In Depth Tutorial: How To Setup Your BJJ WordPress Site

Martial Arts Digital Marketing: How To Setup Your BJJ WordPress Site

Following up from our previous post, you’ve now bought your domain, and you’re ready to setup WordPress. This tutorial will walk you through how to setup your BJJ WordPress site, which includes selecting a hosting provider, setting up your website, choosing the right plugins and starting your blog.

This will help you develop your dojo recognition when people see your name or your site.

A word of warning: We’re about to hit you with a bunch of nerd s**t. Apologies in advance.

Feel free to hire a web developer to this for you, but if you’re like me, and you’ve got to bootstrap every single dollar you’ve got, then this DIY guide will take you through the basics of martial arts digital marketing, and how to get that blog setup.

Once your blog is setup, then you’re off to the races, all you need to do is pump out content, and Google will start bringing you traffic. But first, you gotta get that site setup. So here we go. vs

There’s a great guide here by outlining the difference between the .org and the .com versions of WordPress that I highly encourage you to read.

In a nutshell, if you want full control over your content and your website, then is the better option. However if you just want something QUICK and EASY to setup, then would be recommended.

Here at BJJ Marketing Lab, we use, as we feel having full ownership and control over our content, is worth the slight extra complexity.

If you want simple, go to, select the free option, and you’re ready to go with your martial arts digital marketing. You just need to accept there will be ads on your site and you don’t have control over your domain name (it will look something like:

Now, as we learned the hard way, you can’t just go to and signup, you need to get something called “hosting”.

WordPress Hosting is technically free to use, the only caveat is you need to pay a 3rd party supplier for hosting.

What is hosting?

Hosting is essentially the storage area where your web data is stored. There are many hosting companies available, and it’s beyond the scope of this blog to review all of them.

The big names in the game are: BlueHost, HostGator and SiteGround.

Here is a comprehensive guide by on selecting the right hosting.

At the BJJ Marketing Lab, we use SiteGround on the GrowBig plan and have been happy with our service, but we encourage you to do your own research and choose the best plan for you.

How To Setup Your BJJ WordPress Site: Setting Up Hosting 

Now that you’ve bought your domain, and you signed up with a web hosting company, the next step is to setup your account, and install WordPress. A comprehensive setup guide by SiteGround is here.

This is how to setup your BJJ WordPress site: go into your hosting provider dashboard, and find your list of accounts. The list should be empty, and you should see a button to access your CPanel. Click into the CPanel.


You may get a popup here to access your CPanel securely. BJJ Marketing Lab recommends you access securely.


You’ll then need to copy your NameServers, and update the NameServers on your domain registrar.


Copy the two name servers and go to your domain registrar (could be NameCheap, GoDaddy, or Google Domains) and go to your DNS settings. Setup custom name servers by copying in the NameServers from your hosting provider. This can take 48 hours to update through the system.


Transfer Your Domain To Your New Host

Now to transfer your domain to your new host, follow this transfer guide here by SiteGround.

Note: the domain name must have been registered at least 60 days prior to transfer. If it seems unreasonable to wait 60 days (which it is!), then get started on in the mean time.

Start writing your material and setup a basic site, and after 60 days you can transfer everything over.

If all went to plan, you should now have your domain registered with your hosting provider. If not, please review the tutorial by your hosting provider, or call their support hotline.

How To Setup Your BJJ WordPress Site: Installing WordPress

Alright we finally made it to the big moment. Go back into your CPanel, and click on the WordPress Icon.


Read the information about WordPress, and when you’re satisfied, click “Install Now”


Next, you’ll see several options to get your site setup.

  1. Select the latest version of WordPress
  2. Change the protocol from HTTPS:// to HTTP:// (we will change this later to HTTPS when we have the SSL setup)
  3. Select your domain from the drop down list (if everything worked from the previous steps on your domain transfer, your domain should be in the drop down list. If it’s not there, either wait 48 hours, or contact your hosting company for support).
  4. Choose a site name. (ex. Portland BJJ).
  5. Choose a site description (ex. Largest BJJ Gym In The Portland Area)
  6. Set a username and password – you will use these later when you login through /wp-admin
  7. Set your admin email. This is an email you already use, where you’ll receive any updates from your hosting provider.
  8. Click Install

WordPress should now install within a few seconds. Once it’s complete you should see a link to login via


And if everything’s really gone to plan, you should now see your admin dashboard.



You’ve now purchased your domain, setup hosting, and installed your WordPress site, you are officially up and running with your martial arts digital marketing and developing your dojo recognition!

If you go to your site now (, you should now see a super basic welcome screen, that probably says “Hello World”. And that was how to setup your BJJ WordPress site.


Now you’ve got your site up and running. Now the real fun begins.

BJJ Marketing Lab: WordPress Plugins

We’ll continue in a future BJJ Marketing Lab post about the most basic and essential plugins that you’ll need to run your site. If you have too many plugins, your site can get slowed down, so we want to keep this to the most essential only, as site speed is super important (especially in a mobile first world!).

To your never ending success…


BJJ Marketing Lab

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