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Business Book Summaries (Or, What This Blog Is About)

Laying The Foundation: What This Blog Is About


This blog is about business books. This blog is about reviewing the best business books on the market to give you the best and most concise information available. With so many books out there, who has time to read them all? (That’s right, only insane people like me). 


My job is to read the best of the best and create concise, interesting (and hopefully fun) reviews that are not only entertaining, but that actually help you out on your path in life. Life is a long journey, and I hope to be your guide and mentor along the way. 


But why should you listen to me? I’ve dabbled in engineering, I’ve dabbled in marketing, I’ve dabbled in writing, I’ve dabbled in being a world-travelling ‘digital nomad’. I’ve been out there and tasted life. I’ve had experiences that have helped me grow and evolve to the next level, and I want to share that wisdom with you. 


But more importantly you should listen to me because it helps you. And I’ll say this quite bluntly: if what I say does not resonate, or does not help you, then you shouldn’t listen to me. I thank you for your time, it has been a pleasure to get to know you, but we’re not meant for eachother. Sometimes the truth hurts. 


Sometimes I can be brash, sometimes I can be rude. I work hard to tell it like it is, to tell you the things that nobody wants to hear but that actually work, rather than fill your head with all the things you want to hear, but that don’t actually work. Political correctness is a bitch. Most people try to be so clean and sanitized, but their recommendations don’t actually have any meaningful impacts. I say, what’s the use in that?


Business Book Summaries


I’m here for one purpose: to create the best freaking business book summaries available. Books like Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Work Week, Robert Bly’s Iron John, Jeffrey Gitomer’s The Little Red Books Of Selling, Robert Greene’s Mastery, and Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich, gives you a small sample of the books I like to read. 


These are serious books with serious messages. I wish everyone had the time and energy (and patience) to read them. However, I found something even better: to create concise and actionable business book summary pdfs


Business Book Summary PDFs


I’ve created two sets of business book summary PDFs, the 1 pager and the 3 pager. 


1 Page Business Book Summaries


The 1 page business book summaries are the the ones I give away for free. I’m a big believer in free content and providing as much value to you as I can upfront. I mean afterall, I’m just some stranger on the internet, why should you trust me anyway? That’s why I produce free content for you, so you can read my stuff, read my thoughts, see how my mind works, and most importantly to get actionable insights you can start implementing in your life immediately. 


I’m offering to give away thirty 1-page business book summaries for signing up to my newsletter. It’s real simple, 30 book summaries in 30 days. Afterall, it takes 21 days to build a new habit right? My goal is simple, to provide you as much USEFUL information as I can within 30 days to show you that a) I’m serious, b) I know what I’m talking about and c) that you’re able to actually implement some of the lessons you learn and start seeing results. 


So what’s on offer? Here’s a sample:


  1. David Deida – Way Of The Superior Man
  2. Keith Ferrazzi – Never Eat Alone
  3. Robert Greene – Mastery
  4. Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers
  5. Roberty Bly – Iron John
  6. Karen Brody – Open Her
  7. Gary Vee – Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook
  8. Tim Ferris – 4 Hour Work Week
  9. Jeffrey Gitomer – The Little Red Book Of Selling
  10. Harvey McKay – Dig Your Well Before You’re Thristy
  11. Stu Heinecke – How To Get A Meeting With Anyone
  12. Caleb Jones – The Unchained Man
  13. Jay Abraham – How To Get Everything You Can Out Of Everything You’ve Got
  14. Lanny Bassham – With Winning In Mind
  15. Seth Godin – All Marketers Are Liars
  16. Chris Voss – Never Split The Difference
  17. Chip Heath – Made To Stick
  18. Robert Ringer – Winning Through Intimidation
  19. Brian Tracy – Eat That Frog
  20. Stephen Pressfield – The War Of Art
  21. Arnold Schwarzenneger – Total Recall
  22. Jim Collins – Good To Great
  23. Simon Sinek – Why Leaders Eat Last
  24. Honest Ed – How To Build An Empire On An Orange Crate
  25. Jeffrey Gitomer – The Sales Bible
  26. Seth Godin – Purple Cow
  27. Grant Cardone – Be Obsessed Or Be Average
  28. Chet Holmes The Ultimate Sales MAchine
  29. Eric Ries – The Lean Startup
  30. Cal Newport – Deepwork


