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Bowen Therapy Marketing: 17 Tips To Grow Your Practice – (PART 3)

17 Marketing Tips To Grow Your Bowen Therapy Practice In 2021 (Without Wasting Money!) – (PART 3)


In this detailed and comprehensive guide, I’m going to take you by the hand, step-by-step through 17 ways to grow your bowen therapy practice with digital marketing in 2021. 


Let’s be real for a second: every ‘guru’ out there tries to sell you on how ‘easy’ digital marketing is to grow your business – but for anyone who has tried before, knows how frustrating it can actually be. 


We all know the feeling of investing a lot of money or time into a marketing campaign, that just falls flat on its face. We feel lied to, and cheated. 


My goal is to be different. 


I want to lay out a simple to understand and simple to follow road map, that takes you by the hand, and guides you on exactly how to grow your practice. Yes it will take work, I won’t lie to you about that – but you will finally have the tools you need to be successful. 


In this short, yet comprehensive guide, I’m going to lay out in simple terms, 17 of the most important digital marketing strategies, that you can start using today to market your practice, without wasting money. 


And, it is fully updated for 2021!   


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Bowen Therapy Marketing: Marketing Part 3


In This Post We’re Going To Cover How To:


  1. Run LinkedIn Ads
  2. Build Your Email List
  3. Request Reviews
  4. Build Word Of Mouth Referrals
  5. Bonus 1: Make It Easy To Pay
  6. Bonus 2: Develop Repeat Business
  7. Bonus 3: Our Ad Copy Cheat Sheet
  8. Bonus 4: Free Additional Resources


Ready? Let’s jump into it:


  • Run LinkedIn Ads


LinkedIn Ads the the creme de la creme when it comes to online advertising and digital marketing for bowen therapy – however, a word of warning: LinkedIn Ads can feel quite expensive compared to other platforms. 


Therefore I recommend pursuing LinkedIn Ads last, once all of your other ad networks are up and running. 


Now I will be preparing and advanced and comprehensive guide on setting up LinkedIn Ads, but for now I’ll cover the essentials that you need to know to get started. 


Firstly – why advertise bowen therapy on LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. Or to put another way: a platform for people with money. The reason that LinkedIn Ads cost more than other platforms is because the concentration of highly senior professionals is staggering. 


These are big decision makers that have the backing of millions of dollars behind them. When they decide to buy something, it is worth a lot of money. 


Now, I don’t want that to intimidate you. Because high ranking CEOs and Directors, still get back pain. They get tense, they get stressed, they have rare medical conditions that western medicine struggles to solve, and so you have an opportunity to connect with them through LinkedIn. 


Yes your ad costs will be higher, but your opportunity to connect with wealthy individuals is also higher. Meaning, you could specialize your practice for high net-worth individuals if you chose to, allowing you to charge significantly higher prices. 


There is a trade off to everything. This is why I recommend LinkedIn as a more advanced approach, as it is not the most beginner friendly. However, once you are more established and looking to grow your practice to that next level, I do highly recommend LinkedIn ads. 


If you’re still on the fence over whether you should be on LinkedIn or not, this video by Gary Vee explains why right now is the best time ever to be on LinkedIn, and this opportunity won’t last for long:



This video by Ivan Mana is exceptionally thorough at taking you through exactly step by step, on how to get your LinkedIn Ad Campaign up and running:



Lastly, this video by Hubspot providers more details on getting your first LinkedIn campaign set up and running:



  • Build Your Email List


I can’t stress this enough: build. your. email. list. now. 


Apologies if that sounded patronizing, but it needed to be said. 


Why is building your email list so important? 


Because an email list is an asset that you own 100%, and that nobody can take away from you. 


Think about it: while platforms like Facebook and Instagram and YouTube are fantastic platforms for growing your business the suffer from one crucial weakness: you can get kicked off at any moment. 


Facebook can shut down your page, Instagram can kick you off the ad network, YouTube can shut down your channel. 


I know it seems unlikely, but trust me, as someone who’s working in the marketing space for years, you’d be shocked at how many accounts get disabled. 


