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Bowen Therapy Google Ads: 17 Ways To Build Your Practice – (PART 1)

Bowen Therapy Google Ads: 17 Ways To Build Your Practice – (PART 1)


In this thorough and exhaustive guide to Bowen Therapy Google Ads, I’m going to take you by the hand, and guide you step-by-step through 17 ways to build your Bowen Therapy Practice with Google Advertising in 2021. 


Let’s just be real: a lot of ‘gurus’ out there try to convince you on how ‘easy’ digital marketing is to build your holistic therapy practice – but for anyone who has tried before, you probably already know that it isn’t that easy!


I’m here to provide you with the best and most comprehensive information I can to help you succeed and build your practice. 


My goal is simply to be different from the rest. 


I’m going to lay out a simple, easy to follow road map, that takes you by the hand, and guides you on exactly how to grow your Bowen Practice using Google Ads. 


Yes it will take some hard work and elbow grease, I won’t lie to you about that – but you will finally have the necessary tools you need to be successful in building your therapy clinic. 


In this comprehensive guide, I’m going to lay out in simple steps, 17 of the most important digital marketing strategies to launch your Bowen Therapy Google Ads, to grow your practice and be more successful. 


And, I’ve fully updated it for 2021!   


And for the complete Bowen Therapy Google Ads guide – jump to any section here!

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In This Post We’re Going To Cover How To:


  1. First – Why Use Bowen Therapy Google Ads?
  2. Google Ad Statistics You Need To Know
  3. What Are The Key Differences Between Facebook And Google Ads?
  4. The 7 Sins Most Bowen Clinics Do Wrong With Their Google Ads:
    1. Advertising To India
    2. Forget Negative Keywords
    3. Not Using ‘In-Market’ Audiences
    4. Dumping Users On Your Website Home Page
    5. Not Leveraging Remarketing
    6. Not Collecting User Emails
    7. Not Spending Enough Budget
  5. Your Unique Bowen Voice
  6. Setting Up Your Account For Bowen Therapy Google Ads
  7. Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager


Alright – let’s get into it!


  • First – Why Use Bowen Therapy Google Ads?


This is an important question that any Bowen Practitioner needs to ask themselves before undertaking any new marketing strategy. 


The truth about digital marketing is that it is a huge space and is constantly evolving. 


And if I had to take a guess, you didn’t get into Bowen because you especially felt thrilled about tech and marketing in general. 


I get that. That’s why I’ve designed this guide to be as simple to follow as possible. 


But before undertaking any new marketing initiative, you should always be asking the difficult questions about why one platform over another. 


The thing that makes Google Ads unique from any other advertising platform is the direct search intent


What do I mean by direct search intent? Think about it – when you go to Google, you’re searching for the solution to a specific problem. 


We all trust Google more than we trust our own families and therapists. Google knows all. 


But seriously – if you go to Google and search ‘ice cream near me’ theres a good chance you want ice cream, or if you search for ‘alternative holistic health solutions’ there’s a pretty good chance you want some alternative health therapies.


See how this works? Google knows exactly what people are searching for in that moment, which allows you to show them an ad right at that moment when they’re searching. 


And that is the power of Google Ads: to reach your audience, right in that moment when they are searching for your services. 


  • Google Ad Statistics You Need To Know


To drive this point home further, here are some shocking stats about the effectiveness of Google Ads you need to know:


  • 3.8 Million Google searches are done each minute, that’s 5.4 Billion (with a B) each day (Source)
    1. Google is king of search: accounting for 90% of desktop searches (Source)
    2. Google has 76% of the search engine market (Source)
  • Google has 73% of the paid search market share (Source)
    1. 65% of all small to medium sized businesses run PPC campaigns (Source)
    2. The top three page results account for 46% of all clicks (Source)
    3. 35% of customers will purchase their product within 5 days of Google searching it (Source)
    4. 90% of purchasers said that ads influenced their decision to purchase (Source)
    5. 75% of purchasers agreed that paid search ads made it faster to find important information (Source)
    6. 66% of customers said they preferred shopping online rather than in-store (Source)
    7. 63% of users have engaged with a Google ad (Source)
    8. 59% of users said they prefer online reviews and purchase recommendations (Source)
  • 58% of millennials have made a purchase because of a digital marketing ad (Source)
  • 50% of people are unaware of the difference between paid ads and organic listings on Google search (Source)


Starting to see why Google Ads are so important for your business?


