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Do The Work. The Alpha Engineer Doesn’t Make Excuses.

“Let’s work. Rich as f*ck, but guess what? Back to work. Overseas, back home, no time to sleep, I’m back to work. So many people that I love that want my time but I gotta work. Some of my friends don’t understand, but sh*t I gotta work.” – Dr. Dre


Do The Work


I’m warning you right now, if you’re going to be a regular reader on this blog looking to command respect, you’re going to hear me say it over and over and over again: if you want success in life, you just gotta do the work. 


Sound easy right? So why is it so hard to just “do the work”. Many men carry a massive Masculine Wound that needs healing before they can get the work done.


I’d argue it stems from a lack of clarity and direction. If I was a betting man I’d say you’re too all over the place.


Getting pulled in so many directions, your friends, your mom, your school, your work, pressures, girlfriends, dating, interviews, hobbies, parties – so many things to do!


So I thought to make this easy, I’d use myself as an example as to what it means to “do the work”. Let’s get into it:


Revealing My Not So Secret Success Plan To Do The Work


So if you’re reading this blog, then you probably guessed right that I’m a blog writer (crazy, right?). Any guesses on why I’m excited to write this blog? Because it means I only have one single thing to do. When I wake up in the morning, I know what I need to do. When I’m day dreaming, I know what I’m daydreaming about. When I go to bed at night, I know what I’m focused on. I only have to do one thing everyday: get up and write this blog. 


Which means it’s super easy for me to define what it means to “do the work” – 7,000 words per day. When I go to bed at the end of the day, knowing that I’ve written my 7,000 words, I know that I’ve done my work. 


Remember when people talked about making SMART goals? TBH I generally roll my eyes whenever talks about SMART goals, but in this case, I got to give them credit. 7,000 words is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Win. 


I’m reading Mastery by Robert Greene, and in it he talks about how humans evolved to be hyper-focused. When we’re on the hunt, the only thing we’re focused on is the kill. All other distractions disappear. We aren’t built to be constantly scanning the horizon, we’re built to focus in on how we can smash rocks together, start fires, build tools. Focus. Focus is a uniquely human ability.  


Think back on your life – think back to those moments where suddenly you felt you could drop all your thoughts and just be hyper-focused on your target. Playing tag as a kid comes to mind. When you were it, your only job was to go tag someone else. Everything else faded away. 


And so to with my goal of 7,000 words – knowing that that is “all I have to do”, means I can forget everything else, let everything else go. It’s freeing. Liberating, and means that I can actually focus on getting my work done. 


I’ll compare that now to experiences I’ve had in jobs and careers – my focus is everywhere. All over the place – emails, phone calls, angry clients, happy clients, new projects, projects behind schedule, unhappy boss, taking side education courses, noise, noise, noise – there’s so much noise on a daily basis at work that you can’t focus!


For my sanity I had to leave. I’d be lying if I’d said that all my life I’d been “destined” to be a writer, but right now, in this moment, this is my truth. This is my calling to just sit down and write and get these words down on paper. To be very honest, I’m aware these words are mostly crap. I’m aware! But the point of mastery isn’t to do everything amazingly all the time, it’s to do the work, and in doing the work, you refine your craft, you sharpen your sword, and over time develop mastery. 


How To Make Money Blogging


Alright, now before you think this is a massive brag session about how amazing I am, let me give you something useful. You might be thinking “alright Arthur, that’s cool that you want to sit and write 7,000 words every day, but I can’t do that, I have bills to pay, I have responsibilities”. And to that I say, I hear you. I have bills to pay too. Oh trust me I do. So how do you make money blogging? Let me make this real simple:


  1. Write content
  2. Then write more content
  3. Then write even more content until your fingers bleed
  4. Use a few choice keywords
  5. Get traffic from Google
  6. Setup Google Adsense to sell advertising space on your site
  7. Voila


Blogging And Compound Growth


But this is where things start to get really interesting, because when you first start your blog, the good and the bad news is that nobody is going to read it. You put out content and put out content, and nobody reads it, and it doesn’t rank on Google. So what’s the deal?