And therein lies the problem: when you use a platform like Facebook, you don’t own the traffic (the people), Facebook does. And as a result, you are at the mercy of Facebook and their rules and their terms of conditions. 


You may not even realise that you’ve violated one of the terms, and poof! You’re gone. 


But if you got banned from Facebook, your business would still be okay if you had a customer list, aka an email list, and could email them and keep your relationship strong. 


Nothing is sadder then a business falling apart, simply because they didn’t maintain a customer database. 


But now that I’ve sold you on how important it is, I want you to realise how easy it is too to set up. 


Companies like Mailchimp, allow you to create email databases of up to 2,000 users (which is plenty to get started), completely for free. 


This video by Vanessa Lau breaks down why it is SO important to have your own email list, and exactly how to grow from 0 to 15k+ email subscribers:



This video by Kate Emily shows you exactly how you can leverage your Instagram account to build up your email list and following:



  • Request Reviews


Ah yes – requesting reviews. 


This is an important one, but one that often intimidates bowen therapy practitioners. 


See, we’d all love to have more reviews, but getting reviews means asking our precious clients whether they’d be open to reviewing us or not. 


We tend to avoid it because we feel like we don’t want to bother people, or worse, yet, we’re worried we’ll get some negative reviews. 


I’d like to assure you that that is not the case. 


Getting negative reviews is rare, and is usually as a result of some extenuating circumstances. 


Most clients are more than happy to leave you positive reviews. 


However, do prepare yourself mentally, as most people are quite busy, and even if they had a very successful treatment with you, they’ll end up being too busy to leave you a review. 


Don’t take this personally, just accept that that is how it is sometimes. 


However, your job is to regularly request reviews, and overtime you’ll develop quite the portfolio of positive reviews. 


Remember to be patient, and keep going. 


So what platforms are most important to get reviews on anyway?


The big 3 platforms are Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and Yelp Reviews, however with the declining popularity of Yelp, you’re probably better off focusing on Google and Facebook. 


Google reviews are done through your Google My Business account, and Facebook reviews are done through your Facebook Page


For Facebook Reviews – this video by Delaware ShoutOut, shows you step by step exactly how to get more Facebook Reviews:



And for Google Reviews – this video by Ranking Academy, shows you exactly how to request Google Reviews the fast and easy way, that your clients will appreciate:



  • Build Word Of Mouth Referrals


This is the ultimate level of growing your business: developing word of mouth referrals. 


The beauty of word of mouth referrals for growing your bowen therapy practice is that you don’t need to pay for them. 


While I am a huge advocate for paid digital marketing platforms, the impact at the end of the day is that you need to pay your hard earned dollars to run them. 


An ideal business should have a strong combination of word of mouth referrals to supplement their paid advertising methods. 


So then the question becomes – why not rely entirely on word of mouth referrals?


The problem with word of mouth is that you have no control over it, other than providing the best service and treatments you can. 


This means that you may have a few exceptional months where everyone is raving about you, however, then maybe winter comes and everything goes quiet. 


The problem with word of mouth is that you can’t just turn it on when you feel like it. 


So how do you build word of mouth referrals to market your bowen therapy practice? Here are 3 easy steps:


  1. Provide excellent service and treatments. Happy clients will spread the word
  2. Offer a friends and family discount. If your happy clients refer you to their friends or family, you can offer a referral bonus to the person who referred you, as well as a discounted rate for your new client
  3. Run marketing campaigns that are a little outlandish or quirky – I’m not saying you need to go over the top or embarrass yourself – but your marketing campaigns should be able to get people’s attention and make them think “oh! That’s different!”. For example, maybe you run a video campaign where you perform bowen on someone in a full body bear costume, or better yet you use a permanent marker to highlight the bowen pressure points – something different to get people’s attention. 


And there it is – it may start as a slow trickle at first – but in time your word of mouth referrals will start growing your bowen therapy practice. 


Now before I wrap things up, I’ve also included 4 bonus sections below, to provide additional content and material you can use in growing your practice:


  • Bonus 1: Make It Easy To Pay


I can’t stress this enough: make it easy for your clients to pay you. 


