2021 Location Independent Income Move Out Of The Declining West

Time To Move Out Of The Declining West

“I’m exhausted, barely breathing, holding on to what I believe in. No matter what, you’ll never take that from me, my reign is as far as your eyes can see, it’s amazing” – Kanye


Move Out Of The Declining West


“Yeah…you probably wouldn’t qualify, you’re a cis white male”.


I’m not sure if I can make this any clearer: men, move out of the declining west, as soon as you possibly can.


All my life I was a big believer in diversity and inclusion, but I’m learning now I supported a false idol. All my life I worked hard to make sure people felt included, part of the crew. I did my best never to judge people, never look at people differently for the colour of their skin, sexual orientation, race, or their beliefs. I thought “hey look, let’s all get along together and learn from one another, diversity, yay!”. 


Did Diversity Work?


But I’m beginning to have my eyes opened to the lies and the dog sh*t. Why did I believe in diversity? Because I believed that I’d be respected and applauded for my hard work. To have someone pat me on the should and say “thank you Arthur, you’ve really helped to make the world a better place”. But what do I get instead? I get discriminated against for my gender, my sexual orientation, and my skin colour (wait, what?). Yeah. 


Having My Eyes Opened – And Why I Need To Move Out Of The Declining West


This was just one example to highlight my point. Finishing up an improv class, as we were wrapping up our instructor said “and we’d like to thank everyone for being here, and as a little incentive to join Level 2, we’re offering scholarships to help make it more affordable – so anyone who identifies as a marginalized group – based on your skin colour, your race, if you’re a woman, or woman identifying, if you’re LGBTQ, if you’ve felt discriminated against, if you’re an immigrant, you can apply for a scholarship and get $100 the next class”. 


Someone in the class then asked “is there a full list of all the marginalized groups?”, to which the teacher looked at him slightly taken aback, swallowed and said “you’re a cis white male, I don’t think you’re going to qualify for any scholarships”. And that’s the moment it hit me: it’s time to move out of the declining west.


Societal Pressures


We live in a society now where the straight white male, is the epitome of evil, of entitlement, of privilege, and is all deserving of our hate and condesention. It doesn’t matter if that straight white male has had a tough level, never held a job and struggled to pay his bills, simply by having white skin, being male, and hetero-sexual – he’s been labelled as privileged – regardless of his actual standing in life. 


And you know what, maybe he was raised privileged growing up – so what? What should someones exterior features dictate how we treat them?


But more importantly than this – I want highlight a trend that has been growing for the last few years, and I hate to say, but is only going to continue to get worse: if you’re a straight white male, you are the enemey. Let me say it again: our society has now demonized the straight white male. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in living in a society where I’m demoninzed simply for being me. 


If I’ve done something wrong, cool, convict me of a crime and send me to jail, but if you’re going to discriminate simply because of who I am, and not because of something I’ve done? F*ck you. 


Trump Won’t Save Us


And here’s the thing, a lot of people on the right think “oh this is okay, we’ll take the power back and show those lefties who’s boss! We’ll get trump in power, that will fix everything!”. And you’re wrong, getting trump into office won’t fix sh*t. The organe man is not a saviour, is a false idol that people on the right are clinging to in some hope of last desperation. The orange man will save us! 


No, the orange man can’t save us. This is deeper than that. This is cultural and societal brainwashing going on right now that you’re evil just for being a straight white male. Of course no thanks is given to all the technological advances that straight white males have done in the past – none of that really matters afterall – all that matters is men are evil, and we need to get rid of them. 


So what next? I could rant on and on about how our society is falling apart, but at the end of the that’s not really useful is it? Once you’re aware of the problem, the only thing that really matters is action and how you defend yourself against it, or better yet, go on the offensive – it’s time to move out of the declining west.


My Action Plan To Move Out Of The Declining West


  1. If you work a corporate job, get the f*ck out now. 
    1. You will become a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong, and more importantly, people will guilt you into believing you’re evil. Saying things like “well janet is more deserving of this promotion (even though you did more work) because she’s a woman and she’s a visible marginalized minority. Oh and don’t forget the risk of getting a sexual harrassment suite. Remember, you’re an evil white man so obviously all you do is inappropiratt things at work.
  2. Crank your income up as high as you can.
    1. Seriously, remember that money is freedom. And as long as you have no income, you have no power. You can’t move, you can’t do what you want to do, and you’ll be left begging for any crumb of money you can. Get your income up now
  3. Develop location independent income. 
    1. When push comes to shove and living in your town or your country starts turning into hell, you’ll be grateful af that you can pick up and move anywhere. One of the scariest things of living in a collapsing country, is the fear that you’re stuck there, because your income and your lively hood is dependant on a fixed location. Learn to earn location independent now. You’ll thank me later. 
  4. In a similar vein, drop your taxes as low as you can.
    1. It’s all well and good to crank up your income, but if our society has demonized white men, don’t think they won’t also use the tax code to their advantage. Don’t be surprised if your tax bill starts steadily rising while those of “marginalized minorities” get all sorts of tax breaks. 
  5. Plan to move out of your country ASAP. 
    1. I didn’t say you need to move out tomorrow. But start making a plan to get out. The collapsing west may be a slow decline over the next 20-30 years, it likely won’t happen all at once, but rest assured it’s coming. Once you’ve cranked your income up and you’re earning location independent income, then your next step is to find a welcoming country you could move to and look at establishing permanent residency. Make a plan for the next 12-24 months to be able to move out. It is now April 18, 2021, imagine that you got your sh*t together and by Dec 31, 2022, you were all set to move – how amazing would that feel?