Patience young grasshopper, success takes time. Success is a shy f*cker, and takes time to come out and say hi. Here’s where things get beautiful: every piece you write is slowly (if painfully) building up your assets (you own this remember, 100%), piece by piece, post by post, word by word you build your empire. 


Maybe it takes 3 months to get hits off Google. So what, keep at it. 


Maybe it takes 6 months until someone leaves a comment. So what, keep at it. 


Maybe it takes 12 months before anyone starts actually returning to read more. So what, keep at it. 


Why? Because compounding. Every time you move up a ranking on Google, you get a little more traffic. Every time you post another article, you get a little more traffic. Every time you build your sites authority, you get a little more traffic. And it compounds and it compounds and it compounds. 


There’s an old story that details the power of compound interest: an old man has to pay back a debt, and he places 1 grain of rice on the first square of a chess board. And he says “After every square I’ll double the amount of rice until I fill up this chess board?”. And the other person laughs and says absolutely not! I cannot accept such a small payment. 


Unkown to that man that that rice doubling 32 times over the chess board would have resulted in 4.3 Billion grains of rice (that’s Billion with a B). That’s the power of compounding and exponential growth. 


So if I build my blog up to earning $500/mo – cool, that’s $500/mo I could probably maintain for years and years with very little work. How much would you like to have an extra $500/mo for life? Or build it up to $1000/mo, or if I could be so bold…$10k/mo? Imagine building up a source of income to $10k/month and knowing that you’d only need to put in a few hours from that point forward to maintain it?


That’s why I’m excited. I’m excited to build and asset. I’m excited to build an asset that I own AND have the power to grow exponentially (I guess I’m an engineer after all right?).


How To Make Money Selling Ebooks On Amazon


Full disclosure: I’ve never done this yet, but I will be soon. 


After writing all that amazing content, package it up as an ebook on Amazon. Sell it for 99 cents or list it as a Kindle Unlimited. The purpose isn’t to make money selling the book, the purpose is to get people reading the book in the first place. 


Remember: nobody knows you right now. One of my biggest frustrations working with clients as a marketer, is client’s come to you with a bad product and no brand and say “hey, sell this thing!”. And it’s like…nice try, but nobody wants your sh*tty book, course, or whatever you’re selling. People don’t buy from strangers. People need to learn to love and respect you first. 


So you sell your book for dirt cheap to make it real easy for people to buy from you (ps – I’ve lost count of the number of books I’ve bought off amazon simply because they were 99 cents, and most of them I’ve probably never even opened. Complete impulse buys, but when you see something for so cheap your brain thinks “how could I not?!”).


And here’s the thing that everyone misunderstands: most people think “ah, I don’t want to write a blog, it’s so much work, and no one’s going to read it anyways!”. You’re right, probably nobody will read it. So what? We’re not interested in getting people to read our content right now, the whole purpose is just to get writing. 


We’re writing to get clarity. We’re writing to top into our truth. It’s buried in there, deep down, under piles and piles of sh*t. Our goal is simply to uncover it and bring it right up to the surface. So we get writing. Nobody reads it? So what, write another one now. 


Now that you’re casually a few million words deep, guess what? Now you can start repurposing baby. Turn that material into ebooks for kindle, record some audio and now you got an audio book, turn the material into speeches, start a podcast – whatever you want – you’ve done the hard work, now enjoy the fruits of your labour. 


So if you can make a couple bucks selling books off amazon why not? Remember we’re investing in a multi-revenue business. Wanna see something cool? We write blogs, get traffic to the site, sell ad space, write books, sell them on amazon, record audio, sell audio books, turn the material into a concentrated package, sell a video course, make exclusive material and now you’ve got a monthly paid membership site. 


A crazy thing too: people might actually start to like your writing, your voice and your message. People just might start to like listening to you. People might actually find comfort in your words and your voice, and show up again and again, because you’ve managed to have an impact on their lives. Just maybe – but could you have done it, if you’d never started writing? Nope. 