My goal is simple: to provide you the best value I can in 30 days to build trust, and help you start getting momentum in your life and your business. Each 1-page business book summary pdf is broken down into the following sections:


  • Key insights
  • Quotes
  • Mindsets
  • Application


3 Page Business Book Summaries And Action Lists


Now for the people who want more, who want to go deeper than than surface level ‘feel good’ stuff, I’ve also put together comprehensive 3-Page Business Book Summary PDFs for sale. These are included as part of monthly membership packages, or for sale for $3 each (or buy all 30 for $30). I intentionally designed these to be ultra-low cost so anyone could afford them.


These 3-pagers expand even further form the 1-pager, giving more and deeper insights, but more importantly, giving you a detailed action plan to apply the material. Information is great, but application is power. 


  • More insights
  • My personal recommendations of the best way to apply the material
  • Audio break down of the key elements
  • Detailed action plan
  • Workbook to outline KPI’s and document your progress


The 3-page business book summary is designed to take you deeper, and to provide you with a comprehensive action plan so you can start implementing the material today. My goal, as always is to get you on your path, and to get you moving towards your goals. 


Book Genres


So what types of books am I going to be covering? The short answer is Business Books, and longer answer is an eclectic mix of all the best books you need for success in business, entrepreneurship, leadership, dating and life. 


Most people are too narrow minded. They assume that to be good at business means you need to focus on just being good at business. But I disgagree. I believe that to be good at business, one must be good at life. One must have a rich understanding, not only of every element within the business, but also about living a great and enjoyable life. If you’re miserable and in a terrible mood all the time, you aren’t going to have much luck crushing it in the boardroom.


One needs to know business, finance, accounting, math, science, statistics, marketing, sales, creativity, leadership, entrepreneurship, and what often get’s forgotten: how to be a man. You can read all the business books you want, but if you’re too afraid to pick up the phone, or to interact with people face to face, you’re going to end up being a pretty bad business owner. So let’s get more specific:


Business Books


I’ll be honest, ‘business books’ is pretty generic, what does that even mean? I see it as breaking down the core elements of how to run a business and keep it going. This could include elements of strategy, leadership and decision making. 


Some notable books that come to mind are Jim Collin’s Good To Great, Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup, and Geoffre Moore Crossing the Chasm. These books give great general overviews of how to run successful businesses, and pitfalls to avoid. 


Marketing Books


These are some my favourites. If you can’t tell, I’m a marketer (I’m also an engineer, a writer, and a world traveller, but marketing is one of my true loves). I love marketing because of the world’s it opens up. I could (and should) do a whole blog article on why everyone should learn marketing, but let me sum up a few basics here.


Marketing opens up doors and makes stuff happen. Think about it. Let’s say you’re awesome at designing clothes, but you don’t know anything about marketing – nobody is going to buy. Let’s say you’re an awesome YouTuber, but you know know anything about marketing – nobody is going to watch your stuff. Let’s say you’re an awesome author, but you don’t know anything about marketing – well I hate to break it to you, but nobody is going to read your material. 


It’s one of those things that breaks my heart in life. Someone get’s really passionate about their life calling. So they dedicate everything to it. They sacrifice, they put in their blood sweat and tears, but nothing seems to go anywhere. Why? Because they don’t know marketing.


Here’s the beautiful thing about marketing that many people don’t realise (and I can’t blame them, this phenomenon has only really existed on planet earth for the past 10 years, 20 years tops), which is that it is open to anyone. Literally anyone with a computer, and internet connection and a credit card with a $5 limit can start advertising, and not only that, but you have the potential to reach the entire world. 


So let’s back up a little bit to our example of the diehard author – he sacrificed everything to become an author, so how can he make it work? Well, the uninformed author, will just write content because ‘he enjoys it’, and then hopes and prays that someone will read it, and get’s very confused and frustrated when no one does. 


