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Bowen Therapy Marketing: 17 Tips To Grow Your Practice – (PART 1)

17 Marketing Tips To Grow Your Bowen Therapy Practice In 2021 (Without Wasting Money!) – (PART 1)


In this detailed and comprehensive guide, I’m going to take you by the hand, step-by-step through 17 ways to grow your bowen therapy practice with digital marketing in 2021. 


Let’s be real for a second: every ‘guru’ out there tries to sell you on how ‘easy’ digital marketing is to grow your business – but for anyone who has tried before, knows how frustrating it can actually be. 


We all know the feeling of investing a lot of money or time into a marketing campaign, that just falls flat on its face. We feel lied to, and cheated. 


My goal is to be different. 


I want to lay out a simple to understand and simple to follow road map, that takes you by the hand, and guides you on exactly how to grow your practice. Yes it will take work, I won’t lie to you about that – but you will finally have the tools you need to be successful. 


In this short, yet comprehensive guide, I’m going to lay out in simple terms, 17 of the most important digital marketing strategies, that you can start using today to market your practice, without wasting money. 


And, it is fully updated for 2021!   


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In This Post We’re Going To Cover How To:


  1. Understand Marketing Is Not A Dirty Word
  2. Articulate Your Unique Voice
  3. Find Your Audience (That Already Loves You)
  4. Optimize Your Website
  5. Maximize Your SEO


Ready? Let’s jump into it:


  • Understand Marketing Is Not A Dirty Word


I want to start with an important point here to set the tone for the entire article: 


Marketing is not a dirty word. 


But I know that many bowen practitioners see it as a dirty word. 


And I get it, you got into bowen to help people, to heal them, and to make the world a better place. 


You didn’t get into bowen to learn marking and sales and well…the internet. 


But here’s something important to remember: if people don’t know about you and your practice, then you’re not able to help them. 


So the more people find out about your bowen practice, the more you’re able to make the world a better place. Starting to see how marketing can be a force for good? 


And remember: you’re always the one in the driver’s seat, calling the shots. 


I still understand that marketing and especially digital marketing can feel a little intimidating to many bowen practitioners, so I’ve designed this guide to be extremely easy to understand and follow. 


If anything is unclear, please leave a comment below or get in touch with me directly and I’ll answer your questions as best I can 🙂


  • Articulate Your Unique Voice


There’s a reason you started a bowen practice and not a tax accounting firm or got into life insurance: because you’re a unique person that has a soul. 


No one else has your exact values or life experience or beliefs or personality. And it is your uniqueness, your unique voice that will stand out in a noisy world. 


One of the worst things that practice owners start doing is comparing themselves to others – looking at what others are saying, how others are dressed, and what messages others are expressing. 


The problem with that? Now you’re looking and acting just like everyone else, and you’ve lost any edge that made you unique. 


Take some time to ask yourself the difficult (but powerful) questions: 


  • What makes you unique?
  • What are your values?
  • What are you trying to bring to the world?
  • How are you working to make the world a better place?
  • What are your unique quirks and habits?
  • If you’re recording video – what unique objects, symbols and pieces of art can you include to immediately distinguish you from everyone else? 


Now that you’ve formulated and articulated your uniqueness, it’s time to express that to the world.


  • Find Your Audience (That Already Loves You)


One of the reasons that many bowen practice owners feel that marketing is intimidating, is because they feel there is just a cold and uninterested world out there. 


But it’s not true. There are huge groups and communities of people out there that either already love bowen, or are interested in alternative and holistic therapies in general. 


The goal here isn’t to convince an investment banker as to why bowen therapy might be right for him, it’s to find all those people who already love and swear by alternative therapies. 


When you tap into communities that already love you, the response you receive will be warm and welcoming. They want to hear from you! They’d much rather see your smiling face than another ad from say Coca-Cola or McDonalds. 


Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Google and LinkedIn, allow you to find and tap into your communities. And marketing becomes fun when you start connecting with the people that already love you!


