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Mastering Self-Hypnosis: Taking Your Own Medicine

Self-Induced State of Trance:


Sit comfortable, feet flat on the floor, back straight. Close your eyes and begin breathing slowly and deeply. Hold each breath for a moment before releasing – and as you do – imagine all your mental stresses, tensions, pains, discomforts, worries, doubts, fears all melting away and flowing away from your body. 




Once your breathing slows – it’s time to initiate the “progressive relaxation” technique throughout your entire body. Start from the top of the head and work your way down your body – and ensure you time the relaxation of each part of your body with an exhale of breath. 


This tutorial by Marissa Peer takes you through step by step exactly how to induce your own self-hypnotic trance:



The body will naturally relax as you exhale – so spend plenty of time going through your progressive relaxation – give this a good 5 to 10 minutes depending on your levels of restlessness, tension and stress. 


As you go through your progressive relaxation, you can use a technique called “autogenic training” where you say statements like:


  • “My face is relaxing…”
  • “My neck is relaxing…”
  • “My diaphragm is relaxing…”


To further deepen your state of trance – imagine yourself in soothing relaxing place (a quiet park on a sunny day), and slowly count downwards from 100 to 1, timing each count with an exhale of breath. As you get more experienced you can shorten the time and start counting from 10. 


Presenting Suggestions To Your Subconscious:


Once your extensively relaxed, it’s time to start sharing suggestions with your now receptive subconscious mind. You can either ‘think’ these or speak them aloud. 


Note: for best results it is recommended to only work on improving one specific area at a time – to keep the subconscious mind focused and clear on a single task – keep your suggestions as simple as you possibly can and repeat them over and over and over and over again. 


The next level is to record your thoughts in an audio file, so you can listen to them back but without having to put in the effort to speak them – helping you to relax even further – and feel like you’re being led on a journey. 


Some initial thoughts to get started while learning hypnosis:


  • More and more I love learning about hypnosis
  • I am becoming ever more confident and clear while learning hypnosis
  • My ability to learn and recall more and more hypnosis information is expanding every single day
  • I am becoming even more excited to be a hypnotherapist and share this gift with the world


Additional Thoughts: make a long list of all the ‘things’ you want to either fix or master in your life. Make this list as long as you can, include everything. Then start whittling down to a short list of say the top 10 most important to your right now – then number those from 1 to 10. 


Be patient with yourself, but start a daily practice of self-hypnosis, and work your way though that list. If you’re anything like me you get too excited and you want to do them all at once – but give yourself and your mind time – master one skill at a time. If you master one skill a week, that’s still 52 in a year. 

Ending The Trance:


Do a similar but opposite to what you did to induce trance. Breath a little faster, count from 1 to 10 and snap yourself awake. 


Being in a medium to deep hypnotic trance is incredibly restorative and similar to several hours of good sleep. 


Remember: the more you practice putting yourself into a hypnotic state, the better you’ll get. The subconscious mind responds well to positive reinforcement! Keep practicing. 


Be gentle on yourself, allow yourself to wake up peacefully from your self-induced hypnotic trance. Similar to waking up in the morning, give yourself a bit of time to get going again and to start seeing the world through a fresher set of eyes.

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