Life Is About To Get A Whole Lot Worse


Remember, politicians do whatever they can for the most votes, and if marginalized people group together and suddenly become greater than “the majority”, you’ll be damn sure that they’ll start pushing for politicians who specifically look to go after and fleece straight white men. 


Make no mistake, life as a straight white male is about to start becoming unbearably uncomfortable. There is a propaganda machine going on right now, feeding lies and propaganda to our kids (through social media, instagram, TikTok) that is raising them up this way. Never before in human history has it been so easy to have a direct line of communication straight to kids, and to influence them. Kids that aren’t developed yet, and have no clear sense of right and wrong and good and evil, and don’t have the context to keep things in perspective, are beeing smashed over the head right now that straight white males are evil. 


They will be coming for you. It may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow, but it will happen. It’s not a question of whether we can stop it, it’s a question of whether we’re able to prepare and get out in time. 


Ideas For Location Independent Income Sources To Move Out Of The Declining West


Whatever you do to make money, this is the time to crank it up to a thousand. As Grant Cardone says, 10x it. 


What are some ideas for location independent income?

  • Blogging – selling advertising
  • Blogging – selling digital products/services
  • Digital marketing agency
  • YouTube – selling advertising
  • YouTube – selling digital products/services
  • Building an email list (this is important – own your list!).


In fact, if you asked me, what is the ONE skill I need to learn to thrive (or even just survive) in the modern economy – I would say digital marketing. Seriously, learn digital marketing. Take some courses on UDemy (they’re cheap, like $13 each – anyone can afford that), and start learning. 


Why Learn Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is one of those leverage skills that opens up whole new worlds of possibility. You could have the greatest widget in the world, but if nobody knows how to find you, or you don’t position it right, or you don’t have an audience – you can’t sell it. Nothing sells without marketing. 


Whatever you do, it will be enhanced by marketing. Take me for example, right now my primary skill is blogging and selling advertising – but I know a lot more about marketing than the average writer. I have skills I can use to advance my writing career farther than any writer could, simply because I understand marketing, I understand how to buy ads, I understand how to get traffic. 


Digital Marketing Action Plan


In fact, at it’s core here are the key skills you need to learn:


  1. How to develop content
  2. How to get traffic to that content
  3. How to buy inexpensive ads for more traffic
  4. How to monetize that content
  5. How to build a list and remarket your content
  6. How to turn your list into dedicated loyal fans who come back again and again and again. 


That’s it – once you’ve mastered those marketing skills, you can leverage it for anything that you do. And the beautiful part? Digital marketing is inherently digital – everything is done online, which means automatically you’re building a location independent business. 


Now you can use marketing to establish an agency and take on clients (I’ve done it and continue to manage a small personal agency), but the problem with clients is you need to meet their never ending demands. Clients are perfectionists (ask me how I know…), and for the most part, everything you do is wrong, even when it’s great. A client will drive you insane with wanting to move a button around on a website, or change a font colour slightly, or all the smallest little, most insignificant things. Yes you can start an agency, but I recommend you don’t. 


The Beauty Of Selling Advertising


The beauty of selling advertising, is you don’t technically have to “sell anything”, all you need to do is develop exceptional (and helpful) content that keeps bringing people back to your site over and over again, and you’ll start developing passive streams of income from selling space to advertisers (think Google AdSense). 


The alternative, or the addition to this, is to develop your own personal (digital) products or services. The beauty of selling advertising is you don’t need to actually prepare or develop or own product, you just need traffic on your site, the downside of course is you generally just receive pennies for each site visitor, meaning you have to do everything you can to maximize your traffic. 


Selling Advertising For Short Term Wins


Selling advertising is great in the short term (quick and easy to setup), but is not so good in the long term as it doesn’t have the same financial punch that selling a $1500 course could have. 


My recommendation is to start initially selling advertising, and eventually working to develop your own products or services. Once you’ve got your business setup, you’ve got your website, you’ve got your niche, you’ve got traffic, you’ve got an audience, you own your customer list – then all you have to do is keep producing great content. 


Once you have your business up and running you’ve successfully developed a fully online, location independent, high-income, high-margin business that you can run from anywhere in the world, and the money keeps coming in. 


Congratulations – You’ve Successfully Made It. 


Now you have the freedom to move wherever you want in the world, to do whatever you want, and not have to worry about SJW’s or the thought police coming in and telling you how to live your life, or that you’re evil simply for being a straight white male. Find a country that actually welcomes and accepts you, don’t forget to be an Alpha, and as a bonus, find a country where the girls are cute 😉 

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