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Developing A Hypnotic Voice And Going Deeper In Hypnosis

Firstly, thank you to the Rogue Hypnotist for inspiration on this post – for more in-depth, check out his book series on Amazon.

People Are Magnetically Drawn To Deep Voices

It’s no secret that deeper voices are more hypnotic. Think James Earl Jones from Star Wars and The Lion King, think Barry White, think Isaac Hayes – these voices are just so soothing and comforting, you could curl up into a nicy cosy ball beside them and drift asleep. 


There’s a reason that James Earl Jones played Mufasa in The Lion King – his voice commanded respect. When he spoke, we listened, and in its own way, we all entered a state of hypnosis while watching that movie. 


Imagine instead he had a high nasally voice like Zazu – it would be impossible to take him seriously. In fact, it’s no coincidence that the leader of the pack has a deep authoritative voice, and the comedic relief has a shrill nasally voice. Vocal depth speaks directly to our status in society. 


As a quick aside – higher status people tend to have lower levels of cortisol, boosting their testosterone and giving them deeper, more respectable voices. By contrast, people lower in status tend to have higher cortisol which tightens the chest muscles and raises the voice. 


What Is A Hypnotic Voice?

A hypnotic voice contains range. When many people think of a hypnotist, they think of monotone boring voices. And while this can work, having a more dynamic range will be more effective in getting someone into a state of hypnosis. 


If you are too monotone, your participant may actually become too bored, and your hypnosis won’t go as deep. However, if you had more vocal range, modulating your voice with variety including ups and downs, slowing down and speeding up, it becomes more interesting to listen to. 


Imagine you were being read a bed-time story. A monotone voice would bore you to tears, but a lively and varied voice would keep you interested. And the more interested and engrossed you are with the story, the more your imagination vividly comes alive, the deeper you’re slipping into that hypnotic state. 


Varying your tone, speed, rhythm, will help your clients to relax more deeply, feeling safer and more relaxed around you. A few key points:


  1. Aim to resonate your voice in the chest and belly – avoid the throat and definitely not the nose. 
  2. Breath deeply from your diaphragm
  3. Speak slightly quieter than your normal everyday voice
  4. Slow down your speaking (but not too much), add in a few extra pauses for emphasis, but don’t overdo it. 


Think of your voice as if you were lulling a baby to sleep. Or to be more vivid, imagine that when you speak, you are showering the other person in sound – giving them a figurative sound bath. 


Imagine you were doing this, but with your voice:



Remember to speak as if the words that you’re speaking have a great meaning and purpose – because they do. Keep in mind that the hypnotic state will amplify your words and make them feel even more significant, as if they’ve been imbued with deep meaning and significance. 

Developing A Hypnotic Voice

As a hypnotist, your voice is your tool. Just like any craftsman you need to keep your tool sharp and ready to go. You will have a significant advantage over your competition if you have a better and deeper sounding voice. 


There are a number of exercises you can start doing to deepen your voice. The first and simplest is to start breathing deeply into your diaphragm and then gently hum as you exhale. Humming has the effect of loosening and relaxing your vocal chords, as well as strengthening them. 


Practice humming throughout the day. The good news is that this is in an exercise that you can do nearly any time and anywhere. Maybe don’t do it on the bus, unless you’re cool with crowds of people looking at you funny. 


Hum in the morning, hum when you go for a walk, hum in the evening before bed. The more you work your vocal chords, the deeper and stronger they’ll get. Another thought: avoid coffee if you can. Coffee constricts and tightens, and you want to relax and loosen. 


