5am Do The Hard Thing How To

How To Wake Up At 5am

Normal People Stop Reading Now…


Seriously, I don’t recommend waking up at 5am if you enjoy people, alertness or the late show.

Even now, I’m trying to be funny but that joke was horrendous, please just stop now.

But here we go, let’s say you’re trying to build a bit of structure and routine into your life, so you decide you’re going to wake up every day at early o’clock (5am).

It’s all sunshine and roses while you’re making the plan, but then your alarm clock goes off and suddenly you hate yourself, “productivity guru’s” and the world. So back to bed for you.

Well I’ve officially woken up at 5am the last 11 out of 11 days, so I’m pretty sure that makes me an expert. So here’s my thoughts:

Keep it simple.

When your alarm goes off, just start walking.

Make coffee.


Maybe read a book if you feel super ambitious.


How NOT To Wake Up At 5am:

I used to over complicate things. I remember I tried to make this super routine:

Wake up, eat a raw egg yolk, run a marathon, take a cold shower, read 3 books, write 10 blog posts, take a shot of apple cider vinegar and just generally miserable stuff.

When my alarm went off, it was all so daunting I just went back to bed.

So I simplified.

I said if I just get up, make a coffee and start reading from my long (long..) booklist, then thats a win.

Wake up. Coffee. Read.

I made it so simple it was (mostly) foolproof.

Well done.


Here’s to my early risers, the weirdest best people on earth 🙂




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