Shotgun SEO + 315 Blogs: How To Get Ranked On Google Fast

Shotgun SEO

So let’s be frank for a second here at Big Data Social Media, this is a brand new website, and a brand new blog. Google has quite literally zero idea it even exists yet. But I’ve always been a little bit crazy and love a challenge, and that’s where Shotgun SEO comes in.

So here’s what I propose: Use a Shotgun SEO Content Strategy over the next year and produce 315 blog posts of 500 words or more.


What is Shotgun SEO?

Glad you asked. Inspired by this video by Miles Beckler, It’s basically as the name implies, put as much content out there as possible, and hope for the best.

Or to be a little more specific, to come up with an long long loooong list of themes that are interrelated to my main theme of Big Data Social Media.

Rank on Google Within a Year

Yep. The plan is to Rank on Google Within a Year. To be more specific: Have at least 5 keywords relevant to Big Data Social Media in the top 10 positions in organic search on the 1st page of google, and 20 keywords in the top 20 positions, and generate at least 1,000 organic clicks.

Is that an insane goal?

Probably. Maybe I just need better meta descriptions…

But more than anything this is just an experiment to see if I can do it.

Is it possible to get my ranking higher? Probably, but let’s start with baby steps here. This is for IMPROVING your google rankings, not about getting upset because you’re not suddenly #1.

Content Marketing 2020 Plan:

The plan is simple: create content and produce a daily 500 word blog on a relevant topic. Easy right?

As of today there are officially 314 days left in 2020, so with my post yesterday that puts me at 315, and as an added bonus we have a leap year this year! This is the year of Big Data Social Media.


So what am I going to talk about? Here’s a list I generated off the top of my head. If it seems slightly robotic, I did use Google Keyword Planner as an SEO Tool to get the ball rolling.

Shotgun SEO Content Strategy 2020:

  • Marketing Trends 2020
  • Marketing 2020
  • Digital Marketing 2020
  • Content Marketing 2020
  • Content Marketing Trends 2020
  • Influencer Marketing 2020
  • Big Data Marketing
  • Machine Learning in Social Media
  • AI Marketing
  • AI in Digital Marketing
  • Machine Learning in Digital Marketing
  • Machine Learning Email Marketing
  • B2B AI
  • AI Email Marketing
  • AI Marketing Software
  • Social Media
  • Pokemon Marketing – Gotta Catch Em All!
  • MarTech – Marketing Technology
  • Alexa Rank
  • MarTech 2020
  • MarTech Tracker
  • Voice Search
  • Voice Search Growth 2020
  • SEO Rank
  • Google Analytics Tricks
    • Page Engagement Level
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Search Console
  • ClickFunnels
  • Landing Pages
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Producing Video Content
  • Making a Podcast
  • Facebook Live
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Getting All Your Pixels and Tags Setup and Firing

This is still very much a list under development. I’m going to continue to update as I refine my thinking, but it’s a start.


It’s true, while on page SEO is important, I do need backlinks. Should probably start thinking about getting some quality links from friends and bloggers. Is there a backlinks Shotgun SEO strategy?

What About Voice Search?

Excellent question. I know nothing about it. But I’m pretty sure voice is going to become a bigger and bigger player in this game and Big Data Social Media won’t be left out.

Probably time to start getting on it.

Looking forward to a big year. Here’s to 2020.

Love & Power


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