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The Miles Beckler 90 Day Challenge (Day 90 Update – June 2021!)

Blog Progress Review: Day 90 Update (June 2021)


I’ve been writing and publishing like a madman for the last 90 days.


Quick Stats – last 90 days:


  • Words Published: 405,000 Words
  • Articles Published: 95 Articles
  • Avg Words Per Day: 4,500 Words
  • Organic Traffic: 372 Users
  • Avg Organic Traffic Per Day: 4.1 Users


Annnnnnnnd here we go!!


Today officially wraps up day 90 of this 90 day content publishing challenge! I’m going to take you through all of the progress and growth this blog as seen. 


While I humbly admit that the numbers in and of themselves are not that impressive – what is impressive is the significant amount of growth this blog has seen in an extremely short period of time (three months!).


Like compound interest, the numbers may seem laughably tiny in the beginning, but they have the potential to grow into something real big if you’re willing to be patient. 


My intention in putting together this review is more than anything to show you what is possible with a little dedication, discipline and hard work. 


As I’m sure you know by now, I’m not a fan of complicated – I love simple. People make things too complicated and the lose the plot – my intention here is to keep this review real clean and simple. 


So in the spirit of full transparency – here’s a recap of everything accomplished over the last (insane) 90 days.


What we’re going to cover:


  1. 90 Day Review: High Level Overview
    1. Achieved Position 1 On Google
    2. Total Words Published
    3. Avg Words Published Per Day
  2. All Articles Published In June 2021
  3. All Traffic:
    1. Geographic Location
    2. Traffic Source
  4. Organic Traffic:
    1. Geographic Location
    2. GA: June vs May 2021
    3. GSC: Last 16 Months
    4. GSC: June vs May 2021
    5. GSC: Biggest Growth In Impressions
    6. GSC: Biggest Growth In Clicks
    7. GSC: Avg Time To Peak Impressions
    8. GSC: Avg Time To Peak Clicks
  5. Conclusion:
    1. Becoming A Publisher
    2. Next Steps: 
      1. Improve Page Speed
      2. Improve Monetization
      3. Improve Newsletter Signups


Let’s get into it.


90 Day Review: High Level Overview


Let’s start with the big stats June: 

(specifically, June 2nd to July 1st, 2021)


Total Articles Published: 23


Words Published: 94,800


Avg Words Published Per Day: 3,160


Avg Words Per Article: 4,100


Achieved Position 1 On Google:


Big news – officially hit #1 on Google and snagged some featured snippets for 4 different terms (and they even have search volume!). 


Term: ‘Wounded Masculine Energy In A Man’ – Featured Snippet AND Position 1 on Google

1 - wounded masculine energy in a man

Term: ‘What Is Wounded Masculine Energy’ – Featured Snippet AND Position 2 on Google

2 - wounded masculine energy

Term: ‘Bowen Therapy Social Media’ – #1 on Google

3 - Bowen social media

Term: ‘Bowen Technique Instagram Ads’ – #1 AND #2 on Google

4 - bowen instragram

Maintaining Lift-Off And Working To Blast-Off


I define Lift Off as when a blog get’s at least 1 organic click per day, for 7 consecutive days. 


In other words, for 7 days in a row, the organic clicks NEVER drops down to zero. 


The next phase after Lift Off is Blast Off. 


I define Blast Off as getting a minimum of 50 clicks a day for 30 consecutive days. 


For the last 30 days, while there were a few days that dropped as low as a single click in a day, the average for the period was just over 9 clicks per day – which is 18% of the way to 50 per day!


PS – for comparison, in the previous period the average number of clicks per day was 1.5 – so we’ve seen a massive 6x increase in just one month. 


I’m setting a goal here to achieve Blast Off by Day 150 (Month 5).


Let’s make it happen 🙂 


Total Words Published


As of Day 90, I have officially published 405,000 words, at an average of 4,500 per day. This is for the entire last 90 days. 


In order to publish 700k words by Dec 31st, 2021, I need to publish 1,700 words a day. Every. Day. 


Slow and steady wins the race. 

5 - word tracker

MOZ – Domain Authority

Now to make this article worth reading for you, I’m going to include a lot of behind the scenes screenshots, to really show you whats going on, and what it actually takes to build a successful blog from the ground up. 

Let’s start with the Moz Link Explorer tool. 

I’ve currently got a DA (Domain Authority) of 4, which to be blunt, is pathetic. 

I mean, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, it is an excellent start, but in the grand scheme of things, it is still the bottom of the bottom. A DA of anything less than 10 is effectively amateur hour. 

But I gotta take my lumps. 

Apparently I’ve also got 3 linking domains and 133 inbound links – who knew!