I get it, we live in a rapidly evolving economy, where there are so many different ways to pay. 


Cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, crypto currencies, wire transfers – you name it there are an infinite number of ways to pay for services. 


I recommend that you make it as easy as possible for your clients to pay by accepting all possible payment forms (unless there are some extreme extenuating circumstances). 


Some business owners refuse to accept Visa and Mastercard, because they don’t want to pay what they perceive as ‘hefty fees’ for using the service. 


However I would implore you to reconsider. 


Allow your clients to pay however they prefer to pay, it will make their lives easier, and anything that makes your clients lives easier, will ultimately make your life easier. 


Think about it, if you start losing business because you make it too difficult for clients to pay – how is that positively improving your business? 


Accept all payments, and if possible set up your website to also accept online payments through credit card, paypal or crypto currencies. 


  • Bonus 2: Develop Repeat Business


This point should probably go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway:


The goal of running a business is to get happy clients to keep coming back for more. 


Firstly, it is much easier to sell to an existing client, than it is to attract new clients. 


Many business owners burn themselves out, because they’re always on the hunt for that next client. 


Always go, go go, more, more, more. 


And while there is nothing wrong with working to attract new clients, it will be much more sustainable to grow your business, 


So how do you develop repeat business for your bowen therapy practice? 


It all starts with great service. Give the best possible treatments you can, and keep your clients happy. 


The next piece is to develop a long term program for users with chronic conditions. 


For example, there may be some clients who need a monthly or even weekly session for many months or possibly years to keep them functioning at the highest levels. 


You could then develop a monthly subscription or membership service, where you offer your recurring bowen services at a massively discounted rate, for those who stick with you over the long term. 


This helps you to better manage and balance your client load, by ensuring that you’ve always got returning clients coming to see you. 


  • Bonus 3: Our Ad Copy Cheat Sheet


I know that creating your first ads can feel intimidating, so as a tiny bonus to you, I’ve created an ad copy cheat sheet.


These are examples of ads that you can literally copy word for word when you run your own ad campaigns to market your bowen therapy practice. Enjoy 🙂


Ad Copy Example #1:


Bowen is one of the best ways to de-stress, relax and get centered. Right now we’re offering a first session for free for new clients. 


Our mission is to help you to become the best version of yourself possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Headline: Bowen therapy: 1st session free!


Ad Copy Example #2:


Bowen is designed to help you to rediscover your own inner power and confidence. Through health and wellness, we want you to be the best you can.  


For a short time, we’re offering a 1st class for free for new students. 


Our mission is to help you to become the best version of yourself possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Headline: Bowen To Rediscover Your Confidence!


Ad Copy Example #3:


Did you know that Bowen is a quickly growing alternative health therapy in North America? 


Bowen helps to build confidence and strength through health and wellbeing. 


For a short time, we’re offering a 1st class for free to new clients.


Our mission is to help you to become the best version of yourself possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Headline: Bowen Therapy: Join The Movement!


  • Bonus 4: Free Additional Resources


To go even deeper, here are three additional resources you can use to further develop your bowen therapy marketing to grow your practice through digital marketing:


Create Your Facebook Ads:



Setup Your Google Ads:



Launch Your Pinterest Ads:



Bowen Therapy Marketing: Conclusion


I do hope you’ve enjoyed this article on bowen therapy marketing, and are feeling more confident and prepared to run your own marketing campaign to promote your bowen practice. 


I understand that marketing can feel daunting and frustrating. There are many moving parts, and it can take time and patience to get all the pieces working together in a harmonious symphony. 


I have attempted to take a holistic approach to marketing here, to give you a deeper understanding of all the tools that are available to you. 


I’ve tried as hard as I can to make this an absolutely comprehensive guide, but obviously it is impossible to cover literally everything. But that just gives me a good excuse to make a version two of this guide! 


Also, I’ve written this guide and it is current as of May 2021, however, I will aim to update it at least yearly to stay current with the latest trends and developments in digital marketing.  


Therefore, if anything was unclear or you have further questions, please comment below or get in touch with me directly, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Here’s to health and happiness on your journey 🙂




And for the complete guide – jump to any section here!

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