Google literally dominates the search and paid search markets, meaning that if you want to get found by users searching for your business, there is no other search engine that can hold a candle to Google. 


Look I get it, we all have our personal views about whether Google is a force for good or not in the world, but here’s the reality: you have a business to grow and run, and you have a family to feed. 


Let’s grow your business to be successful, and in time we can grow and diversify your marketing strategy to include other marketing platforms and channels. 


  • What Are The Key Differences Between Facebook And Google Ads?


This is an excellent question. Facebook Ads are extremely popular, in fact, we even prepared an entire article on Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads


However the question is what are the key differences between Facebook and Google Ads.


In a nutshell, Facebook Ads are interest based ads. Meaning that Facebook already has great user data on who exactly is into what, and who is most likely to make purchases. 


By contrast, Google Ads are are intent based ads. Meaning that users had intent to make a purchase or find a solution to their problem by doing a Google search. 


What does this mean for you running Bowen Therapy Google Ads? 


It means that users aren’t actively searching for your services, and therefore there is a certain level of convincing that you need to do to get them to buy from you. 


By contrast, with Google Ads, users are already looking for Bowen Practitioners, or looking for solutions to their pains and aches, and it’s just a matter of demonstrating that you’re the best possible solution to their problems. 


See the difference? 


Neither ad platform is ‘better’ than the other, and in fact, both platforms actually compliment each other quite nicely, by giving you advertising features that the other doesn’t. 


It’s not really about one or the other, it’s about both. However for the intent of this article, we’re going to be diving deep into Google Ads. 


  • The 7 Sins Most Bowen Clinics Do Wrong With Their Google Ads:


Before I get into all the things that you SHOULD be doing with to grow your Bowen Therapy Clinic, let’s first talk about all the things that I often see Bowen Practitioners doing wrong with their ad campaigns. 


This is not intended to be any kind of ‘name and shame’, but rather a way to learn from the mistakes of others to avoid them yourself. So with that said, let’s get into it:


  • Advertising To India


I wish I didn’t have to say this. But I do. 


One common mistake I see over and over again, is business owners that advertise to India. 


To me this is absolutely absurd. And no disrespect to India (I love India and Indian people), but if you run a local Bowen Therapy Clinic in Austin Texas, what are the chances that someone from India is going to get on a plane and come walk into your doors? 


I’m telling you, you’ve got a better chance of performing open heart surgery on the moon. 


Let me just make this clear: stop advertising to India and Pakistan and Bangladesh and Vietnam and the Philippines. 


UNLESS – you run an international eCommerce store that can serve clients around the world and you’ve found it profitable to advertise the entire world. In that case then please continue. 


  • Forget Negative Keywords


It is so common for Bowen Practitioners to forget to use Negative Keywords in their Google Ad Campaigns. 


Now to be fair, negative keywords are in fact much less important than they used to be. Google has gotten smarter with how to who they display ads to. 


However, it is still important to have a healthy roster of negative keywords. 


But firstly, you’re probably wondering – what even is a Negative Keyword?


Great question – think of it this way, when you’re bidding on keywords in Google Ads, say you start bidding on the search term ‘bowen therapy Austin’. 


By default, Google may show your ads to people who searched for ‘FREE bowen therapy Austin’, or ‘bowen therapy JOBS Austin’. 


