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How To Become A Bowen Therapist (9 Steps To Get Started)

Note: before diving into this article, see here if you’re looking for a beginner friendly introduction to Bowen Therapy

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and am not offering medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns.

1- How To Become A Bowen Therapist


Becoming a Bowen Therapist requires getting a professional diploma or certificate in the Bowen Practice. These programs are administered by professionally recognized organizations throughout the world. Every major country in the world has its own Bowen Association


It is important to recognize that Bowen Therapy is an international phenomenon, and each country and jurisdiction will have its own licencing and professional training requirements. For a full list of all professional Bowen associations, see this list here.  


This short video by John Wilks, one of the first people to seriously grow the Bowen profession, takes you through and explains more of the history and behind the scenes of Bowen:



And this video by Integrated Bowen Therapy provides a comprehensive demonstration of a full-bodied integrated Bowen Therapy treatment:



2 – How Long Does It Take To Become A Bowen Therapist?


Depending on the program and the institute, becoming a Bowen Therapist can take between 4 and 18 months. This includes taking a certified program, passing practical exams, theory exams, and undertaking personal case studies


Many programs also offer the flexibility to study either full-time or part-time, allowing you to either complete your studies faster, or if you prefer to take longer and to do it at your own pace. Taking longer may allow you to juggle commitments like kids, family and part-time work


This video by NST Health gives you a behind the scenes look at the basic application of Bowen Therapy, and how to start your training program:



3 – How Do You Train To Be A Bowen Therapist?


Training to become a Bowen Therapist requires a deep understanding of the human body and how it functions. Training first involves learning the basic Bowen Therapy techniques, but also expands to understand the building blocks and functioning of the human body


Understanding the musculoskeletal system, neurological systems, kinesiology, stress and how it impacts health, as well as a deep understanding of the body’s soft connective tissue, known as the fascia, and how it plays a critical role in Bowen Therapy.  


Additional understanding of complex cases like working with serious sports injuries, working with women that are pregnant, as well as the ability to work seamlessly with babies and the eldery is essential to your comprehensive Bowen education


This comprehensive video by Kelly Clancy provides an overview of the basic Bowen essentials:


4 – How Do You Get Certified In Bowen Therapy?


Getting certified in Bowen Therapy requires completing professionally recognized certificates and diplomas. There are associations around the world which can offer you the training required, as follows: 


Bowen Therapy Professional Training Requirements:


There are two routes available to becoming professionally trained in Bowen Therapy:


  1. Certificate in Bowen Therapy
  2. Diploma of Bowen Therapy


The Difference Between A Diploma And Certificate In Bowen Therapy:


Both the certificate and diploma allow you to practice Bowen Therapy. The certificate provides a high level overview covering all the essentials you need to know. The diploma goes more in depth, to give you a fuller understanding of how the technique works


The certificate allows you to treat about 80% of common ailments, while the diploma provides the tools to treat those rarer 20% of more specialized conditions. The certificate gives you the tools to start using your intuition to truly understand the source of patients’ concerns. 


The diploma builds on the content from the certificate, and goes more in depth on complex and specialized cases. Moving beyond just treatment, the diploma teaches you how to intuitively connect with your patients, and understand at a deeper level the root causes of their conditions


Maintaining Your Bowen Professional Status:


Once you’ve obtained your professional training, the Bowen institute requires that at least once per year you complete an annual training program. This ensures that you’ve got the necessary continuing education credits, and that you are staying up to date with industry best practices. 


Just like life, the Bowen practice is continually growing and evolving. There will always be new best practices, developments and news in the industry, both locally and internationally. Bowen is committed to maintaining the highest quality within its members.


Yearly training courses are an excellent way to keep your practice top-notch, and to keep up to date with the industry. Laws, insurance, best practices, and regional variations are always in flux, and as a professional it is important to stay on the leading edge.  


This video by the Bowen College, gives a live demonstration of what exactly a full Bowen Therapy exam looks like:



5 – How Much Does A Bowen Therapy Course Cost?


Courses costs for Bowen Therapy vary by provider. It is recommended to research your local Bowen Association to understand the regional rates in your area. 


6 – What Do Bowen Courses Cover?


  • Basic Bowen Therapy moves
  • Advanced Bowen Therapy moves
  • Understanding the fascia (soft connective tissue)
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Musculoskeletal systems
  • Neurological systems
  • Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems
  • Understanding the natural healing energy pathways of the body
  • Stress and its impact on health
  • Sports injuries
  • Physical health issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Working with babies and the eldery
  • Working with pregnant women
  • How to work through light clothing
  • Holistic nutrition
  • Managing your Bowen business after graduation
  • Marketing your business and attracting new clients


7 – Where Can I Learn The Bowen Technique?


Every major country in the world has an established Bowen Therapy education program. Here are the most highly regarded for each country:



Some programs also offer one-day training workshops as an introduction to Bowen Therapy. This can be a great way if you’re interested in learning more about Bowen, to test it out hands-on for a day and see whether it is the right fit for you before fully committing. 


8 – Advantages Of Being A Bowen Therapist:


Being a Bowen Therapist is not only a unique profession, but a great opportunity to grow spiritually and financially. Here are 5 key advantages:


  1. Work out of your home. Many Bowen Therapists work directly from their home, allowing them to save the expensive overhead costs of renting office space.
  2. No age restrictions. Because it is such a gentle treatment, Bowen Therapists can work with all patients, from babies to kids to teens to adults to the elderly. 
  3. Opportunity for a long career. The gentleness of the treatment also means it is easy on the practitioner, allowing them to enjoy practice over many, many years. 
  4. International travel. Bowen can be performed on anyone, anywhere in the world, which means you are free to perform Bowen as part of your world travels. 
  5. Build connections and community. People like people who make them feel better, and offering Bowen sessions could make you an important pillar of the community. 


9 – How To Market Your Bowen Therapy Practice:


If you’re a Bowen Therapist or are curious about becoming one and you want to know how to market and grow your practice, I’ve prepared a comprehensive Bowen Therapy Marketing guide to get you started – jump to any section here:

Bowen Therapy Facebook Ads

Bowen Therapy Instagram Ads

Bowen Therapy YouTube Ads

Bowen Therapy SEO

Bowen Therapy Google Ads

Bowen Therapy Social Media Marketing


Wishing you all the best on your journey of becoming a Bowen Therapist 🙂

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