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How To Maximize Social Media Audiences (Newsflash: Not Everyone Is The Same)

How To Maximize Social Media Audiences (Newsflash: Not Everyone Is The Same)


This is a key thing that most marketers get wrong with their social media audiences: they just assume everyone is the same. 


The assume that one view is the same as another view, or that one like is the same as another like. It’s all just the same. 


But when you think this way, you miss the bigger picture – and you miss the fact that social media and the internet at large, is one giant ecosystem. And in any ecosystem there will be a range of personalities and survival styles. 


By failing to recognize the nuanced differences in your audience members, you’ll fail to see the bigger picture. You’ll run your ads to the wrong people, or you won’t know how to communicate effectively. 


Your message will get muddled, and your response will feel neutered. 

What Is A Social Media Audience?

Real quick, a social media audience are the people who follow you. 


This post by The Technium is a great example of the power of having 1,000 raving fans


Similarly, this quick video by the legendary Gary Vee on the one strategy for all social media platforms: creating content at scale.



We all have Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers, but what does that even mean?


The Two Extremes Of Social Media Audiences


Keeping things real simple, at the extremes there are two main types of audiences that you’ll have on social media – The Consumers and The Producers. 


  1. The Consumers: these are the people that just love consuming content. They could just sit there all day, every day and just consume, consume, consume. They perhaps don’t have a lot going on in their lives, maybe feel a little bit lonely, but watching your videos, reading your blogs or hearing the sound of your voice, brings a tremendous amount of joy into their lives. The consumers won’t likely buy much from you, but they’ll watch your content, they’ll share it, they’ll engage with it and they’ll help you build a following. 
  2. The Producers: these are the people that produce a lot in their own lives. They’re busy, ambitious, driven – they run businesses, they work hard, they make money. These people are busy, and they don’t have time to waste. They won’t be watching every piece of content you put out, but they will be impressed by your large following, and if you make a piece or two the truly resonate with them, they will buy from you. The Producers won’t likely watch or share much of your content, but they will buy from you. Producers have a lot of money and no time, so if you can offer them a quick solution, they’ll happily buy from you. 


How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Each Of Your Audiences


And this brings us to the crux of the matter – how do we effectively maximize each of these audiences? 


It’s like two wheels of a bicycle. If either wheel is missing, the whole thing won’t work. 


Think about it: without the producers, nobody will buy from you and you’ll be broke and destitute, and without the consumers, you won’t have the social proof and credibility for the producers to buy from you, and you’ll be broke and destitute. 


So what’s the solution?


Maximize both audiences. 


For the consumers, create an ungodly amount of content. The more content the better. The longer the content the better. The more varied the content the better. 


The more content you have, the more consumers will go through and digest all of your content. 


When targeting your advertising to reach consumers, think low cost. These could be Facebook Ads, targeting 18-30 year olds. Young adults tend to have more time than money, and will love watching your content. 


Similarly, you could also use some geo-arbitrage to reach kids in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam or the Philippines, to reach them at a fraction of the cost it takes to reach kids in Canada, US or the UK. 


When you think of reaching consumers, think big. Think of targeting the entire world. Obviously only focus on the narrow niche / demographic that specifically speaks to your business, but think big. 


This is your opportunity to cover the globe, and find those people that would just love to hear your voice. You might be the little ray of sunshine that helps them to get through their day. 


For the producers, create short, punchy, pieces of content that solve a burning problem and lead directly to a sale. If you make it easy for them, they will buy from you. 


When targeting your advertising to reach Producers – think LinkedIn. This is your platform to reach professionals. This is the platform to reach high-achieving individuals, who work hard, and more than anything: have money. 


The beauty of working with a professional network like LinkedIn, is that you have the ability to target your ads directly to people who you know have money. These are the people who will ultimately buy from you, as they have the disposable income.

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