However, the marketing-savy author knows that creating great writing is only half the battle, the other half is to get people to read it. The marketing-savy author starts posting to social media, starts learning SEO, starts running some in expensive ads to drive traffic to his site, he sets up analytics to measure growth, he creates an email list to send people his latest posts as well as nurturing long term relationships. 


The marketing-savy author isn’t naive, he doesn’t expect to become a millionaire overnight, but he does know that the right combination of hard work and dedication to produce his writings, coupled with his marketing-savy, means that now he’s actually growing and nurturing an audience, which means that one day he does actually have the potential to be a millionaire. 


He just needs to work hard enough for it. My belief is that everyone needs to learn marketing as a basic life survival skill. Don’t believe me? Let’s talk in 10 years and see who’s accomplished more.  


Here’s my formula for success in life: marketing + 2 talents = success. 


Marketing alone won’t get you very far, and talents without marketing also won’t get you very far. The secret sauce to a successful life is to merge multiple skills together. Tim Ferris refers to this as the Specialized Generalist, the person who has combined multiple skills together in ways that are rarely combined. 


Just to take myself as an example here – how often do you come across a writer, marketer, and engineer? It’s almost like oil and water, those skills are rarely used in the same breathe. And that’s the point, to accomplish anything of real significance in life, it is your job to connect the dots in ways that those who’ve come before us, have not. 


And by combing specialized skillsets into new skillsets that are unique, you’ve suddenly created a new niche for yourself. You have no direct competition, because literally no one has ever done what you’ve done before. Nicely done. 


This is why I recommend learning marketing, it’s one of those leverage skills that makes every other skill you learn better and more valuable. In marketing books we’re going to be covering the works of Seth Godin, Gary Vee, Jay Abraham, Jay Conrad Levinson, Russell Brunson, and Dan Kennedy. The legends and titans in the marketing space.  


Sales Books


Sales is another one of those essential life skills that I believe everyone should learn. Everyone talks about living the digital nomad lifestyle, and how sweet it is to be your own boss and to be the entrepreneur. As Gary Vee says, entrepreneurship is ‘cool’ right now, but it takes a lot more work than most people imagine. 


But I’m going on a tangent here, if you want the freedom to be your own boss, you have to be able to sell. Period, end of story. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you either need to learn how to sell, or you’ll spend the rest of your life being told what to do by someone who does. So what’s it going to be?


Now, I now sales has a pretty sleazy feel to it. I believe people like Grant Cardone, Dan Lok and Jordan Belfort have given it a bad name, by being overly hypey and salesy, which has led many people to thing that sales is somehow ‘dirty’ or ‘manipulative’. 


I’m so grateful I read a little book by Jeffrey Gitomer called The Little Red Book Of Selling. This book was an eye-opener for me, and showed what sales should be. As Jeffrey puts it, sales is all about understanding the clients needs, of understanding truly what their problems are, and how you’re able to be the solution they need. Or to put it a little more succinctly, stop focusing on trying to sell, and focus on trying to understand why someone would buy. 


Imagine for a second you’re a business owner, and some sales guy comes to pitch you something. If the first things out of his mouth are ‘hey we’ve got the greatest widget thing ever, you should buy it’, you’re going to think “ummmm no thanks!”. 


But let’s say instead he comes to you and says, ‘hey, I know that last quarter your company had a pretty tough time, you launched 3 new products and none of them really seemed to take off, which was too bad as the success of the department was really depending on it. I did some investigation and I believe the products flopped for these three reasons….at ACME marketing, we’ve worked with clients to specifically address that problem by implementing x, y, z, and helped to ensure they had their most successful launches ever” – now, how do you react? You think ‘holy shit, this guy did his homework! He knows more about my business than I do myself, he’s correctly identified the problems we have, and he’s even got proven solutions to that problem!’. 


