5am Consistency Just Write

Writing Live On A Livestream

So I had this idea….   What if I wrote a blog post live?   Seems like a pretty dumb idea. I thought so too.   A while back (2-weeks or so), I started waking up at 5am. Not because I’m super motivated or a morning person (definitely not), but because I was attempting to […]

5am Routine Work Hard

Work Too Hard, Or Not Enough?

Typical Day I find no matter how hard I work, I always end up feeling like it’s not enough. “I could have worked even HARDER”, I tell myself.   So I’m taking a moment to reflect on what hard work even means to me, and starting with a look at my typical day. This should […]

5am Do The Hard Thing How To

How To Wake Up At 5am

Normal People Stop Reading Now…   Seriously, I don’t recommend waking up at 5am if you enjoy people, alertness or the late show. Even now, I’m trying to be funny but that joke was horrendous, please just stop now. But here we go, let’s say you’re trying to build a bit of structure and routine […]

5am Consistency Just Write Routine

Starting Something New

Show Me Your Bad Writing   So I foolishly decided to start something new here: write every day.   I asked myself a question – what if every day I sat down and wrote just 100 words.   And what if, every month, I took all those 100 words and I put them together in […]