Are you getting the itch to start writing yet? Are you getting excited and salivating over all the possibilities here? We live in an amazing time to be alive, and I don’t know about you, but I refuse to let those opportunities pass by. No excuses, time for action: time to write. 


How To Get Started


This is a big question we all ask (I know I have…many times) – how to get started? I know, I know, it’s so daunting. You have to get up, start working, not hang out with your friends, you have to put yourself out there, people might judge or make fun of you, you might fail, you might embarrass yourself, you might stumble, or god forbid you say something dumb, or worse yet – offensive! Someone might get offended!


Oh no! Guess what? Who cares. If you live your life constantly in fear of upsetting or offending someone you’re not going to accomplish much in life. Just being real and honest with you. I know it’s a harsh truth, but someone has to be your friend and just say it. If you want to enjoy your life later, you gotta do the hard work today. 


So, how to get started? First, let’s motivate ourselves with money. If you don’t care about money, that’s cool, don’t complain to me when you’re broke and can’t pay your bills. But it’s more than just money, it’s about ownership. 


See anyone can get a job and get money, but how motivating is that really? Most people have jobs and paychecks, how many of them literally jump out of bed excited to face the day in the morning? Trust me, not many. 


See the problem with a regular job is that if you stop showing up, you stop getting paid. You’re paid hourly, to show up, and put in your hours. No hours, no pay. Very simple equation. Not sure about you, but I’m not thrilled about that proposal…feels like I’m getting the short end of the deal here. But before I go any further, I need to make something abundantly clear:


This isn’t because I’m lazy. I’m not one of those people that promotes a passive income lifestyle so that you “laze around” and just get money by “opening your laptop”. Passive income is cool, but I feel the people that push passive income are some of the sleaziest scumbags ever. See, here’s the allure of passive income: easy money. 


Everyone wants the easy money, that they don’t need to work for and money just shows up like magic in their bank account. If you hear someone pushing easy passive income, run, seriously run as fast as you can because that person is trying to sell you a fantasy. It’s your desire for easy money that lets you fall prey to scamsters filling your mind with dreams of fantasies. 


So read me loud and clear: I am not promoting an “easy” road to “big money” or “laptop lifestyle” living on a beach. What I’m talking about is hard work. Hard, dedicated, persistent work. And that’s a message that no one wants to hear. Through years of hard work, mastery is your reward. 


But there’s more: ownership. You own what you build. Write now, as I write this blog, as these words roll off my keyboard, believe it or not, word by word, I’m building my empire. The whole is more than the sum of the parts. By building this blog, overtime I rank better on Google, I get more traffic, and that lets me sell more ad space. But here’s the thing: I own in. 


Now let’s imagine something: you spend 5 years busting your a**. I’m serious. You spend 5 years with your head down, and just bust your f*cking a**. You write and you write and you write, and eventually you hit 10 Million words, and suddenly you have an empire. You’ve built up a blog that millions of people visit every month. 


Now that you’ve built your empire, how much work do you think it takes to maintain it? Not much. Brian Tracy had an analogy of starting a business like a plane taking off: in order to lift off, that needs to hit 100% throttle going down the runway. If they only hit 90% throttle it never takes off. But, and here’s the beautiful part, once the plane is airbound and up in the clouds, think they need to maintain 100% throttle? Not a chance, they can pull back to 30% throttle and maintain themselves just fine up in the air. 


The same with your business, you need to hit 100% throttle for a couple years as you barrel down the runway, but one you hit liftoff and cruising altitude, you can pull back and start coasting. So I promoting working your butt off, I’m talking blood, sweat and tears, for a good couple years, then enjoy the fruits of your labour. 


It’s one of the problems with a regular job, you can’t really “front load your work”, you can’t decide you suddenly just want to do a lot of work, and take it easy later. Nah, you gotta show up from 9-5 every single day. And to be honest, who even works a 9-5 anymore? It’s more like a 5-9, and includes evening and weekends. And at the end of it, do you get anything to show for it? Maybe a retirement fund, if you’re lucky. 


So that’s how you get started: get excited by the fact that you get to own 100% of what you produce. You reap what you sow, as they say. 