How could you say no? In fact, his pitch his so good, that now you’re actually afraid of putting out a lowball price and scaring him off – this is the solution we’ve been looking for afterall right! That’s what sales is supposed to be. Sales isn’t sleazy manipulative tricks to get someone into an old used cars, sales is about doing the research to understand your client better than they understand themself, and to give insightful solutions that they can’t get anywhere else. 


In sales we’re going to be diving into Jeffrey Gitomer, Grant Cardone (he does have some good books), Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Chet Holes, Jill Konrath, and Niel Rakham – the titans of sales. 


Masculinity Books


Now I threw in masculinity books as a bit of a wildcard. I appreciate that these books have nothing directly to do with business and sales, but remember what I said earlier about the importance of combing different skillsets together in ways that have never been combined before? Exactly. 


So I’ve thrown some masculinity books in here, specifically about what it means to be a man. What it means to face your fears, to step into your masculinity, to have a clear and definite purpose and mission in your life, and what it means to be a fully integrated male as you interact with the feminine. Without getting too esoteric, I believe that embracing your masculinity is an essential first step on your journey to business success. 


By embracing your masculinity, and letting your Wild Man free as Robert Bly talks about, you are letting all of your masculine energy out into the world. You’re standing tall and you’re proudly leaving your mark. 


Success in business, requires a high degree of self confidence, of knowing who you are and what you stand for in life. And if you’re a weak, timid little man, it will be impossible for you to stand your ground. You’ll be too scared to pick up the phone, you’ll backdown whenever clients put pressure on you, you’ll cower, you’ll defer, you’ll be too afraid to take the lead. 


Business is a jungle. Only the strongest survive. And if you’re too afraid that you might offend someone, or make them mad, and you hid timidly in the corner, you’re finished. Business requires balls. Business requires big, brass balls. You gotta roll with the punches and you gotta take your licks. Every time you get knocked down, you gotta get back up again. 


That is where I see the importance of masculinity books – they help you to step into your masculine power, and to be all that you can be. David Deida, Robert Bly, Karen Brody, Caleb Jones, Jordan Peterson, Stefan Aarino, Robert Glover, Zan Perrion, Jack Donvan, these are the titans of masculinity books. 


For any guy who feels shy, for any guy that feels insecure, I recommend picking up these books and diving in hard. They will test you, they will make you face some uncomfortable truths, but if you have the resolve and the determination, you will come out stronger on the other side. 

Leadership Books


Many people get lost in the technical aspects of business: the marketing, the finance, the accounting, the accounts receivable, the human resources, but people often forget about the human side of things. It’s is so easy to get caught up in the technical and analytics parts of our business, that often times we forget there are real humans involved. 


Or even if you’re a solopreneur and you don’t have any employees, you’ll still likely be dealing with clients, vendors, friends and investors. Leadership is one of those leverage skills that on the surface doesn’t seem to provide much value (I mean what do you need to lead, when you just need to tell people what to do and make sure the numbers line up). 


But business is more than numbers, it’s about people. Never forget this: business is about relationships. I want to share a story here about bad leadership, and I’m sure that pretty much anyone who’s ever worked a job can relate to this kind of story. 


In an agency that I worked for, I had a manager that made my life living hell. We would have good days, and bad days, but there were more bad days than good. In retrospect, I don’t think she was a bad person, I think we just had different styles of communication, and our personalities just seemed to endlessly clash. This video by Mark Cuban explains my sentiments exactly, just feeling like you’re not fit to work a job and be an employee. 


I’m very much an experimental type of person. I love to experiment, to try new things, to take initiative and help businesses to achieve things they’ve never achieved before. My manager was very much a management type person, she wanted to be the single point of contact, that all ideas had to flow through her and be approved by her. She wanted control, I wanted freedom, and over and over again we’d class and end up with endless frustrations and miscommunications. 


The good news is that it set me off on my path of running my own business and running my own show. And for that, I say thank you. But I’m not writing this to talk about bad management, I’m here to talk about good leadership. 


Good leadership is about inspiration. I heard a quote that I can’t remember who said, that if you want to build a boat, don’t tell people how to nail boards together, instead fill their heads with dreams of the ocean. 


