Can I Trust Myself Enough To Be An Artist?

Can I be so arrogant?



I have this unfortunate curse: it’s called being afraid to fail.


Maybe you’ve heard of it.


Please excuse me, I’ve been diving deep into Seth Godin’s world recently, and he’s been putting some dangerous ideas into my head.


The problem with trying new things, is you might fail. You might fall on your face, someone might laugh at you, and it might be really, really, (really) embarrassing.


But the problem with not trying new things, is you become replaceable.


See if you do exactly what everyone does, that why not hire someone who’s cheaper and faster?


(I mean I’m terribly slow at writing these blog posts, I should really hire someone faster)


I want to share this video by Seth Godin (time 3:53) where he explains the value of art and willing to be different:


Being An Artist:

I’ve got a confession:


I’ve never seen myself as an artist.


Back in school there were the kids who took “art”, and then there was me and the asian 6-pack (is that term politically incorrect yet? oh boy…).


3 math classes and 3 science classes – the mega-fun pack to make it into the big leagues of engineering.


There was no “art” there was only “here are some formulas, do the things”.


Redefining Art


But here’s the thing, I’ve opened up my mind to what “Art” even is. I used to think it was just making “pretty things” (which I’m terrible art, goddamn).


But now I see art as “doing something new”.


An artist is someone who’s bold enough to do something new in a space (any space), that hasn’t been tried before.


When you do something new and untested, and there is no roadmap – that is art.


The Big Question:


So that all sounds well and good. But the next (big and scary) question is: “okayy….so how do I create something new?”


Damn, I was hoping you wouldn’t ask.


If I had an answer, I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog.


But here’s what I going to do: I’m going to keep trying new things. New experiments.


There’s a big question I’m trying to answer in my life: “how do humans build trust”.


And all I need to do, is get up every day, and find a little way to chip away at that question.


I might be able to give you a proper answer in about 30 years. Check back then, kplzthx?





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