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Hypnosis: How To Speak To The Subconscious Mind

Speaking To The Subconscious Mind


There’s less magic to speaking to the subconscious mind than people believe. It’s simply about getting into a calm and relaxed state, and then being open to new ideas (that wasn’t too scary was it?).




It is our conscious mind that is alert and on the defensive – working to keep out any threatening ideas or thoughts. The job of the conscious mind is to protect the subconscious mind from harm. 


Think of the subconscious mind like a computer, it has the power to do unbelievable things in an extraordinarily short amount of time. However, if you spilled a little water, you’d fry the electric circuits and the whole thing would come to a crash halt. 


The conscious mind is there to protect spills. But it’s the subconscious mind that is actually running the show behind the scenes. The subconscious mind is responsible for emotional control – and despite all our best intentions and willpower – all our decisions are emotional. 


Negotiation By Parts


This name makes it sound more confusing than it really is. When I first heard the name I thought it was some FBI negotiation system, where in Part 1 you do X, and in Part 2 you do Y…until you finally break them down. 


But alas – definitely much less dramatic. 


The word “part” refers to “that part of you”, as in “that part of you that loves smoking”. 


This video by Freddy Jacquin gives a detailed breakdown of exactly how hypnotic ‘Parts Negotiation’ works:



In effect, this is a way of breaking down the singular being, into multiple parts. Why is that important? Because it depersonalizes it. 


We’re not saying “you love smoking”, we’re saying “there’s a part of you that loves smoking” – which also implies “there’s a part of you that DOESN’T love smoking”. 


It acknowledges that the person has within them several different independent thinking minds. 


Think about it for a second: remember the last time you had a debate with yourself – you probably went back and forth about why you should or shouldn’t eat that extra piece of chocolate cake. But who was in your head debating? Was it ‘you’? Or were there multiple ‘parts of you’?


Negotiation by Parts is the process of engaging in a negotiation which which of those components of the mind – acknowledging their existence – saying thank you for all their hard work and showing them some love – and then giving them an opportunity to rewire themselves. 

To go deeper, this video by Hypnosis Toronto takes you through what a Parts Negotiation Hypnotherapy session looks like and how to experience it:



Parts Negotiation Script


Once your client is in a state of hypnosis – you can begin your parts negotiation. Here is a sample script you could follow to give you the general idea:


  1. Make a connection with the ‘Part’:


“Now I’d like your unconscious mind to hand those signals to the part of you that manages the smoking habit. That part of you that has been running the smoking habit in the background for years now, and when that part has taken complete control, I would like that yes signal to occur, so I know”


  1. Identify the Part’s good intentions:


“Now I’d like to request that part to continue communicating with me in this way so that the unconscious can always be respected and understood. If that is good with you, I’d like that yes signal to occur. That’s right. Now I would like to request that part responsible for maintaining the smoking habit, it it is willing, to allow you to know in consciousness, the positive intention you have in continuing to smoke has been. If that part is willing, give the yes signal so I understand. 


Then let you know what that part has been trying to do, allowing you to understand as clearly as you are ready, to be able to understand, the positive intention here, and when that point of understanding occurs, I would like that signal to occur, even stronger, that’s right, moving up towards the ceiling – you’re doing excellently”


  1. Create a connection between the Part and the creative centre:


“Now I’d like to ask that part to go to the creative centre. Into the part of you that dreams, has ideas, is spontaneous, makes plans and uncovers solutions to complicated problems. The creative problem-solving mind – that’s right. Let the creative centre run, work, and flow and come up with as many new options, new ways of being to achieve that positive function of the smoking habit – other than the one it has been using.” 


  1. Choosing the best new options:


“Now I’d request that part that has been maintaining the smoking habit, to look at all the new options the creative centre has come up with and identify the one it believes to be the most effective, most immediate, available, and long lasting – and when it has made that choice – I’d like the yes signal to occur. That’s right. Plenty of new choices – lots of new ways of being – take as much time as needed – keep going until that part has found the solution it believes most immediate and effective.” 


  1. Acceptance of the new options:


“Now I’d like to ask that part that if it’s willing to do this for you, and allow you to be completely free of the smoking habit. If that part is willing to allow this transformation and return to health, vitality and well-being and be completely free of this old behaviour then allow the yes signal to occur. That’s right – that signal means you understand that part has take the new choices. Excellent. I would like to thank that part that ran the smoking habit for communicating. I know you’ll remember it deep within yourself later on.”


  1. Test and apply:


“Now I’d like to ask that part that ran the smoking habit to take the new choice and go out into the future now – you can even go out into fantasy. If that new choice is working now then allow that yes signal to occur. Test and apply if after you leave here today – test them out when you are at home, at work – apply those choices when you’re bored, in a stressful moment – in a social situation. Go on testing and applying that new choice. Only as quickly as it has been applied to every situation and scenario I would like that yess signal to occur even more clearly so I understand.”

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