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The Hypnotic Hand Clasp – Suggestibility Test

Magnetic Handclasp Test:


The purpose of the magnetic handclasp test is to test someone’s suggestibility level. Best to use the word ‘please’ to ensure compliance from your participant. Now keep in mind – if the participant doesn’t comply and fails to stick their hands together for whatever reason, they may start to doubt their ability to be hypnotized, and whether your suggestions are able to help them – so no pressure. 


If you’ve developed a reputation as a clever hypnotherapist, your clients will have high expectations of you – and remember – expectation is a strong lubricant when it comes to hypnotherapy. 


This video by the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy details exactly how to run the magnetic finger clasp to test the suggestibility of your clients:


However, if your client is skeptical and is still standoff-ish, then your chances of success drop. People who have a strong need to be in control will generally not respond as well to such an authoritarian test – so best to avoid them!


Keep in mind: your expectations influence the results as well – you have the power to influence your own tests in your confidence and manner of speaking.


Magnetic Handclasp Script:


At its most basic, here are the core essentials of the magnetic handclasp script:


  1. Sit comfortably, feet flat on the floor, and your back straight
  2. Could you hold your hands out in front of you, shoulder height, palms facing itching
  3. Now there are magnets in each of your palms, and they are being drawn to each other
  4. As you listen to my voice, I’d like you to take a few deep breaths as you feel your hands gently being pulled together
  5. Not now but shortly, your hands will come together, but keep taking deep relaxing breaths and feel the sensations of relaxation spread throughout your body. 
  6. As you relax deeper and deeper, you come to accept that it is inevitable that your hands will come together 
  7. [hands come together]
  8. Open your eyes, and take a look at your hands, seeing how they came together
  9. Alright, shake it out. 


This video by Rory Z Hypnotist shows you exactly how to perform the magnetic handclasp induction:



Once the magnetic handclasp has been completed, your clients will have demonstrated a willingness to listen to your suggestions. This shows they have a high degree of suggestibility and are eager participants. 


The purpose of this exercise is to get your clients warmed up. By establishing that you are a calming and confident presence, they will ease into rapport with you. Each time they follow your suggestion, they will start to like you more and more, and be even more agreeable to future suggestions. 

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