How To Get Motivated To Do The Work


How to get motivated, and almost more importantly, how to stay motivated? Anyone can get spontaneously motivated by an idea they just had, but how do you maintain motivation? Let’s start with the first question: How to get motivated?


First, get excited by what you want to do. Maybe your goal is to read all the best books in the world, or maybe it’s to learn how to cook authentic Italian cuisine while simultaneously learning Italian and mastering Italian wines (the triple threat), or maybe it’s to write the world’s most epic and profound blog (guilty!). 


What’s inspiring you to want to do that? Is it mastery? Is it to show off? Is it to meet women? Is it to make money? Is it to take ownership and responsibility for your life? Write it down. Our brains are terrible at remembering things. Write it down. 


Then, try just doing a little bit. Perfectionism is often our worst enemy. Tell yourself you’ll just do it for 5 minutes. If it’s writing, tell yourself you just need to write 50 words, even if they’re the most garbage words ever. In fact, this paragraph is exactly 50 words. 


Were they the most profound, life changing words? Absolutely not, but I wrote them, and you didn’t, and that’s what matters here. See how this works? That is one of my secrets to getting motivated, telling myself to just write a couple words, and not caring one bit whether those words are any good. Then, you know what usually happens? I start actually enjoying the process, and start writing more, and writing more, and more. The words start coming out of me. 


And here’s the secret: Most people believe that motivation breads action, but truth is action breads motivation. If you want to get something done, just start doing it, and don’t judge yourself on the quality (not yet, anyway). 


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu


How Do I Maintain Motivation To Do The Work?


It’s a question people always ask…”How do I maintain my motivation to do the work??”. But if you’re asking this question, you’re not seeing the bigger picture. A lot of people try to get “motivated”. Watch a Tony Robbins video, or an Oprah video or a Breneé Brown video – everyone is trying to get “motivated” and to psych themselves up to doing the work. 


One of the things I like about Gary Vee, despite him doing a lot of motivational content and “hustle porn”, is that he admits that he hates being “motivational Gary”. At the end of the day, he says to just get the work done. 


See here’s the problem with motivation: like a fiend, after you get a fix, you need another fix, and another fix. You need all these hits of motivation just to keep going and keep the boat a float. Motivation makes you feel good for a while. You get that dopamine spike, you feel excited, you feel energized and you’re all like “yeah!! Tiem to tek on da wurld!!!!”. 


So you quit your job, you start a business that you know nothing about, you hire employees that you don’t know how to manage, you take on debt you can’t pay back, you try to connect with customers you don’t know how to speak to (and who don’t give a f*ck about you), and the whole thing becomes a giant mess. It’s like getting a new girlfriend, you get all excited, your hormones are bumping, and you find yourself saying dumb sh*t that you know you’ll regret 6 months later. And sure enough, as the sun rises in the east, 6 months later you find yourself regretting it. 


The problem with motivation is that it makes you do dumb sh*t so fast, that you dig yourself a hole you can’t get yourself out of. And then reality sets in: now it’s a grind. Now work is no longer fun and exciting, now work is something you do because you have no choice. You have to get up and pay back the debt of your poor decisions. 


So what’s better than motivation? Finding a project you can sink your teeth into. Finding a project that couldn’t not do. Finding a project that just flows out of you. Now, I would be lying if I said I always crazy switched on and I’m always in the mood to write. In fact, that would be a horrific lie. 


I often look at my computer and think “better not, it won’t be good enough. But, more powerfully than that, I started a little journal, a spreadsheet where every time I have an idea, something that I want to write about, I note it down. 


I’m looking at my spreadsheet now, I started it 2 and a half months ago, and it’s got nearly 400 ideas. 400! And that’s just this spreadsheet. I have all sorts of other documents on my computer and physical journals where I write down my ideas. And here’s the point I’m trying to make: whether I want to or not, all through the day these thoughts and ideas come pouring to me, and I have no choice but to write them down and capture. 


