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Gripped By Insecurity: How To Heal Wounded Feminine Energy

How To Heal Wounded Feminine Energy:


Note: see this article here for healing the feminine mother wound, and this article here for impotent men looking to heal the wounded masculine energies.

To kick things off, this video by Jillz Guerin explores how to heal the wounded feminine energy and tap into the divine goddess:



Before we go any further, I should probably get an uncomfortable truth out of the way: I am a man. So who am I to talk about healing wounded feminine energy? 


And I humbly admit that it’s true, I am not a woman, and I’ll never know what it feels like to be a woman. I’m not going to pretend like I know what’s best for you. 


However I do have my own experiences. As a young man I was not in touch with my masculine, and it left me broken and awkward. But as I grew older, I was fortunate enough to find teachers and guides who showed me what it meant to be strong in my masculine. 


And some of my best teachers were women. 


In an attempt to give back, and say thank you, I’ve put together this short guide, pulling together all of the best resources I could, from experts all over the world who share their secrets on how to heal the divine feminine. 


Feminine and masculine energies are opposites, and they’re both essential – neither one being better than the other. Any time there is an imbalance or overcompensation between masculine and feminine, there is always a rebalancing. Life, always finds a way. 


Please, I hope this short collection of ideas and inspiration, help you on your journey. 


For those who want to go deeper, here is a two hour meditation by PowerThoughts Meditation Club that guides you energetically to wake up the divine feminine energy inside you:



What Is Wounded Feminine Energy?


Empowered feminine energy is a light, playful, creative energy, that births new life and ideas. Wounded feminine energy is disconnected, shallow, manipulative, needy, plays the victim and is plagued by low self-esteem. The wounded feminine likely originated in childhood from an absent father, or guilting mother


Women that were neglected as girls, tend to grow up with significant feminine wounds. They may overcompensate by moving into their masculine in an attempt to feel like they’re regaining power, or they will end up in relationships with weak men that they know they can manipulate and control with their sexuality. 


This video by Dr. Michelle Daf explores what wounded feminine energy is, and how to begin the process of healing:



What Does Feminine Energy Mean


Divine feminine energy is the yin to the yang of divine masculine energy. Feminine energy is expressed when you breathe new life and new ideas into the world, when you dance with the flow of life. Feminine energy is ever changing, like a river, it is never the same twice. But some wounds can block the feminine from expressing itself. 


Feminine energy will of course mean different things to different people, but it is generally best understood as the flow of life. 


Women afterall are the ones who birth new life into this world. It is women that are built to channel energies of creation. 


But the feminine can be emotional, it flows, it changes, it is never the same twice. This constant change can be confusing to a wounded masculine, who’s insecurity and lack of confidence in himself wants to cage the wilde feminine. 


It takes a strong masculine to offer strength and support to the feminine, while at the same time not actually stopping her from flowing. It is afterall, a dance. 


This video by Isabel Rocio explains in more depth what feminine energy means, and gives tools on how to begin the process of healing:



Healing The Divine Masculine And Divine Feminine Energies:


What often gets forgotten in the discussion of healing wounded feminine energies, is that there is also a masculine element to the equation. 


Both feminine and masculine energies must learn to flow harmoniously with each other. True healing requires both the feminine and masculine to come together in harmony. 


Yes, they may not always understand each other, but a world that is filled with too much of either, will utterly collapse. There is no one without the other. 


This video by Neelam Minocha is a guided meditation through healing the diving masculine and divine feminine energies within all of us. We all feel the tug on yin and yang 



To close things off, here is an over 7 hour meditation by the Self-Healing Collective that guides you through waking up the goddess within:



11 Signs Of Wounded Feminine Energy


  1. Does not feel comfortable in her own skin

The wounded feminine is madly insecure. Having never received stability of love as a young girl, she’s grown up to believe there’s something wrong with her. People won’t like her unless she’s ‘pretty enough’. Always chasing impossible beauty standards, so she can feel at peace, but it’s never enough. 

  1. Becomes clingy and needy in relationships

Feeling insecure she uses men to validate her. By having a man around then she believes she must be good enough. But the feeling is fleeting, so she clings, terrified that he might ever leave her. She’s happy to destroy his life if it means burning the bridge of his escape route and keeping him around. 

