Learning To Trust Myself Again

I Like Big Goals

A while back I got “into” goal setting. Seemed like a great idea, set big, lofty, audacious goals. Problem?

I would set all sorts of ridiculous goals that made no sense and were rather difficult. Result?

I’d usually miss a day, or never start at all. Then I tell myself “it’s cool, I’ll do double and catch up!”.


Falling further and further behind, going down this spiral of negativity and self-hatred.

i stopped trusting myself

it all fell apart. too much. too unclear. too ambiguous.

lucky I’ve learned to pick myself up when I fall repeatedly on my face.

So I set some goals that were simple. Start small, but trust, build faith in yourself, then conquer the world. Simple goals:

1: Wake up 6am

2: Publish 100 shitty words

3: Go into the world and meet 1 stranger


That’s it. Do that daily.

Like Scarface said, the world is yours…




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