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How To Get Into A Hypnotic State (And Retrain Your Mind)

What Is A Hypnotic State?


A state of hypnosis is experienced when there is an extreme narrowing of attention and focus. This could occur while you’re driving a familiar route, or are so deeply engrossed in your work that you enter a ‘flow state’ and the entire external world just melts away. 


People tend to associate hypnosis with ‘stage hypnotists’, and assume that hypnosis is some big fancy extravagant thing, but really hypnosis is a normal state of being. As we’re daydreaming and as we’re falling asleep at night, we’re also entering states of hypnosis. 


A simple way to induce hypnosis is to sit in a comfortable position, relax, take a few deep, calming breaths, and then just start paying attention to your breath. Notice your breath, and feel your breath as you inhale and exhale. By narrowing your focus directly on your breath, you’ve just entered a mini hypnotic state. 


This short video by Rising Star Hypnosis, takes you through a journey of what a hypnotic state is, and the process of inducing hypnosis:



What Is Hypnopaedia? 




Hypnopaedia is the process of learning while asleep. While in REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement), the body enters a suggestible hypnotic state. If they’re listening to music, an audiobook or a hypnotic recording, those sounds and words can get imprinted on the subconscious mind.   


The theme of hypnopaedia was explored in Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World (BNW) in a process called ‘sleep-teaching’. Now obviously in BNW the government was using hypnopaedia to control its citizens thoughts, which is not what we’re doing here, but rather, you have the ability to record your own hypnotic audio, and listen to it while you were sleeping. 


One of the funny things about ears is that you can’t switch them off – they’re always listening. 


Imagine for a second, you had an audio recording that you could listen to in your sleep, that would allow you listen to your goals, your aspirations, your dreams, your beliefs, all night night long. That you had the power and control to program your own mind, however you wanted to?


Wouldn’t that be pretty powerful? 


And this is the key point I want to make here, most people are apprehensive about hypnotherapy because they think ‘what will someone else program into my mind?!’, but instead they miss the bigger picture that THEY can choose exactly what they want to program into their minds. 


Imagine for a second you were feeling scattered and unfocused, so you recorded a night-time audio instructing your subconscious mind that you were focused, organized, diligent and extremely efficient at getting work done. I’m not sure about you, but that sounds like a superpower to me. 


This short video by SciShow details what it means to learn while you sleep, and how to pull it off:



What Is The Best Way To Get Into A Hypnotic State?


Many hypnotherapists do not actually induce a state of hypnosis in their clients, they simply induce a state of deep relaxation. By being comfortable and relaxed, stress levels decrease, blood pressure drops, and the mind is able to focus, as it is no longer in a state of ‘fight or flight’.


The best way to get into a hypnotic state is to get your your body and mind completely relaxed. Find a comfortable place to sit, go for a nice walk, lay down in your bed – just get cozy. If possible close your eyes, allow your mind to drift, and pay attention to your breath. 


Hypnosis is simply a state of being calm, relaxed and attentively focused. Pay attention to your breath, pay attention to the leaves on the trees or the birds singing. By focusing on the little details and ignoring the external world, you’ll begin the gentle process of entering a hypnotic state. 

Laser Focusing The Attention


The simplest way to practice laser focusing your attention on one finite point, is to focus inward and feel the sensations already occurring within your body. The breath is an excellent point to focus on, as it is repetitive, and happens again and again, with each and every inhale and exhale. 


By focusing exclusively on the breath, you are narrowing your focus, and further blocking out more and more of the external world. Some hypnotists also use the spinning circles, the swinging watch, staring at a point, looking at the flame of a candle – the whole point is to have the mind focused on one singular point. 


In normal day to day life, women can be captivated by soap operas, which play out the dramas of relationships and emotions, while men tend to be captivated by sports (a simulation of war), video games (a simulation of war), pornography, and actual war. 


Men are captivated by sex and war, and women are captivated by relationships and drama. 


Questions are also hypnotic, because in essence they cause the recipient to ‘look inside themselves’ of focus their attention on finding the answer. That deep level of focus is a small example of a hypnotic state we all enter all the time. 


By laser focusing the attention, the subject is able to enter a deeper hypnotic state. 

To get deeper with your attention and focus, check out this track by Sleep Tube, offering 2 hours of chill binaural beats to get your head in the zone:

What Do You Pay Attention To In Life? 

Our subconscious minds are beautiful machines. The sheer amount of data and information that we’re bombarded with on a daily basis would be impossible for our conscious minds to handle, so our subconscious works feverishly in the background to process all the information (literally everything – pure consciousness) and filters out to show us only the information that is MOST relevant. 


