2021 Greek Philosophy RoguePhilosophy

Greek Philosophy, Kanye, The Office | #RoguePhilosophy

Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers: Epic Rap Battles Of History


By Epic Rap Battles Of History.


Is Kanye Even Human?


By 8-Bit Philosophy by Wisecrack.


Pulp Fiction Breaks Down The Socratic Dialogue:


By Practicable.


History Hijinks: Greek Wise Guys


By Overly Sarcastic Productions.


Who Was Socrates? 8-Bit Philosophy


8-Bit Philosophy by Wisecrack.


Donkey Kong, Camus, Sisyphus – and why shouldn’t we commit suicide?


8-Bit Philosophy by Wisecrack.


What Is Real? Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave:


8-Bit Philosophy by Wisecrack.


Office Space And How To Use The Philosophy Of Epicureanism:


By Practicable.


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