You see the difference? Good leadership is not about telling people what to do, it’s about inspiring them to get them to want to do it on their own. People forget that micromanagement takes energy. It’s exhausting, and it’s frustrating. Why micromanage when you hired competent people for a reason. Good leadership is about getting people to excitedly do their work, to take their own initiative, and to soar. 


Recommended readings here include Simon Sinek, Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, John C Maxwell, Jeffrey Gittomer, Sun Tzu – the titans of leadership. 


Entrepreneurship Books


Entrepreneurship. It’s become one of those fabled words. Everyone talks about entrepreneurship, and in fact, right now in 2021, it’s pretty cool to be an entrepreneur. Everyone wants to put CEO/Founder on their Insta bio, so they can flex hard to their following. Nice work brahhh.


Gary Vee warns of this rise of the popular entrepreneur. He talks about how times are good right now – money is cheap – everyone is able to get credit up the asshole, and it’s not hard to put out the ‘image’ of a successful entrepreneur. You don’t need to actually be any good at entreprenerushp, or running a business, or sales, or marketing, all you need to do is go to your bank (or your daddy), borrow a bunch of money, get stacks of cash and scantily clad women, take some professional photos, slap it up on your IG and suddenly, you’re an entrepreneur! Easy right?


Gary Vee says he’s not nostradamus, but he sees a not to distant future where the economy crashes, the banks call back those loans, and all of a sudden all of those ‘entrepreneurs’ get exposed as the fake ‘wantrepreneurs that they really are. 


I write this is a warning to you – don’t live the fake life. Don’t live outside of your means on credit. There’s nothing wrong with going into debt, but don’t put on a fake flex and pretend like you’re more successful than you are. Bullshit always gets detected. Live true and live honest. 


When it comes to entrepreneurship, these are some of the tried and tested names in the game: Eric Ries, Geoffrey Moore, Pat Flynn, Jeff Walker, Alan Weiss, James Altucher, Ramit Sethi, Josh Kaufman and Brian Tracy – the titans of entrepreneushp. 


Business Book Summaries: My Goal


My goal here is to provide concentrated knowledge to the people who otherwise can’t access it. I believe that in the 21st century, poverty is a choice (yes, I understand it’s not quite as simple as that, and that there are many complicated reasons why people struggle to succeed, and you have my deepest empathy if success is not an option for you). 


Let me explain what I mean: we live in a decentralized, world where information has been democratized. Anyone with an internet connection has access to the same information. Which means there are no gatekeepers anymore, and there is no one actively stopping you from achieving success. 


But bigger than that, I believe that today, the only thing stopping someone from being successful and earning money (even if that is just enough money to pay your basic bills, I’m not advocating that everyone needs to be a millionaire), the only thing that is stopping someone is there level of ambition. 


I’m being serious. Anything can be learned now. Any skill can be acquired. The whole world is open to you. The only thing stopping someone from being successful is their level of ambition. If someone decides they want to succeed, all they need to do is go on the internet, do their research, learn what they need to learn, and then find creative ways to monetize. 


You don’t even need to pick up the phone and sell anything, all you need to do is build a following, get people to your site, and sell advertising. Simply by getting traffic to your site, you can begin monetizing and earning a paycheck. I’m not sure I can overstress this enough: we live in an amazing time to be a live. There has never been a better time in all of human history, for someone to put in the hard work and to achieve success, IF THEY WANTED IT. 


If they don’t want it, that’s fine too, they can sit around playing Call of Duty and drooling over the girls on Netflix, and we’ll be out here, building our businesses, building our empires and crushing it. Success is what you make of it, all you have to do is to reach out and grab it. 


If you’ve got the balls (and after reading those masculinity books, you will), the world is literally your oyster. Anything you want to do you can. Yes it’s a jungle out there. Yes there are jungle cats and sharks and hyenas, but once you’ve put on your big boy pants, you’ll be ready to face any challenge that comes your way. 


As Scarface said ‘the world is yours’. Are you going to take it?

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