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#Socrates And #Kanye Walk Into A Bar 🍾🍺 ⛔ #RoguePhilosophy

Socrates And Kanye Walk Into A Bar   Alright kids, this is something the won’t teach you in history class – but what happens when Socrates and Kanye walk into a bar?   Close your eyes and imagine, feel the magic, Vegas on acid. Seen through Yves St. Laurent glasses. – Kanye   An unexamined […]

2021 Martial Arts Marketing Martial Arts Monetization

Martial Arts Monetization And Adsense Alternatives (Updated For 2021!)

Before getting into it, check our Martial Arts Marketing Foundations Guide which goes through in-depth all of the marketing platforms and strategies available to you to grow your business.   Martial Arts Marketing: Why Even Monetize?   Let’s start with the big question here: why even monetize your site in the first place? I mean […]

2021 Martial Arts Email Marketing Martial Arts Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Martial Arts Email Marketing (Updated For 2021!)

Need a starter guide? Check out our Foundational Guide to Martial Arts Marketing which covers the all the basics from our Marketing Playbook, and gets you hitting the ground running.   What Is Email Marketing?   Let’s start with the basics here – what even is email marketing? In a nutshell, email marketing is using […]

2021 Business Fail

The Ultimate 97 Signs Your Business Is Going To Fail (Updated For 2021!)

97 Signs Your Business Is Going To Fail   Now when I say ‘your business’, I don’t mean you literally, I mean the business you work for, unless you are the boss, then yes I do mean ‘you’.    Now just as it is true that humans breathe oxygen, so it is true that must […]