6 - MOZ DA

Because I thought it would be fun, I’ve also included the DA graph over time – as you can see, my DA has stayed a solid 4 for the past year. It’s been painfully stagnant. But dems the breaks. 

7 - MOZ DA 12 Months

ahrefs – Backlink Profile


ahrefs is another SEO tool that offers some pretty cool insights. Interestingly, it gives a slightly different backlink profile than MOZ Link Explorer. I’m not exactly sure on the discrepancy – maybe it’s just a timing issue?


Either way, I’ve been enjoying that since January my list of Referring domains has been steadily increasing from 2, up to a 9 now. My belief is that should start translating over in terms of improved domain authority. 

8 - ahrefs backlink profile

Articles Published In June 2021


Alrighty – prepare yourselves – this is an aggressive list:




Totals for the last 3 months:


April: 20 Articles

May: 52 Articles

June: 23 Articles

Total: 95 Articles

Omg…what a 90 days. 


Traffic Review – Organic Traffic:


Alright – let’s dive into Organic Traffic results – this is the part that gets exciting for me, as it is directly related to the blog writing and publishing I’ve been breaking a sweat doing.

9 - GA world organic

Geographic Location – Organic Traffic:


Now this surprised me, but my top 4 Organic countries were US, India, Australia and Canada. Australia is the new player on the board, so thank you Australia for allowing me to rank in your wonderful country!


In more exciting news, organic traffic to the site grew TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR PERCENT (264%!!). 




At 264% monthly growth, we’ll be a million before we know it (Last month was 200% growth – month over month exponential growth).

10 - GA world organic countries

GA: May vs April 2021 – Organic Traffic:


Love seeing this Organic Traffic just slowly ticking upward (that was an inside joke towards an a**hole dream killer in my life, maybe I’ll tell you one day…)

11 - GA month over month organic growth

Note: on June 11th and 12th my site analytics went down, so technically the growth was actually more than 264% 😉 

GSC: Last 16 Months


Here’s the snapshot for the last 16 months. As you can see for the first 13 months, the site was basically dead, and then just these last three months since April 2021 have things really started to take off.

12 - GSC 16 month growth

Top Searches In 16 Months – Sorted By Clicks:


Here we go – clicks have finally started to take off:

13 - GSC 16 month click growth

Top Searches In 16 Months – Sorted By Impressions:


Impressions still growing like mad with martial arts related terms still dominating (they’ve had the most time). 

14 - GSC 16 Month impression growth

GSC: June vs May 2021


Pure juice. 


June saw a simple 21% increase in impressions (8.98k up from 7.44k), however a massive 6x increase in clicks (280 up from 46!)


I’m still disappointed to see impressions growing so slowly, however I have to remind myself that’s still only been 3 months, meaning it might still take another solid 3 months before those first articles I wrote really start to take off and explode. 


So I just need to be patient. If my predictions are correct, by October (6 months), we’ll start to see some crazy growth with impressions. 

15 - GSC - June over May traffic

GSC: Biggest Growth In Impressions


Nice little snapshot here, showing the top 5 keywords for growth in terms of impressions in June, with “wounded masculine energy” topping the charts. Also, shout out to Miles Beckler for making the list!

16 - GSC - June over May impression growth

GSC: Biggest Growth In Clicks


Terms related “healing wounded masculine energy” are still massively taking the charts – this article has been a game changer to the blog – and really speaks to the importance of snagging those low competition keywords with high search volume. 

17 - GSC - June over May click growth

GSC: Total OrganicKeywords Ranking


Just for completeness, over the last month the blog ranked for a total of 228 different keywords (that’s 2x up from last month of 117). 

18 - GSC - June over May keyword growth

GSC: Avg Time To Peak Impressions


The question everyone who’s thinking about starting a blog asks is ‘so how long does it take for your articles to rank??’. 


This is an excellent question, and I decided to find the answer by measuring how long it takes each article to peak. When I say peak, I mean to achieve the maximum number of clicks or impressions, and each month I pull the top 5 and compare them against their publishing date. 


The result? 


It took an average of 10 weeks from publishing to reach peak impressions. Keep in mind that these numbers will evolve over time as my blog matures. 


Top Search Terms30-Day Increase In ImpressionsDate Article Published:# Of Weeks Since Published
wounded masculine energy33410-Apr-202112
wounded masculine1913-Jun-20214
wounded masculine energy in a female17510-Apr-202112
alpha hierarchy1615-Apr-202112
miles beckler803-May-20218


GSC: Avg Time To Peak Clicks


Impressions are great, but clicks are ultimately more meaningful, as they get people actually visiting your site. 


So how long does it take for an article to reach peak clicks?


It took an average of 10 weeks from publishing to reach peak clicks. That’s 2 and a half months. Better be patient. 


