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Writing Live On A Livestream

So I had this idea….   What if I wrote a blog post live?   Seems like a pretty dumb idea. I thought so too.   A while back (2-weeks or so), I started waking up at 5am. Not because I’m super motivated or a morning person (definitely not), but because I was attempting to […]

Advice Consistency Words To My Younger Self

Words To My Younger Self

Ending The Writer’s Block   About 2 months ago I boldly declared (I think it was Feb 29th, that day oddly stands out in my mind), that I would start a blog and a youtube channel and that within a matter of minutes I would be world famous.   Well turns out I didn’t accomplish […]

5am Consistency Just Write Routine

Starting Something New

Show Me Your Bad Writing   So I foolishly decided to start something new here: write every day.   I asked myself a question – what if every day I sat down and wrote just 100 words.   And what if, every month, I took all those 100 words and I put them together in […]