


While I have done my best to be comprehensive in providing this step by step guide to running your own Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads, it is impossible to literally cover everything. 


Therefore, if you feel that anything was missing, or if anything was unclear, please leave a comment below, or get in touch with me directly. 


I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Now with that said – it is my goal to keep this post as up to date as possible. 


As I’m sure you’re well aware, the internet and the digital world evolve at an insanely rapid rate. 


There are always new technologies and new platforms that are emerging and ‘changing the game’ and ‘disrupting’ the ‘status quo’. 


The only constant these days is change. 


Therefore, this writing is up to date as of this publishing in May 2021, however, I will be reviewing and updating this post at least once each year to ensure it always has the most up to date and accurate information. 


Keep your eyes posted as I release updates. I will always work to find the latest videos and tutorials that can assist you. 


Information is constantly changing and evolving, and what is fresh today, will likely feel stale by tomorrow (that’s the reality of the internet!). 


This is neither good nor bad, it just is. 


To your success and your journey,



And for the complete Bowen Therapy Facebook Ad guide – jump to any section here!

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