First Blog (Hey It’s 2021)

It’s Friday night. The 29th of January, 2021, 9:52pm. Let’s see how long it really takes to write 1,000 words.




I’m officially ending the writers block. Why? Because I decided. 


For about 5 years now, I’ve kinda, sorta, had this idea to write a blog or make a YouTube channel or make a podcast or something. I’ve dabbled. But nothing ever got very serious. I kept feeling this desire, this need to write something, but always felt intimidated by not knowing what to write. So I procrastinated and procrastinated, and wasted time, and watched dumb videos, just waiting for the day when I had the “perfect” plan and the “perfect” inspiration. 


Well I hate to break it to you, but it never came. 




So I decided f*ck it, just start writing, and in the process of writing, maybe, just maybe you’ll figure it out. 


So here we go. 


Here’s the basic premise:


I realised I love learning, and I’ve really got a thing for business books. To be honest, it’s a little embarrassing. But no more, I’m embracing the parts of me I’d rather avoid. 


So here’s my “plan” – read all the best business books I can get my hands on, digest, apply and share my knowledge here. To say I want to be a “guru” of business books would be a stretch. It’s more that I know I’ve got something deep inside that needs to be expressed, and here I am taking the first steps in expressing it. 


Writer’s block is a b*tch. 


We sit and we sit, and we think and we think. “Just wait, the perfect blog idea will come to me soon!”. 


It never does. 


1,500 words feels so daunting. What’s that like, 6 pages? (I’ll find out soon enough). Who has that many thoughts? Who has that much energy and motivation to sit down and write 1,500 words? Who has the time quite frankly. 


There’s a part of me that always nags. “Hey, it’s lunch time, you could write a post!”, to which I delightfully reply to myself “not a chance! I’ve only got 30 minutes, how could I possibly write a blog in that time?”, or, “hey you just finished work and it’s 7:30, you could write a post!”, to which I again reply “not a chance! It’s nearly bed time, I need to rest myself for tomorrow!”.


And on and on and on and on, the excuses go and the writing never happens. So I got fed up, and made a few changes. Firstly: I started a spreadsheet to record blog ideas – I keep it open all the time and whenever an idea comes to me, I write it down. I started 3 days ago and I’m already at 56 ideas… Not a bad start.


See there’s a lot of ideas flowing through my head, it’s just such a b*tch to actually take the time to sit down and write it out. So many words! So much time! 


So now that I’ve my idea list, then what? 


Sit down and write stupid. See I make way too big a deal about how much effort it actually takes to write a post. It’s now 10:06 and I’m at 568 words. Not bad for 14 minutes, right? 


Now I am aware that I’m just rambling and this isn’t f*cking Shakespere, but that’s the point. I’m too hard on myself, I’m too judgemental. And if I just gave myself the chance to sit down and spew some verbal diarrhea on to the page, who knows, something half decent might eventually turn out. 


So here’s the main points of this post:

  1. I’m ending the writers block but just writing
  2. My focus is on digesting as many books on business, sales and marketing that I physically (and mentally) can
  3. Apply my skills and become a master salesman, as someone who the last thing he wants to do is sell
  4. And to answer a number of questions:
    1. Is blogging dead in 2021?
    2. How much traffic do you need before you make money? How about your first news letter subscriber?
    3. Is blogging useful EVEN IF nobody reads it? To be extremely honest, I have zero expectation that anyone outside of me, myself & I will ever read this words, BUT will it still be a useful exercise in organizing my thoughts? Will it help me to make diamonds out of the trash that’s in my mind? Will it be the tool that helps me get to that next level? 
    4. Is that a group of people out there, who hate sales, yet want to learn sales? Mainly I’m thinking engineers, accountants, computer programmer types. 


I’m jumping ahead a little bit, but here’s an idea I had: 


Sales For People Who Hate Sales




I’ll explain. 


If you can’t sell, you’re not free. 


Think about it, either you can sell, or you work for someone who can sell. There is no other option. And to extrapolate another level:


If you want to be free, if you want to be your own boss, you need to be able to sell. 


If you can’t sell, you don’t have a business. And if you don’t have a business, then you’re forever stuck in someone else’s business. 


Sell or be sold as Grant Cardone says. 


So my hypotheses: there are a lot of smart guys out there, engineers, accountants, computer programmers, who feel stuck in their jobs. They work for a boss they hate, and they just want to be free to do their own thing. 


Yet they can’t. Why not?


Because they can’t sell. 


Now here’s the opportunity that I see. 


Most people hate “sales guys”. They hate the loud, hype-y energy, the fake vibes, it’s just gross. So what about some real down to earth people learning to sell? People who can connect, people with empathy, people who genuinely like other people. It would be a new type of salesman right? 


Okay, maybe a little shy. That might be a problem to get over. Will have to come to terms that talking with other people is inevitable and is a necessary part of life. 


But I’ll end it with this final thought – what other choice do you have? 


The West is collapsing my friends. I’m not here to be a doom and gloomist, just a realist about the situation we’re in. Corporate jobs will be fraught with peril – cultural sensitivity training, political correctness, the list is long and scary. 


Either you bow down, or you grow the balls to f*cking be free. That’s really the choice you’ve got. Because if you don’t break free, you’ll be forever trapped in a collapsing system that pretends to like you, but secretly despises you. 


The choice is yours.




It’s now 10:24, and Google says I’ve written 1,162 words. Not bad for 30 minutes. It was total garbage, but time to post! 




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