  1. Her emotions feel chaotic and erratic

Wildly up and down. One day might be the best day of her life, the next the worst. She has an abusive temper, and isn’t afraid to let you know what’s on her mind. If anyone disappoints or angers her, they can expect a lengthy and painful passive aggressive mental mutilation. She’s out for blood. 

  1. Nothing is ever ‘good enough’, sees a flaw in everything

The wounded feminine can nit pick and critique all day long. There is a flaw in everything and she feels entitled to let everyone know. Nothing you do is every good enough, fast enough, or right enough. Even when you do as she asks, it’s still wrong. Why? Because you’re meant to be wrong. 

  1. Can’t stand the idea of being alone

She always has a boyfriend that she’s proudly showing off to her friends and family. She just can’t wait to tell everyone about her new man! But once he figures out her game, he leaves, just as they all do. But not feeling whole in herself, she needs that validation from a man to feel right in herself. And because she knows how to turn her sexy on, she’ll have a new man in her life at the snap of her finger. 

  1. Is forever chasing a love that is unattainable

The wounded feminine needs the feeling of love that she’s missing so badly to help her to feel whole. So does everything she can to bring love into her life. But because she’s trying to force love, love is just always slipping through her hands like the sands of time. She throws herself at men who are the perfect image of a rugged masculine man, be he doesn’t stick around, and she feels broken again. 

  1. Ensconced in victimhood

The wounded feminine loves to play the victim. Why? Because it’s her way of getting attention. If she’s be wronged in someway, she can cry wolf to her friends and family who will pity her, showering her with attention, and reassuring her that ‘it’s not her fault’. If no one pitties a successful, well put together person, then what is the point of being successful?

  1. Knows how to use her sexiness to manipulate others

She’s sexy and she knows it. Every since she was young, she learned that being pretty helped her get more attention. The more effort she put into her sex appeal, the more attention she got from men, and it became a cycle. She then learned that she could use her sex to control an manipulate weak men, who were powerless to her charms. She loved the power trip. 

  1. Is willing to show more skin than she wants, because the attention just feels so good

It becomes an addiction. Put up a scantily clad photo on Instagram, and watch as your likes and DM’s explode. It feels good to command that much attention. So she does whatever she needs to to get it, because validation from thousands of strangers is the closest thing to love she can touch. 


  1. Will sleep with a man to feel validated, then feel betrayed when he leaves

The wounded feminine knows how to use her sex appeal to get a man into bed. It’s not hard for her. She loves feeling validated by having a man snuggle up against her. But when he eventually leaves (and he always does), she feels betrayed and used. Missing the irony that she was the one using him. 


  1. She compensates for feeling out of control by unleashing her masculine and becoming overly career focused

At the extremes, the wounded feminine becomes so disgusted with the ideas of femininity and being creative, spontaneous and fun, that she throws herself full-bore into her career. After all those men left her, she announces to the world how ‘all men are trash’, and to escape the pain she works like a madwoman. She’s out for blood and her only goal is to emasculate each man she works with. She believes that a career will satisfy her, and that her money will hug her when she cries herself to sleep each night.  


How Do You Know If You Have Feminine Energy? 11 Signs You Do:


Having a feminine energy or mystique, is associated with being fun, playful, creative, light, nurturing, receptive and compassionate. People with feminine energy love making sure that everyone is well taken care of and happy. The feminine is built to receive and loves the feeling of wholeness. 


Here are 11 signs that you have healthy feminine energy:


  1. You feel light, playful and giddy
  2. You flow through life with such ease, it makes others wonder how you do it
  3. You have a radiant glow that is impossible to hide
  4. You love to nurture, taking care of others makes you feel useful and whole inside
  5. You are creative and spontaneous – new ideas just come out of you like they were delivered straight from the universe
  6. When you walk into a room, you have a way of putting smiles on everyone’s faces
  7. You have a superhuman ability to read people – you know exactly what people are thinking and how they’re feeling in that moment
  8. You know how to be seductive and charming, without manipulating
  9. You are willing to be vulnerable in an authentic way
  10. You don’t equate surrender with being weak
  11. You naturally radiate beauty


Signs Of Feminine Energy


Feminine energy is characterized as caring, loving, submissive and playful. The Nurturer. Signs of feminine energy are that you love making people smile with your glow and radiance. You are life, you are creation, you are the gateway of the universe. Unafraid to bring new life into this world, you are the queen. 