Now if your goal is strictly to attract paying clients, then neither of these searches will be particularly helpful for you. 


What’s the solution? Add negative keywords. 


In general I recommend the following basic Negative Keywords:


  • Free
  • Discount
  • Bargain
  • Job
  • CV
  • Resume
  • School
  • University


By adding these negative keywords, you’ll help to make your Bowen Therapy Google Ads much more effective. By not wasting money on irrelevant search terms, means that your money be better spent and you’ll be able to stretch your ad spend much further. 


Remember: good marketing is good, but wasting money on bad marketing is a waste of time. 


Let’s be smart about this. 

  • Not Using ‘In-Market’ Audiences


You may not know this, but Google Ads has built into the platform what they call ‘In-Market’ Audiences. These are people that the Google Machine Learning Algorithm has identified as ready to buy and make a purchase. 


Without sounding too creepy – Google has pretty good insights into who exactly is likely to make a purchase. And Google has conveniently created ‘In-Market’ Audiences that you can use to further enhance your campaigns. 


I highly recommend making use of these audiences for your Bowen Therapy Google Ads Campaign, as they will help to make your ad spend much more effective. 


There are a lot of people making Google searches, but many of them have absolutely zero intent of signing up for anything or making a purchase. In-Market Audiences allow you to cut through that noise. 


  • Dumping Users On Your Website Home Page


This is straight up one of the biggest sins that I see Bowen Practitioners make: dumping their users on their websites home page. 


Why is this a cardinal sin? 


Because users will immediately get lost, confused, bored and likely all 3 at once. The end result? They’ll leave (immediately) without taking the action you want them to (sign up or buy form you). 


Without sounding too harsh: your money is basically being entirely wasted. 


Does this mean you can’t advertise at all? 


Absolutely no – move forward with your advertising campaign, but either start with a Facebook Lead Gen Campaign, or setup a dedicated landing page. 


What is a dedicated landing page? 


A dedicated landing page is a page that has been designed specifically for that ad campaign. 


So let’s say for example that you run an ad offering a Free 1st session – then your landing page would talk about the Free 1st session bolded in the headline and then the only action the user could take would be to book a session. 


There’s no getting lost in the rest of your website. 


So how do you build a dedicated landing page? That is beyond the scope of this guide, but you can either build one in your WordPress theme or use special softwares like ClickFunnels or Unbounce


  • Not Leveraging Remarketing


I get it, remarketing is a more advanced strategy however I cannot emphasize enough how important it is in your marketing strategy. 




Because people don’t buy from strangers.


It’s as simple as that. 


And the first time someone sees your ad, you’re a complete stranger. 


As Sabri Suby says, stop trying to f*ck strangers


Okay, I get that that sounds harsh, but sometimes we need to hear the truth, even if it hurts. 


Here’s the problem with most marketing: business owners, show an ad one time, and they expect users to just whip out their wallets and buy from you. 


But I can tell you from experience, it doesn’t work like that. 


The answer to a successful marketing campaign is to set up a strategic remarketing campaign, to bring people back to your site. But we’ll get into remarketing in more detail below. 


  • Not Collecting User Emails


This is one of the ultimate sins that a Bowen Practitioner can make when running their Bowen Therapy Google Ads. 


Why is it so bad? 


Look, we all love using platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram to run our marketing campaigns, however one morning you could wake up to find that you’ve suddenly been unceremoniously removed from the platform. 


It’s more common than you think. YouTube accounts get shutdown, Facebook ad accounts get disabled, and Instagram profiles get banned. 


That is just the reality of this line of business. Even if you think that you’re following all the rules. 


You’d be surprised about how easy it is to suddenly break a rule, that you had no idea that you were breaking. 


The bottom line? You need to prepare for every eventuality. And the best way to protect yourself is with an email customer list. 


Seriously, if you listen to nothing else I say, just get an email list up and running and start populating it as quickly as you can. 


