How To Dominate Your Local Niche

How To Dominate Your Local Niche

Ever wanted to know ho to dominate your local niche? Let’s leave the search engines alone for a bit, I’ve got something new for you: Collectible Marketing. I wanted to call it something else, but you know, copyright.

Here’s the idea, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, these are all data companies. They run off data, they LOVE data. They can’t get enough data.

You gotta give before you get. If you make Facebook or Google happy, they reward you with cheaper clicks and better access to their best users.

So how do you make them happy? Content. Variety. DATA. (Is it obvious we love big data at Big Data Social Media?).

Data Machines

Let me illustrate what I mean. Back in the days of the YellowPages, you bought an entire years subscription upfront, and you paid for one single ad. One. That’s it. If it didn’t work, then too bad, so sad!

With Facebook and Google, you can create and near infinite number of ads and ad variations.

Let’s say you picked 5 different photos, with 5 different versions of copy, and targeted to 5 different audiences of people. That’s effectively 125 different ad variations (5x5x5).

Swap out the 5 photos for 5 videos, and you’ve got another 125 ad variations, and now you’re up to 250 ads.

Big Data Analytics. Big Results. 

Will they all be good? Absolutely not. Not even close. Remember the 80/20 principle? Most of these ads will be utter garbage (I mean, the high-quality premium kinda garbage).

But, and here’s the important but: certain winners will begin immerging. There will be some photos that will just resonate stronger with people, and some versions of copy which people will just love.

At Big Data Social Media, let’s talk about Facebook for a second, because there’s an added bonus: Facebook is a social sharing platform. If people like and share your posts, they take on a life of their own and can start getting free and organic exposure.

There’s more buts though: sometimes it has nothing (or almost nothing to do with the ad), sometimes what’s more important is WHO actually saw the ad.

Think about it, let’s say you put out two posts, and the first got 5 likes immediately, and the other didn’t. Facebook will see those 5 likes as a sign the post is popular and will start going HARD on that post, while the other, will get nearly zero exposure.

Enter Collectable Marketing:

This is a new form of marketing I’m still beta testing, but effectively, you produce a MASSIVE variety of different and unique ads. Say, 150+. (remember, if you choose 10 photos, 5 versions of copy and 3 sets of targeting, that’s 150 ads!).

Then start running them. Depending on your budget, let each ad spend at least $10 each to give it a chance. Then, start culling.

The ads which aren’t performing, start turning them off, and the ads which are doing well, start duplicating them. Start making more of the ads which are working and continue to scale that beast. This video by Sam Ovens explains it excellently.

Watch out, Collectable Marketing will be Trending in 2020.

Gotta post ‘em all!

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