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Can I hypnotize Myself? Self-Hypnosis Experiment

Can I Hypnotize Myself? Self-hypnosis Experiment


Alright, this one is going to seem a little ‘out there’, but I’m all for trying new things, so why not right? 


Today I’m launching an experiment in self-hypnosis – I want to see whether hypnosis is actually real or not, and whether it can help have dramatic improvements in my life. 


Before we get into the juicy details, this video by SciShow gives a quick breakdown of what hypnotherapy is and some of the science behind it:



Now let’s, answer some basic questions:

What Is Hypnosis? 


Hypnosis is a dreamlike state where we’re not quite awake or asleep. In fact this may surprise, but we all enter states of hypnosis all the time – when we’re driving our car for long distances, watching a captivating movie or simply going for a quiet walk in the park – our minds are entering a state of hypnosis. 


Ever catch yourself saying ‘wow, I don’t even remember how I got here, I must have been going on auto-pilot’ – yeah, that is you entering a state of hypnosis, where your mind relaxes and you’re no longer consciously active. 


Why Is A Hypnosis State Important? 


We spend much of our lives working from our conscious mind. This is effectively our thinking mind. This is where we logically work through problems and make decisions. 


However, much of our life is actually controlled by our emotions. 


We all logically know that working out at the gym is good for us.


We all logically know that eating salad is good for us. 


We all logically know that most spiders can’t hurt us. 


We all logically know that public speaking is a perfectly find and normal thing to do.


So why don’t we do them? Why do we skip the gym, or skip the salad or scream in horror at spiders or avoid public speaking like it’s the plague? Our emotions are getting in the way. 


And this is the punchline: our emotions and subconscious mind actually dictate how we life our lives. Emotions will overrun logic every time. Use all the willpower you want, but you can’t fight it. 


So getting into a hypnotic state, allows us to speak directly to the subconscious mind. We can rewire and reprogram it to behave the way we want it to. 


Imagine being able to program your mind to love going to the gym? Think Arnold Schwarzenneger level love of going to the gym – you love it so much you basically live there. 


Is such a state possible to induce? It’s time for me to find out. 

Examples Of Hypnosis


To give some context, I wanted to share some examples of hypnotic videos I’ve found on YouTube – these give a range of examples of what a hypnosis session could look like:


Live Hypnosis Session from MedCircle:



Marrissa Peer – How To Hypnotize Someone:



Marissa Peer – How To Perform Self-Hypnosis:



Karl Smith – Full Hypnosis Session Example:



Imagine If…


Now before all my haters blow their tops and start screaming about ‘yeah but hypnosis isn’t real! It’s only for quacks!!’. 


Easy now…cool your jets. 


I think of it like this:


Imagine if you could learn to love going to the gym and build massive huge muscles. 


Imagine if you could learn to love eating healthy and nutritious food, and proudly look at your slim healthy body in the mirror. 


Imagine if you could have the confidence to talk to any girl you wanted. 


Imagine if you could be bold enough to start your own business. 


Imagine if you could drill perfect focus and discipline into your mind, so you never wasted time on video games or p*rn, but instead were iron fisted in your focus to get work done? 


Imagine how much you could accomplish. Imagine how much better you could live. 


Imagine for a second that that was all possible with hypnosis. And all you had to do was close your eyes and listen to a 15 minute audio a couple times a day. Would that be worth it? 


Wouldn’t that seem like the best deal ever – like you suddenly had an opportunity to live life on God Mode? 


If nothing else, I feel it’s worth a shot. I mean, what is there really to lose? 

My Self-hypnosis Experiment


So I hereby declare that I am starting a self-hypnosis experiment. This will include a few phases, as I test out different approaches and styles:


Phase 1: Biceps. Can I hypnotize myself to build massive biceps?


Phase 2: Intense Focus: Can I hypnotize myself to publish 60k words per month to my blog?


Phase 3: Loving Sales. Can I hypnotize myself to love making sales calls? 


Phase 4: Build a Network. Can I hypnotize myself to build a massive professional network?


Phase 5: Build a Business. Can I hypnotize myself to build a successful and profitable $10k/month agency by April 2022?


How I’ll Know If It Worked


I mean, if I’m successful, then I guess that is evidence that it worked, right? 


And that’s my whole point here, if self-hypnosis works, then I’ll be able to turn myself into a productivity machine. An absolute ruthless machine that knows exactly what he’s doing every day, and how to move forward in the best possible way possible. 


So to get a little more specific:


Phase 1: Biceps. Current measurements: Right Bicep is 36.2cm and Left Bicep is 34.0cm around. I’ll take some before and after photos to capture ‘those gains’. Add 2cm per arm by July 2021.


Phase 2: Intense Focus: 60k words written and published per month by August 2021.


Phase 3: Loving Sales. Start making at least 5 sales calls per week by September 2021.


Phase 4: Build a Network. Currently have 3,198 contacts on LinkedIn, let’s say I hit 5,000 by October 2021.


Phase 5: Build a Business. The big kahuna: hit $10k/month revenue by April 2022.


And there it is – let the experiment begin!


Let’s see if whether through some simple self-hypnosis I’m able to get myself in a deep hypnotic state, and that knocking off these goals will be a piece of cake. 


If I hit the mark and it works, who knows, I may actually demolish these goals even faster than expected. 


Here’s to the journey,


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