To go deeper, here are two videos by Voiceover Masterclass and Dr Sam Robbins on how to naturally deepen your voice:


Hypnotic Voice Exercise

To go deeper in developing your deep hypnotic voice, here is an additional exercise you can work on for a more resonant and commanding voice:


  1. Start by breathing out slowly until your breath is all the way out
  2. Breathe slowly to your belly – breath deeply with your diaphragm – use your diaphragm to expand your belly, and breathe all the way deeply inside. 
  3. When your belly is full, slowly release it in a hum
  4. You have vocal resonators throughout your chest, throat, mouth, and even nasal cavity (hence nasally voices)
  5. Experiment with directing the hum to your various resonators, but remember for hypnosis you want a nice deep chest resonance
  6. Experiment with how each resonating chamber affects the sounds you make
  7. Practice, practice, practice. If possible dedicate 20-30 minutes per day to breathing deeply and resonating your chest. Try 10 minute in the morning, and 10 minutes before bed. 


It’s like going to the gym. If you want to build big strong muscles, you need to put in your time and do the reps. Treat your voice just like your biceps, and give it the treatment it deserves. 



ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and is characterized as a pleasant tingling sensation that starts from the top of the head, and moves down the neck, back and through the spine. ASMR is typically triggered by soothing auditory sounds, and a whole genre of ASMR videos (and ASMR erotica videos) have popped up on YouTube. 


Keep in mind that your voice, when done right, can trigger an ASMR response in your clients. In fact, the better you’re able to manifest a deep, calming, authoritative voice, the more you’ll be able to induce ASMR. This is a pleasant sensation on the road to hypnosis. 


Let’s just be honest for a second – half the reason that clients come to see you is because it is pleasant and relaxing to listen to you. Your voice elicits good feelings inside of them. You make them feel relaxed and safe. 


For those who are uninitiated, here is an example of ASMR – I don’t know Russian, but who else suddenly feels inspired to learn?


Breathing From The Solar Plexus

This is a breathing exercise for your clients to help them go deeper in their hypnosis. As you’re getting them to relax, ask them to feel like they’re breathing right through their solar plexus. This is a deep level of breathing that will immediately slow their breath, and induce relaxation. 


The solar plexus is located right beneath the rib cage, and right above the belly. If anyone has practiced martial arts before, you probably know what it’s like to be hit there, and how easily it knocks you to the ground and winds you. 


Why? Because the area contains a large bundle of nerves and is extremely sensitive. As client’s are going under, they’ll likely report a tingling sensation here. This is good, it means they’re breathing from the right place. 


At a high level, being good at hypnosis is simply about having your clients follow a series of tiny tasks. Each time they agree and comply with one of your requests, they are subconsciously agreeing with your frame, allowing them to go deeper and deeper. 


People Love Hearing Their Names

This should be no surprise, but people absolutely love hearing their names, and they don’t hear them often enough. Hearing your name makes you feel special, important, recognized. It means that you are somebody. 


Often in our day to day lives we feel like nobodies. We feel like we simply are going through a set of tasks in our day with no real meaning – and having someone say your name – especially someone somewhat unexpectedly, can have a big impact on how we feel about ourselves. 


One caveat I’ll add – if you overdo it, it can become creepy. Have you ever been on a sales call where the sales guy just kept saying your name as if you were the bestest of buddies that had known each other for years, and you kept thinking ‘who the hell is this guy anyway?!’ – yeah cool your jets a little bit. 


I don’t have an exact formula to use here, but perhaps aim for about once per minute in conversation. This is enough to show you care and you’re there with them specifically, but not so much as to trigger a ‘creepy’ response. 


Get People To ‘Do Nothing’

This is one of those joyous moments. Many people are nervous or apprehensive when going in for a hypnosis session as they subconsciously believe they need to ‘do something’. By instructing people to do nothing, you give them the opportunity to fully relax. 


Simply say: ‘for the duration of our session, there is nothing for you to do, and nowhere to go…just to simply sit here and relax’.


This gives your client permission to relax fully. They may have felt apprehensive because they weren’t sure what was coming up, but by giving this gentle suggestion, you allow them the opportunity to enter into a blissful state of relaxation. 


Our minds are always scanning for danger, and are always trying to think of ‘that thing we need to do’ – when our minds are in this state of fight or flight, we are unable to relax. But simply being told ‘there is nothing for you to do’ gives you complete permission to actually relax and enjoy yourself.

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