We’ll get into building an email list down below, but for now just know that if you’re not building an email list, you are potentially leaving significant amounts of money on the table. 


Especially if the worst should happen and the hammer falls. 


  • Not Spending Enough Budget


Budget is obviously a sensitive subject, and most Bowen Practitioners feel they’re actually spending too much money. 


I would argue that most business owners, aren’t spending enough money. 


But if your current ads aren’t performing, the solution is not to just spend more money just for the sake of it. 


We need to be strategic here. 


However, what I’m recommending here, is spending enough money that you can actually start properly testing and experimenting and finding out what legitimately works for your business. 


Here’s the reality: if you’re not spending enough money, then the Google algorithm isn’t able to work through enough iterations and calculations to properly optimize your campaign. 


In essence: you don’t have enough data. 


Don’t be afraid to invest more money to run a more successful ad campaign, that ultimately becomes more profitable for you. 


You’ll need more data and experiments than you realise to fully optimize your campaign. 


  • Your Unique Bowen Voice


Alright, now that we’ve covered all the things that you shouldn’t do, let’s dive into all the things that you should be doing.


Specifically, bringing out your unique Bowen voice. 


Let’s face it, you got into Bowen for a reason. You’ve got unique perspectives, unique points of view and unique beliefs. 


You understand the value of alternative and holistic therapies to better heal the human body and allow people to live freer and happier lives. 


You stand for equality and justice, and you want to make the world a better place, by allowing humans of this world to get the best possible holistic therapies available. 


Let’s face it: you’re pretty unique. 


And why do I keep harping on this? 


Because you aren’t some giant corporation like Coke or McDonalds – you’re an individual who stands for something. 


But it is your uniqueness, that is the primary driver and reason why people will sign up and buy from you. 


In fact, the reason that you attract new clients is because they also believe in something different. And when they see your messaging, where you express exactly what is important for you, and the vision of the kind of world that you want to live in, those are the kinds of messages that connect directly with the hearts and souls of your audience. 


In essence: it is your uniqueness that makes you stand out from the crowd, and is the reason that clients are attracted to you like a month to the light. They just can’t resist you. 


  • Setting Up Your Account For Bowen Therapy Google Ads


Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts here. 


Before you can run your first Bowen Therapy Google Ads campaign, you’ll first need to set up your Google Ad Account. 


This is a relatively straightforward process, but can feel confusing if you’ve never done it before.  


Therefore, I’ve provided this video by the Surfside PPC which details exactly how you can get started with setting up your Google Ads account, and all the details you need to know, shown step by step, on getting your first Bowen Therapy Google Ads up and running:



Once you’re up and running, let’s get you set up with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager!


  • Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager


Google Analytics (also known as GA) and Google Tag Manager (also known as GTM) are tools to track the users and analytics on your site. 


In simple terms, GTM is the brain which instructs which specific data to send to GA. GA by comparison acts more as the library, the storage place of all the data. 


Why do you need GA and GTM? 


The first reason is just to understand how many people are visiting your website and what they’re up to. 


If you’re feeling frustrated by low sales and little engagement on your website, it is likely because no one is currently visiting your website. Having GA installed will help you to understand that data. 


Additional, having GA and GTM installed will be essential for running remarketing campaigns. 


And finally, GA data can give you all sorts of insights into who exactly your audience is on your website. Where in the world they are, their ages and what their interests are. It is pretty fascinating stuff. 


I highly recommend getting it setup before you start running your first campaigns. 


I know it sounds techie and complicated, but it is really pretty quick and easy to get installed and up and running. 


This video by Measure School details exactly how you can get GTM setup on your website:



Then, once you have GTM setup on your site, use this tutorial by Measure School to get GA setup on your site:



Lastly – this video by RankingAcademy gives you a detailed break down of exactly how to use and understand Google Analytics:



And for the complete Bowen Therapy Google Ads guide – jump to any section here!

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