Top Search Terms30-Day Increase In ClicksDate Article Published:# Of Weeks Since Published
wounded masculine energy2810-Apr-202112
wounded masculine energy in a female2610-Apr-202112
wounded masculine energy in a man1610-Apr-202112
wounded masculine113-Jun-20214
how to heal wounded masculine energy510-Apr-202112
what is wounded masculine energy510-Apr-202112




Quick Recap on Growth:


Month 0: 4 Clicks

Month 1: 16 Clicks (4x growth)

Month 2: 46 Clicks (3x growth)

Month 3: 280 Clicks (6x growth)


Let’s say Month 4 I hit an easy 4x growth, then I’ll smash over 1,000 clicks for the month. If the unthinkable happens and I hit another 6x growth, then I’ll be well on my way to achieving Blast-Off with 1500 clicks (Goal was by Month 5). 


It’s shocking how quickly you can go from essentially zero clicks to a massive number of clicks when you’ve got some exponential growth behind you.  


And there we have it – that’s a wrap on the first Miles Beckler 90 Day Content Challenge. 


It’s funny, 90 days went by simultaneously extremely slowly, and shockingly quickly. It’s like the seconds are slow when you’re writing content but the weeks zip by. It’s a matter of discipline and dedication. 


But more importantly I’ve learned a valuable lesson here I hope that I can share with you: the fastest way to get to your destination is to start today. 


The destination will always feel impossibly far away, but if you get started and you stick with it, it won’t be long before you arrive there. You need to believe, be patient, and be persistent. 


There’s still a long way to go – so let’s keep at it. 


Next Steps: 


So now we’ve completed the first 90 day challenge – whats next?


The Next 90 Day Challenge


To be honest, from here on out, I don’t plan on ever stopping doing ‘90 day challenges’. I may scale them back and go a little slower, but the intention will never stop. 


My Goal for the next 90 days is to produce 90 articles and publish 150,000 words. These will be shorter articles, that are better thought out, better researched, and more enjoyable to read. 


Improve Site Speed


Current mobile site speed on Page Speed Insights is a 75 and an A GT Metrix:

19 - page speed insights

20 - GT Metrix

These are a decent start however overall my site is still failing on Core Web Vitals, and with Google rolling out the CWV algorithm update right now (June/July 2021) – this is an absolutely critical time to maximize that site speed and load times. 


Imagine a slightly faster site was your ticket to moving from a #2 to a #1 in Google – that kind of a bump is huge. Yes please. 


A couple thoughts to improve site speed:


  • Sign up for CloudFlare Pro ($20/mo) – right now I’m on the free account but the Pro is supposed to offer better caching and access to a bigger global network of servers. For $20/mo it’s worth a shot. 
  • Uninstall any unnecessary plugins or ones causing conflicts. The SG Optimizer plugin is supposed to be incompatible with Ezoic, and might be causing some caching issues. 
  • Review Ezoic suggestions for improved site speed.
  • Speak with host (SiteGround) on options to speed up site, or move to a dedicated server
  • Compress image sizes for faster load times. 


Improve Ad Monetization


Last month I applied and got accepted to Ezoic. Which is an ad publishing network that allows you to monetize your site – and in some exciting news – this last month Ezoic actually eliminated their pageview limits so ANY publisher can now sign up with them (I may have had perfect timing on that!). 


This last month I earned an ad revenue of $21 which is decent considering I’m starting right from the bottom, but there’s still clearly a long way to grow. 

21 - EZOIC ad revenue

For example, my ePMV (earnings per 1000 page views) was only $2 in june, meaning I had about 10,000 page views to generate $20 income. My goal is to get this up to at least $20 ePMV, to get revenue levels a little more respectable. 


I’ve played around with an above the fold banner ad, as well as ad bar ads, as well as playing around with different ad sizes and placements. Trying to find the right balance between user experience, page load speed (ads are slowwww) and revenue. 


Also: fun fact about the side bar – sticky banner ads in the side bar earn pretty massive amounts of revenue HOWEVER they destroy page speed and core web vitals, and possibly more importantly – DON’T show up on mobile, yet 80%+ of my traffic is on a mobile phone. 


So still a few tradeoffs for me to play with – but we’re always looking to grow and improve. 


Improve Newsletter Signups


Yes! This is still an embarrassment. 


The new lead magnet I’m developing is a collection of 3 free hypnosis audios for download, but I still need to clean things up to be much more…presentable and enticing. Here’s how we currently look:

22 - Newsletter signup example

Yikes…what a joke. 


And that’s all folks! This wraps up our 90 day review – stay tuned for day 120 – coming up in August.


Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. This will take time. But with infinite persistence, this site will blast off – this site will take over – and this site will have a massive impact on the world. It just takes persistence, and it takes believing.


Here’s to believing. 


To your success and your journey,


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