If we were on a hunt, everything would fade away except the prey we’re chasing. If we were being hunted, everything would fade away except for the tools we need to escape. 


I remember when I bought my first car – a Mazda 3 – and I’d never really seen many other Mazda’s on the road before, but I’d heard they were pretty good cars. Suddenly after buying it, all I see everywhere on the rode were Mazda 3’s – but where the hell did they all come from??


The subconscious mind. They’d been there all along, but my mind decided for me that they weren’t relevant to my survival that day, so they blocked them out. But suddenly was I was ‘hunting’ for my perfect car, my brain was alerted and suddenly I could see them everywhere. 


So the question here then, is what do you focus your attention on on a daily basis? If your attention is glued to the news, and disasters and everything going wrong with the world, then all you’ll see is disaster and everything going wrong in the world. 


If you’re wondering why you never see opportunities in your life, it’s because you’re not focused on opportunities. Once you train your mind to understand that opportunities are everywhere, suddenly you’ll be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of opportunity everywhere. 


We create our realities. And what the mind focuses on, is what the mind manifests. If you focus on negativity, you’ll manifest negativity. If you focus on positivity, you’ll manifest positivity. 


To bring this back down to earth, if you want to accomplish your goals, you need to focus on your goals. It is not enough just to ‘set some goals’ at new years and then forget about them, if you want to achieve them, you have to focus on them each and every day. 


Take a moment to take stock of your life – is the majority of your time and energy focused intently on moving you forwards in positive ways – or do you leak a lot of energy being focused on negativity, or things that hold you back? 


If you find yourself complaining all the time about a terrible boss, take control of the situation by removing yourself from it, even if that means a pay-cut. Do not let their negativity bring you down for one day longer than absolutely necessary.  

The Brain Is A Muscle


We all know that we need to go to the gym to get bigger and stronger muscles. We need repetition. We need to intentionally cause damage to the muscle fibers, so they can grow back bigger and stronger. 


The same is true of our minds – our brains are a giant muscle, and if we want them to grow bigger and stronger, we need to exercise them. Similarly, entering a state of hypnosis is a muscle, the more we practice it, the better and more effectively we’re able to enter it. 


Likely the first time you try to enter a state of hypnosis, you’ll feel a bit nervous or scared, which are perfectly normal. However, once you’ve practiced a few times, you’ll start to find it easier and easier to slip into a hypnotic state. 


Why would you want to regularly enter a hypnotic state? Each time you enter a state of hypnosis, you’re able to continue the conversation with your subconscious mind. Each time reinforcing your beliefs or your goals or how you want to live your life. 


Speaking to the subconscious doesn’t just happen once and then it’s done, but rather it is a continual process of learning, relearning and reinforcing. 


Embedded Commands And Subliminal Suggestions


People don’t like being told what to do. For anyone who’s had a toddler, they know perfectly well that toddlers are not at all interested in being told what to do. And so we must be delicate with the mind, and instead of telling it what to do, offer it suggestions that it can choose to follow. 


As always, in order for hypnosis to be successful, there must be consent. The purpose of an embedded command is to bypass the conscious mind, and speak directly to the subconscious. The conscious mind is critical and analytical, and it’s goal is simply to block you accessing the subconscious. 


The first step to making a suggestion is to speak it with a downward inflection. This verbally signifies it is a command from an authoritative source, as opposed to a question from someone who is feeling unsure of themselves. 


Make statements that hit people like statements, and they’ll perceive you as authoritative and confident, which are essential to have someone relax around you. 


An example could be something as simple as:

 ‘To ‘enter a trance’, most people find it helpful to simply ‘relax.’


This statement is very simple and conversational, and almost a little boring, but the suggestion is there to relax. The subconscious mind hears that and thinks ‘you know what, I would love to relax!’. 

How To Get People To Trust You


Most people overthink this. They think they need special training to get people to like and trust them. The simple answer is ‘just be normal’. Be courteous and helpful, but don’t be dramatically overly helpful that you would bend over backwards for them, and also, don’t be an a**hole. 


Be helpful, be kind, be assertive, be confident. You can ‘match and mirror’ their behaviour, but don’t overdo it. If someone feels like you literally copying their every movement, they’ll perceive it as weird and creepy. 


There are many hypnotists that are perceived as creepy (the reputation from stage hypnotists hasn’t helped) – and many of them are. But if you want people to trust you, just be chill, be normal, be a good person. If being around people is tough for you, try joining a group like Toastmasters to improve your public speaking and social skills.


Lastly, for those that are curious, this video by Michael Sealey, helps you to go even deeper in your hypnosis, with a specific focus on sharpening and improving the mind:

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