  • Optimize Your Website


Now, this is a big topic and I could write a whole other post just on optimizing your site, but lets cover some of the basics:


Fast Page Speed: 


Aa reality of living in 2021 is that your website needs to be fast. Mobile phones have officially overtaken desktop as the primary device users use to access the web. 


But unfortunately, as mobile phones tend to respond slower than desktop computers – fast page speed has become incredibly important for websites to perform well. On top of that fast page speed is a direct Google ranking factor, meaning that simply improving your page speed will improve your SEO and organic rankings on Google. 


To test your page speed for free, check out Page Speed Insights or GT Metrix, to get a sense of how your website is currently performing. 


If your website is running slow at the moment, not to worry – one of the easiest things you can do if you’re running WordPress is to uninstall unnecessary plugins. Plugins have a way of slowing your site down considerably. 


For further enhancements, this video tutorial by ahrefs, shows you exactly how to get your site speed up as high as possible in a simple and easy to follow guide:



Clean Website Design: 


The other important piece to focus on when improving your website experience is simply to look at your design and layout. 


Is your design clean? Simple? Easy to navigate? Tiny font? Massive paragraphs? Pop-ups everywhere?  


More often than not, I see websites that are overly cluttered and complicated. It is hard to find the information you want, and there are a barrage of pop-ups and distractions everywhere. 


When everything is the focus of attention, nothing is the focus of attention. 


Take some time to review your website. My key tips to improving your site experience are to:


  • Increase your font size – make sure the words on your page are actually visible. Ideally use a 16-20 font size. 
  • Reduce your paragraph size – people online skim, they don’t read, which means having short paragraphs (1-2 sentences), help users to pick out the information they need. This blog is a perfect example – all paragraphs are 2 sentences or less.
  • Reduce the clutter – seriously, just remove any extra widgets and photos, and text and CTAs (call-to-actions) that are not 100% necessary. Only keep what is essential. 
  • Have one clear CTA – the call to action directs users to the one action you want them to take – whether that is signing up to your newsletter, watching a video or scheduling an appointment with you – each page should have only one clear action. 


  • Maximize Your SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is a massive topic that I will be covering more extensively in another post


However as a basic intro, SEO is all about getting more organic traffic from Google. 


Why does this matter for your business? Google receives over 3.8 Million searches each minute – or on a yearly basis, nearly 2 Trillion searches (Trillion with a T!) each year.


That is a massive number of users online who are urgently looking for solutions to their problems. 


By ranking highly on Google, you have the opportunity to receive a share of that free traffic. 


And that really is the best part – organic traffic from Google is completely free – meaning you don’t have to pay a cent for it. 


The Basics Of SEO:


In a nutshell, what you need to do is ensure that you have all of your important keywords used throughout your website. 


What important keywords should you use? Here’s a quick list:


  • Bowen
  • Bowen practitioner
  • Bowen practice
  • Bowen therapy
  • Bowen alternative therapies
  • Bowen practice in [your city]
  • Bowen practice in [your neighbourhood]
  • Holistic therapies
  • Holistic medicine
  • Holistic healer
  • How to heal [problem] with Bowen therapy
  • How to repair damaged [problem] with Bowen therapy


These are examples of some of the primary keywords that your users will be searching for when they search Google to find solutions to their problems. 


By using these keywords throughout your website and in your blogs, you’ll be instructing Google as to what exactly your site is about.


And the better Google understands your site, the better you’ll be ranking – and receiving that free organic traffic. 


But a word of warning to set good expectations: SEO takes time. 


Anticipate that SEO can take 6-12 months before you’re seeing significant rankings in Google. So mentally prepare yourself that this is a marathon, and not a sprint. 


To keep track of your SEO progress, I recommend setting up the Google Search Console – a free tool provided by Google to monitor your SEO performance (video instructions below!). 


This video by Brian Dean at Backlinko gives you an in-depth introduction to SEO and how you can easily get started with ranking your pages on Google:



And this video by the Surfside PPC shows you exactly how to get your Google Search Console Setup:



And for the complete guide – jump to any section here!

Bowen Therapy Marketing: Marketing Part 1

Bowen Therapy Marketing: Marketing Part 2

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