Am I saying that every idea is a masterpiece? Absolutely not. Am I saying that this is Shakesepere in the making? Dear lord I could only hope. No, what I’m saying is that I don’t need to “get motivated” to get these ideas. The ideas just flow to me through the day, and it’s simply my job to capture them, to revisit them, to expand them, and find the secret gems contained within them. 


And that’s my point – when you find your deeper calling, your obsession, it just comes out of you. Stop trying to get motivated. Find that thing you just love to do (and trust me, I know it’s easier said than done)


How Can I Get My Motivation Back?


If it’s still not working for you, and you’re still trying to find ways to get your motivation back, here’s a few thoughts I have to clear your head and let the answers start coming to you.  


Go For Walks


Let’s start simple. In my mind, simple = good. I like simple, maybe I’m just a simple guy, but I hate over complication. So let’s start simple, if you’re looking for ways to get your motivation back – go for walks. 


Get out into nature, get out into the sun, get out into the mountains or get out into the forest. Just go. If you’re feeling lost in life, I recommend just going for hours. Walk until you can’t walk no more. 


We get so insanely caught up in our heads, that we can’t think things through (you’ll notice there’s a common theme between all these recommendations). By getting out into nature, by moving, you get your heart pumping, and your circulation going and you get some fresh oxygenated blood up into your brain. Your mind can start turning over ideas, and new insights and realizations will start coming to you. 


Don’t rush it, be patient with yourself, but always keep going. Now this is optional, but I’d recommend not listening to audio books or podcasts or music while you walk. Honestly, give your mind a chance to actually clear itself and think. There’s a time and a place for everything, and I love me a good audio book, but right now, while you’re just trying to find clarity, this is not the time, just get walking. 


Read Books


Continuing on the theme of disconnecting – get off your computer, get off YouTube, and read a book. A real book. One of those dusty hard things you have to pick up and open. Read a wide range of books, literature, business, biographies, histories, whatever turns you on (or maybe try reading something you don’t typically read – expand your horizons). 


The point here is to get your mind engaged with new ideas and new thoughts. Let those thoughts work their way and percolate through you. Let your mind wander and explore, and see how those ideas might spark some new ideas you could explore in your life. New ways of doing business, or new ways of communicating with people, or even new ways carrying yourself while you walk – it’s all fair game – be open to learning. 


Get Off Your Phone


Have you picked up the theme yet? If you’re struggling to get your motivation back – get off your damn phone. Excuse me for being blunt, but someone had to say it. I’m not a luddite, I love technology, I believe it’s opened up a new world that we can’t even grasp yet just how amazing it is, but as I said earlier, there’s a time and place for everything. 


The problem with technology is when it’s used irresponsibly. When it’s used as a mask, or as a numbing agent. Some people scroll social media out of sheer boredom, or as a way of escaping the world and responsibility. The sad part, is that most people don’t realise how much of their energy, creativity and their youth that they’re abandoning by being addicted to social media. 


Let me share a little personal story. Most of my life, nobody really thought much of me. I was kind of pretty average. A bit of a loser at school. Book smart, but not socially smart. And if you asked anyone, no one would really say they expected much of me. I never really had any ideas, and I never really had much motivation, I just kind of, was. 


Things started to change when I started disconnecting myself from my phone and social media. I still have a facebook, somewhere, I mean I work in digital marketing, so I guess I kind of need to have one right? But I never use it. I never scroll it. I deleted my instagram. I deleted my TikTok. I deleted twitter. I deleted all that sh*t. 


And you know what happened? By clearing all that mental space, my brain was finally free to start opening up. Suddenly all these thoughts and connections started coming to me. 


And as Robert McKee wrote in the foreward to Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art “It’s called talent: the innate power to discover the hidden connection between two things – images, ideas, words – that no one else has ever seen before, link them, and create for the world a third, utterly unique work.”


Your job in life, is simply to find the connections that no one else has seen, and express them to the world, in a way they’ve never heard before. Sound simple right? Just remember that your phone is distracting you. Your phone is blocking your ability to see those links and make those connections. Ditch it. Or at least take a prolonged break. See what comes to you. 


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