Easy Rider

Last night had a little bonding session with Dad.

He ordered us some jerk chicken from our fave neighbourhood Caribbean place (seriously, if you’re in Toronto check out Cool Runnings, Main&Danforth), and we put on Easy Rider (1969, Dennis Hopper & Peter Fonda).

To be very honest I almost never watch movies anymore. Maybe I’m too busy, or maybe I just don’t care enough.

But last night felt different, and this felt like a great way for us to connect.

I wanted to love the movie, but more than anything I just felt confused…

There were so many choppy moments that just left going “huh…?”.

Basically every scene where anyone died.

They seemed utterly random, and without any sense of remorse. Or maybe that was the whole point.

Probably worth a rewatch.

The sound track was f***ing on point.

But thank you dad for being so chill.







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