You are spontaneous, creative, and a little bit mischievous. You move with the flow of live, you dance, you play, and you sing your heart out. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t help it. Life just flows out of you. You feel whole in your cosmic dance with the universe. 


You have an innate ability to receive and feel love. You are receptive and open, and you love caring for others. Making a delicious home-cooked meal for your friends and family, is your way to give back and feel useful. You love eating nutritious food, and you put the health of yourself, your friends and your family above all else.  


But you also have a deep wisdom inside of you. Wiser than your years, you soak up wisdom like the roots of a tree soak up water. When a close friend needs some advice, they know they can count on you to provide comfort and support, likely including Haagen-Daz or boxed wine or triple chocolate covered raspberries (but probably all 3). You are the one your friends can depend on to make them feel better when they’re at their lowest. 


Wounded Feminine Energy In A Man


Some men suffered a traumatic mother wound in early childhood. They were guilted or criticized, and nothing they did was ever good enough. He never developed healthy masculine and feminine energies inside himself. Or, he had a mother who was always the victim of some cheating lover, and the boy vowed to grow up and always treat his mother ‘right’. 


While good in theory, it works out bad in practice, as this man effectively grew up to be a mama’s boy. All he dreams about is making mummy happy. He does everything she asks, and is always there to please, unlike all those other men in her life. 


The wounded feminine energy in a man, can manifest itself as insecurity. He needs the validation of women, whether that is his mother, his sister or his girlfriend. He does not feel whole in himself, and he needs others to tell him he’s okay. 


As result, he never grew up to trust in himself and his own masculinity. He lacks self-confidence, always doubts himself, and never feels sure of his direction in life. He is lost, but feels happy to go exactly wherever his mother tells him. 


This relationship is ultimately unhealthy, and will end up repelling all future girlfriends, who suddenly look like competition to mom. 


This video by Jayson Gaddis explores what it means for a man to have a more feminine energy, and for women to have a more masculine energy. Is this a possible relationship dynamic? Or will the lack of polarity ultimately destroy it?



This video by Aaron Doughty explains how exactly to raise up your vibrations to higher levels to be able to connect with people on a higher and more empowered plane of existence:



Lastly this video by Teachingmensfashion points out the 10 mistakes that guys make that make them look feminine and secretly turn women off. This is how to avoid being a beta male:


9 Divine Feminine Energy Characteristics:


  1. Goddess spirit
  2. Full ownership over your mind and body
  3. Secure in your worth
  4. Acutely aware of what others are thinking and feeling
  5. Radiant in your beauty
  6. Being open-minded to new ideas
  7. Lives in harmony with nature
  8. Constantly makes people smile
  9. Light on your feet, your energy lights up the entire room


This video by AstraLada reveals the secrets of feminine power, and how women can become absolutely irresistible to men:



Feminine Energy Signs


Feminine energy astrology signs are depicted by Earth and Water: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer Pisces. By contrast masculine signs are depicted by Fire and Air: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Aquarius. Feminine signs are inwardly receptive, while masculine signs are outwardly facing. 


This video by Canary Quill Astrology, dives deep into the VENUS energy in astrology as a sign for feminine energy, of beauty, relationships and feminine radiance


For something a bit different, this video by Natalia Taylor hilariously reviews all the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ zodiac signs:



This video by Be The Light explores the 4 most powerful Zodiac signs:



At the end of the day, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to express feminine or masculine energy – and these energies are separate from the sexes of men and women. This means that men are able to cultivate their feminine side, and women their masculine. 


However on a personal note, as someone who felt gender confusion growing up, and specifically that masculinity in men was a bad thing, I can say now that as a man in his thirties, that by accepting my inner masculine it has helped me to live a deeper and more fulfilling life, and more importantly connect better with women. 


There is feminine and masculine energy polarity in the world for a reason – whether we like it or not, yin and yang are inside all of us. It is neither good nor bad, it just is. 


Political correctness today tries to pretend our biology that has been evolving for millions of years to ensure our survival isn’t real. We can try to pretend all we want, but the truth always wins. 


Biology will always catch up to us – so why exactly are we running?


I believe in harmony between men and women, masculine and feminine, yin and yang – we’re all here for a reason. We only get one life, we may as well find a way to enjoy each other. 


To your success and your journey,


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